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Wink of an Eye (3x11)

Is there anything he wouldn’t do for Jim?

In which Spock blushes a lot and Kirk is oblivious, because apparently the nature of Vulcan kissing is not common knowledge.

By Phyona (ao3), for plaidshirtjimkirk, who gave me my first experience with this wonderful fandom by being sweet, supportive, and welcoming.

Spock and Kirk had been captured by native alien tribes before.  In fact, it was illogical that Spock hadn’t observed the pattern and taken some sort of preventative measures.  If he had, he might not have found himself in the most uncomfortable position he’d ever endured:

Trapped in a small cage, with his hands bound to James T. Kirk’s.

He was certain neither his captain nor his captors understood the Vulcan implications of finger-touching.  Kirk didn’t, at least, or Spock knew he’d be pulsing disgust into the psychic bond of skin on skin, rather than his familiar brand of unwavering resolve.

Spock did his best to raise his shields.

“You’d think we’d have learned to avoid this by now,” Kirk sighed, amusement crinkling the corners of his eyes.  He flexed his fingers against Spock’s, not seeming to notice when Spock shivered at the touch.

“I overestimated our ability to learn from our mistakes.”  

“How foolish of you.”  Kirk shot him a playful glance, totally at odds with the severity of their situation. He punctuated by squeezing the mound of Spock’s palm; a sensual, skilled pressure.  Spock straightened and drew in his crossed legs.

“Are you alright?  You look a little green.  Then again, you always look a little green.”  

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Fatherly Duties (Poly! Relationship w/Sugamon)

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Type: Fluff

Request: I’m in freaking love with your poly! Series! Do you think you could do a sugamon one? (Suga and rap monster) thank you💕

“Are you sure you’re gonna be able to keep him busy?” Yoongi asked as he wrapped his arm around you. “Nowah is asleep right now. Go make us daddies now” Namjoon jokes as he shoves his boyfriend away. The three of you had decided that after 3 years it was time to add another member to the family. Namjoon was the happy father of a toddler boy and had been told by Yoongi that he had been wanting to experience true fatherhood. So Namjoon talked you into a magical night alone with Yoongi while he watched your son.

Little did he know the energy your son would get when he woke up. Namjoon had gotten little to no sleep the night before because of the studio so he passed right out when he sat down onto the couch. His son only managed a 30 minute nap after his father passed out. His little body slide off of the couch and was curious were his mommy and papa were. “Mommy!” he called out as he went down the hallway “papa!” he then yells as he made his way to your bedroom and pounded on the door. 

Yoongi practically threw himself off of you as he breathed heavily “I think that gave us a baby” he spoke “well we can always double check yeah?” you flirted as he smirked and leaned in to kiss you. While he was moving to getting on top of you a loud smack hit the door and only a few seconds later did it fly open. By then Yoongi had shot himself off of you and laid himself beside you and threw a pillow over his crouch. “Nowah what’s wrong buddy?” Yoongi asked him “what are you guys doing?” he asks as he gets closer to the bed before you stop him. “How about you go back to daddy okay” you tell him. 

“Daddy is sleeping” he spoke as Yoongi groaned “okay bud go back out and we’ll be there in a few” Yoongi told him while Nowah nodded and rushed out of the room. “Namjoon said he could do this for us” Yoongi told you as he grabbed his boxers “well Namjoon worked later than you did yesterday” you spoke “if he couldn’t do it he could have told us. We could have done this another night” Yoongi spoke as you put your finger over his mouth. “You told him that you wanted a baby. He wanted us to be able to have a chance to have a baby. He was being very very sweet” you told him as he grabbed your hand and smiled.

When you two came out you were greeted by Nowah “can I have a snack?” he asks you as you nodded and he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards the kitchen. Yoongi looked over at Namjoon and then took a seat beside him. He looked over Namjoon and dragged his fingers through the front hairs on Namjoon’s head which caused him to stir and wake up. Namjoon sat up quickly “oh my gosh I fell asleep I’m so sorry-” Yoongi laughed lightly “we got a round in before Nowah barged in” Namjoon slapped his shoulder lightly “don’t use that term with young ears around” he spoke. 

“Daddy” Nowah said as he rushed out carrying a cup of crackers “what is it buddy?” Namjoon asked with a tired smile “did you nap well mommy said I should ask you” he spoke as he climbed back onto the couch. “Yes I had a good nap. I might take another one soon” Namjoon told him as he reached over and stole a snack from the cup. His son gasped “that’s mine” he whined as Namjoon took a bite “I’ll get you some more later” Yoongi told him as he took the cracker from Namjoon and took a bite himself.

“Hey I took that first” Namjoon says as he reaches for it but Yoongi stuck the whole thing into his mouth “now it’s mine” he said with his mouth full. Nowah giggled at his fathers childish behavior “you guys shouldn’t take things from your son” you said bringing out drinks “what is this?” Yoongi asked. “Well we have a fridge filled with child drinks so I got chocolate milk before it goes bad” you spoke as you gave your son a sippy cup and then them glasses of milk as well. “Do we have cookies?” Namjoon asked “they’re your son’s cookies and your already stealing his snacks so none for you” you said poking his nose. 

Namjoon pouted “well chocolate milk is best with cookies” he mumbled as he looked over at Nowah and wiping his little face of milk droplets. “Do we get snacks?” Yoongi asked “you already got one mister” you winked “no that was dessert. I want a food snack” Yoongi told you. Namjoon smirked “do you think it worked?” he asked taking a sip “if it doesn’t you have to watch him another night” you told him “why?” Nowah asked “well papa and mommy are talking to the stork buddy. They’re trying to get you a sibling” he whispered as Nowah gasped “can you tell him I want a brother” he looked at you and Yoongi. “Well buddy that’s all up to him” Yoongi told him with a cute smile.

The Joker x Reader- “Love at First Sight”

First time you saw the Joker you were mesmerized. It felt like someone dropped a bag with 20 bricks on your head and kicked you in the nuts. Wait, you don’t have any, scratch that off, it might have been a cramp.

Could be related to this: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153022773056/the-joker-x-reader-missing-in-action

First time you saw the Joker you were mesmerized. It felt like someone dropped a bag with 20 bricks on your head and kicked you in the nuts. Wait, you don’t have any, scratch that off, it might have been a cramp.

**** You just froze, staring at him. J is sitting on that fancy armchair he stole from Commissar Gordon’s office when he raided the police headquarters last week. He is on his phone texting and Frost is at the desk, typing something on the laptop. Everyone is running around the warehouse like crazy, getting ready for tonight’s robbery.  

The Joker lifts his eyes for a sec and notices you glare his way. He doesn’t think anything of it and goes back to texting.  After a couple of minutes he looks up again and you are in the same spot, glancing in his direction. He looks left, right and behind him to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that got your attention. Nothing. And he doesn’t know you. How did you get in? Unless you’re…

“Hey, Frost, who’s that?” he growls at his henchman, pointing his head towards you.

Jonny sees you and:

“That’s my cousin, sir, that’s Y/N. She finally got here.”

“You sneaky bastard, you didn’t tell me she’s pretty, I would have hired her sooner,” he smirks, throwing his cane at Frost.

I had my reasons, Jonny sighs, keeping his composure. He knows what that look on your face means: you are smitten with your new boss- J is so your type.

Oh my God, I didn’t know Mister J is such a nice piece of a..”

“Y/N, you found us!” Frost interrupts your train of thought, signaling you to follow him.

**** You can’t take your eyes off him; you are totally infatuated with the Joker. Your cousin completely hates it that you two shamelessly flirt all the time. J calls you all these pet names and he can tell you love it. Frost wants to throw up every time he witnesses all this shit. Too bad for him because you absolutely adore your boss.

“Princess, go get Daddy a drink,” he asks while organizing the maps on his desk.

“Right away, Mister J,” you grin and go get it for him. The Joker is concentrating on his project, grabs his glass and without even realizing it he takes your hand and briefly kisses it:

“You’re such a good Doll.”

You never had a heart attack before, but you are pretty sure that is what it would feel like.

Holy crap, I’ll never wash my hand again!  you promise yourself, excited to the maximum.

**** You have to go to the penthouse and pick up some explosives. Getting around a living room might seem like an easy task for a skilled hit woman such as yourself but it all goes to shit when you see the Joker coming out of his bedroom with just a towel around his waist.

The two neurons in your brain that survived the visual impact have a hard time connecting because you can’t think right now. You are basically drooling.

Oh my God, look at those tattoos!!!! you squeal inside like a high school girl. His skin looks sooo smooth and soft, I wonder if he’s smooth aaaalllll over. Lord, I just want to yank that towel off him and grab h…

“Pumpkin, did you hear me?”

“Hmmm?” you try to pay attention but it’s hard.

“I said the dynamite is on the balcony, go get it, come on, you don’t have all day, you need to take care of my black list too.”

You make a few steps then you stop, a huge smile flourishing on your lips: Mister J is winking at you. Ahhh, he’s such a flirt, you think, delighted, but…why does he look so awkward while doing it?

“Stupid contacts, I really hate them,” he complains, heading towards the bathroom and rubbing his eyes, annoyed.

You must admit this moment is one of the biggest disappointments of your life, right up there with that time when you cat died.

**** At his club, late at night, just you and him in the VIP room, trying to wrap it up. You help him bag the money you guys stole from the Bank of Gotham and he suddenly asks you:

“Y/N, can you please scratch my back? I have a spot, right around …here” he guides your hand, ”it’s been itching like crazy, I can’t stand it anymore.”

You gulp, your eyes devouring him but he can’t see because you are behind him.

Oh, you sexy thing, I have an itch too and I would love for you to …

“Baby doll, what are you doing?!”

You look down, coming back to reality and realizing you are running your nails along the velvety tapestry of his chair. Oops. You didn’t mean to fondle it.  

**** J sits at his desk, very interested in the notes you gave him. Your informant was able to smuggle the new plans of Arkham Asylum, it looks like they actually have some secret rooms in the basement. The Joker keeps on licking his lips, purring, satisfied he has such a treasure in his possession and you are a step away from losing it.

You go and sit on the glass desk, scooting over until you are in front of him and all the papers are pushed to the side. He sees you and looks up, confused.

“Princess, what are you doing?!”

You lean over so you can be close to his face and just ask:

“Did anybody tell you you’re beautiful?”

The Joker’s blue eyes narrow, he thinks he didn’t hear you right.

“Did. Anybody. Tell. You. You’re. Beautiful?” you repeat, smiling.

“Ummm…yes?” he replies, now completely baffled.

“Who?” you snap, backing out a bit, irritated. “Was it one of the bitches working here?!!!”

“What? No, you told me last week and the week before, you always tell me that, you naughty girl. I’m starting to think you’re flirting with me.”

“Huh? I did?”  You really don’t recall.  “So I’m the bitch then,” you begin laughing so hard and he doesn’t know how to react. “All right, as long as it’s me I’m OK.”

He watches as you happily head towards the door and bump in the armchair.

“Sorry, my bad!” you giggle, closing the door behind you.

Why is she taking to the furniture? he wonders, snickering. And they say I’m the crazy one, J rolls his eyes, amused.

**** “Baby doll, can you make me some of those dark chocolate chip cookies I like?”

“Sure can, Mister J, “ you gladly oblige because you like using the kitchen in the penthouse.

“Can you make them into little bites?”

Gosh, I would love to bite your …

“Kitten, did you hear me?” the Joker interrupts your daydreaming.

“Yes, bite…everything,” you mumble, distracted.


“I got it, sir, no worries!” you reassure J, backing out while staring him down.

“Y/N, kitchen is the other way,” he points out the obvious direction, not understanding why you forgot where it is.

After you bake the goodies you bring them over and watch him munch on them, absent minded while drawing things on his maps.

He’s such a delicious morsel, you conclude and feel it is your sacred duty to do something about it.

You step in front of him, lift his chin up and kiss him. That was something he did not expect.

“Mmmmm, you taste so sweet, yummy!” you close your eyes, enjoying the moment.

“Y/N, are you flirting with me?” he asks, even if he knows the answer.

“No, never, not me…nope…Maybe?… Most definitely!… God, you’re such a tease!” you blur out, frustrated, kissing him again.

J snickers, definitely impressed by this new approach:

“What did I do?! I just kill people, steal and blackmail,” he seductively whispers on purpose (jerk, taking advantage on such a sweet, innocent little thing such as yourself) and doesn’t expect your reaction:

“Oh, my God, yes, talk dirty to me!!” you moan and land in his lap, starting to kiss his neck and face all over and he has to admit you’re not boring at all.

“I also drive my Lamborghini…”

“Jesus, yes, tell me more, you bad boy!!!” you scream, pressing your body against his, totally turned on.

He is so entertained and he has to admit no woman did this to him before.

“…And last night I washed my own dinner plate,” he confesses, winking at you.

Your jaw drops to the ground.

“Shut up !!!! No way !!! My Goodness and all the saints, you have such a dirty mouth, I love it !!! You sexy beast, keep going!!!”

He laughs and spanks you while you try to rip his shirt and actually succeed after two tries. You frantically start kissing his tattoos. The Joker has another one for you:

“The other day I was able to change a light bulb in my bedroom.”

“Holy shit !!!” you gasp, panting like you ran the 10K marathon. “You are so bad, I love it!!! I never imagined you could be so naughty!” You pull down his pants and push him on the floor.

He never had a woman before that undressed him so fast. And he thought he was impatient.

**** Frost comes up to the Penthouse to talk something important with his boss but doesn’t see anybody around. He suddenly hears some noises coming from the master bedroom and stops in front of it, listening at the door. What’s going on in there?

His eyes almost come out of their sockets when he hears you two:

“This morning I changed my earrings,” the Joker grunts.

“Ahhh…” you scream, “…you’re killing me!!! Talk dirty to me, don’t stop!!” you moan, ecstatic at the revelation.

“Last week I stole 8 million dollars,” he snarls, nibbling on your ear.

“You’re the worst!!! Wash your mouth with soap, Mister J!” you shout, feeling you are going to completely go bonkers soon.

“Wanna wash it for me?” A few slaps and muffled laughter.

WTF?! Jonny thinks, distancing himself from the room.

He’s going to have nightmares after this.



candle lights

stevebucky. 4.3k words. rated m.
blame @steveandbucky.

[part one] [ao3] [series]


“Fuck, just—”

“Stay where you—”

“I can go get—”

“No, Buck, you’re—”

“It’s fine, I’m just gonna—”


“Fuck, fuck, fucking shit, fuck!”

Bucky yelps when sharp pain rushes through his arm, making him take a step back and away from the hot pots on the stove. He rubs at his skin, blind in the complete darkness of the kitchen. They were putting the finishing touches on dinner when the power blinked and went out, leaving them to stumble through the room to pick up their phones from the kitchen table.

“Let me see,” Steve says from behind him, his breath ghosting over Bucky’s ear.

Bucky shivers, hand still rubbing at his now probably red skin. “It’s dark as fuck in here, Steve, you can’t see shit.”

There is no need for light for Bucky to know Steve is rolling his eyes at him. They’ve been together since high school and married for almost five months, and by now they’re both well-versed in each other’s… everything, really.

It takes a second, but soon enough Steve is shining a light from his phone on Bucky’s arm. Bucky blinks, eyes taking a little while to adjust to the sudden brightness. Steve’s fingers are gentle on his arm, turning it a little so he can see better.

“Oh, Buck,” Steve murmurs, lips turning down as he stares at Bucky’s skin, now red and irritated.

“Hurts,” Bucky hisses when Steve traces his thumb over it, pulling his arm closer to himself.

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Incalescent - Chapter Fifteen

Not really happy with this chapter but here you go…

Saturday came faster than Zendaya realized it. She was so sure of her plan  and what she wanted to do but when the day came all the confidence  slightly left her.

Being now in apartment of Maks and Melrose was lifting up her spirit a little bit.

“Mel, do you really think it’s a good idea?” Zendaya asked biting her lip.

“I can see you feel a little bit unsure of yourself.” The other woman said looking at the young girl.

“I don’t know why.” Zendaya sighed. “I thought of everything and there is no harm in what I want to do right?”

“Hunnie…” Melrose put her hand on Daya’s back rubbing it gently. “I completely understand you and this is pretty innocent, you don’t need to feel bad about it.” She smiled at her.

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