mister winter

  • Ethan Winters: *Approaches the Baker Mansion*
  • Lemony Snicket as portrayed by Patrick Warburton: Unfortunately for mister Winters, while he was indeed about to find the answer to his wife's disappearance, he was also about to find a great deal of unpleasantness which could be aptly described with the term Resident Evil, resident in this case meaning that something was living in, or residing, this place, and evil meaning something terrible, horrific, and bad. If you came to this interactive electronic experience expecting a happy reunion between lovers, you'll instead find suffering, misery, horrific mutilation, and incredibly lax kitchen cleanliness. So I ask you to please, please look away.

Oldies - Carnaval

I bug you every February with my kids Carnaval, but this year, I haven’t played it yet so… I’ll bother you with old pictures! ;)

It was a tradition in my primary school. All the kids dressed up for Carnaval, we made a walk in the town to show off our lovely costumes, and then, we used to go at the fair field to eat crêpes (pancakes). At the end of the day, the teacher used to light up Bonhomme Hiver /Mister Winter, a kind a scarecrow we made in school with old papers and stuff. And then, we danced around the fire.

My Sims do the same, except that they eat marshmallows around the fire. :D
I should get bored with that Carnaval, as I played it I don’t know how many times, but it’s always so fun. I dress up everybody and invite them to go the fair field and I watch what happens next. :D