I’m really just done with the world at this point


Please forgive the rust. I haven’t written anything other than songs in such a long time.

Sitting here listening to this EP. Final sonic preparations. Final mental edits and critiques. Going through marketing plans, potential open mic opportunities, video schematics. Half of these things I don’t even have time to fully put together. I got so much on my plate now-a-days….

So I said fuck it. Put shit out cause you feel like it. Honestly, now I just do it for the love. I slowly see the culture I grew up on become anorexic. Money grubbers, publicity whores, watered down messages for the masses, all for everything but the love.

And I figure I make more cash from my day job and odd jobs in between. Somehow someway, despite work and school and family all being higher priorities, that gypsy called music always finds me no matter where I’m at. So I’d be a fool not to entertain her now and again.

My heart has been beating for 20 years now. And every time I hit an anniversary I get reflective. The older I get, the more these days are about self analysis. I think I prefer it that way, glorification gets played after a while. Are you a person worth thinking about? How many people have you helped through your journey? Have you made a positive influence on the world, if any?

Every day I try to complete a task pertaining to my purpose. Whether as simple as showing up on time for work, writing a song, getting good grades, aiding someone in need on the street, even talking to an old friend and helping them with a hard situation. All of these small occurrences add up to the big picture in the plays we call our lives. I’m trying to make the scenes come together. Transitions are not always perfect, and neither is the cast, but the overall goal is a terrific show.

So far so good I guess, but a lot of time is still on the clock. I won’t claim victory yet, still got work to do.

I won’t ramble longer than I have to. Besides, I’m off my literary game lol. I remember I used to write day in and day out. I guess life catches up to some of us.

But I’ll never be totally out of tune. I’m a logical creative, and I always need balance. Too long in my mental utopia, I put myself in line with reality. Too much chaos in the real world, I escape to my passion palace.

All part of the balance. Never too high, never too low. You’ll get more done that way.

Let me go, the city is calling.

- Deane

MisterDeane - 103 Sessions (EP)

While in the process of recording my mixtape, me adedotun and bahsil got TONS of work done. So, rather than waste music, I figured I would release some of it as an EP. You know, just as a taste of what we’re working on.

Treat this as a warm up. This is a sample, and I’m confident enough in my team’s craft that I’m willing to show you guys our scrimmage game.

#GIN is later this year. Let this hold for now

Oh, and I forgot an advisory sticker, but parental discretion is advised.

Download (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/xzrw6lx0dn9y72p/MisterDeane+-+103+Sessions+%28EP%29.zip

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/misterdeane/sets/misterdeane-103-sessions-ep