A birthday present for the mega-cool and super-awesome @writhenwud!

I wanted to do a big picture for one of my bestest friends! Someone who’s stuck by my when I’ve been gone and who I’ve stuck by when things suck. Because friends are there for you all the time – not just the good times! :D
I know you like Justice League International, and I know you like Fallout, so what could be better than combining the two?!
(Answer: If I was using my brain, I would have used the Nite Owl Cafe but my brain is totally gone-zo!)
Kate, you’re great. You deserve all the best and I want to throw lots and lots of good karma and well wishes your way! You are seriously awesome and I adore ya, kid!

(Sorry about being late on the Skype messages, I am a scatter-brain right now)


          “Mister Justice? Why, isn’t this a PLEASURE?”

Of all the things he he’d expected to stumble across during Vongole’s nightly walk, a certain Apollo Justice was most certainly NOT one of them. He’s been so terribly distant ever since their last meeting – Kristoph will have to make sure that he rectifies that with haste.

But something’s… OFF. Justice isn’t his usual, defensive self. He isn’t as stiff or unnerved by his presence as he should be. If anything, he looks quite lost.

          “I dare say that you might be in the wrong part of town. It isn’t often
           that I see you wandering these parts.”

That’s usually for a damn good reason, too.