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request: “hii! i really adored your sirius oneshot and i was wondering if you could write a james one with prompts 21, 33, 66 and 72. maybe like angst and fluff? if not, that’s ok. thank you! x” — by anon

a/n: first james potter imagine, yey!! hope you like this, anon 💝

21. “Scratch that, I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.”
33. “You’re lying. Again.”
66. “You’re heartless.”
72. “Smile and I’ll automatically translate it to I love you too.”

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     It didn’t take an absolute genius to know that James Potter was completely head over heels over Y/N Y/L/N. He practically worshiped the ground she was walking on, he tried so hard to be where she was, he wanted her attention so bad, and he seemed to think that she was the only girl that he’ll ever want and love.

      But like most cruel beings, Y/N didn’t care. She claimed that she didn’t need to be with someone just to know her worth — she just needed to study hard, do the right thing, and after she graduates from Hogwarts, everything will naturally flow out. And because of her way of thinking, she rarely got any friends nor admirers.

     Of course, except for Prongs.

     "If you don’t stop staring at her, she’ll melt.“ chuckled Sirius as he pretends to read a book for the sake of doing something in the library. "You know, I didn’t accompany you in this place just to watch you stare at Y/N. I thought you were finally gaining the balls to ask her out? Godric Gryffindor is going to be disappointed and rise from the dead when he hears that a student like you was sorted into his house.”

    James rolled his eyes. “Ha, think you’re so clever for that witty and funny comment, Padfoot?” he smiled sarcastically.

     Sirius whacked the book he was holding hardly on the back of James’ head. “Just go already!”

     "Alright, alright!“ said James, standing up and getting a hiss from Madam Pince because of the noise they were creating.

     He gulped and started to stride towards Y/N’s table, where she was scribbling on a piece of parchment, the expression shown on her features told him that she was already tired with what she was doing, a rather loud sign soon escaping her lips. James sat down on the chair opposing to her, making Y/N stop abruptly and glance up to see him.

     "Potter.” acknowledged Y/N with a glare.

      “Y/L/N.” copied James.

      She raised an eyebrow. “If you’ve come here to waste my time then I’m going to tell you right now that I do not appreciate it. So, can you just go along?” Y/N turned her attention back to her Potions essay.

      “Damn, you’re heartless.” whispered James to himself.

      “Pardon? Did you say something?” she suddenly snapped her stern eyes towards him, making him squirm on his chair.

      James coughed, “I said, you’re heartless.”

      Y/N didn’t say anything but she continued to stare him down, her lips twitching while she tapped her quill on the table. Clenching her teeth, she brought her eyes down to the essay once again and spoke, “Well, at least you got something right.”

      He opened his mouth immediately to answer. “I just called you heartless, and you’re okay with that?”

      “Bother someone else, Potter.” she sang, her hand producing elegant writing on the same parchment.

      “Okay, you know what?” said James, losing his temper as he slams his fist on the wooden table. “Scratch that, I’m just going to be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.

      Madam Pince suddenly appeared out of nowhere, clearly annoyed and had lost her temper as well. “Mister Potter! Out! OUT!” she shouted, literally kicking him out of his chair.

      James unwillingly followed the woman’s orders, Sirius leaving the library as well.

      Meanwhile, Y/N didn’t seem to care about what he just said because when he sneaked a look at her before Sirius and him officially left, she was still concentrating hard on her assignment — as if someone didn’t just confess their love for her.

      For the past week, James had been trying to talk to her again. Sirius, Remus, and even Peter (who rarely disagreed with him), was telling him that he shouldn’t bother if it was pretty obvious that Y/N wasn’t interested nor wanted to do anything with him.

       Just in cue, Prongs stopped leaning on the wall once the students from the Arithmancy class began to get out of the classroom, Y/N was one of them and when James saw her, he immediately and quite literally, jumped in front of her to block the pathway. A few students giggled and snickered, knowing exactly what was his purpose on doing it.

      Y/N didn’t look pleased. In fact, she was surprised that she almost smacked her face on his chest if it weren’t for his firm hold on her wrist. James didn’t know if his eyes were deceiving him or not but upon making contact, he swore her face began to get pink.

      She abruptly pulled away. “What do you want this time?” snarled Y/N, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder.

      “You’re blushing.” smirked James.

      She widened her eyes. “Do you always just say things without really thinking about it? I’m not blushing.”

      James crossed his arms, stepping closer only for her to back away. “You’re lying. Again.

      “I’m not lying.” Y/N too crossed her arms. “And what do you mean by again? When have I ever lied to you?”

       His expression changed from cocky to serious in an instant. “When you agreed that you were heartless.”

      “You were the one who claimed I was heartless in the first place. You weren’t wrong.” Y/N’s lips twitched like last time, though she now averted her gaze to somewhere else so that their eyes wouldn’t meet.

      James sighed, scratching the back of his neck. “I only said that to get a reaction. In case you didn’t know, you wouldn’t really talk to me unless I annoy you or something.”

     "Well, that’s just stupid.“ claimed Y/N bitterly. "I suppose you told me you loved me for the sake of getting a reaction too then?”

      He was surprised by her statement. Prongs didn’t reckon that she had the chance to hear it because she never questioned it nor confronted him about him like any other girl would. He was also shocked by the fact that she managed to remember and even bring it up.

      “No,” said James immediately. “I-I meant what I said on that part.”

      Y/N flickered her eyes back to his. “No, you didn’t. You barely even know me much less be sure that you can feel such way.”

      Though her heart was already thumping very hard inside her rib cage.

      “Well, I guess I’m just an idiot, am I?” chuckled James without humor. “Maybe I exaggerated on that one but I’m certainly sure that I like you very much. Would you —” he stopped all of the sudden when he realized what he was doing.

      “Would I what?”

      He gulped. “Er — I was wondering if you know, for the next Hogsmeade visit, would you like to go with me?”

      James was sure that she was going to reject him so he didn’t even know why he got on with it. He mentally wanted to bang his head on the wall in case his assumption was right.

      “I’ll think about it.” answered Y/N after a good five seconds.

      His jaw dropped. “W-What? Is that a yes or a no?”

      “Neither. I need to look through my schedule first before agreeing.” she casually answered.

      “Just like that? Asking you was that easy?” he exclaimed.

      Y/N snorted. “Keep talking like that and my answer will turn to no.”

      “I’m just joking with you, jeez.” James said quickly. “Think about it, alright?”

      “I will.” She rolled her eyes. “Now, can I go?”

      Prongs got out of her way and did a mocking bow. Y/N completely ignoring his behavior, walking forward without turning back — that is until James got the courage to shout out the words he was so hesitant to say just a while ago.

      “I love you!”

      Y/N stopped walking momentarily, turning around to raise and eyebrow at him.

      “Smile and I’ll automatically translate it to I love you too.” yelled James while laughing, his eyes bright.

      “Keep wishing, Potter!” yelled Y/N in response.

      She then continued to do what she has been doing but unknown to James, a smile was slowly creeping on her features because of him.


“Mister Potter, I had told you to wear something sexy!” reprimanded the stylist, throwing her hands in her perfectly blown-out hair. “These are the sexiest clothes I own,” Potter replied. Draco huffed and rolled his eyes at Potter’s huge knit sweater and baggy faded jeans, earning himself a death glare from his ex school rival. He was usually extremely professional, but this was Potter and he’d only agreed to be the photographer for his Witch Weekly photoshoot on his own terms and after much pestering. After all, he was the best. “Take them off,” ordered the stylist, indicating Potter’s clothes. “I’ll see what I can do.” Draco turned his back as soon as Harry started undoing the button of his jeans. Earlier than he had expected, the stylist declared: “Wait, you’re good to go.” Draco whipped around and started saying: “Go sit on the stool… ” only to abruptly stop, gulping at the sight of Harry Potter standing in front of him only in his oversized sweater. Draco’s eyes hungrily ran over Harry’s toned thighs. The latter obeyed his order anyway, apparently oblivious to Draco’s sudden burning stare. Draco observed him being fussed over by the stylist. She raked her hands through Harry’s messy mop of hair and took his glasses off, while Draco tried to convince himself that he totally didn’t want to be in her place. Once she deemed Harry ready to be photographed, Draco told him: “Do whatever you want, I just have to take some test shots now.” Harry nodded minutely and propped his foot on the stool, throwing his head backwards in a deep sigh. Draco saw it and immediately recognised it as a perfect moment to immortalise; he wasn’t so taken aback by Harry’s impromptu half-nudity that he had forgotten his profession. He darted for the camera and clicked on the button so fast that one would’ve thought his life depended on it, then quickly checked out his work. “I think I’ve got it,” he announced, regarding the picture. Harry’s head shot towards him. “What, already?” he asked, frowning. “Yes,” Draco responded, “come see.” Harry jumped off the stool with a grace that Draco hadn’t thought he could possess and walked over to him. Draco passed him the camera. “I don’t see what’s so special about it,” Harry commented, scratching his head. “Are you serious?” snapped Draco, grabbing Harry’s arm out of instinct. “If you weren’t you, I’d want to shag you,” he exclaimed, too preoccupied by the insult to his art to realise what he was saying. As soon as he did, he felt blood rush up to his cheeks and let go of Harry’s arm as if it had burned him. Harry, however, gave him a thorough once over. “Then pretend I’m someone else,” he said. At that, Draco’s jaw finally dropped open. Harry had the nerve to actually smirk at him. Draco just had to grab him by the collar of his shirt and and clash their mouths together. Harry’s lips felt simply marvellous against his own, his tongue moving just like Draco loved. “Scratch that,” Draco whispered some time later, detaching himself to get some air, “I want you.” Harry’s reply was lost in another heated kiss.

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(I’ve never written in POV before. So bare with me. But this is in Dracos POV)
I woke with a jolt. Harry fucking Potters face swam around in my mind. As it usually did.
Curse him and his perfection.
I thought I was pretty subtle with liking him through Hogwarts. But after the war, as we returned to Hogwarts for our 8th year, the first thing Pansy asked me was
“Now that that’s over are you finally gonna ask Potter out?”
I was taken aback by that and asked her what she meant.
“Well you’ve basically been eye-fucking him since first year. We’re all waiting for you to come out”
That made my pale complexion tint pink. “Uh.. I’m.. Uh.. I… Bisexual..” Is all I managed to croak out before going to hideaway in the library. Soon the whole school knew about my bisexuality.
Ever since we came back to Hogwarts, he’s been distant from his friends, every time I looked at him he looked tense.
I get that he just beat the biggest dark lord there is. And that’s definitely grounds of tension. But he just seemed so… Out of it.
It was breakfast. But it was still really early though, so not many people were here. I’m an early riser so I was.
And to my surprise so was the trio over at the gryffindor table. I got distracted and embarrassed when Harry looked over at me and oh-so-gracefully tripped over my own foot walking to the slytherin table.
My cheeks must have been bright red.
I started picking at my food. I could hear Granger and Weasel arguing. As usual.
I glanced over at Harry was.. Wait no. He’s Potter. Potter was looking more and more annoyed by the second.
“If I wanted to sit here and listen to your bickering I’d become your fucking marriage counsellor” he said.
I snorted. It wasn’t until Harr-Potters confused eyes landed on me that I realized I’d actually laughed at what he said.
Now he knows.
I quickly downed my pumpkin juice and clumsily got up, blushing bright pink and run/walking out of the great hall. I made my way down to the slytherin common room to gather my things for potions.
I have that with him.
I mentally groaned.
Or maybe it wasn’t mentally. Because Pansy looking at my curiously.
“What?!” I spat.
“N-nothing” she shook her head.
I sighed and sat down, running a hand through my hair.
I looked around to make sure nobody was there and sighed. “Can I talk to you about.. Uhm… You know… Uh.. That person” I looked at her.
Her face noticeably softened and she nodded. “What happened?”
“Okay so basically I went to breakfast kinda early which.. Curse you for not being there…” I glared at her. “And I don’t really know if I meant to but I was listening to his conversation with Weasley and Granger and I.. He looked so..” I stopped to smile slightly. “..distracted” I didn’t even realize the sound of my voice until pansy smiled at me.
“You’re drooling. And you sound like you’re dreaming” she laughed.
“Shut up” I rolled my eyes. “Anyways. He said something kinda snarky I guess. And I laughed. And it was kinda loud… And he looked at me… And I got embarrassed because now he knows. I mean right? Why else would I listen to his conversation.” I was looking ahead.
Before Pansy could answer there was a hesitant knock on the door.
I looked at her. She wasn’t moving.
I sighed and got up to get it. I walked to the slytherin door and opened it to see none other than him there.
I blushed. “Yes?” I asked.
“C-c-can I talk to you? L-like not now. Because we h-have to go to class. But uh.. Like maybe, uhm. After Potions? In the uh.. Astronomy tower?” He stuttered.
He was so cute. I realized I was staring and quickly averted my eyes. “Uh.. Why me?” I blushed.
He shrugged with a soft smile.
I smiled back. “Okay”
And then he was gone. With a couple glanced back at me.
I grinned like a 13 year old girl who was lovesick.
Now I couldn’t wait for Potions to be over.
In Potions, he sat across from me, so we could both see each other.
Every time he’s write something, he’d glance up at me. But I was already looking at him.
He always smiled. He didn’t look weirded out.
I always smiled back.
“Draco” said Blaise beside me.
“Hmm?” I hummed dreamily.
“Stop staring.” He whispered.
I smiled a bit. “Okay” and started taking notes. Still glancing up every now and then to look at his concentrating face.
God. He’s adorable.
After potions I practically ran to slytherin to check my appearance. I looked decent enough. I ran a hand through my hair and listened my tie a bit, before heading up to the astronomy tower, casually.
Nobody was there. I sighed.. Maybe this was a joke.
It wouldn’t surprise me.
“Draco?” A voice called from behind me as I stared out on the courtyard, I was already planning on skipping the rest of my classes, so I was just watching he students until I heard that.
I turned around and smiled softly at Potter. “Potter.” I nodded curtly.
He kicked at the ground.
“Are you alright?” I asked, we had vowed to be nice to each other this year.
Mind-you we haven’t really talked much but still.
Harry merely shrugged.
I tilted my head. “Potter?”
“How did you know you were bi and not gay?” Harry mumbled.
That took my by surprise and my heart sped up. “Well I’m definitely attracted to guys more but I also like girls so.” I smiled softly at him.
He nodded a bit. His cheeks tinted pink and his gaze in the ground.
“Why?” I asked.
He looked up at me. “I uh.. What?” He blushed when he looked up at me.
“Do you want to talk about it? Is that why you asked me? Because I’m bi? You need someone to talk o about this. Someone who’s not your gryffindor friends?” I had boldly taken a few steps forward.
He just nodded.
Hesitantly I reached over and took his hand, bringing him to sit with me. “Then talk. I’ll listen. And you know I’ll be honest with you. I’m not scared to stand up to you, Potter.” I said, causing him to laugh.
“Well I… Maybe… Uh” I could hear the crack in his voice and I knew he was about to cry.
“It’s okay to cry” I said softly.
I heard him sniffle. “Ginny and I broke up because I wasn’t.. Really.. Interested..” He paused. “But. I didn’t know why. I just couldn’t feel anything with her.” He looked from the ground to me. “That’s when I realized I never really felt anything with a girl before. But there was this on guy.” He rubbed his eyes.
All I wanted was to reach out and kiss his face until I saw that smile. But all I did was nod. Telling him to go on.
“Uhm” his voice cracked. “But it was only this one guy. I-it is only this one guy. So does that make me gay?” He looked at me with hopeful eyes.
I rubbed the back of my neck. “Well uhm.. How does he make you feel?” I asked. I didn’t want to know. I wanted Harry. Not some other random ass guy. He’s mine.
“Well he laughs at my jokes.. Even when they aren’t said to him.” He smiled. “Even if he’s far away from me. He still laughs. He has this really adorable smile” I could have sworn Harry’s eyes went from my eyes to my lips briefly. “H-he” he was blushing. “He has really.. Pink lips” now I know I wasn’t imagining it, he was looking at my lips. He was biting his lip.
That made my face go hot. “Does he have a name?” I smiled. My voice was husky.
He nodded. “He does.” He looked from my lips to my eyes.
I nodded. “What is his name?” I asked.
He blushed. “D-Draco Malfoy” he whispered.
I blushed now. “Is that so?” I smirked.
He nodded carefully.
I smiled. “Interesting. Because I think I know him. Quite well actually. And he’s practically been in love with you since second year” I sat back.
His ears turned red and his eyes turned brighter. “Really?” He said barely audible.
“Really.” I smirked.
“Well if he’s been so in love with my why was he such a dick?” Harry asked me.
I laughed. “Well to cover it up of cou-” I was cut off by a pair of hard, chapped lips on mine.
God. This has to be a dream.
I punched myself.
He pulled back and stared at me. “Did you just pinch yourself?” He laughed.
“Shut up and kiss me.” I said, pulling him back down to me.
He straddled my hips as we kissed.
I slowly pulled back from his lips, staring at him with a stupid smile on my face.
Suddenly he looked down and his mile faltered.
“Hey? What’s wrong? Am I a bad kisser?” I laughed.
He shook his head. “It’s not that.” He said, suddenly he was curled up into me and I was holding him close.
“Are you okay?” I asked, holding him tightly.
“What will everyone think of the saviour of the wizarding world being gay and in love with Draco Malfoy?” He asked.
Oh. “Your friends. They don’t know do they..?” I asked
He sighed.
I understood. “We can keep acting like before until you’re ready” I said, rubbing his back.
He looked at me. “You do that for me?”
I smiled and nodded slowly.
So that’s why for the rest of the week, they were curt with each other around others.
“Malfoy! Watch where you’re going!” He shouted at me.
“Whatever, Potter” I said, I had ‘accidentally’ walked into him.
I could see the smile threatening to leave his lips, so I brushed past him and walked to class.
It was dinner time. We were in the great hall.
I kept looking across the room at him, but he wasn’t looking at me.
I bit my lip. He looked sad. Or.. Nervous?
His friends said something and then suddenly he slammed his fists on the table and stood up, walking towards the Slytherin table. He walked right to me and pulled me to stand, then pressed his lips to mine.
I was shocked initially, but slowly put my hand on the small of his back, kissing back.
Everyone gasped, but I didn’t care. And neither did he.
After he pulled back he smiled at me, “I love you.” He whispered.
“I..I..I love you too” I whispered.
He turned from me to look at everyone’s shocked faces. “IM JN LOVE WITH DRACO MALFOY. AND IM GAY AS FUCK” he shouted.
I laughed.
“Mr. Potter. Language!” One of the teachers shouted at him.
I laughed. “Yeah, mister Potter. language” I laughed.
“Shut up!” He laughed and kissed me again.
He was so perfect to me.
In every way.

reminiscence pt. II

Author’s note: Hello lovelies! I apologize, this isn’t really my best work, more of a filler chapter. Next part will be a lot of fluff and love, I promise! Also, requests are open, please feel free to send in anything!

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Sleepless nights weren’t anything out of the ordinary for Y/N.  Especially nights spent tossing and turning, lost deep in thought over a certain Gryffindor boy. Though seeing Sirius drooling over every other girl wasn’t uncommon, it still made the big, green monster of jealousy stir within the pit of her stomach.

Sleepless nights however, weren’t at all beneficial for the young 6th year, who seemed quite out of tune that following morning, purplish dark circles and her bed head clear indicators of how tired (and cranky) she must be. Y/N slumped into her seat between Peter and Lily at the breakfast table, groggily picking up a slice of bread, her eyes nearly drooping shut.

“I see you’ve slept well, darling,” Sirius said with a chuckle, peering over at her from the top of his cereal bowl.  He was sitting right by James, who was far too busy digging into his plate of eggs to even bother paying attention to their little exchange of words.

Y/N elicit a small, sarcastic laugh, the hint of a scowl evident on her lips, “Yes, I’m sure you slept well too, what with that girl draping herself all over your lap last night.” With quite a dramatic eye-roll, the girl pushed herself off the bench, swinging her backpack over one shoulder before promptly ruffling both Remus’ and Lily’s hair.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to get a bit of reading done before Potions. Unlike some of you,” she continued, flashing a glare towards Sirius, “I still have all my priorities in check.” And with that, Y/N marched boldly out of the dining hall, her heart feeling heavier yet emptier than ever.

Staring at her retreating figure with wide eyes, Sirius turned towards Lily, raising an eyebrow at the red-head, looking a bit bewildered. “What’s got her wand in a knot?” he mumbled, his confusion rising further as Lily and Remus shared knowing looks, both letting out the softest of sighs.

“Have you ever thought of Y/N as more than a friend?” asked James, finally catching on as well, trying to conceal the smile creeping onto his lips.

“Wha- Y/N?? No. Of course not, no,” he protested, clearly in denial, a steady blush spreading across his cheeks as he looked around the group. His friends were suppressing smiles, chuckling at the boy’s obliviousness.

“You’ll see what we mean soon enough,” said Lily, winking at Sirius very casually, standing up and excusing herself. She was soon followed by the rest of the group, on their way to Potions.


Sirius sat down at his usual seat, next to James, chewing on his bottom lip as he often did when he was nervous or anxious. Y/N ? He couldn’t possibly like her, he refused to think of her as anything more than a friend. He had known her for almost seven years now, and they had practically grown up together. He thought about all that they had gone through, every little adventure and predicament.

Second year, when she had fractured her arm, courtesy of Prong’s flying lessons, Sirius had been so worried. He had taken up her assignments, which was quite a shocker, considering he wasn’t one to do his homework on time. Still, he knew how studious Y/N was and how much she’d hate missing out on school work, and so 12 year old Sirius had spent nights in the common room and library, with help from Remus of course, trying to jot down notes for the girl. But that was nothing right? He was just helping out a friend.

4th year came to mind, the time Y/N had expressed interest towards more than a few boys and girls. Sirius had felt extremely protective and a bit… jealous too, seeing that her attention wasn’t just for him anymore. At the time however, he had brushed it off as just one friend looking out for another, especially since he knew how horrid boys could be. He had been there for her, after one of her breakups, when she had been crying and shaking, clutching onto his shirt, her tears leaving two wet patches on the soft material. He had held her close, rubbing her back and feeling awful for her. In the back of his mind however, he did feel a little happy, never really knowing why.

5th year, the night Lily and Y/N had stayed awake, chatting till 4, 5am and had accidentally witnessed the boys returning from an exhausting night, trying to take care of Moony in his werewolf state. Sirius was embarrassed; he didn’t want to burden or worry her. The girl had wordlessly tended to his wounds, only talking to the boys in the morning, being extremely understanding and supportive. From that night on, she had waited for them every full moon night. Truth be told, it was all Sirius looked forward to on those strenuous days. But again, that had to be nothing. Just an old friend caring for another.

Sirius had seen the look on her face every time he was caught being a little more amicable than  usual, with a random girl. She would laugh and roll her eyes, but he had seen that mask slip. And at times like those, he had wanted nothing more than to wrap Y/N up in his arms, kiss her all over her beautiful face and let her know that he only belonged to her. Moments like those confused him the most, left him spinning and dizzy in his own thoughts. He couldn’t possibly love his best friend. Why would he, Sirius Black, fall for his best friend when he could have any other girl he wanted? Every girl wanted to be with him, every girl but Y/N, or so it seemed. Why would she love him?


The dark haired boy was brought back to reality as Y/N took her seat behind him, next to Lily, looking straight past him, as if he were entirely invisible. She had never looked at him so gelidly and the sight of her usually warm eyes reduced to cold, icy orbs made his heart clench.

‘I don’t like her, I do not like her,’ he whispered under his breath, earning an obnoxious snort from James.

“Yeah right.”

Sirius opened his mouth, ready to spill out empty protests, only to be hushed by the professor.

“Potter, Black! I will not tolerate any kind of disturbance from you two today. Mister Potter, kindly switch seats with Ms. Y/N . You will have Ms.Evans  as your partner today.”

James, obviously overjoyed , wasted no time at all moving his books and material back onto Y/N ‘s usual place, flashing a cheesy smile at Lily.

Y/N however, quite reluctantly moved into the seat next to Sirius, not even bothering to make eye contact. She briefly glanced up at the board, flipping to the exact page in her textbook, letting out a small groan as she read the name of the potion they’d be brewing.

“What? What is it?” inquired Sirius, peeking over her shoulder to get a glance at the title. Surely it wouldn’t be something as horrid as Polyjuice Potion he thought, having tasted it before and not really enjoying it. A small laugh rose up in his throat, sputtering and dying quickly as he glimpsed at the title.

“Amortentia,” they whispered together, turning to face each other, the girl glaring icy daggers while Sirius just looked helpless.

What if he did like her? What if upon brewing he were to smell her shampoo and her perfume and her favorite flowers? What if she didn’t smell anything related to him?

‘There’s only one way to find out’ he thought, bravely turning towards her.

“Pull out your cauldron, Y/N. Let’s get brewing.”

“But what if He Who Must Not Be Named finds out about us?”

“Voldemort is not going to find out.”

“You don’t know him Harry, he has spies everywhere.”

“Draco, he’s not going to find out. Even if he does, it won’t matter, I’m not going to let him hurt you.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”


“My thanks to you, Lucius, for bringing this… disgusting union to my attention.” Voldemort boomed, the Death Eaters around him hissing, laughing, and catcalling at the teen being held down on his knees at Voldemort’s feet. Next to Voldemort, being held in place by a death grip on the back of his throat, was a deathly pale blonde teen.

“Now, how shall we punish our dear young Malfoy?” Voldemort said, looking around at his Death Eaters as they called out horrible ideas and requests. But the look in the man’s eyes said he already had a sickening idea.

“Ah, perfect. Draco,” Voldemort turned to look at the teen next to him, while Draco continued to stare blankly at Harry. Harry’s head snapped up to lock eyes with Draco. “Draco, I want you to torture Mister Potter here. Seems a fitting punishment, don’t you think?”


Voldemort’s eyes flashed at Draco’s immediate response, but his lips curled into a sickening grin as he pointed his wand at Draco, “Crucio.”

Draco’s blood curdling scream tore through Harry as the blond fell to the ground and curled into himself, writhing in pain as he screamed until Voldemort lifted the curse. “Torture him.”

Draco lifted his head, his eyes soaked in painful tears. He looked at Harry, who had tear tracks running down his face as well, Harry silently mouthed, It’s okay. Lucius, the one holding Harry down in his kneeling position, had turned his head away.


“I wasn’t asking, Draco.” Voldemort responded softly, too calmly, pointing his wand once again at Draco. “Imperio.”

Draco’s body went rigid at first, as he tried to fight off Voldemort’s control. It was only a few moments, and then Draco’s body relaxed, his eyes glazed over, and he stood. Voldemort looked positively gleeful as he handed the boy his wand, and Draco slowly pointed it at Harry.

“I love you Draco.” Harry said softly, looking up at his boyfriend.


Harry’s head fell back as his spine arched and he screamed, eyes welling up with more tears. Tears for his pain, and tears for Draco. Lucius stepped away and let the boy fall to the ground. The spell only lasted for a moment, and Harry slowly got to his feet.

“Ah, it seems even my hate of you being channeled through Draco isn’t enough to make the spell have that much of an effect through the wand that your lover holds,” Voldemort laughed coldly, “At least as you die, you’ll know that he loved you. Now what was that spell that Severus told me about… Ah yes.”

“Sectumsempra!” Draco called out, and Harry was thrown off his feet, deep gashes opening up all over his torso and his blood spilling out onto the floor. Draco’s face remained completely passive, but tears began to form in the corner of his eyes.

“Much better Draco! Again.”

I love you Draco.

“Sectumsempra!” Draco’s voice shook as he called out the spell again, and Harry screamed out again and again, more deep gashes forming on his body as he rapidly lost blood. Draco’s tears spilled over down his cheeks, but Voldemort’s spell kept him in place.

Voldemort is not going to find out.


Harry’s voice broke as he screamed again, all the cuts all over his body making the Crucio spell feel ten times worse, even if it wasn’t as powerful.

I’m not going to let him hurt you.


It’s not me I’m worried about.

Harry’s screams were reduced to silent sobbing as his body rapidly paled, losing blood faster with every Crucio that Draco was forced to cast. Draco’s arm shook and he was openly crying now, tears streaming down his blank face.

“Just one more spell, Draco.” Voldemort said gleefully, his voice the only thing Harry or Draco could hear through the roar of physical and emotional pain.

“NO!!” Draco roared, finally breaking Voldemort’s hold and whipping around, punching Voldemort square in the jaw and catching him off guard before pointing his wand at the man, pure rage coursing through his veins, “Crucio! Crucio! Crucio! CRUCIO!!”

Voldemort hissed in rage and pain, Death Eater’s flying out in black smoke left and right, none of them wanting to get caught in the crossfire as Draco cast Cruciatus after Cruciatus after Cruciatus, some of them hitting Voldemort and others exploding the walls around him. Some Death Eater’s tried to stop him, but Draco’s rage exploded in accidental magic that created a shield around him, and they too disappeared.

Draco finally stopped casting his spells and while Voldemort was stunned, he all but flew to Harry’s side, and had barely held the limp and bleeding boy to him before he apparated away.

They both landed with a thud just outside the wards of Hogwarts, Harry coughed up blood before falling still and Draco lifted his wand, desperately trying to think of every happy memory with Harry that he had.

The day that they admitted to themselves that they loved each other. Then the day that they admitted it to each other. The lazy broomstick rides around the castle that they promised each other wouldn’t be a race, but always wound up becoming so. The first day that Harry told his friends about Draco and tightly held his hand as Weasley exploded. Their first Christmas together. Draco’s official Weasley sweater.

Draco cried out and a bright white eagle burst from his wand and flew toward the castle. His hoarse cry rang throughout the castle as Draco fell to his knees at Harry’s side. Harry had not moved since they landed there.

He was so pale. He’d lost so much blood.

Draco collected Harry against his body and continued to scream in rage and sorrow that were tearing their way throughout his body. Harry still wouldn’t move.

“Harry! Harry! Wake up Harry!”

“Draco…” Harry whispered, through his eyes didn’t open, “It’s okay.”

Draco’s sobs turned into a historical laugh as he pulled Harry closer. He could feel Harry’s body growing colder against him and he could feel Harry’s labored breathing against his chest.

“You’re going to make it, right Harry?” Draco said, his voice growing higher in his hysteria, “You’re always okay in the end. You’re the Boy Who Lived.”

“Draco…” Harry’s voice was growing fainter, “Just… Just hold me… Okay…?”

“No no nononono,” Draco held Harry tighter to him, feeling Harry’s breaths growing fainter and fainter, and the labored heartbeat slowly fading away as he sobbed and screamed himself hoarse.

The last thing Draco saw before he passed out from shock and stress with a cold bleeding Harry in his arms, was a cat with glasses shaped markings around it’s eyes streaking towards him.


A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, school and work has been crazy! So, anyways, here is some supper angsty Drarry to brighten your day!

Any questions or complaints can be left with @otpdisaster, as I got the prompts that inspired this story from their blog. :D

Strive Pt. 7

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6}

Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel/Dimension-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of),

With Patronus practice taking up so much of his time lately. Tom hadn’t had a chance to enforce his control over certain… folks who felt brave enough to start an uprising.

Certain others had begun to get a little to sure of themselves recently and Tom had let it slide because he was curious as to what they would try.

Tom wasn’t threatened. In fact, the only people in his life that he could honestly say threatened him, were Dumbledore and Professor Potter. Anyone else would be easy to overcome simply because he was better at magic and manipulation.

So of course, there was always that one who got bored with complacency.

Eldrid Avery.

Tom smirked at the small gathering the other had managed to scrounge together. However, the rest of the students in the Common Room simply watched on, their eyes full of knowing.

“Hello, Eldrid,” the Slytherin leader purred. He was immensely pleased to see the few shivers of the others with said student. They weren’t not brave and were barely standing against him.

“It’s time to teach you a lesson, Mudblood.”

Honestly, some of the Pureblood aristocrats were idiots. Of course this was what made them easy to manipulate and use for his own means, but having to deal with it so often was becoming tiring.

“And how do you plan to do that?”

Avery smirked, obviously thinking that he had all the answers.

Avery’s answer was cut off when the teen was suddenly dangling in the air, clutching at his throat as he struggled to breath.

Tom had been perfecting this particular maneuver for weeks. It was nice to know that he’d managed to get it right.

Avery’s comrades backed away, realising that they were on the wrong side.

Avery’s body descended swiftly, knocking into the three other boys he’d managed to gather to confront Tom.

“That looked like it hurt,” said Tom casually. “Perhaps you should pay more attention to where you are walking, Avery.”

“Indeed,” an unexpected voice rang out, causing the whole of Slytherin to freeze and turn to the entrance of their Common Room. Professor Potter stood there, looking unconcerned despite what had just occurred.

The young man was looking at Avery, who was laying on top of his three goons. “Perhaps you’ll learn where you’re going eventually. Also, the smart thing is not do this where anyone can walk in if they have the password.”

Tom’s heartbeat accelerated when the man sent him a very telling look.

“Let’s endeavour to not get caught so easily next time,” the man said quietly, before turning and sauntering from the room without anything more to say.

Taking that as permission to do as he pleased in the future, Tom turned to his Housemates and said, “Professor Potter has made it abundantly aware that he knows what is going on in this school. He didn’t specify exactly what, but I would suggest keeping your wits about you just in case. And unlike our dear friend Avery, don’t get caught.”

Tom took his leave then. He had some meditation to work on.

Pairing: Harry Potter x reader

Requested: Yes, by @hplover14

Prompt: “Can do an imagine where Draco’s sister and in Gryffindor house and Draco finds out and tells their father and mother and Draco’s sister falls in love with Harry and dates him and Draco finds out and their father finds she is with Harry”

A/N: I really hope you like it and I wrote it the way you imagined! 

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First year;

Y/n Malfoy wasn’t really scared for her first year, she had her brother, Draco. He was a year older and promised their parents to look out for her. They were so certain she would be a Slytherin, just like all of their family. Y/n had never felt that connected with her family. She loved them, but she felt like she didn’t fit in. She had their hair and that aura of determination over her, but her eyes were Y/e/c and always sparkled like she was planning the biggest prank of the year. Y/n sat in her compartment, Draco and his friends had just left and she was bored already. She didn’t really have friends, not yet. Fighting against the urge to just leave the compartment and look for kind looking people to talk to, she leaned her head against the window, staring at the raindrops that fell out of the sky like bullets. However, the young girl heard laughter, laughter of something funny, laughter filled with joy. It was so different from Draco’s laugh. Draco laughed like he had evil thoughts, like he laughed at someone who had fallen over and couldn’t get up. This was different. Curious, she got up and saw a few girls laughing. Y/n wanted to walk to them, talk to the girls and have fun. She wanted to laugh with them, she wanted them to like her. She was almost by the small group when a hand grabbed her wrist. “Y/n, where are you going?” She recognized Draco. Y/n rolled her eyes and turned to Draco. “I was going to talk to them. Make friends. “You have me and Crabbe and Goyle. You don’t need those stupid girls as friends.” He spat. Y/n pulled back her wrist. “You don’t decide how I will live my life!” Her voice was loud and cold. She stormed off, but ran past the compartment. With an annoyed look on her face, she went to look for the trolly witch. As she saw her, she pulled out some money. “Three chocolate frogs, please.” She said. When Y/n looked up, she saw a boy with red hair sitting besides a boy with black hair and green eyes. Harry Potter. Draco talked about him a lot, and she was sure it was him. Y/n’s eyes grew bigger before she told herself to calm down, pay and calmly stroll off. And that is what she did. 


The nerves were starting to get to Y/n as she waited for her name to be called. She heard cheers when people got sorted into their houses, but it seemed more like a battle between Slytherin and Gryffindor for who could cheer the loudest. It seemed like Gryffindor was winning. “Y/n Malfoy.” Y/n was nervous but she had learned how to hide it well. She was sure she seemed calm when she walked to the chair to get sorted. As the Hat was placed upon her head, she was surprised it didn’t yell Slytherin. “Ahh, another Malfoy. I see you expected me to put you into Slytherin right away, didn’t you?” The Hat said in her head. He sounded amused. Y/n didn’t answer, and she didn’t need to. “I see that you are rater different then the other Malfoys. You love to make jokes, maybe even pull a little prank. You are very independent and yet determent. But you are also brave enough to fight the will of your parents.” The Hat stopped talking. “You really do your own thing, you don’t care about dishonoring your parents too much. I think I will put you in GRYFFINDOR!” The Hat yelled. Y/n was stunned. The whole room was quiet, but when Y/n stood up and walked to the Gryffindor table, all the Gryffindors cheered loud. 


After dinner, Y/n followed the first years to the common room. At least, that was the plan. Draco puled her out of the crowd. “Explain.” He said. In his eyes she saw the rage he didn’t say, the rage he didn’t want to show. “I don’t know, I can’t explain. That Hat put me in Gryffindor.” Draco seemed desperate, he was already failing at keeping an eye on his sister. “I will write dad and he can write the school. We can still put you into Slytherin.” Y/n shook her head. “I don’t want to. The Hat choose and I will become a great wizard in Gryffindor.” With that, Y/n ran back to the group. Draco was not amused, but she did not care at all. She could be independent, free from her brothers eye. She believed these years would be great, if not better. 

Fourth Year;

Y/n stared across the library to Harry’s table. She really liked him. She liked how his hair always seemed to long, how his eyes were so bright and how he was so carefree. Since she was in Gryffindor, she could talk to him, and when she did, her heart stopped. She really liked him. However, with Umbridge, it was hard to even talk to boys, let alone date them. Hell, it was even hard to talk to Draco. “Y/n, your homework won’t fix itself.” Y/n rolled her eyes and looked at her parchment, only to glaze up at Harry again. Draco dropped his quill and looked his sister dead in the eye. “Okay, why can’t you focus? It had been going on for weeks. If it has to do anything with Umbridge, I swear I will kill her.” Y/n smiled at her brothers concern. “No, I’m fine. But I am not going to tell you.” Y/n really liked to tease. “Why not!” He whisper yelled. “Because you will write dad and you will make him mad.” Y:n grinned. “I will not!” “What did you do when I was sorted into Gryffindor? Or my first friend was Hermione Granger?” Draco rolled his eyes. Okay, two times. But about Gryffindor, he would have found out anyways!” Y/n laughed and packed up her things, not being able to concentrate around Harry. “I think I will just have to go.” Draco stood up. “No, you are gonna tell me.” With a smile, Y/n winked at her brother and walked away, knowing he wouldn’t follow her. 


She had been studying in the common room for about twenty minutes when Harry came in. he was alone. She smiled at the boy. “Hello Harry! Where are Hermione and Ron?” Harry shrugged. “You left and Malfoy was looking pretty frustrated. So I wanted to check on you. Did you had a fight?” Y/n looked at her Potions book. “Well, I guess kind of.” Harry raised his brows. “About what?” Y/n let out a sight. “About why I was so distracted.” Harry looked confused at the pretty girl. “Why were you?” He asked. Y/n was nervous, but she needed to tell him sometime. She was brave, that’s why the Hat put her in Gryffindor, Right? She took a deep breath. “I was distracted by you, actually. because I rather like you. As in, more than a friend, like you.” Harry was silent for a few seconds. “Can I kiss you?” He asked. Y/n was surprised. “UHM, Yeah, sure.” It was an awkward kiss, but Y/n found it perfect. She smiled as they broke apart. “Do you want to go out sometime?” Harry asked with a nervous grin. 


Harry and Y/n had been dating for three months now, and only Ron and Hermione knew. Harry had no problem with dating in private, seeing as he wasn’t a big fan of PDA and with Umbridge, it was kind of hard to kiss each other in the hall. However, Y/n wanted the world to know. She wanted to rub it in Draco’s face. She wanted to prove that she wasn’t as much of a Malfoy as her parents wanted her to be. So, after a lot of talking, Harry accepted. But he wanted to do it at the end of the term, when they both would stay. Y/n agreed and waited. As the end of the term grew closer, Y/n got impatient. It was before Potions she had with the Slytherins when she blew it. Draco was teasing Harry about being single forever. She noticed Harry glanced at her. Y/n grinned and walked up behind Draco and touched his shoulder. “Excuse me, my dear Brother.” She said playfully as she walked past them and gave Harry a side hug. “Y/n, what are you doing?” Y/n smiled and pressed her lips against Harry’s jaw. “Spending some time with my boyfriend. But we are late. See you in class!” Draco looked very angry. Y/n actually found it amusing. 


It didn’t really surprise Y/n when she got a letter the next morning from her father. 


I heard from Draco that you and Mister Potter are dating. I hope that is not true, but seeing as you are a rebel, I must assume you are. So I will say his once and not again, as long as you and Potter are together, you will not be welcome at home. The Dark Lord wouldn’t want our daughter being involved with Mister Potter. So choose well.

Lucius Malfoy.

If he wanted her to cry, to break up with Harry, he was dead wrong. Y/n laughed a little and wrinkled the paper before throwing it at Draco. It surprised their family that they didn’t see their daughter again. She was loyal, she was brave, and she needed love. She needed Harry’s love, and that is what she got.

I hope you liked it!

You can send requests or if you want me to ship you with someone, send that too!

Harry Potter and the Petersons Petunias
  • Some 10 years after the defeat of Voldemort, a new dark order threatens to destroy the wizarding world. Desperate for a saviour, they turn to the one who's never failed them...
  • Head Auror: *knocks on the door to the Potter residence*
  • Harry: *opens the door*
  • Harry: No.
  • Head Auror: Mister Potter, we need your help. The situation is dire. The people need a saviour.
  • Harry: Uhuh. Have you tried down the street? If the Petersons are as good at defeating dark wizards as they are at gardening, you're golden.
  • Head Auror: I... I don't think you understand.
  • Harry: Four years in a row they've won the 'prettiest plants'-trophy. I mean, my lilies aren't perfect but they have character, y'know? Don't they look nice?
  • Head Auror: I- well yes, but-
  • Harry: Besides, anyone can grow Petunias. Seriously.
  • Head Auror: Mr Potter. We need your help to defeat the dark forces.
  • Harry: I'm kind of busy though. So I'll have to pass.
  • Head Auror: Are you really not going to fight? You're a Gryffindor!
  • Harry: Actually, the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin. so no.
  • Head Auror: You don't understand! They are spreading terror and destruction everywhere!
  • Harry: I've got three toddlers. I'd like to see the dark forces rival their ability to create terror and destruction.
  • Head Auror: Mr Potter-
  • Ginny: *from inside the house* Who's at the door?
  • Harry: The ministry wants me to fight the Death Eater Sequels.
  • Ginny: And leave me alone with these monsters? James just ate a bar of soap. No way are you getting out of babysitting just so you can go have fun.
  • Harry: *to the Head Auror* And there you have it. Wife says no. have a nice day.
  • Head Auror: I- The world is in peril!!
  • Harry: My personal hygiene is in peril. James just ate my soap. Do me a solid and send a drought spell at the Petersons flowers on the way back, will you? Thanks.
  • Harry: *closes the door*
  • Harry: *mutters behind the door* Bloody Petersons.

anonymous asked:

Is there a way to make something an SI by force, or is it just a random thing where I'm suddenly obsessed with it?

“The special interest(s) chooses the autistic, Mister Potter”

I mean, for me it “just happens”. I feel if [I] would try and force a special interest, then it wouldn’t necessarily be a special interest (if you get what i mean?)

Followers do you have any input?

—Mod Jean

Jealousy (Part 2)

Originally posted by spunkyfunkyteen

Pairing: Severus X Reader

Rating: T (for Language)

Status: 2/2

Genre: Romance/Humor/Friendship

Summary: Severus Snape is not a fan of Remus Lupin, especially since it seems like he’s taking away the Reader away from him. So what does Severus Snape, the greatest spy and Potion Master do? Act like a child of course.

A/N: The GIF has nothing to do with the story, but it was the only one that had them both in it and I thought it was fitting. 

by: bigeyes-redmouth

Part 1 Here!

“He’s a thirty-three year old man, but he’s acting like a petulant child that didn’t get his way,” You ranted, pacing up and down in front of Remus’s desk. “How the hell am I suppose to fix what’s wrong if he won’t tell me?“ 

It had been a week and a half since your spectacular fight with Severus and you were ready to maim, crush, and kill him until you stopped seeing red. 

Most of Hogwarts seem to sense what was going on. Students had been leaving his classrooms with tears and so many docked points that it didn’t look like there was going to be a House winner this year.   

You were doing a better job at not taking out your frustration and anger on your students, but you couldn’t help avoid eating in the Great Hall. Hey, you were an adult, you knew how to pick your battle.   

“Do you really want my advice?” Remus asked, sitting casually on his desk. You whirled to face him, impatiently pushing away the strands of your hair.   

“Yes!” You paused, your shoulders slumping. You sighed and hopped on his desk, placing your head on his shoulder. “I don’t know what good it would do Remus. That man is hard to read on a good day." 

Remus placed a comforting arm around your shoulder.   

As the smell of books, wood, and cocoa reached you and soothed your wounded feelings, you couldn’t help feel so lucky to know a friend like Remus Lupin.  

You had met him on the outskirts of a Wizard village in Nice, arguing in terrible broken French with a vendor. He had been super close at being hexed and arrested until you swooped in and saved him. The rest was history. 

“[Y/N], I think this particular problem is an affliction we all go through,” He said with a smirk.  You looked up at him. “He’s jealous." 

You paused for a second. Two seconds. Three seconds.  

“Of what?” You exclaimed, ripping yourself away from him to continue your pacing. Severus Snape didn’t do jealousy. Anger, rage, humor, bitterness, sure. But Jealousy? 

Remus shrugged. “He doesn’t seem to like me hanging around you." 

“So I’m basically a toy to him?” You demanded, your hands on your hips. “Something no kid in his class can play with because the toy is his property." 

He smiled amusedly at you. “I think he values you more than a silly toy." 

You scoffed, making your second turned around his room. No matter how hard your brain was working, you still couldn’t compute this. It just didn’t make any sense. 

“If it makes you feel better, he did the same thing with his best friend." 

You froze. 

Lily,” You said softly. Of course, Remus caught it. 

“You know about Lily?" 

You nodded jerkily. You knew the whole tragic saga of Severus and Lily’s friendship. You also knew what the implications were. 

“I-I think I’m going to go grade some papers now,” You stammered, stumbling towards his door. “Thanks for the help, Rem." 

The door closed before you could hear his reply. 

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Rules: name an artist and answer these using just songs from that artist

Artist: Flatsound

Gender: Spiders

Describe Yourself: The Cowardly Lion Doesn’t Write Love Songs

How do you feel: I Lost Control

If I could go anywhere: Scotland, I Wish You Had Stayed

Your Best Friend: I Hope You’re Okay

Favourite time of day: 66666666

If your life was a TV Show, what would it be calledYou Had a Panic Attack in My Bathroom

What is life to you: Counting Sheep

Relationship Status: I’m Broken But I’ll Try

Your Fear: We’re Fighting Again also Spiders

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because why not

Strive Pt. 6

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5}

Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel/Dimension-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of),

Tom was silent as his professor dragged him along. He’d been caught, which was something that had never happened before. Sure he’d been blamed for things he hadn’t done, but he’d never been caught for anything he personally had done before. It was a blow to his pride.

Though if anyone were to discover him, he was at least glad that it wasn’t Dumbledore. Professor Potter, Tom could respect. But not Dumbledore.

Potter lead him all the way down to his office on the Third Floor, and shut and locked the door behind them.

“Sit,” the man ordered.

Tom was so very close to not doing it, but then again, it wouldn’t look good on his image.

He sat in the chair before the man’s desk, and very carefully measured the other man’s actions.

Potter waved his wand, and a House Elf appeared suddenly, bowing their head toward the wizard. “Yes, Mr. Harry?”

Potter sighed, looking annoyed, though not exactly at the Elf.

“Mipsy, can you please get us some tea and finger foods. We’ll most likely miss supper.”

Potter asked. He actually used the word ‘please’ when talking to a House Elf. And the Elf’s ears flapping excitedly, as it nodded!

Potter sent him an unreadable look when the Elf Apparated away. “There’s no need for shock. Common decency isn’t that difficult to understand.”

“But they’re Elves, sir. Servants. You don’t need to ask them,” Tom pointed out, not comprehending.

Potter sighed and seated himself then, giving Tom a look that made his young face appear ancient.

“Mr. Riddle, just because they are doing their job - and yes, at Hogwarts it is considered a job and not forced servitude - doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve kindness. To the Blood Purist Elite, you and I don’t deserve common decency because we aren’t Pureblooded. Goblins aren’t allowed common decency because they aren’t human, as Britain’s Ministry decrees. To some Gryffindor Supremacists, you don’t deserve common decency because you are a Slytherin.

“Does this actually mean that you should not be treated kindly and with the respect you deserve as a living being? Simply because to some people, it is the normal belief?”

Tom twitched, wondering how the man knew that Tom wasn’t a Pureblood. Not that it was big news to anyone, still, he was new to the school. Who told him?

And more importantly… the man had a point! Which sort of annoyed him and sort of amazed him.

Professor Potter was very good at shock and awe.

The Elf popped in, placing a large tray on the desk between the two wizards. Almost without notice, Tom actually thanked the creature, and was only made aware of his action when the being actually gaped at him for a moment, before nodding and popping away.

A glance at Potter showed the man smiling into his tea cup.

Tom reached for a sandwich and decided to take a few bites while Potter decided how to handle the situation of catching Tom peeping.

“I take it… that you understand what Dumbledore was talking about?” Potter asked after a moment, thankfully when Tom’s mouth was empty.

“I suppose I could hypothesise,” the teen admitted blandly.

The professor nodded. “We both knew you were there.”

Tom almost choked on his piece of bread!


How did they know?!

“Your magic isn’t very well hidden. You’ll have to learn to disguise your presence. Also, the Headmaster and the Deputy are keyed into the wards and can feel where the students are at all times.”

That revelation was not good. Not good at all.

“At least, those students who aren’t good at disguising themselves,” Potter amended with a smirk. As if he found Tom’s panic humorous. Though Tom wasn’t reacting outwardly, so how the man knew was anyone’s guess.

“Your magic is heavily shaded, if you get my meaning. You’re one of the few people in the castle with such magic, which makes it easier to pinpoint you.”

Great. Bloody fantastic.

“As for my sudden desire to sup with you, it’s more of a desire to impart some advice. My words to Albus are not to be taken lightly, Mr. Riddle. I am very much aware of the actions of everyone here. It’s best that you keep that in mind. Spread it to your acquaintances if necessary.”

The hard look that was sent his way also sent shivers up his spine. But Tom was the personification of Slytherin, and he merely smiled calmly and thanked the man for his ‘advice’.

Warning. It was a warning if Tom ever heard one.

But a warning about what? That was the question.

Title: Beautiful

Warnings: Age gap, fluffff

Request: nope

Notes: This is one I wrote a while ago I’ve had writer’s block and I really liked this one so I’m giving you guys this one

Y/N L/N was a seventh year student in Hogwarts and was excited to see that their new D.A.D.A professor seemed to be good. She seemed to have an odd feeling towards him, every time she was heading up to his classroom she felt warm and fuzzy. She didn’t think she had a crush on him, she couldn’t though, because he was her professor. She thought about staying behind after class, but she didn’t have a reason to. She’d look odd, right? She decided to go for a walk, it was around an hour before she had to be in her dormitory and she had no homework.  She headed out of the castle and sat down on some grass with her legs crossed.

“What is a wonderful student doing sitting alone an hour before curfew?” Said a voice from in front of Y/N. She looked up and saw Professor Lupin.

“What is a wonderful professor doing wandering alone an hour before curfew?” She replied. He smiled.

“You think I’m a wonderful professor, Miss L/N?” He asked shyly.

“Of course, you make all the others look incompetent.” Y/N joked, a smile on her face.

“Oh, well when you put it that way, I’m extremely flattered.” He replied, laughing a little.

“Well, what are you doing out here?” Y/N asked.

“Oh, I really have nothing better to do, I thought I’d come out and think for a while.” He replied, looking at the sunset.

“Me too.” Y/N said. He sat down beside her, very close I might add.

“Well Miss L/N, is there anything you’d like to talk about?” Lupin asked, looking at Y/N.

“Not really, you?” She replied, looking at him.

“No, would you like me to stay?” Lupin asked, shyly.

“Yes, of course.  We can just sit until curfew, we still have around 40 minutes.” Y/N said, smiling shyly.

“Very well then.” Lupin replied, smiling.

“Can I ask a question?” Y/N asked suddenly.

“I thought you didn’t want to-”

“I know but I just wanted to ask, have you ever felt alone? Like, you have friends but, you just feel, alone.” She asked, quietly.

“Yes, I have. Have you?” He asked kindly.

“Yes.” Y/N answered.

“I hope you don’t feel alone now, you can talk to me Miss L/N.” Remus said.

“Y/N. Just call me Y/N.” She said timidly.

“Okay, call me Remus. Or Moony.” He answered quickly.

“Moony?” She questioned.

“It was an old nickname. From my days here.” He answered. Y/N felt the urge to put her head on Remus’ shoulder. But that would be wrong.

“Alright then, Moony.” Y/N said smiling. He smiled. No one had called him Moony in years. They started to just look at each other for a while. She noticed the scars on his face and started to reach up to run her fingers over them but stopped herself, not before he noticed though. “Sorry.” She mumbled, her cheeks turning pink.

“It’s alright, go ahead.” Remus said bashfully. This girl was making him feel like a student again.

“Okay, are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s fine, I don’t know why you want to touch them though, Miss, Y/N.” He said.

“Because they’re beautiful.” Y/N said under her breath. She was hoping he didn’t hear.

“So are you.” He replied, just as quietly, his eyes widened as soon as the words left his mouth. “I shouldn’t have said that. We shouldn’t be doing this.” Remus said quickly, thinking of all the possibilities that could happen. Someone could’ve seen, she could find out about his…problem.

“Rem- Professor, it’s okay no one saw, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.” Y/N said quietly.

“Y/N, seriously. You are my student and this, this has gone too far.” He said quickly, got up and rushed in to the castle. Y/N was left, more alone than before.

The next day in D.A.D.A, Y/N just sat down and didn’t answer any questions. When class finished, she waited behind. She felt she had to apologise for the previous night.

“Professor?” Y/N asked.

“Miss L/N.” He replied.

“I just wanted to apologise for last night. I shouldn’t have been so, so…” She trailed off.

“No, Miss L/N, I take full responsibility.” Remus replied.

“Professor, I just want you to know, you really helped me last night, you know, up until you left me.” Y/N said, bashfully.

“And you helped me too.” Remus admitted.

“Well, why don’t we continue, helping each other?” Y/N asked shyly.

“Well, when you put it like that.” Remus said, smiling. “Have a seat, this was your last class. Tea?” He asked.

“Yes please.” Y/N replied.

“Alright then.” He replied. They had tea and talked, both gradually edging closer to each other as they had the previous night.

“Can I…” Y/N trailed off again reaching up to his scars.

“Yes, of course you can.” He replied. She traced the scars with her fingertips and Remus felt little sparks where her fingers had been. “Y/N, do you think I could hug you?” Remus asked, sheepishly. She smiled and nodded. He wrapped his arms around her and immediately smelt her apple shampoo.

“When you hold me, I can feel all the broken pieces of me fitting back in to place.” Y/N whispered.

“You have a wonderful way with words Miss L/N.” Remus replied tenderly, holding her tighter.

“Thank you, Moony.” She replied.

“Well, as you know, the school year is almost over, and I won’t be your Professor anymore.” Remus said, with a smile. Y/N pulled away. “You won’t be a student.” He said.

“I won’t. But wouldn’t it be exciting if we broke a few rules?” Y/N whispered.

“It would, wouldn’t it?” He replied, putting his calloused hands on her face. Y/N saw his eyes change.

“What is it?” She asked, worried she’d done something wrong.

“There’s something I have to tell you. And it might scare you off but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone.” Remus said, looking at the blonde in front of him.

“I promise.” She whispered, she started to think back to the conversation she had overheard between Lupin and Snape.

“I’m a werewolf.” Remus said, looking ashamed. “I’m a monster.” He whispered.

“Remus, you are not a monster. You know how I can tell? I can see it in here,” she said pointing to his eyes, “and here.” She finished, putting her hand on his heart. Remus put his hand over Y/N’s. “You’re beautiful Remus.” She said quietly. Remus opened his mouth to speak, “you are, Remus. These, are beautiful, and you shouldn’t walk away from love because you think you don’t deserve it, because I know you do. One day, I know I will be so in love with you it will hurt. I’m already falling, but I don’t want anyone to catch me. I want to fall so hard, the wind is knocked out of me. I only hope you feel the same.” Y/N said, her cheeks tinted red.

“Y/N, that was beautiful.” Remus teased, making Y/N smile.

“Shut up, Moony.” Y/N joked.

“Gladly.” He replied and placed his lips on Y/N’s softly. Y/N put her hands on the nape of Remus’ neck. Their lips moulded like two puzzle pieces and Remus felt the years melt away, he felt eighteen again. But he knew even then, that Y/N was worth the wait. She ran her fingers through Remus’ hair, he put his hands on her cheeks, and he felt them heat up. He smiled in to the kiss. They pulled away to catch their breath.

“Remus, I can’t wait until this year is over.” Y/N said, grinning.

“Me either. But, you understand what you are costing yourself? I mean it’s dangerous and I’m older than you and not by a little. You understand what you’re doing?” Remus rambled anxiously.

“Remus, I know. I’m not costing myself anything.” She said, running her thumbs over his cheeks.

The school year was finally over and Remus was packing up his things as he’d resigned.

“Y/N, when we get out of here, let’s buy a house.” Remus said suddenly, knocking Y/N out of her thoughts.

“What?” She asked, shocked.

“Let’s get a house, to live in. Together.” He said, smiling at the blushing girl.

“Are you sure? I’m a lot younger than you remember.” Y/N said, worriedly.

“Y/N, we’ve come too far to throw it all away. Come here.” Remus said, taking Y/N in his arms. She melted in his embrace.

“Now I know what my Amortentia would smell like.” Y/N said quietly.

“Me too.” Remus replied, planting a kiss in her hair. “Ah, Mister Potter, how are you.” Remus said chuckling. Y/N pulled away quickly blushing furiously.

“Hi Harry.” Y/N said, by now she’d met Harry. She knew how important he was to Remus.

“Hello Y/N, Professor.” Harry said, raising his eyebrows at the two.

“Y/N, I’ll meet you outside, okay love?” Remus asked smiling.

“I’ll be waiting!” She teased. “See you later Harry, have a good summer.” She said politely. She walked out of the office with a grin on her face. She was only waiting for a moment before Harry walked out with a piece of parchment, she knew to be the Marauder’s Map.

“Now, Y/N, my love, where were we?” Remus asked, taking her in his arms again. She stood on her tippy toes to peck him on the lips. “Yes, definitely, I’m definitely falling in love with you.” Remus said, eyes full of love, and pecked Y/N on the nose.

“You’ve taken me with you.” Y/N whispered, leaning up for another more passionate kiss.  She reached up and put her hands on his neck and Remus put his hands on Y/N’s face, bringing it closer to his own.

“You should write for The Daily Prophet.” Remus said, smiling and tucking Y/N’s hair behind her ears.

“You know, I just might take you up on that offer for the house.” Y/N said, taking Remus’ hand in her own small one.

“Good.” He said, happily. They proceeded to walk out of the castle hand in hand.

My Beautiful Moon

“Prongs! Are you even listening to me?” Sirius indignantly asked, clutching his chest in mock pain.

James nodded his head absently, going back to reading his book. “Moony this, Moony that. ‘Oh James, whatever shall I do if he rejects me? Woe is me!’ Something along those lines.”

Sirius sputtered in shock, “This or that? This is a crisis, mate! What if he says no and then I’ll end up alone living in London with twenty cats!”

James snorted, “First off, he would never say no. For some bloody reason, Remus likes you. Don’t ask me why, but he does. Second, you hate cats.” Rolling his eyes, James tossed a pillow at Sirius, “Besides, in this little fantasy of yours, do I run off and abandon you?”

Sirius nodded solemnly, “In the custody battle, Remus won full rights.”

James laughed and nodded, before smirking at something behind Sirius. “Why hello Moony, Sirius and I were just talking about you! Good ole Sirius here was telling me all about hi-“

Sirius leapt up from the bed and covered James’ mouth. Puzzled, Remus tilted his head towards Sirius, a questioning look in his eyes. “What James was trying to say is that he was just leaving.” Sirius said forcefully.

As James walked out the door, he mouthed ‘Condoms are in the top drawer” and gave Sirius a thumbs up. Sirius groaned and slammed the door in his face, sheepishly looking at Remus, who was determinedly staring at the floor.

“So,” Sirius started, “I was wondering, uh, if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me sometime? Together?”

 Remus smiled, “Of course I would.”

Remus finished lighting the candles, proud of the surprise he put together for their one year anniversary. He had set up a romantic picnic for them by the Great Lake, and managed to smuggle some firewhiskey from Hogsmeade. All of Sirius’ favorite foods were there as well, all that was missing was Sirius.

An hour passed by, and the chilly air surrounded Remus. Biting his lip anxiously, he checked the time again. 

1:21 AM

Sighing, Remus began to pack everything away. He felt tears prickling his eyes, as he started to doubt himself.

He must have realized I don’t deserve him. I can’t believe I fooled myself into thinking someone could love someone like me.

As Remus trudged back to the castle, he remembered he had the Marauders Map. Anxiously, he searched for Sirius’ name. His heart started beating faster when he discovered where Sirius was- the infirmary. He ran faster than he had before, skidding to a halt outside the heavy doors. Laying on a bed, was Sirius, sickly pale and covered in bruises. Turning to Madam Pomfrey, he felt hot and dizzy as she explained what happened.

“He was found outside the library, unconscious and bleeding. Mister Potter brought him down here, and after running some diagnostics, it appears the cruciatus was cast on him for several minutes. I don’t know to what extent the damage is, he hasn’t woken up yet.” She sighed quietly, “I know how close you two are Remus, feel free to stay here tonight. I’ll have the house elves bring down your things.”

Remus thanked her quietly before sitting next to Sirius.

“I thought you forgot about me, or left me.” Remus whispered, crying softly.

“How could I forget my beautiful moon” a hoarse voice asked.

“Say Padfoot Harry!” Sirius grinned as he bounced the giggling baby on his knee, “Pad-foot! It’s easy!”

“Moomoo!” Harry squealed and grabbed for Remus who sat nearby making faces at Harry.

“Told you he likes me better,” Remus gloated, tickling the infant’s feet.

“At least I’m not called Moomoo,” Sirius shot back, “and he said my name first anyway.”

Remus rolled his eyes, “He said Daddy. Not paddy.”

Huffing, Sirius shook his head. “You wish.”

James swooped in and grabbed his son, tossing him in the air. “Hey little man! Did you have a good birthday?”

Harry grinned and tugged at his father’s hair, giggling again. Lily chuckled besides them, “He sure does love your hair Jamie, let’s hope he doesn’t get it though.”

“Why not?” James asked offended, “It would be an honor if he had hair as magnificent as mine!”

The two playfully argued until Remus and Sirius pulled out two presents. “We were at the store and both saw something perfect for Harry. So here’s a little gift from each of us.”

 Lily unwrapped Sirius’ present first, gasping when she saw what it was. “A toy broomstick? Merlin Sirius, he’s only one!”

Sirius smirked, “Eh, he’s a Potter! He’s a natural flier!”

Lily thanked him and turned to the next present. Inside was a beautiful sweater with two deer on the front. She clutched the sweater tightly and smiled, “Oh thank you Remus! It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

As the evening drew to a close, the two apparated home to their shared flat. Sirius absentmindedly tugged at his hair and bit his lip. Remus recognized the signs, and hugged his boyfriend.

“What’s on your mind love?”

Sirius exhaled slowly, “I was just thinking, maybe someday we could start a family of our own?”

Remus smiled as he kissed Sirius’ forehead, “Is that what’s got you so worried love? Of course we can, and then Harry can have a friend his age!”

The two talked for hours about their future before falling asleep on the couch.

“What if it doesn’t work,” Remus whispered, “What if we’re wrong? What if he’s gone for good?”

Hermione gripped his arm tightly, “You can’t talk like that Remus. We’ve researched this for months, I just know it will work. It’ll be fine.”

Together, they raised their wands and said, “Revertimini”

On the floor, a haggard man materialized, gasping in a deep breath. Remus gasped and ran to him, tears streaming down his face.

“Love? Do you remember me?” Remus whispered, unsure of the answer that would come.

The corner of the man’s mouth quirked up, and the corner of his eyes crinkled. “How could I forget my beautiful moon?”

Remus choked back a sob, “Oh merlin, Sirius, I missed you so much!” Drawing him in for a hug, Remus whispered softly, “Happy birthday love.”

“But, its June, isn’t it?” Sirius looked at Remus puzzled, “We had run to the Ministry, Harry was in danger.”

Remus smiled sadly, “That was six months ago love. Today you turn thirty-eight. After you fell through the veil, Hermione and I researched how to get you back. The credit goes to her actually. She found the veil essentially took you to a state of non-existence. You weren’t dead, but you weren’t alive. We altered a few spells to get you back, and I was afraid it wouldn’t work.” Remus looked at the ground, ashamed at the confession. 

Sirius grasped Remus’ chin, forcing the other man to look into his eyes. “That doesn’t matter,” he whispered, “you got me back love.” Sirius smirked and lifted the hem of Remus’ shirt, “I do believe I owe you a proper thank you.” 

Forcefully kissing the other, they quickly forgot about the girl in the doorway. Clearing her throat, Hermione tried to catch their attention. When she realized the attempt was futile, she smiled behind her hand and quietly left, locking the door behind her.

“On the count of three I want you to open your eyes, okay? Until then, no peeking!”

Remus chuckled at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm. Ever since the war ended, Sirius and Remus had been trying to outdo one another with elaborate dates and surprises. Sirius kicked him out of the house three hours earlier, declaring, “I won’t have you ruining the surprise!” After being blindfolded, Remus was ready to see what was taking so long. Upon being told he could open his eyes, Remus gasped at the sight before him. The drab apartment they shared had been covered in tinsel and lights, and a beautiful tree stood by the fireplace. 

Sirius smiled bashfully, “I know it’s not much, but I thought you might like it. Sorry I couldn’t do more love.” 

Sirius bit his lip and avoided looking at Remus. He was surprised when the taller man hugged him fiercely, and felt tears land on him.

“I love it Pads,” he whispered, “It’s beautiful.”

Sirius relaxed at those words, and grabbed a present from behind the couch. “I got you this, too.”

Remus opened the present, and gasped when he saw what was inside. “These are original copies of Lord of the Rings! How did you afford these?” Remus softly cried, clutching the books. “These mean so much to me, thank you love.”

Pulling out a box from under the tree, Remus handed it to Sirius. Opening it, Sirius found a leather jacket signed by his favorite band. Shocked, his jaw dropped and he put it on excitedly.

“How do I look?” He asked, posing in front of the mirror.

“You look beautiful, love.” Remus laughed.

“Not as beautiful as my moon.”

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*Revertimini is latin for ‘return now’

I said I wouldn’t let you

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“I Love you Draco.”

Draco woke to find himself in the hospital wing, the day was late, the last of the suns rays filtering in through the windows. The sheets are soft his skin and the soft hum of magic cradles him, turning his head he can just make out Madame Pomfrey bustling towards him, “Mister Malfoy! Oh thank Merlin!” She brings out her wand and mutters a quick spell, “Alright, it looks as though there was nothing too damaging done to you. Physically at least,” she gives him a pitying glance and lowers her wand, “How do you feel?” 

He shifts on the bed, his tired muscles groaning at the simple movement of sitting up, “I’m fine.” The wheels in his mind begin to turn, memories of Voldemort, of the Cruciatas, of Blood and Pain, of Harry; he tenses as the image of Harry laying in his arms as he bleeds to death rushes forward, “Harry! Where’s Harry!”

Madame Pomfrey rests her hands on his shoulders, “Mister Malfoy calm down!” He struggles against her, using what little strength he has to try and leave the bed, “Harry! I need to get to him! He’s hurt! He’s dying! Please!” Madame Pomfrey holds firm, “No Mister Malfoy, what you need is rest. You’ve been through an enormous amount of stress–” His magic lashes out as his attempts grow more desperate, a potion explodes to his left and showers the two of them in glass and its contents, “Harry! Harry!” 

There’s the sound of running feet and Professor McGonagall comes into view, “Mister Malfoy–” He ignores her, finally throwing off Madame Pomfrey and scrabbling to get past the woman, “Mr. Malfoy I apologize for what happens next. Stupefy!” And Draco stumbles into oblivion.


When he next wakes, he finds himself strapped down to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Its even later now, the sun completely gone from the sky, stars glittering in its place. Professor McGonagall sits to his right reading a book, he shifts to try to remove the restraints and McGonagall looks up, “I see your awake.” He ignores her, twisting his arm this way and that to see if he could slip his hand under the rope, “You won’t break them, nor will you pull yourself free. I cast the spell myself to make sure of it.” He tries one last time, trying to use wandless magic to free himself, but his exhaustion is immense and it doesn’t work. 

“Mister Malfoy please, we don’t want to keep you in the Hospital wing longer than we have to. If you calm yourself, I will remove the restraints and let you see Mister Potter.” Draco relents, his body going slack against covers, but his mind is still riddled with worry, riddled with the memory of Harry going limp in his arms, of his body growing colder and colder, his breath slowing into nonexistence. 

McGonagall gets up and moves to his side, “You won’t attempt anything, no rushing off, no fighting back, you must follow me and do as I say, is that understood?” Draco’s hands clench into fists, all he wants is to see Harry, to see him alive, to see that Harry somehow made it through that barrage of spells that he was forced to cast. He nods. 

With a flick of her wrist the restraints are gone, Draco sits up and removes the covers. When he is ready, McGonagall leads him to the back of the Hospital Wing, one of the beds has all the curtains drawn, a bubble of magic surrounds the curtains giving it a warm glow. McGonagall steps through the bubble and when she notices Draco has stopped she motions for him to follow, “It isn’t meant to keep people out Mister Malfoy, its a precaution for Mister Potter’s health.” 

Draco’s chest tightens painfully and he takes a deep breath as he steps forward. McGonagall parts the curtains and Draco feels his breath catch in his throat.

Harry rests on the bed, his skin a deathly pale, silver scars littered on almost every part of his body, potions upon potions rest next to the bed in case his health falls any further, and you can only tell he’s breathing if you look closely at the shallow rise and fall of his chest. But he is breathing. And that fact alone is enough to let the knot in Draco’s chest loosen. 

Draco slumps down in a chair by Harry’s side and reaches for his boyfriend’s hand,its cold to the touch, but its warmer than when they first escaped. Tears pool in Draco’s eyes, his voice no louder than a whisper, “Harry? Harry can you hear me? Please tell me you can hear me.” 

McGonagall slips out quietly and advises Pomfrey that no one other than she should disturb Mister Potter’s bed.

Draco clutches Harry’s hand, hoping to get some kind of response, “Harry I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” tears fall freely, “I knew this would happen. I knew you would get hurt. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.” He buries his head into Harry’s arm and sobs, the pain of it all like a knife carving into his heart with every tear. 


Draco stays there for days.

No one bothers him. No one tells him to leave.

Madame Pomfrey comes in every now and again to check on Harry, seeing if the potions and spells are doing their work, and then leaves again. The house elves alter the spell that makes the food from the feasts appear in the great hall so that a small portion appears in the Hospital Wing as well. But still Harry doesn’t wake up.

His heart beats faster, his skin returns to its normal dark hue, his breathing strengthens, and the scars fade into tiny slivers. But still he sleeps.

Draco tries talking to him, bringing up memories, antics, laughing dryly at old jokes that have lost their meaning. He tells Harry how much he loves him, how much he’s sorry, sometimes threatening Harry that he’ll leave him if he doesn’t wake up soon. Nothing works.

One day, two weeks after their return to Hogwarts, Madame Pomfrey suggests that Draco try eating in the Great Hall for a change, “Perhaps your friends will brighten you up a bit, it’ll do you good to have a change of scenery.” Draco bites his lip, not wanting to leave and have Harry wake up without him; Pomfrey places a gentle hand on his shoulder, “If he wakes up I’ll get you myself.” With a sigh Draco nods and gets ready to go, “I’ll be back soon Harry.” 

He tries to let go of Harry’s hand to leave, but Harry’s grip on them tightens. Green eyes open and gaze at Draco, “No… stay here…” Draco’s eyes widen and  tears gather once again, “Harry…” Harry tugs Draco’s hand in an attempt to pull him closer, and Draco wraps his arms around Harry, tears falling freely. 

Madame Pomfrey has the sense to leave, using the excuse that she needs to inform the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall. The boys don’t even notice her go, Draco sobs into Harry’s chest, “I thought… I thought… Oh gods, I thought I killed you…” Harry holds Draco tighter, placing a tender kiss to his forehead, “Its alright, I’m here. I’m here.” 

Draco pulls back slightly and kisses Harry tenderly, when he pulls away he knows that the waiting was worth it, “I love you Harry.”

Harry smiles, “I love you Draco.”