mister turtle

so jai west

  • calls adults “ma’am”/ “mister” / “sir”
  • also calls fastback “mister turtle” 
  • barely past his first birthday, he uses words like “myofibrillar hypertrophism” with a giant smug smile on his face
  • every time anyone in his family is threatened,  he puffs up like a pufferfish and faces-off with whatever/whoever threatened them like he’s superman when actually he’s barely one years old  
  • worries a lot about his dad whenever wally leaves the house
  • is a complete nerd to the point where he almost exclusively wears superhero shirts, there are posters of the teen titans and superman in his room and he says things like “thank superman”
  • has a turtle named “shelly”
  • “lets stop here, dad! please! it’s like a living cartoon” 
  • i can’t with this child i just c a n ‘ t