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Preschool AU Sohin 'arrests' Shayne and Shayne gets really pissed so Damien has to like tackle him. "NO DONT PUNCH HIM MISTER TEACHER WILL GET MAD". Damien ends up getting in trouble for tackling Shayne XD


Some German names are weird like the name Hermann which sounds like you say Mister Man when it’s translated into English and if you’re English it literally looks like someone misspelled ‘Her Man’ but it gets even weirder because it’s a really common name and it can be used as a first and a sure name that means if your teachers last name is Hermann you have to call him Mister Mister Man

Fathers Day for Tony (Quick Fic)

For @shitshitshitshitwhy who asked for an Awkward!Spidey trying to say Happy Fathers Day to Tony

Tom Holland is Peter, of course RDJ is Tony.


Peter had been trying to talk to Tony all day.

First in the elevator that morning, as they headed up to Tony’s mandatory Sunday breakfast with the team. Peter had been thrilled to catch Tony alone for once, and had reached in his backpack for the small package and card he had bought yesterday, only to turn around and see Tony on his phone, talking loudly about the pillows on his bed and why they just weren’t fluffy enough, and yes he was aware pillows deflated, but he needed perpetually fluffy pillows.

Peter had just sighed and put the package away.


After breakfast when Tony and Happy were arguing over who to invite to the birthday party for Clint that weekend, Peter tried to talk to him again.

“Um, Mr Stark?” Peter cleared his throat nervously. “Mr Stark if you have a moment–”

“Do you think it would be obnoxious to decorate in purple?” Tony was saying and Happy nodded emphatically.

“Tony, Clint hates purple.”

“But Clint wears purple.” Tony countered.

“Mr. Stark.” Peter tried again. “I need like two seconds, just real quick.”

“Hey Underoos.” Tony said with a bright smile and Peter flushed a little in happiness. “Do you think Clint would shoot me with an arrow if I decorated his party in purple because Happy thinks—”

“I’ll come back.” Peter said dejectedly, and waved, completely unnoticed by them.

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Yes Sir (BTS Jimin smut)

Originally posted by jaejaebum

It was your last class of the day and you were both happy and upset at the same time. You were happy because after this you could go home and relax, but you were upset because it was your longest class and it was with your favorite teacher. Out of all your teachers, he was your favorite teacher. Mister Park. His name was Park Jimin but he told all his students to never call him Jimin. 

Everything about him and everything he did made you droll. The way he would adjust his glasses. The way he would bite his lip. You honestly felt like sometimes he was teasing you. You day dreamed about what it would feel like to have him kiss you. Hug you. Everytime you went to his class you always managed to zone out and think about him or fall asleep and still think about him. He was always on your mind. He was your science teacher and science wasn’t a subject you suffered with but whenever you thought about him, everything you knew about science would slip out of your mind. You were starting to think about him more and more and your grade was going down. 

Today was the last day before your exam and you were not in the mood. You were tired and you just wanted to get this class over with so you could go home and relax and study. As soon as you got into the classroom all you heard was complaints. Students were complaining about the exam. Some said they heard it was gonna be the hardest exam Mister Park has given. You quickly went to your seat, got out your supplies and prepared yourself. 

“Alright students. Today is the last day we will study together for the exam before your own on until the exam on Monday. So pay attention.” Mister Park said. You’ve never heard Mister Park talk like that. His voice was lower then usually and it turned you on. You shook your head and tried to get rid of the dirty thoughts that popped into your head. This exam was very important and you had to focus. 

“Lets go over vocabulary terms first.” Mister Park opened up a science book and flipped to the vocabulary section. The way he ran his fingers through his hair caused you to think about him running his hands over your body. Touching your skin. Your thoughts started to take you off into your own world where it was only you and him. You were so deep into thought that you didn’t even realize Mister Park had asked you a question.

“Y/N!” Mister Park yelled causing your head to jolt up. As soon as you made eye contact he slammed the book on his desk and signed. He took his glasses off and stood up and rubbed his eyes. 

“Y/N? What did I say?” He looked at you and crossed his arm. The way he looked at you caused you feel heat at your core.

“I don’t know.” You looked at him and lightly shook your head. 

“Stay after class.” He put his glasses back on and opened his book again. You closed your eyes and signed. How were you gonna last being alone with him? Everything he did drove you insane. You shook away your thoughts and focused. The rest of the time flew by fast and you took down a lot of notes. You thought that if you showed Mister Park how much you were focusing he was just lecture you a little bit and not hold you back for too long. 

“That’s it. I hope everyone payed attention because your exam is Monday and it’s not gonna be easy. Everyone is dismissed, expect you Y/N.” Everyone started to pack their things and leave. You got your stuff and walked to his desk. 

“Mister Park I took notes.” His back was turned to you and he putting papers into his bag. You looked over and noticed a pair of pink handcuffs in his bag. Your eyes widened and you quickly looked away. What was handcuffs doing in his bag? Does he have a girlfriend and plan on using them on her? Did he use them before he got to school? Did he find them somewhere? 

“Let me see your notes.” He turned around and held his hand out. You quickly handed him your notebook and shook all your questions away.

“You left your old notebook here and I forgot to give it back to you.” He said while looking at your notes. You thought you lost it or accidentally threw it away. 

“I went through it to see how much you were listening to my lessons. I guess you weren’t listening at all because there was barley any notes. I’m happy you took notes this time.” He gave your notebook back and nodded. He grabbed your old notebook and flipped through it. 

“I didn’t know you felt this way about me.” He smirked at you. 

“I don’t. I used to.” You grabbed your old notebook from his hands and put your stuff in your book bag. 

“So you don’t like me anymore? You don’t think about me touching you anymore?” He leaned against his desk and you nodded your head. You lied. 

“That honestly hurts me because I like you. I want to help you bring your grade up as well.” He rolled his sleeves at and as soon as you saw his arm veins your legs went numb and it took all your energy to hold yourself up. 

“You like me?” You looked at him and tilted your head to side. How could he like you? Out of all his students what was so special about you? 

“Yes but since you don’t like me let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about your grade. You went for a strong A to a Strong C which means it can easily be brought up to a B but if you don’t get a one hundred on your test you’ll most likely get a B. I’m willing to help you as much as I can so you can get A.” He sat down in his chair and put some science books on the table. You signed and pulled a chair up next to his. His cologne was strong but it smelled so good. 

“Lets go over the stuff that’s for sure gonna be on the test.” You nodded your head and he started opening books and flipping pages. His smell was starting to get to you and you’ve never been this close to him. The veins in his arms were still visible. You looked down and looked at his thigh. Beautiful, that was the only word you could think of that could describe it. You never noticed how toned and muscular his thighs were. Your thoughts started to swirl around in your head once again and body started to heat up. 

“Y/N. Are you listening?” He looked over at you and shook his head. 

“Stand up. Since you have trouble listening to me I’ll have to get your attention.” He smirked at you. He picked you up and sat you down on his desk. He lightly pushed your legs open and rubbed your thighs with his hands. He definitely had your attention now. 

“Are you going to listen to me and pay attention?” He asked. You nodded your head and leaned back on your arms. He grabbed a book and looked at the pages. 

“All you have to do is listen.” He rubbed your thigh and started to talk. You heard his voice but you didn’t hear what he was saying. The sensation that was coming from his hands gliding against your thigh cause core to tingle. He’s never touched you and you never wanted this moment to end. Before you could turn your attention back to him you felt a strong burning feeling in your thigh. You screamed out in pain. 

“I told you to listen.” He put his book down and whispered in your ear. 

“Are you sure you don’t like me? Are you sure you don’t think about me touching you?” As he kept talking one of hands was making its way to core. He rubbed you slowly. Everything about this moment felt like a dream. 

“Maybe if you listen to me and be good I’ll raise your grade to an A.” He pushed you down so you were laying across his desk with your legs dangling over the end. He pinned your arms up above your head. He connected your lips and all you could do was melt. You’ve been dreaming about this moment but was it wrong? The way his plump lips felt on your’s felt so good. You wanted more. 

You parted your lips and he slipped his tongue into your mouth. His thick wet tongue moved perfectly with your’s. You were so busy thinking about the kiss that you didn’t notice he took pink handcuffs from his bag and had handcuffed your wrist together. He broke the kiss and stood up in between your legs. He unbuttoned your pants and slid them down. He smiled at he looked down at you black lace underwear. Looking at him smiled at your body caused you to blush and become embarrassed. Jimin brought his hand to your heat and rubbed you hard and fast. You moaned more and more but you tried to keep your moans down. 

“You can moan as loud as you want.” He whispered in your ear. He bit down on your ear and you leaned your head back as your body was on fire. His pace increased and he started to rub you faster and faster. He lightly sucked on your neck and everything was driving you crazy. You dreamed about this but you never thought it would of felt this good. He roughly slid your underwear off and rubbed your bare core faster. He slipped a finger in you and pumped it in and out harder every time. He added another finger and stuck them deep inside you. Your legs started to shake and your stomach started to tingle. You clenched around his fingers and he knew you were close. 

“Ahh. Ahhhh. S-stop!.” You were so close and you were trying to hold it back but it was getting harder and harder. You finally couldn’t take it anymore and you released everything you were holding back. When Jimin slipped his fingers out of you, you squirted all over his shirt. He stood and watched your shake and come down from your high. You were panting and sweating. 

“That was amazing.” He licked his finger then kissed you allowing you to taste your own cream. This caused his tongue to slid against your’s easier. You broke the kissed to get air. He slipped your shirt over your head and rubbed your chest hard. Your nipples became hard and body started to heat up again. He took is glasses off and roughly yanked his tie from his neck. He ripped his shirt open and all you could do was lay in awe at how beautiful his chest looked. You knew he was in shape but you didn’t know he looked like that. Jimin was very nicely built and you wanted to run your hands down his chest. 

He kissed down your body. From your neck to your chest to your stomach. His kisses caused you to release small moans. When his finger glided down your body it felt like heaven.  

“Ah. Ahh. Mhmm.” You moaned out loud. He lightly bit down on your thighs and you closed your mouth to stop screams from escaping. After he bit down on your thigh he would suck and lick on the spot he bit down on. You looked down and saw small galaxy mark on the inside on your thighs. 

“You so wet. I don’t think I need to eat you out.” You panted a few times then prepared yourself. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers. Your eyes widened in disbelief. You never thought he was that big. You’ve always starred at him but you never noticed how big he was. The more you looked at his size the more you thought about the pain. 

“I’ll be as gentle as possible. If it hurts too much tell me.” You looked into his eyes and saw nothing but care and worry. You nodded your head and opened your legs wider for him. Jimin lightly rubbed his length up and down your fold. He slowly and lightly pushed himself inside of you. You arched your back and did your best to relax so the pain would quickly go away. He pushed himself in more and more and then lightly slid out. His pace was slow and the pain disappeared. Jimin’s pace soon quickened and you were moaning his name. The way he rolled his hips into you made all your thoughts go away. 

“J-Jimin. Faster. P-please.” The way you said his name gave him shivers and motivation to pound into you faster and harder til you couldn’t walk. Jimin rammed his thick length into your core harder and harder. Your vision went blur and your body was over heating. His grip on your waist tightened and the pain only mixed in with the pleasure. You knew your waist was gonna be bruised but you didn’t care. You only cared about the amount of pleasure you were feeling. 

“Shit. It feels. So good.” He bent down and kissed and licked at your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer to you. As soon as you pulled him closer he hit your gspot and all you saw were stars. He smirked when he realized what just happened. He brought you legs up higher and hit your gspot over and over. You were close and so was he. You couldn’t hold it anymore but you didn’t want this moment to end. 

“Jimin. Jimin!” You moaned his name one last time before letting go. He smiled then slipped his length out of you and released himself onto your stomach and chest. You both took a moment to catch your breathe. He took the handcuffs off you and kissed you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He broke the kiss then stroked your hair. 

“I think you’ll do fine on the exam.” He smiled at you and you giggled. You both got cleaned up and studied together. 

My Masterpiece is complete!! I really hope you guys liked it I enjoyed writing it. I love Jimin and he noticed me when I went to their concert and I forgot how beautiful he looked during the DOPE Era so I decided to bring that red hair back! Hope you liked it!

-Admin An

Wake Up Call

A/N: I did it! I wrote a Dear Evan Hansen fic!

Request:  Jared x reader where the reader forgers her coffee one day and falls asleep in class and anytime the teacher looks their way Jared does something to save her ass from getting detention but at one point it fails and they both get detention (in which reader nearly falls asleep in) (again) ( @nonstop-laurens )

Warnings: cursing?,,, i don’t think there’s anymore

Pairing: Jared Kleinman X Reader

Word Count: 1,045

AU: High School, baby

Stumbling, you walked into the white classroom, fatigue washing over you. Today you had forgotten your daily coffee, which was extremely important in order for you to stay awake for even two minutes. You were exhausted as you stayed up practically all night to finish your english paper.

What a wonderful day for you to forget your coffee.

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The class swarmed inside and took their seats at random, rather than what had been assigned. Your normal seat was taken, and all of your friends managed to avoid this class, so you claimed an empty seat in the back.

Some not-so-hushed murmurs managed to catch your attention as you waited for the day’s substitute.




They were talking about Mrs. Harrison, of course, but that didn’t matter. They were just rumors. You were sure that she was fine.

“Hello, class,” the deep baritone was commanding and had an added hiss to the end of the sentence. Your gaze fell to the source, finding who could only be Mrs. Harrison’s substitute.

About half of the class had the decency to quiet down and listen.

He ignored the chatter and continued, “I am Mister…your teacher…and…but don't…” In spite of your ears straining to catch his words they were drowned out by the rest of the room. Eventually, the substitute stopped talking and simply stood at the head of the class with his hands behind his back.

He gave an aura of danger and conceit, but it was overlayed with hospitality and respect. At least…You think? It must have been the way his suit crinkled or the angle at which his head was tilted, but something told you that this man was more angry than he was letting on. That his patience was dwindling.

Even so, he held out like that for about ten minutes until the last person had been shushed and all eyes were on him. He gave a tight lipped smile.

“My,” he hummed. “Ten minutes. Class,” he shook his head. “I am disappointed.”

The student in front of you mumbled under his breath, “Who cares?”

It was faint enough to where you had trouble hearing it, but somehow the substitute must have caught his words. He slowly, purposefully took planned steps in your direction until he stood next to the student.

You were surprised when his gaze fell on you, “Is he bothering you?”

You shook your head.

“I’m pretty sure he’s bothering you,” he smiled. It was charming, but the situation made it unusual. “Just say he is if he is.”

The words may have seemed as though he was making sure you weren’t being distracted, but he managed to use them to convey what he wanted: If he says anything else, let me know.

You swallowed and didn’t dare move. All eyes were on you. What do you do? Should you do anything? His dark eyes seemed empty, but still warm. Was the warmth false? What do you do?

The lights flickered briefly, causing the class to chorus in a simultaneous sound of shock, and just like that the substitute was already halfway back to the front.

“Now,” he took the chalk from the board.

He straightened his suit and rolled his shoulders back, looking quite proud of being himself. “Shall we get started with-”

Just like that the door opened. A blond woman shuffled in brushing the remains of rain from her skirt. She had a teal binder tucked in her arm and a hurried disposition about her.

“Sorry, about that class,” she chirped. “There was a car crash on the way here. On such short notice, too,” she whooped to show her amazement.

You looked back to the board, the previous substitute gone. You would have thought he was your imagination if it wasn’t for the rest of the class’s confused conversations surrounding you.

The chalk on the board read Mr. Dark. And a smudge of what was the rest of the chalk, pressed into the green surface.

No tengo miedo de apostarte, perderte si me da pavor.

Well this is a new thing I’ve been working on, hope u like and my ask is open for any comment and suggestion well intended ♥ 

Because we all need an au about our ot3+ot3, especially my beautiful squad @strawberriesindenial 

Simon and Luna are stepbrothers and just arrived from Mexico to Argentina, they inmediatly friend Nina, but the power trio of the school gets really interested in this new squad.  

A new country, a new school and a new life can be hard, and most for a teenager, but the things gets a little better when you have a stepbrother/bestfriend to help you to go throught all those changes, that is the case of Luna Valente and Simon Alvarez. 

They are both from Mexico, her mother and his dad got married when she was 7 and he was 8, and since then they have been inseparable, and now that his dad got and increible job offer in Argentina they had to move there to finish school. 

-It is one of the best schools in the continent, coming out from there would garantize you an entrance to a good university -Her mother was rambling while they were eating their breakfast 

-Yes mom, you have told us that, like a hundred times since we knew we were coming -Luna told her amused by her mother worry

-I know, it’s just -Monica sighed-  I just… don’t want you to feel bad about all these changes -She looked really worried 

-Hey, Monica, don’t, we are going to be fine -Simón said giving her a reconforting smile 

-Simon is right mom, as long as we stay together everythng will be fine -She said smiling widely and Monica couldn’t help but go to hug her children, other children would be complaining about how they had to let their friends, their teachers, Simon’s band, but they accepted the fact of moving out almost inmediatly even with a little excitement.

-Are you doing a group hug without me? -Miguel said leading into the kitchen to join their hug. 

-Okay, I love our love, but Luna and I are going late to the first day of school -Simon said causing that the hug break. 

The school was definitely bigger that their last one in Mexico, way too big for Luna’s taste.

-Did you bring the map dad gave us? -Simon asked to Luna who was seeing the building shocked 

-Yes I did, I am sure I am going to need it -She said with open mouth 

-I can walk you there -Simon offered himself

-No, I can go by myself, you need to go and look for your classroom too, won’t be any help if we both are late -Luna denied looking at the paper where she had her schedule 

-You sure? -He asked looking her worried, he knew how good Luna was at getting lost 

-Yeah, yeah, we’ll see us at the door in the break -She said without even looking at him and started to walk without taking her eyes out of the map her stepdad gave her, she was determinated to find her classroom by herself and she was sure she was going on the right way then suddenly she felt how she bumpet into something, better said someone, and she felt a pair of arms holding her avoiding that she fell into the ground.

-Wow, there are other ways to have my attention that trying to tackled me, you know? -The guy holding her said with a raspy boy that made her shriver, she stayed looking at his eyes, lost in them, she never thought that brown eyes could be that hypnotizing, but then she realized how close she was to him, a total strange.

-I…i am sorry. I was just trying to find my classroom -Luna said stuttering 

-And where is this piccolina heading for? -He asked smiling taking the schedule she had in one of her hands -You need to go to the opposite side, turn left and the third room it is -He said confident handing her schedule again 

-Th..thanks -She said still nervous -Ho…how did you called me? Piccolo? 

-That is from an anime I think -Ha said laughing while scratching his head with a finger -I called you piccolina, fits you, I am Matteo by the way -He said leaning to kiss her cheek but she inmediatly pushed his face with one hand amused

-And what does that piccolina thing means? -She asked smiling while he stood up straight again smirking at her rejection 

-You are going to have to find it out by yourself, piccolina -He said approaching teasingly -Are you going to tell me your name? -Then the bell rang telling them that it was time to go to their classes 

-You are going to have to find it out by yourself, snob -She said winking an eye at him and walking at the direction he indicated her minutes before 

She made it just seconds before the teacher walked in, she roammed the whole room with her eyes and sat in the closest chair that was empty, next to a girl with big glasses that was lost in her book. 

Simón arrived to the classroom he had assigned and went to the only table that was completely empty, the other empty sit was next to a guy but he prefer to have a sit on his own that day, a couple of minutes after a blonde girl stood in front of him.

-That is my sit -Was the only thing the blonde one said 

-Then sit -Simon said without a blink pointing at the chair next to him, she opened her eyes like if someone has said the worst thing to her 

-You don’t get it, I sit alone, you can’t sit with me -She stated all serious, and that made Simon let a loud laugh out 

-Are you being serious? Is this a teen movie and you are the mean girl or is this just a joke? -Simon said laughing still 

-This is not a joke at all and I want my sit -She said getting to loud, at this point every body in the classroom was looking at them 

-Ambar that is the only sit left, you know this is Matteo ‘s, so why don’t you calm and just sit -The guy that was sitting next to them with the other empty chair said to the girl 

-That is not my problem Gastón, I need to sit -Ambar said mad at the guy and he just put his hands up in sign of surrender 

-Then sit down right there miss Smith -The teacher that was just entering the classroom said forcing Ambar to sit next to Simón, she was frowning very mad but Simón instead was looking at her with the biggest smile amused of the whole situation, how is possible that after all she said he was still smiling, Ambar was sure she was going to hate that guy, but Simon was sure he would never let anyone to ruin his mood -Are you a new student? -The teacher asked to Simon 

-Yes, I am Simón Alvarez -He said smiling big, why does he smile so bright? Ambar asked to herself, it was driving her crazy 

-And new in the country as I can see for your accent -The teacher asked back and Simón just nodded in answer

-Well, welcome to the school as in out country, hope Miss Smith did a proper warm welcome to you -Te teacher pointed out sarcastic and Ambar just faked a smile to her 

-She did a splendid  job -He said teasing her, but then a guy rushed in the door dragging all the attention to him

-Mister Balsano, you are late -The teacher stated crossing her arms around her chest 

-I am sorry, but I found a new girl that needed help finding her classroom and I just couldn’t let her get lost on her first day, I had to help her, it’s my nature, help the need -The guy said smirking standing on the door looking at the teacher 

-Yes Mister Balsano, always so nice of you helping girls, just sit down, I am about to start the class -The teacher said and the guy just rushed sitting next to Gaston, the guy who just tried to help Simón from Ambar. 

His last year in school seemed interesting, at least, Simon thought. 


Here’s an episode of Recess that I totally see it in the Captain Underpants universe.

And know a short fanfic:

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sheiibabe  asked:

Hey 👋 i really love your writing! And you're awesome! If you want you can do a fluffy Jerejean maybe in high school with the prompt "no, it's fine. I can wait until you're done talking to them." (I just wanna see them in high school together). And tell me what's your fav kind of prompt? Fluff, angst or smut? And is it okay if i send more?

Wooooo!!!!!!! Do you hear that? That’s me cheering for you for coming off anon. 

Cute prompt! As to what I like best… hmm… that depends on my mood tbh. Fluff is usually easy, but it’s fun to write heart-wrenching angst. And smut… hehe. I mean, who doesn’t like smut ;) although my smut prompts don’t get as much reblogs and likes, which I chalk up to many people on tumblr being underage? idk xD I love them all for different reasons. And YES, here is an announcement:

Send me aftg prompts!!! fluff, angst, smut, whatever you desire, all pairings. Please be aware that you should be of age if you send me smut prompts. Thank you :)

have some highschoo AU, cute jerejean, a happy Kevin and Abby as a teacher. enjoy!

“Mister Moreau, could you please come up to the board and solve this equation for us instead of playing around on your phone?” 

Jean dropped his phone on the floor by accident when he startled, and felt his cheeks heat up and flush such a deep shade of red that he knew he looked like a tomato right now. “Uh, y-yes, M’am. Apologies.”

He quickly scrambled up and went to the front of the classroom, all eyes on him. Alvarez, who sat next to him in class, gave him a sorry but encouraging smile and thumbs up when he turned around, dragged his glance over the class before looking to their teacher Mrs Winfield.  

She had her arms crossed over her chest and it was clear that she hated this, hated having to punish him, but still thought it was important so he learned the rules. “Here.” She handed him the whiteboard marker and pointed at the equation on the board. 


What a shitty monday morning. 

And all just because he had to re-read Jeremy’s texts from last night in class.


“If I make you solve another equation, will you put your fucking phone away?” Kevin sounded a little mad. They were at lunch, Kevin shovelling food into his Exy-sculpted body, Alvarez reading, and Jean still brooding over his phone. 

“Give that to me.” Alvarez put her book down and held out her hand. Jean clutched the phone to his chest. “No!”

She rolled her eyes. “Come on, frenchie, or did he sext you?”

Jean’s cheeks were heating up again and he shook his head, quickly handing over the phone to prove her wrong. Kevin just rolled his eyes, but still peeked over Alvarez’s shoulder to read the text.

Alvarez’s eyes narrowed and her lips quietly formed the words. Then she cocked her head to the left, to the right and eventually handed the phone to Kevin. 

“You know, that does sound an awful lot like a… veiled sext.”

Jean, who had used their silence to eat some of his salad, choked on the leaves now. “No! What? Why?” 

A little smirk appeared on Kevin’s lips as he handed the phone back to Jean. “…’could you help me with french? Please?’”, he quoted, exaggerating the neediness in the tone ever so slightly. 

“That’s not- it’s not- no-”, Jean stuttered, thoroughly embarrassed by his incredible friends.

“Oooooh, please, Jean, please help me improve my french…!”, Alvarez teased, giving the words a needy edge and licking her lips in such an exaggerated motion that Kevin facepalmed while laughing. 

“You’re dumb and I hate you.”, Jean grumbled and tugged his shoulders up to hide his blush as best as he could. 

Alvarez and Kevin were still laughing, but suddenly, they tensed up and stopped. Jean needed a moment to catch on, because his face was still half-buried in the neckline of his sweater. “It’s really just about french… class! Nothing else! Just… french.”

“French?”, a voice behind Jean said and made him almost jump out of his skin which made Kevin and Alvarez laugh hard again, snorting into their respective lunches. “Hey, Jeremy.”, Kevin pressed out and Alvarez just waved while biting down hard on her lip.

Horrified, Jean turned around, only to spot Jeremy standing behind him, smiling down at him in his unique, gentle, friendly and open way. “Hey, Jean!”

“Oh-…hi.” A stupid grin spread on Jean’s lips, embarrassing and cheesy. “Uh… do you… we were just talking… do you wanna… uh, what about french? Should we…?” Nope, a whole sentence wasn’t happening right now. Damn.

“No, it’s fine, I can wait until you’re done talking to your friends!”, Jeremy smiled, seeming unphased (even though a knowing little twinkle in his eyes). 

“No, no! They’re stupid anyway.” Jean gave his friends a pointed look and turned back around to Jeremy. “…we… we can… we can just go to the library.” 

Jeremy nodded happily. As Jean stood up, he had to tilt his head up just a little to keep looking at Jean, and it made Jean’s heart flutter a little. “Thank you so much, Jean. I’m just so bad at french.” Jeremy laughed apologetically. 

Kevin and Alvarez burst out into laughter again, and Jean glared back over his shoulder at them and flipped them off. 

“Your friends seem really nice and funny.”, Jeremy mused as they were walking to the library. 

Jean just grunted non-committantly. 

Teacher (3) Masterlist

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Summary: filled for the prompt: anything with single parent!phan and flirting would be incredible.

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Summary: In which Phil is an art teacher, who’s ‘mildly’ obsessed with his student Dan, who loves drugs.

Flash - botanistlester

Summary: Dan has been pining for his teacher, Mr. Lester, since he first laid eyes on him. When he tries to take a cheeky photo of Mr. Lester’s ass during class, the camera’s flash goes off.

Grey Areas And Expectations - celestialfics (orphan_account), danthrusts

Summary: When Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester both start their first years of teaching in America at the same time, the students notice their mutual British accents and immediately get to work snooping, observing, and theorizing. The curiosity of the students added to the constant “threat” of fellow teacher Ms. Christensen equals nothing short of a chaotic school year full of memes, plants, and maybe a little bit of needed privacy in the teachers’ lounge closet.

Him? - viiktorss

Summary: (Soulmate AU) PJ is surprised to meet Dan’s soulmate when they decided to do their English project on Dan’s flat one day.

Like Father, Like Son (ao3) - INeverHadMyInternetPhase

Summary: Phil is a good teacher, he is. He just can’t control Samuel Howell. And turns out he can’t control Samuel Howell’s single dad, either. (Or, the one where Dan’s a single dad and a bad influence, and Phil’s the teacher who has to deal with the consequences)

Never Enough - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan is a single father who is hardworking but is never appreciated by his son and they don’t get along with each other, and he eventually meets Phil and slowly but surely falls in love with him.

Oh, Teacher - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: Essentially Dan seducing Phil while he’s teaching a class, sexting him and making bedroom eyes, all that good stuff, until Phil reaches his breaking point and acts on it.

Preschool (ao3) - TheUKAmazingDan

Summary: After Cat decides to move away, Dan gets left with her child. After picking her up from preschool one day, he starts to fall for her hunk of a teacher, Mister Lester.

Second Chances, New Beginnings - phancywork, pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil is a primary school teacher, Dan is a radio presenter and they’ve adopted a child together. Now they’re split up though and Dan faces the struggles of being a single dad while also having to deal with seeing Phil every time he takes his daughter to school.

Teach Me How To Love - howellaboutlester

Summary: Dan, a dark and gorgeous seventeen year old could have anyone he wanted. But, some people tend to avoid the boy because of the sheer mysteriousness he projects. What happens when he gets a little too involved with someone he thinks he has yet to meet face to face, but ironically he’s known all along?

Theia Mania (ao3) - hamartiawrites

Summary: Valentines’ Day is coming up, and there are two teachers that the school wants to see together more than anything.

The Softest Canvas - kawaii-kanai

Summary: Dan just wanted to get though this year at uni distraction free, but when Phil offers him some after school art lessons he finds himself unable to resist.

You And Me Have Got A Whole Lot Of History - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan and Phil are both teachers at a school and everybody knows that they hate each other but they don’t know why, the students take it upon themselves to finally get Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester to stop fighting.


“This is your art teacher, mister Galligan”

  • teacher: please submit this exercise before monday
  • me, not making the deadline: i'm terribly sorry mister teacher but unfortunately i will not be able to finish the given exercise within the established time frame on the basis that i'm a fucking idiot. instead i hope you can enjoy this picture of my cat and an audio clip of me screaming for 10 hours