More photos from the 2013 Tumblr RVA East Coast Tour… 

We finally arrived in NYC soon before the party started and headed to the Wooster St. Social Club for many shenanigans, including tattoos (real and fake), boozy sno cones, emo sing-alongs, food trucks, secret garden rooms, a boxing room with inflatable boxing gloves, and an awesome gif photo booth. Luke Wessman, our tattoo artist that evening, decreed that we “nerds partied too hard for [him].”

After Wooster St., we adjourned to Mister H for flaming bottle service in a private lounge, pole dancers, and a Tumblr-dominated dance floor, where you could find me for most of the evening.

Those of us still standing after 4am made our way to Veselka for pierogies  and split pea soup (if you try them, they are the most obvious post-party food choices) and then back to the hotel.

At some point in the evening, both my hands and feet were bleeding from broken glass, we were all sweaty and giggly, and many people mistook the pitchers of gin for water. The 90 minutes of sleep I grabbed around 6am were some of the best minutes of sleep I’ve had in ages.

The whole night was surreal! A huge thank you to everyone at Tumblr HQ who put it together.


The Work Magazine was in NYC for fashion week, as well as for our very first NYC party for Issue IV at the beautiful Mondrian Hotel, at Mister H!

I was running around doing makeup for shows and the lovely Kennedy and Maggie held down fort leading up to our event!

In between running round like a mad woman, I got to enjoy some amazing food and a bit of fun.  Take a peek at our madness:

anonymous asked:

any ideas on some nyc club attire? something other than skinny ties and buttown down shirts.

Don’t overthink this.  If you have to consciously select an outfit for a night out in New York, you are going to all the wrong places.  No club in New York that’s worth its salt cares about what you look like (that is, unless you are a complete schlub).  At the end of the day, they only care about whether you are rolling with women and are willing to spend dough.  If you are rolling with 10 dudes and have bunny ears, even if you are wearing a $6300 suit, not even God could save you.