Shipping with my version of Bones.

So you wanna ship with my crank mister, that’s awesome! (Bones is thirsty as hell lately) Bones and I are both lame romantics and love romance and cute shippy things. But I’m writing this now, to lay down some ground rules when it comes to shipping. 

From now on these Rules will be enforced. I was letting them slide before because I didn’t want to be rude, but it’s starting to wear on me and making doing shippy threads less fun, even anxiety inducing. This also means, with a few exceptions, Bones romantic relationships have been reset. I won’t mention them all here, but if you are curious as to if your relationship with Bones has been reset you can ask me. 

Quick note; I am open to shipping with both canon characters and ocs from star trek. I’m open to shipping with characters from different fandoms I’m familiar with but 

Star Trek canon characters and whether or not I’m willing to ship romantically with them;

James T. Kirk - Yes. (Willing to autoship with Kirks just give me a heads up)

Spock- Yes. (Willing to autoship with Spocks just give me a heads up) 

Montgomery Scott- Neutral. 

Hikaru Sulu - Neutral. 

Pavel Chekov - Neutral. 

Nyota Uhura - Yes. 

Christine Chapel - Yes. 

Khan Noonien Singh - Maybe after some serious discussions and character interactions. (He did murder a whole bunch of innocent people and Admiral Pike.)

Christopher Pike - Yes. 

Jaylah - No, I see them as more of a platonic, pseudo father/daughter deal. 

Carol Marcus - Neutral. 

Want to know if I’ll ship with other canon characters? just ask. 

Rules on shipping

  • From now on, THERE WILL BE NO AUTO-SHIPPING! If you want Bones to be in a relationship with yours there are two ways to do it; One, (which is very strongly preferred especially for OCs and characters of different fandoms) is through constant interaction and see if there’s chemistry there. Or two, speak to me OOC and see if we can sort something out.

  • Each version of canon character will be treated as if they’re a whole new character. So if you see me shipping with one version of Uhura that doesn’t mean if you play Uhura as well that I’ll ship with you too. Each person plays their muse differently, and so Bones will be compatible with some versions of a character, and not with others. 
  • Ship memes (and Threads)  will be tagged as ‘open to all followers’ or ‘established pairings only’ depending on what they are. 
  • One night stands are a thing, Bones isn’t opposed to having casual sex. And the key word there is ‘Casual’, just because our characters slept together doesn’t mean they’re in a relationship. 
  • Anyone who sends in a sexual meme without establishing a relationship before hand will be treated like a one night stand or a ‘friends with benefits scenario’.  They’re not automatically dating.

  • Responding to a Shippy thread without establishing a relationship will also be treated as a one night stand and not them dating. 

  • In order to have sex/be in a relationship with Bones your character must be at least 25 years of age! Unless there is serious discussion between the two of us OOC this will be one of the most enforced rules. 

  • OCs HAVE to have a bio (though that goes for me RPing with OCs in General).  
Star Wars: Aftermath & droids as people

So I see a certain amount of indignation about the way droids are treated in Star Wars and I agree. They are clearly people- they have evident personalities, preferences and fears. Why aren’t they treated as if those are valid?

One of the characters in Aftermath treats a droid bodyguard like a person, insisting on the droid’s name (rather than model) being used to identify him:

Temmin is fifteen years old, and he built Mister Bones himself. As you can see, he worries that people’s negative comments will hurt Mister Bones’ feelings. You don’t insult Mister Bones. 

Note that other characters see Mister Bones as a ‘thing’. Even the narration shows that version of him. Temmin doesn’t see his friend that way. His aunt comments that Mister Bones is Temmin’s closest friend. In addition to this, Temmin and Mister Bones show affection for each other. Temmin hugs Mister Bones more than once in the story, and tells him he’s the best. 

He shows a strong loyalty to Mister Bones, and I hope to see this attitude towards droids develop through the new books. We need more characters who care about droids, and see them as the people they clearly are.

Mister Bones

So, This is Robert Todd, aka Mister Bones.

DC Comics’ Third Favorite Cigar Chomping Skellington-Man in a suit. He’s been especially notable relatively recently in the Manhunter and Batwoman as the head of the Department of Extranormal Operations or DEO, one of DC’s answers to SHEILD.

But, before that he was a B-List villain and antagonist for the JSA’s kids, Infinity Inc. With a costume inspired by The Black Terror, to boot.

See (I kid you not) this Mad Scientist OB/GYN, Dr. Amos Love decides to mutate a bunch of random babies in the womb, turning them into things like a Dog-Person, a Living Lightning Rod, a Perpetually young woman who can explode things with her mind and on point, a man with invisible skin and a deadly touch.

What’s more, he kidnaps them and raises them as his own until he dies, leaving them with bizarre mixed feelings and a ton of dangerous abilities. So what does a living skeleton who can kill with a touch do?

Be a supervillain, naturally. Mostly for money and survival. Things got bad when a Bones got captured and his team taken over by a mutated Shark-Man with the same origin story and eventually he got his leg bit off and was sent to Infinity Inc. to remove him as an influence from the others. And, the other scattered and weren’t heard from again aside from a couple cameos. Bones didn’t work out with Infinity himeself, but went on to a greater calling.

Head of the DEO.

Under the supervision of Amanda Waller (and, enmity of Waller’s frequent enemy Mr. Terrific, there) Bones became the head of the DC Universe’s premier office monitoring and legislating superhuman behavior.

And, despite the questionable status of his old team in the frequent universal reboots, Mister Bones has remained a fixture in the universe.

Also, with skin, he’d be Black, so there’s that. I’m told he’s been showing up in the Smallville comics as well recently.

I like this dude, if only for the fact that he’s really visually interesting. But, y'know, also the whole genius authority figure thing like Amanda “The Wall” Waller.


Not much is known about his origin nor military background and even his real name. But it was documented in the recovered Aetherblade research notes, states that from his corpse, recovered a tag of the long defunct Rig Warband of the Iron Legion.

An abomination, a mindless war machine of flesh, bone and steel, “Mr. Bones” was a result of one of Scarlet Briar’s brutal experiments. Using Inquest, Dredge and even stolen Pact technology, Mr. Bones was a tailored monstrosity of massive proportions. His body was the result of a twisted melding of an unknown charr corpse, injected with norn growth hormones, hence his musculature and enhanced strength. His flesh and majority of his body are held together with complex machinery, built from the amalgamated technology of Scarlet’s design. He is also powered by 2 Dragon Minion essences, namely the Branded Essence and the Destroyer essence, based on Kudu’s schematics at the Infinity Coil.

His name was derived from the single word he always utters, “Bones…. Bones!!!” incapable of even intelligent speech. He mostly behaves like a mindless beast on a leash. But other times he is just standing idle and not uttering a word, utterly dumbfounded.

Mr. Bones was once used as one of the forefront during Scarlet’s full-scale invasion of Lion’s Arch, where he effortlessly handled several waves of Lionguard. Eventually, he was beaten into submission by the combined effort of Marjory Delaqua, Taimi and Braham Eirsson. They could not bring to destroy his body completely because of the hidden self-destruct mechanism inside his body, with an explosion powerful enough to erase Lion’s Arch from the map.

His nigh-conscious, yet mangled body was then turned in to the Pact where he was sealed away for containment and study. 

Few weeks later, his case caught the attention of one of the alumni of the College of Synergetics, Zojja. Through her tinkering, she gave Mr. Bones a working circuit identical to Mr. Sparkles, that acts as his brain. Zojja also built him suppressor engines to contain the two dragon minion essences and prevent it from causing a critical mass. And if all else fails and should Mr. Bones go berserk, Zojja built a fail-safe that will shut down his entire body and machinery completely. 

Mr. Bones was turned in back into the Pact, serving as a apprentice and patrol at the Firebreak Fort at Mount Maelstrom.

I dreamed of my body all light and shadows in yards of sheer white lace. I was standing beside Thorn at the end of a corridor and he turned to me, lifting the veil that hid my face. He leaned to kiss me. I parted red lips of a skull revealing fanglike teeth.

“Mister Bones,” I said, “pray tell, sir, which one of us is you?”

—  – Francesca Lia Block, Echo