Much delayed Print Swap update: 

1) Mistercakesphotoadventures sent me this gorgeous print that I’ve been staring at, ever since I got it. 2) Zeek’s prints took my breath away. Just look at them. I got bonus postcards too. =) 3) Edrandall sent me a magical photograph. His note describes the photo beautifully as a ‘half remembered memory’. 4) Noaddressweb sent two lovely black and white prints from his amazing archive. 5) Thisisjamesj  sent an awesome selection, chronicling parts of his life in Florida. 

6) Tumblr folk are not only talented but pretty generous too. A couple of people had giveaways over the holidays and I won this fantastic print from jasonlucasphotography 7)AND this insane metallic print from johncarleton. The gnome was a bit surprised to find himself among the marigolds but he’s doing fine now.  

How’s that for an amazing haul? =) Thank you all for doing this. You guys are the best.