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‘The Chemistry of Love’ Chapter 9: Never a Dull Moment

Sherlock finds a case for he and Molly to work on together.

               “I’m home, Sherlock, what did you want to—what is all of this?“ she asked, stepping over and ducking under the various papers and photos strung across the sitting room.

               “Oh, Molly, it’s brilliant! Family and friends of Ethan Murray threw him a surprise party, but instead of the man in question showing up, they received his ashes and a note from the murderer,” Sherlock explained. “Would you care to take this case with me?”

               “Sounds interesting, I’m in,” Molly remarked, still trying to find her way through the maze. Her foot tripped over a lower string and Sherlock caught her with his strangely cat-like reflexes. Speaking of cat-like… “Where’s Toby?” A loud pop from the kitchen sounded and Toby yelped at it.

               “Kitchen; popped my balloon,” Sherlock chuckled.

               “Oh my God,” she laughed wholeheartedly, clutching her aching stomach. “Life is never dull with you, Sherlock.”

               “Of course it’s not,” he replied smugly, but flashed a beautiful eye-crinkling smile at her.

               Sherlock was furiously typing away on his phone when Molly appeared from the bathroom, freshly showered. His eyes flicked over to her searching through the cabinets in the kitchen.

               “Any particularly special reason you’re wearing my shirt?” he asked. She wore his aubergine button up that went down to mid-thigh. Each raise on her tip toes as she looked into the cabinets gave Sherlock a flash of her lacy yellow knickers. He smirked to himself, finding another reason to love her short stature.

               “It’s comfy,” she shrugged nonchalantly, grabbing a bag of crisps. Molly skipped over, ready to sit in what was deemed as John’s chair when Sherlock gently tugged on her wrist.

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– Honey I am driving. – he looks back at the road and you continues filming him. – Why are you filming me?
– Because you get sexy when you drive. – he smirked and looks at you again.
– Well… you are sexy.
– So you are a lucky guy. – you laughs.
– I am! I have the perfect girlfriend. – he puts his hand in your leg.
– Are you trying to seduce me, mister McKagan? – you asks with a horse voice.
– Why? It’s working?
– Maybe.
– Oh my God! We need to go back home right now because you drives me crazy in the middle of the road! Sex with you is always an adventure.

The King’s New Clothes

Ok I said I didn’t post much but I actually spend the whole day writing this.

First time I write a full smut in English ! I did a few times in French but it was like 9 years ago and it was bad as hell. I think this is better, i’m still not totally satisfied with my writing but i’m trying to improve it !

Of course it’s Shinsuke/reader because I apparently can’t stop loving him these days. 

Also shout out to Bon Jovi because I was mostly listening to Bon Jovi songs while writing this. Good inspiration i’m telling you. And other 80’s rock songs.

Totally inspired by Shinsuke’s entrance at Wrestle Kingdom 9, this outfit does things to me.

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mister-stalker-deactivated20160  asked:

Your headcanon makes me laugh because i imagine spy being the only merc that cant play an instrument. So many other talents! But even better that he plays accordian and just doesnt admit it, because where is the seduction in an accordian!?- he thinks

idk about you but i find this incredibly seductive