DEER FRIEND, a Hearthwarming Tale : MLP Fan Fiction (1 part)

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a Hearthwarming Tale


De Writer (Glen Ten-Eyck)

1616 words

© 2015 by Glen Ten-Eyck

Writing begun 12/22/15

All rights reserved.  This document may not be copied or distributed on or to any medium or placed in any mass storage system except by the express written consent of the author.

Tumblr exemption: Blog holding users of Tumblr.com may reblog and post this work provided that the entire title and copyright block remains intact with all links included and is displayed with the work.  Fan art, cosplay and other fan activity is actively encouraged.

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I had every candle lantern lit in the whole store.  Instead of a sign saying “OPEN” I had one out that said “WELCOME!”  In spite of that, there were no customers.  Very few are out and about on Hearthwarming.

The door’s spring bells jangled.  Along with a few snowflakes and a cold draft, a mare with two foals came in.  I shut the door behind them and flipped the sign to closed.

I told them, “Go on into the back, that is where I live.  It is warmer there.”  As they trooped into the back, I put out all of the candle lanterns and finished closing the SWEET SPOT.

The mare and her foals were stopped at the door to my quarters.  She turned to me and said softly, “I am sorry.  We did not mean to interrupt your Hearthwarming.”

I had to grin.  “This little gray unicorn lives alone.  You are my Hearthwarming.  Go on in.  I have snacks laid out and the clover roast is almost ready to come out of the oven.

“Warm yourselves by the fireplace and have a hot spiced cider to warm the inner pony.”

That, at least, required no further urging.  The pale magenta mare admired the painting above the mantle piece.  It was a copy of Van Gone’s famous Sunflowers by Moonlight.

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