backbone like steel.
backbone like barbed wire.
backbone like “touch me.
touch me and see what happens to your hands.”

smile like an oil spill.
smile like a molotov cocktail.
smile like “kiss me.
kiss me and see what happens to your tongue.”

when you get knocked around enough early on
you learn to build your body up like a prison.
the clenched white teeth,
bloody knuckle electric fence.

you forget, while playing judge and jury,
that you are your own convict,
and you have been wrongfully accused.

heart like a clenched fist.
heart like a birdcage.
heart like “love me.
oh god, what weak creature am i,
that i need you to love me?”
heart like a bomb -
and the bomb shelter.

sentenced to life without parole,
thrown into solitary,
if you ever want to see the sun again,
you’ll have to find a way to escape.

past like “fuck you.”
present like “fuck you.”
future like it will not always be like this.
future like it will not always be like this.
future like “i am trying to be soft.
i am trying to accept love without
wanting to tear us both apart.”

—  body like lockdown, elliot
misterandry replied to your post:  the amount of shit beyonce has to deal with for…

also there’s a subset of swift’s fanbase that like…specifically loves her for being a shitty calculator (at the expense of a lot of black people) while shitting on beyonce for minor controversies like using the challenger audio like……yikes. taylor isn’t a genius. she’s just a very bad person who happens to be a pretty white girl

yep she literally gets praised for being a so called ‘businesswoman’ and it’s Yikes image being so far up white femimism ass you praise shitty ass white girls for taking advantage of people

misterandry replied to your post:it took me so long to find good reds to wear,…

ahh can you make some recommendations? i haven’t found too many good cool reds


So my first ever I started with was Clinique’s Red-y-To Wear. I LOVE IT. It’s a great creamy shade. 

And now my go-to red’s are:

NARS Dragon Girl

Revlon’s Balm Stain in Standout

Rimmel’s Kate Moss in 011 (this is a gorgeous dark deep red and it’s like 4 bucks at CVS)

also MAC’s Ruby Woo, but it’s a matte so it’s a bit more difficult to work with because it sticks to your lips and such. 

All of these I generally line with a NYX liner that’s their red cream one. 

misterandry replied to your post:You are a shy lad who likes to jack off goats and doesn’t know that Denny’s pancakes are vegetarian.

seath what do you think goes into pancakes

i can’t believe that’s the more unbelievable part of this ask

Omg nO okay so Haley and Olivia suggested we go to Denny’s and like for some reason I lost my brain and asked if they had anything vegetarian and they both were like PANCAKES!!!! and I was like “oh” -shot-

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i feel like because it’s long and complicated and not full of 1000% super attractive people it’s not that exciting to people BUT IT SHOULD BE IT IS LITERALLY THE HIGHEST STANDARD FOR TELEVISION

but mulder and scully are fine as hell????????????? and like they eat up game of thrones and other pretty complex stuff, it doesn’t make sense that they ignore txf nearly completely. 

misterandry replied to your photo: i just found this book and it has 15 reasons not…

yes but most importantly did adam and eve have belly buttons

oh god i can’t i am trapped in the catholic morality section THEY SHARE TWO POEMS AND IN ONE A WOMAN HAS SEX AND THE GUY LEAVES HER AND IN THE OTHER THE WOMAN SAYS NO AND GETS MARRIED why why why why why

ok i’m looking it up and

“Your fellow teens may think this is a joke qustion. It’s not. It actually is a very clever question. You are really asking, ‘If Adam and Eve were created directly by God, they shouldnothave belly buttons. But if they evolved from apes, wouldn’t they have belly buttons?’”

oh god evolution vs. creation are you for real

but then it skips to

“Quite frankly, we just don’t know if Adam and Eve had belly buttons. The Church does not speak of whether they did or did not have them…”


“So, although this may be a clever title for a book, we just don’t know the answer for sure. You’ll have to wait until you get ot heaven to find out.”