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A little drabble I wrote and also posted on Ao3

Cas’s breath tingles hot against Dean’s neck and his broken moans scamper into Dean’s ear.

“You still doin’ okay, baby?” Dean rests his hips for a second and trails wet kisses from Cas’ ear down to the crook of his neck where it meets his shoulder.

Cas shudders and nods, his breathing ragged and shaky, his eyes screwed shut, and Dean thinks a nod may be all the angel can muster.

“Good,” he whispers right against the skin where cheekbone meets ear and rolls his hips again, his cock sliding easily into the tight warmth of his celestial being.

He must hit Cas’ prostate, though, because the man’s toes curl under his feet and his back arches so high off the bed, Dean thinks Cas might break his own spine, and Cas’ eyes open wide along with his mouth and he can barely make any noise at all, considering what little sound he does make comes out strangled and gasping.

“Shit!” Cas shouts and Dean raises his brows at the sudden outburst, still ever surprised by the things Cas says and does as he even now continues to learn about Earth and humans. “Oh god, right there, Dean. Again.”

And Dean angles his hips and rolls into Cas again, still slow and careful, not quite believing that, on Cas’s first experience with penetration, he’s just completely unfazed by the pain that Dean knows usually comes with ~shoving a dick up your ass.~

He hits the same spot each time and by the time he comes inside Cas, with a gentle grunt and a soft chomp of this teeth to Cas’ shoulder, Cas is writhing beneath him and he continues to slide in and out, both working himself through his own orgasm, and helping Cas find his.

When Cas does come, it’s with a silent moan, mouth hanging all the way open, entire body trembling, muscles in his legs clenching and unclenching, and Dean leaves a trail of glimmering spit down the centre of Cas’ chest as he kisses his way toward the pool of come still spurting out onto Cas’ belly.

And, Jesus, you would think the man’s never had an orgasm in his life. But Dean smiles, knowing that’s far from true.

Dean finds the nearest towel that doesn’t smell like it’s been living in a rotting corpse’ intestines for two decades and gingerly wipes Cas off, pausing every now and then to place a careful kiss somewhere on Cas’ body - his eyelid, still fluttered down over his damn blue eyes, or his lower lip, still hanging open with the memory of his orgasm, or his chest, still heaving slightly from exhilaration and probably exhaustion, or maybe even a fingertip or two, still twitching with awe and glee.

And he whispers the randomest things against Castiel’s still burning flesh as he cleans the angel off, things, words, sentences that should mean nothing but that hold all the world in the palm of Dean’s tongue just for Cas - “Shh, you’re so good, baby” and “it’s okay, I know. I know” and “you were great, you were so great” and “I’m so proud of you, Cas”.

Dean throws the towel on the floor with the rest of ‘em and finds Cas’ hand, intertwining their fingers as he tucks the comforter up to Cas chin, then twists his own body and creeps into the bed, sliding between the sheets and the bedspread and folding his arms around Cas, who curls in on himself and nuzzles up into Dean’s awaiting chest.

“Thank you, Dean,” Cas’ voice eventually drifts up from beneath Dean’s arm, gravelly and sated and heavenly, and it kisses Dean’s ear while it wears a gallant smirk and an unsure confusion.

“For what?”

“For…this, I guess?”

Dean plays his fingers over the mop of dark brown surrounding Cas’ still head and thinks about this, rolling it around in his mind.

“Gonna have to be more specific, Ca–”

“For making me feel human for once. For helping me understand what it’s like, and what being human is and how it affects people. And I don’t mean just the physical sensations, Dean,” Cas traces shapes against Dean’s chest, where his eyes seem to perennially remain. “I mean…being able to savour the person that the sensations come with, being able to know and enjoy and ~feel~ the other person…become a whole with another living being. I didn’t know…how to do that until just then. And I thank you for that. For being there for me and for being that other person.”

“They call that ‘love’, Cas,” Dean whispers, wanting to retreat from the conversation as usual. This isn’t a conversation he wants to be having at all, but somehow, with Cas, it’s different. Just because it’s Cas.

“Do you love me, Dean Winchester?” And the words are so innocent and filled with wonder - and, also…well…I mean, come on. It’s Cas the words are coming from - that Dean can’t just say no.

Probably wouldn’t able to say no, even if they were said in any other way.

“Of course, Cas. I’ll love you until you don’t want my love anymore and then even after that. And I’ll love you until the sun in the sky stops shining, until the stars in the night flicker out, until the moon above the earth fades from existence, and not even before that when I stop breathing and I simply can’t love you anymore. I’ll be up there. I’ll be one of the planets, swirling and twirling it’s way around the solar system’s personal light source, laughing and smiling and gazing down at you. I’ll love you until the entire universe starts receding into its tiny beginning point and nothing exists anymore but heaven and hell and an entire, blank space. An empty sheet of paper, waiting for God to start an entirely new chapter. And I’ll be waiting for that to happen. Because, Cas we’re the main characters and we’ll be back every time. And when that time comes again? Well, I’ll still be loving you.”

And maybe Dean’s said too much, maybe not enough. But he just entirely can ~not~ find the providence to care because Cas is grinning uncontrollably against Dean’s chest and melting further into his human.

Cas kisses the hollow of Dean’s neck and watches with careful affection as a spattering of new freckles appears there.

And Dean drifts of to a blissful sleep and as Cas watches, his voice wisps secretly though Dean’s shallow dreams, whispering “I love you too” and finally understanding that love is one hell of a powerful word.

Sirius Black Imagine: “Opposites attract”

Can I request a Surius X Hufflepuff!Reader(boy or girl whichever:3) just where the reader is super cute and sweet and a total opposite of Sirius but it works, and they’re super cute and fluffy together, piggyback rides thru the castle, pranks together, pranks on each other, cuddle sessions, etc.??? thank you! I love you so much

Requested by anon

Notes: adorable hufflepuff reader


You and your boyfriend were having a little misunderstanding in an empty corridor. The only company was the paintings, which were gossiping, as usual.

“Sirius, I won’t do it!” you complained.

“Yeah, yeah. You are miss/mister goody two shoes!” he told you. Sighing, he added in a sad and dramatic tone: “I guess it was a bad idea anyway…”

You felt a little guilty and replied: “I’m sorry, Sirius. I’m not comfortab-“

Before you could finish the sentence, he managed to put you on his back, holding your legs.

“Bloody hell!” you cried out, surprised, while you put your hands on his shoulders so that you didn’t fall back.

“Ah-ah, y/n. You can’t curse! I’m the one who curses constantly out of us, not you!” he mocked.

“Sirius Black! Get me down this instant!” you ordered, even though you were trying hard not to giggle.

“No way!” he yelled. Unexpectedly, he started to run across the empty corridor and laugh like crazy. You couldn’t help but laugh alongside him. You had to admit that piggyback rides weren’t as bad as you thought.

The last hufflepuff left the Common Room. Today there was an important Quidditch match. You never liked the sport, so when you finally were alone in the room, you sighed contently.

“At last… Now you and I will be together for an hour” you whispered to your favorite book. It wasn’t something you usually did, to talk out loud or to talk to… well, objects. But since you were on your own, you didn’t reprimand yourself.

As you opened the book, you felt two hands grabbing your shoulders. You jumped, let out a scared yelp and threw the book away. Next, you heard a familiar laugh.

“Merlin, Sirius! Don’t scare me like that!” you shouted.

He kept laughing and kissed your forehead. But you were angry at him, so you pushed him away. You took your book and ignored him. The silent treatment would teach him a lesson.

Sirius frowned.



“Y/n? Come on! Are you really going to ignore me? I’m missing the Quidditch match because of you!”

The only sound on the room was that of turning pages.

He pouted, trying to think of a way to get your attention. Smirking, he started to kiss your neck.

“S-stop!” you managed to let out.

“Oh! Hello y/n! I see you’re talking to me once again! Nice” he teased.

“You’re impossible! How did you even manage to get into the Hufflepuff Common Room?! Wait! I don’t really want to know! Don’t tell me!”

He grinned and told you, anyway: “Potter’s invisibility cloak”

You raised an eyebrow: “He lent you the cloak?”

He made a face which told you that the term lent wasn’t the correct one.

“Oh, no! Don’t tell me you’ve stolen it!” you whispered with wide eyes.

He showed you his palms as if on self-defense and admitted: “You say steal I say borrow without letting him know…”

“Sirius! That’s bad! How could you do that?” you exclaimed.

“Is wanting to spend some quality time with my girlfriend/boyfriend such a bad thing? I knew you wouldn’t go to the game, so I thought I’d surprise you…”

Your expression softened.

“You stole your friend’s cloak to spend time with me?”

He nodded.

“T-that’s sweet… I mean! That’s bad, even though your intentions are good!” you babbled. “Promise me you’ll confess it!”

“What? I can’t do that! Prongs will kill me!”

“Exactly! But it’s the right thing to do…”

He shook his head and told you: “Ok, ok. You win. But I want something in exchange… a cuddle session”

You smiled brightly and nodded. Right now, you didn’t care about the book, only how good it felt to be in your boyfriend’s arms.

“What is this exactly, y/n?” Sirius asked you with a doubtful voice.

“It’s a caramel apple. Muggles love it. I always asked for it as a child. Go on. Taste it! It’s amazing! Trust me” you grinned innocently.

He hesitated, but bit the apple. His eyes widened and he spat out the food. You couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sweet mother of Merlin! Y/n! I didn’t know you were that nasty!”

“Your face!” you cried out, still laughing out loud.

“Y/n! This wasn’t an apple! It is obviously an onion!”

“Your powers of deduction are amazing, Sirius. I’m impressed” you teased.

“It’s not funny!”

“It actually is! Happy April’s fool day!” you sing-sang. “I love you babe!” you added. “But I’m not giving you a kiss. I hate onions…”

“I’m not doing it, Sirius!” you warned him.

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun” he insisted.

“No” you repeated.

“You are no fun…”

“Maybe you are too much fun…” you retorted.

“You owe me for the onion thing!”

“Ugh! Ok, ok, I’ll do it!

“Yes!” he cried out in victory.

So Sirius had convinced you to pull out a prank on Professor McGonagall. You passed a note in the middle of the class, not so subtly to Sirius. When the Professor saw it, she moved her wand and accioed the paper.

“Mr. Black and Miss/Mr. y/l/n think it is funny to write notes during class. Let’s see if you still find it interesting when the rest of your classmates know what they are about…”

All the class gasped and held their breaths. They were expecting fluffy love notes, but instead, Minerva’s voice whispered: “Professor McGonagall is the best”

She was too shocked to say anything… When the class finished Sirius gave you a peck and said: “I told you her expression would be priceless”

“I would have never done it if I hadn’t owed you!” you reminded him.

“I know. Sometimes I wonder how two completely different people like us got together…” he murmured.

You smiled and told him: “Opposites attract, Sirius”

“And that’s what your parents used to do at school!”

“Sirius Black! Don’t tell our son the shameful way we used to misbehave! He’s only two years old, for Merlin’s sake!”

“He’s going to be the best prankster of Hogwart’s history… Just you wait”


“I love you, babe”

You sighed and smiled at him: “I love you too”

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@ecclesiasticc entered the shop! ♥

When the PRIEST was seen coming out of the RELIGIOUS building, a heavy sigh left Lilirose’s lips. On the left side of the pair of stairs ( right in front of the church ) was lying her little ballerina, while SHE, was pressing her back against one of the wall. Her hands were tucking the long PRINCESS-LIKE dress under her foot, so as to conceal the fact that it was made out of vinyl, and not flesh. She had been out there for a strong hour, having to wait until Sunday’s SERMON was over.

She could not risk moving around by herself and disrupt the DEVOUT crowd just to get her shoe with her ABNORMAL foot in plain view. It was thus once upon the priest’s arrival that the blonde DARED make herself be heard.

          “Psssst! Pstpstpst– mister the prêtre. The shoe, right there, right there!

Admittedly, the teenager was not quite the ELOQUENT kind.

Amen | Pt.5

Characters - Castiel x Demon!Reader (bits of Dean & Sam)

Words - 3000 (oops..)

Warnings - Language, Fluff, Angst

A/N - This one is super duper long, i guess i got carried away -.- I’m getting really into this series guys haha. Also the song that the reader sings in this one i got from the Halestorm album ‘Into the wild life’ and you can find it ‘here’, the hidden track that i used starts at 3:45.

Amen Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4


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Both Sam and Dean were in the older Winchester’s bedroom and after you’d simmered down they closed the door softly, they’d heard everything unbeknownst to you. Sam’s palm lay flat against the door and he looked over his shoulder at Dean who let out a heavy sigh. 

“You think you were.. I don’t know, extremely hard on her?” Dean didn’t say a word, hands laced tightly in front of him as he sat on the bed with his jaw clenched in frustration. Sam cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. 

“Look, i know better than anyone that it’s gonna be hard to trust her…” 

“Yeah you remember Ruby? They’re damn good liars Sammy and you fuckin’ know it.” Sam put his hands up in front of him, but continued to walk towards his brother calmly. 

“I know. I know, but this time i feel… I feel like it really is gonna be different Dean. Cas trusts her for some reason that we can’t see and i gotta go with him on this. You heard her down there. She’s obviously torn up about some crap.” He let his arms fall to his sides with a heavy clap and a shrug rolled off his shoulders before he turned to back towards the door.

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onethingconstant  asked:

Imagine Steve discovering his younger cousin Freddy (b. 1928) grew up to be a certain children's TV host. Imagine the effect this has on everyone's "Mister Rogers" jokes. (Bonus points if Bucky falls in love with the show during his recovery.)

“Whatcha watching, Buck?” Steve asks, sitting on the couch and putting his feet on the coffee table.

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” Bucky replies. “It’s such a great show, but I don’t like King Friday.”

“Rogers, huh? That’s quite the coincidence.”

“Wanna watch with me?”

“Sure,” Steve says, settling in. They watch a few episodes together, Bucky humming along with the theme song. Steve’s glad to see him excited about something. Bucky’s really starting to integrate himself with the 21st century and the Avengers.

“He looks kinda familiar,” Steve says after they finish their third episode.

Bucky smiles. “As he should. He’s your cousin.”

Steve nearly chokes on his spit. “He’s my what?”

“Your cousin! Remember little Freddy?”

That’s Freddy?” Steve cries. “I knew there was something familiar about those sweaters! His mom made me one when I was really little!”

“Sure puts those ‘Mister Rogers’ jokes into perspective, huh, Stevie?”

Out Of Control- Chapter 1 (Kellic)

Alrighty here we go. Dance Inside is over so it’s time to start a new story. Forgive me father for I have sinned is still gonna be a thing, I just felt like starting this one first! I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think. Much love!!

Also my cover on wattpad sucks because I made it in 10 second so…hint hint HINT SOMEONE MAKE ME ONE THAT’S ACTUALLY GOOD.

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