Giveaway winners! :V

Sorry it took so long but I’m finally done!

Please don’t kick me, I used random.org to pick the winners so if you didn’t win and you’re mad at me, it’s not my fault so please don’t blame me

  1. i-rock-the-boat
  2. itfitwheniwasapug
  3. choosetolovefirst
  4. mcniggies
  5. mistercoolgirlstrider
  6. maplewren
  7. thedevilsblacksheep
  8. dannytier
  9. chimneysweepsthehipstergiraffe
  10. forstupidreasons
  11. chandochick101
  12. prince-n
  13. solschoiceass
  14. shippiie
  15. zeoia
  16. sexy-dynamite
  17. smarmy-asshole
  18. thisismywarface
  19. sassy-gay-matthew
  20. lunyann
  21. theelectricspecter
  22. lol-epicfail
  23. nikormanworld
  24. doodlesandkats
  25. lovelymetalhead3
  26. loki-lowlight
  27. johnlockbutsecks
  28. popcornwatchingcoolkid
  29. homestuckgirl
  30. guilmongivesreallygoodbread

Just leave what you want for your drawing in my ask and I’ll ask you for your address once I’m done with it and send you the pins and all in an envelope.

mistercoolgirlstrider replied to your postalso i didnt realize Fate/Zero was such a popular…

its so sad. the ending is so sad. it will tear your heart to pieces

yukulele replied to your postalso i didnt realize Fate/Zero was such a popular…

it’s really good actually. it’s a prequel to a VN based on novels written by the urobochi (madoka) and is gorgeous and ruthless

alright then i guess i know what anime im gonna watch then