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Your headcanon makes me laugh because i imagine spy being the only merc that cant play an instrument. So many other talents! But even better that he plays accordian and just doesnt admit it, because where is the seduction in an accordian!?- he thinks

idk about you but i find this incredibly seductive

The King’s New Clothes

Ok I said I didn’t post much but I actually spend the whole day writing this.

First time I write a full smut in English ! I did a few times in French but it was like 9 years ago and it was bad as hell. I think this is better, i’m still not totally satisfied with my writing but i’m trying to improve it !

Of course it’s Shinsuke/reader because I apparently can’t stop loving him these days. 

Also shout out to Bon Jovi because I was mostly listening to Bon Jovi songs while writing this. Good inspiration i’m telling you. And other 80’s rock songs.

Totally inspired by Shinsuke’s entrance at Wrestle Kingdom 9, this outfit does things to me.

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