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request: “hii! i really adored your sirius oneshot and i was wondering if you could write a james one with prompts 21, 33, 66 and 72. maybe like angst and fluff? if not, that’s ok. thank you! x” — by anon

a/n: first james potter imagine, yey!! hope you like this, anon 💝

21. “Scratch that, I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.”
33. “You’re lying. Again.”
66. “You’re heartless.”
72. “Smile and I’ll automatically translate it to I love you too.”

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     It didn’t take an absolute genius to know that James Potter was completely head over heels over Y/N Y/L/N. He practically worshiped the ground she was walking on, he tried so hard to be where she was, he wanted her attention so bad, and he seemed to think that she was the only girl that he’ll ever want and love.

      But like most cruel beings, Y/N didn’t care. She claimed that she didn’t need to be with someone just to know her worth — she just needed to study hard, do the right thing, and after she graduates from Hogwarts, everything will naturally flow out. And because of her way of thinking, she rarely got any friends nor admirers.

     Of course, except for Prongs.

     "If you don’t stop staring at her, she’ll melt.“ chuckled Sirius as he pretends to read a book for the sake of doing something in the library. "You know, I didn’t accompany you in this place just to watch you stare at Y/N. I thought you were finally gaining the balls to ask her out? Godric Gryffindor is going to be disappointed and rise from the dead when he hears that a student like you was sorted into his house.”

    James rolled his eyes. “Ha, think you’re so clever for that witty and funny comment, Padfoot?” he smiled sarcastically.

     Sirius whacked the book he was holding hardly on the back of James’ head. “Just go already!”

     "Alright, alright!“ said James, standing up and getting a hiss from Madam Pince because of the noise they were creating.

     He gulped and started to stride towards Y/N’s table, where she was scribbling on a piece of parchment, the expression shown on her features told him that she was already tired with what she was doing, a rather loud sign soon escaping her lips. James sat down on the chair opposing to her, making Y/N stop abruptly and glance up to see him.

     "Potter.” acknowledged Y/N with a glare.

      “Y/L/N.” copied James.

      She raised an eyebrow. “If you’ve come here to waste my time then I’m going to tell you right now that I do not appreciate it. So, can you just go along?” Y/N turned her attention back to her Potions essay.

      “Damn, you’re heartless.” whispered James to himself.

      “Pardon? Did you say something?” she suddenly snapped her stern eyes towards him, making him squirm on his chair.

      James coughed, “I said, you’re heartless.”

      Y/N didn’t say anything but she continued to stare him down, her lips twitching while she tapped her quill on the table. Clenching her teeth, she brought her eyes down to the essay once again and spoke, “Well, at least you got something right.”

      He opened his mouth immediately to answer. “I just called you heartless, and you’re okay with that?”

      “Bother someone else, Potter.” she sang, her hand producing elegant writing on the same parchment.

      “Okay, you know what?” said James, losing his temper as he slams his fist on the wooden table. “Scratch that, I’m just going to be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.

      Madam Pince suddenly appeared out of nowhere, clearly annoyed and had lost her temper as well. “Mister Potter! Out! OUT!” she shouted, literally kicking him out of his chair.

      James unwillingly followed the woman’s orders, Sirius leaving the library as well.

      Meanwhile, Y/N didn’t seem to care about what he just said because when he sneaked a look at her before Sirius and him officially left, she was still concentrating hard on her assignment — as if someone didn’t just confess their love for her.

      For the past week, James had been trying to talk to her again. Sirius, Remus, and even Peter (who rarely disagreed with him), was telling him that he shouldn’t bother if it was pretty obvious that Y/N wasn’t interested nor wanted to do anything with him.

       Just in cue, Prongs stopped leaning on the wall once the students from the Arithmancy class began to get out of the classroom, Y/N was one of them and when James saw her, he immediately and quite literally, jumped in front of her to block the pathway. A few students giggled and snickered, knowing exactly what was his purpose on doing it.

      Y/N didn’t look pleased. In fact, she was surprised that she almost smacked her face on his chest if it weren’t for his firm hold on her wrist. James didn’t know if his eyes were deceiving him or not but upon making contact, he swore her face began to get pink.

      She abruptly pulled away. “What do you want this time?” snarled Y/N, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder.

      “You’re blushing.” smirked James.

      She widened her eyes. “Do you always just say things without really thinking about it? I’m not blushing.”

      James crossed his arms, stepping closer only for her to back away. “You’re lying. Again.

      “I’m not lying.” Y/N too crossed her arms. “And what do you mean by again? When have I ever lied to you?”

       His expression changed from cocky to serious in an instant. “When you agreed that you were heartless.”

      “You were the one who claimed I was heartless in the first place. You weren’t wrong.” Y/N’s lips twitched like last time, though she now averted her gaze to somewhere else so that their eyes wouldn’t meet.

      James sighed, scratching the back of his neck. “I only said that to get a reaction. In case you didn’t know, you wouldn’t really talk to me unless I annoy you or something.”

     "Well, that’s just stupid.“ claimed Y/N bitterly. "I suppose you told me you loved me for the sake of getting a reaction too then?”

      He was surprised by her statement. Prongs didn’t reckon that she had the chance to hear it because she never questioned it nor confronted him about him like any other girl would. He was also shocked by the fact that she managed to remember and even bring it up.

      “No,” said James immediately. “I-I meant what I said on that part.”

      Y/N flickered her eyes back to his. “No, you didn’t. You barely even know me much less be sure that you can feel such way.”

      Though her heart was already thumping very hard inside her rib cage.

      “Well, I guess I’m just an idiot, am I?” chuckled James without humor. “Maybe I exaggerated on that one but I’m certainly sure that I like you very much. Would you —” he stopped all of the sudden when he realized what he was doing.

      “Would I what?”

      He gulped. “Er — I was wondering if you know, for the next Hogsmeade visit, would you like to go with me?”

      James was sure that she was going to reject him so he didn’t even know why he got on with it. He mentally wanted to bang his head on the wall in case his assumption was right.

      “I’ll think about it.” answered Y/N after a good five seconds.

      His jaw dropped. “W-What? Is that a yes or a no?”

      “Neither. I need to look through my schedule first before agreeing.” she casually answered.

      “Just like that? Asking you was that easy?” he exclaimed.

      Y/N snorted. “Keep talking like that and my answer will turn to no.”

      “I’m just joking with you, jeez.” James said quickly. “Think about it, alright?”

      “I will.” She rolled her eyes. “Now, can I go?”

      Prongs got out of her way and did a mocking bow. Y/N completely ignoring his behavior, walking forward without turning back — that is until James got the courage to shout out the words he was so hesitant to say just a while ago.

      “I love you!”

      Y/N stopped walking momentarily, turning around to raise and eyebrow at him.

      “Smile and I’ll automatically translate it to I love you too.” yelled James while laughing, his eyes bright.

      “Keep wishing, Potter!” yelled Y/N in response.

      She then continued to do what she has been doing but unknown to James, a smile was slowly creeping on her features because of him.

The Wedding Night

Draco laughs as we stumble down the hallway, pausing every few feet to snog.

God, I love his laugh.

It sounds like a kept promise and a new beginning.

I kiss him again and his laugh halts as he kisses me back wholeheartedly. He tastes sweet. Vanilla, like our wedding cake.

“Harry,” he mumbles against my lips. I smile and feel, rather than see, the smile he gives me in return. “We’re here. This is the room.”

Reluctantly, I pull away from him in order to inspect the door. Honeymoon Suite is painted on the wood in elegant, swooping script. It reminds me of Draco’s handwriting. Although, I suppose that everything reminds me of Draco nowadays. Probably a side effect of being in love with the git.

“Do we dare go in?” I say, which makes Draco smile.

“You first, mister Head Auror Potter. That way if there’s any monsters in there you can slay them for me.”

I grin, knowing I look like a lovesick fool, but not caring.

I open the door to the suite and peer into the dark room. It’s absolutely extravagant; Draco will love it.

“No monsters in here,” I assure him. “Now, should I carry you in, bridal style?”

“I’m not a child, Potter. I don’t need to be carried,” he says, pretending to be offended.

“No, but you sure act like one sometimes,” I return.

“Harry Potter! This is what I get for pledging my love and devotion to you? Snarky insults and petty remarks?”

“That wasn’t an insult, just an observation,” I say.

“It wasn’t what you said, it was the way you said it,” Draco insists, holding his head up high aristocratically.

I laugh, and the sound is full of affection and fondness. “So you don’t want me to carry you then,” I conclude.

“Don’t be silly. Of course I want you to carry me.”

He’s so ridiculous, and I love him so much, so I kiss him. He wraps his legs around my hips as his tongue enters my mouth and I moan a little, subconsciously. I carry him into the room, my arms wrapped around him tightly because I know that if I drop him he’ll never let it go. The door swings closed with a bit of wandless magic.

I lay Draco down on the silken sheets of the king-sized bed. The only light in the room are beams of moonlight and starlight that filter through the skylight, but Draco seems to glow anyway. His platinum blond hair circles his head like a halo. His eyes are sparkling, bright and alive with unconcealed emotion. The expression on his face is open, which is a rare thing, and I savor it.

“I love you, Draco,” I say, because I need him to hear it, need him to know how much I mean it.

Usually, he dismisses my “I love you”s with “you’re such a sap, Potter” or “that’s because I’m a goddamn miracle”, but not tonight.

Tonight, he says, “I love you more.”

“You couldn’t possibly,” I whisper before I capture his mouth with my own and try to show him that nobody could ever love anybody as much as I love him.

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Hiraeth - James Potter x Reader

Request: Could you write James Potter and Ravenclaw reader please? She and James met accidentally, maybe when James got into trouble again and was trying to hide and he ran into her while minding her own world or something. Since then she’s harbored unrequited feelings for him but she knows she doesn’t stand a chance against Lily and is always haunted by the fact that she’s the complete opposite of the girl James is in love with. Just right after Lily finally agreed to go out with James, (1) Sirius accidentally blurts out reader’s feelings (Sirius knows because, well, he’s Sirius), and James confronts her about it. James really loves Lily, but deep down, in all the time they spent together, he might have come to be slowly drawn to the reader, although he’s not aware of it. No happy ending, and lots of angst. I hope this isn’t too detailed. Thank you :) (2)
Hiraeth: A homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was.
Warnings: My English, language, broken hearts, feels. Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.[ Also, the reader has dark brown eyes- you can ignore it if you like]. Part II??(maybe if requested)
Word Count~2.3k
Pending Requests

You were minding your own business, trying to balance four books and a cup of hot tea as you were about to enter your common room.It had been a hectic day; a series of unfortunate events, one bad thing after the other. You just wanted to relax a bit and then go to sleep to numb the stupid feelings. But your screwed up fate had a different plan. 
Someone bumped into you, making you drop the books and spill the tea on yourself. You let out a yelp when the hot tea made contact with your skin but all the air left your lungs when that someone fell on top of you, sending you both to the ground. 
You didn’t realize that your head never hit the floor as you had your eyes closed, too afraid to witness your own death. A large but soft hand was protecting your head and neck as another was wrapped around your waist.
Once you understood that you weren’t dead, you opened your eyes, only to be shocked by the fact that two big, hazel eyes were roaming your face. The proximity was overwhelming.
For a couple of seconds, you were just laying there, not saying anything, too much aware that his entire body was on top of yours. Suddenly, he seemed to remember the reason he was running as a faint blush became visible on his cheeks.
He gently got off of you and stood up while he extended his right hand to help you up as well. And suddenly, you seemed to remember the pain caused by the hot beverage. You wanted to say something, maybe even scowl him for bumping into you, but no words ever made it out of your lips. He seemed to struggle as well, judging by the way he was awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. 
“I’m sorry for the mess. And also, just go with it” he quickly apologized and informed you. You went from confused to completely bewildered as your eyebrows furrowed.
 "Wait, what?“ you breathed out but before he could answer McGonagall, rushed towards you with a furious look on her face. 
“Mister Potter, you cannot possibly believe that you will get away with it. Detention, every night at eight o'clock with Mr. Filch- for the rest of the year. And 100 points will be taken from Gryffindor” she simply, yet angrily informed him. You had never seen her truly mad at him or his friends and it wasn’t like her to be unfair, but taking one hundred points from his house, was a bit much. So, naturally, the punishment must have been equivalent to his ‘crime’.
“I have no idea what is going on Minnie, but let me tell you. I was with Y/N almost all day long. She was tutoring me” he lied smoothly. Two things; firstly,  he had put you in a very difficult position - you would have to lie to your Professor if you wanted to help him and verify his story and secondly… he knew your name? How was that possible? You had barely exchanged two words all those years. He was the famous James Potter, one of the Marauders, a very good-looking guy who aced his classes and won every Quidditch game. And you were you.
“Is it true miss Y/L/N?” she asked you, clearly not believing James and thinking you would spill the truth. And then you did something you never thought you would do.
“Yes Professor. He needs more than just tutoring. He is clueless when it comes to Potions” you informed her and you surprised yourself with how natural it came to you. She raised an eyebrow but trusted your words.
“Very well. Miss Y/L/N. Mister Potter” she nodded at you, turned on her heel and left. You waited until you could no longer hear her steps and you turned to James, giving him a pointed look and waiting for an explanation.
“Um-thank you” he told you and he was about to leave but you grabbed his arm-Quidditch worked wonders- to stop him, demanding an answer.
“I just lied to a teacher and saved your ass. I think I deserve an explanation” you firmly told him. He was surprised and awed. He had never really talked to you, although he always noticed you when you were around. It was a bit strange, really. You were a smart Ravenclaw but you weren’t the typical one. You hanged out with everyone, you were sweet yet cunning and now you stood in front of him too determined to receive an answer. He found himself a little too captivated by you.
“Um. I blew up a toilet?” he shyly admitted. Your eyes grew wide but you failed to hold back a chuckle. His eyes met yours and you felt a jolt of electricity running through your veins. You instantly knew that you had gotten yourself into a big mess. 

Months went by but not a day, without thinking about him. It felt like your brain didn’t have any other choice. Something about his eyes and the way they would lit up with mischievousness every time he thought of another great prank made you vulnerable. Maybe it was his smile too. A smile like that was very difficult to forget, if not impossible.
He had forced himself into your life and now you couldn’t think of anything else. But you knew the bitter truth. He would never look at you the way you wanted him to. He only had eyes for one particular red-haired, Gryffindor girl. She was everything you weren’t. Their golden girl. Hogwarts’ sweetheart. Smart, kind, sweet, funny, lovely, beautiful, secretly a rebel… his. She was perfect and you wanted to hate her for that. You were always haunted by the fact that you would never, ever, stand a chance against her. She was so fucking frustrating because she was so lucky and she never even knew.
Each day that was passing by… it felt like a new torture. You would wake up, plastering a fake smile on your face, carry on with classes and all the assignments, joke around with people… and each day you were becoming more and more numb. You wanted to. You needed to.
Friends. You had tried to convince yourself that being his friend was all you wanted but you were lying. You couldn’t help it when he smiled… your heart stopped and when he laughed… that sound became all you ever wanted to heart. You felt the need to apologize. ‘I’m sorry. I love you’. That didn’t stop you from being around him, being his friend, his 'mate’, the one person he wanted to talk to, the one he would playfully flirt with. He enjoyed your company. As a friend, of course. Right?
You could see that he didn’t feel the same. You knew it. It was painfully obvious. Every single time he would look at you, he was looking at a friend. Every time he would look at her… he was looking at the sun. His reason of existence. And you were falling for him… every day. But falling wasn’t a problem… hitting the ground was.
“Hey, what’s up?” Sirius asked you, bringing you back to reality. You two had become close over the past months. You knew everything there was to know about him. You guessed he knew everything about you too. Everything. Because he was the King of unrequited feelings.
“Nothing much. Just tired, you know?” you sighed. He gave you a look that meant he could understand the reasons why. You were getting tired of falling for him, of giving a fuck when you knew he would never return any of it. Sirius didn’t answer and he didn’t try to stop you when you stood up and left. He felt bad but he knew that you didn’t want his pity.

When Lily agreed on a date with him, your world came crashing down. You didn’t know how to feel or to react. You truly didn’t want to be happy about him because he was happy with someone else but then the way his eyes sparkled with euphoria made your eyes watery. You tried to turn your frown to a smile. You failed.
You left.
“Where is Y/N?” James asked, after a while. He hadn’t seen you all day and he wanted to share his happiness with the world. At least, that was what he told himself. Sirius arched an eyebrow at him.
“You can expect her to be thrilled about you and Lily, now can you?” he sarcastically informed him but he realized the impact of his words when it was already too late. James frowned. Why wouldn’t you be happy for him?
“Why wouldn’t she?” he asked, deeply hurt and… wait, what was that new feeling? Sirius tried to avoid answering the question because he would give your secret away. A secret you hadn’t told him. A secret that wasn’t his, to begin with. “Just answer the damn question, Sirius!” James exploded when five minutes had passed and not a word had come out of Sirius’ mouth. Remus was just standing there, not knowing how to stop what was coming. Because he knew too. He didn’t know what would be better.
“Because she is in love with you, you idiot” Sirius finally told him. James’ face fell, became pale and his heart almost stopped. His eyes couldn’t focus on anything… he kept staring into space. Sirius knew he had messed up.
He also knew that his friends had fallen for each other but one of them loved another. He could see how much James cared about you. You two weren’t friends. You had never been. You just tried to keep your lies to yourselves but Sirius knew that friends don’t sleep together when one of them had a nightmare, friends don’t treat each other like you two did. And James knew it too. Deep down, he did. But then again, if he wasn’t your 'friend’ someone else would be and he couldn’t, he didn’t want to imagine someone else holding you against his body, touching you or even talking to you. Loving you. He had screwed up. He had to find you 

“Y/N! WAIT. PLEASE” he shouted as he ran towards your common room. You were about to enter and leave everything behind you but here he was. Stopping you from letting him go. You wanted to scream at him, to yell 'WHY?’. Just one more step, you thought. That was all it would take. One more god damn fucking step.
“Please, wait” you heard he begging you. How many time did he have to break your heart? You swallowed your emotions and turned around.You weren’t ready to face his sad eyes, his furrowed eyebrows, his trembling lip. You would never be ready to say goodbye but you would have to.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked softly as he came closer. You wanted to avert your glance but he held it your eyes locked. His bright eyes met your dark ones for -possibly- the last time. He was close enough for you to feel dizzy. He still had that impact. And you had realized that this would hurt more than the hot cup of tea he had spilled on you the first time you met. Because you hadn’t crossed paths. You had collided.
“You love Lily and you’re happy with her. It’s okay if I’m not the girl of your dreams or the one you dance with. I just want to be the girl you’ll think about 20 years from now, while you’re staring at your morning coffee, wishing you hadn’t poured so much milk in because now it’s too creamy to resemble my dark brown eyes” you whispered, a single tear running down your cheek. You stared at his breathtaking eyes for a second and you smiled a bit forced, a bit melancholic. He hadn’t moved but he felt broken. He wanted to make you stay. Somehow. To do something before you entered your common room and never talked to him again. Because he knew. This was-
“Goodbye James”. It was a pleasure meeting you, even if it crushed my heart. 


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Young!Sirius Black x Reader: Homemade Family

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: emotional abuse tw, swearing tw, mild panic attack? tw, lots of all caps and yelling tw

Spring at Hogwarts brought mixed emotions. Summer was so close, but exam prep and testing whittled students to the bone. The weather became cheerier, and thus the drive to go outside and abandon Potions essays only grew. The seventh years were ripping their hair out trying to fight their procrastination and make it to the finale of their time at the school.

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Remus hesitates as he stands outside Professor McGonagall’s office. It shouldn’t be this hard. After all, he has talked to her plenty of times before. But this time, he is asking for a favour. More specifically, he is asking for special consideration due to his…condition.

When he was first accepted into Hogwarts, he swore he wouldn’t do this. With the exception of the full moon itself – and the morning after – he refuses to make any allowances for his condition; he has to prove that he is worthy of this opportunity they granted him. And he hasn’t needed to… until now.

Normally, he is able to work around the full moons, organising his homework so it is still completed on time. But then this month happened. He’d already been behind – the other Marauders distracting him with prank plans – when the moon hit. It was a bad one. He’d had to retreat to the Hospital Wing by mid-afternoon, then spent all of the following day, yesterday, sleeping and healing. Even this morning he still felt rather groggy and out of it; so much so that it wasn’t until he was in class that he realised that he’d forgotten to actually write out the Transfiguration essay he’d researched.

Hence why he is now standing outside his professor’s office, bracing himself to swallow his pride and ask for an extension. Releasing his breath, he knocks and enters.

“I’m sorry Professor. I wouldn’t normally ask, but with… everything… I completely forgot about the homework for this week. If you give me a few days, I can get it to you then?” The request comes out too fast and he cringes at the almost pleading undertone.

“No, Mr Lupin.” His head snaps up.

“But, Professor…” He feels a stab of betrayal at her refusal. His Head of House has always been particularly understanding in the past, although it is true that this is the first time he has allowed his transformations to impinge on his work in her class.

“What I mean, is that will be entirely unnecessary.” Her stern face softens, and he sees the hint of a smile in her eyes. “According to the parchments I collected last class, I already have a copy of your assignment. Three of them, in fact.”

Frowning in confusion he turns to leave, pausing in the doorway as she calls after him.

“Mr Lupin, when you next see Misters Potter, Black and Pettigrew, please remind them that in addition to receiving five points each, they have detention with me after dinner. I believe they each have an essay to write.”

Remus nods in understanding as he closes the door, a smile creeping across his face. He loves his friends.

(I’ve never written in POV before. So bare with me. But this is in Dracos POV)
I woke with a jolt. Harry fucking Potters face swam around in my mind. As it usually did.
Curse him and his perfection.
I thought I was pretty subtle with liking him through Hogwarts. But after the war, as we returned to Hogwarts for our 8th year, the first thing Pansy asked me was
“Now that that’s over are you finally gonna ask Potter out?”
I was taken aback by that and asked her what she meant.
“Well you’ve basically been eye-fucking him since first year. We’re all waiting for you to come out”
That made my pale complexion tint pink. “Uh.. I’m.. Uh.. I… Bisexual..” Is all I managed to croak out before going to hideaway in the library. Soon the whole school knew about my bisexuality.
Ever since we came back to Hogwarts, he’s been distant from his friends, every time I looked at him he looked tense.
I get that he just beat the biggest dark lord there is. And that’s definitely grounds of tension. But he just seemed so… Out of it.
It was breakfast. But it was still really early though, so not many people were here. I’m an early riser so I was.
And to my surprise so was the trio over at the gryffindor table. I got distracted and embarrassed when Harry looked over at me and oh-so-gracefully tripped over my own foot walking to the slytherin table.
My cheeks must have been bright red.
I started picking at my food. I could hear Granger and Weasel arguing. As usual.
I glanced over at Harry was.. Wait no. He’s Potter. Potter was looking more and more annoyed by the second.
“If I wanted to sit here and listen to your bickering I’d become your fucking marriage counsellor” he said.
I snorted. It wasn’t until Harr-Potters confused eyes landed on me that I realized I’d actually laughed at what he said.
Now he knows.
I quickly downed my pumpkin juice and clumsily got up, blushing bright pink and run/walking out of the great hall. I made my way down to the slytherin common room to gather my things for potions.
I have that with him.
I mentally groaned.
Or maybe it wasn’t mentally. Because Pansy looking at my curiously.
“What?!” I spat.
“N-nothing” she shook her head.
I sighed and sat down, running a hand through my hair.
I looked around to make sure nobody was there and sighed. “Can I talk to you about.. Uhm… You know… Uh.. That person” I looked at her.
Her face noticeably softened and she nodded. “What happened?”
“Okay so basically I went to breakfast kinda early which.. Curse you for not being there…” I glared at her. “And I don’t really know if I meant to but I was listening to his conversation with Weasley and Granger and I.. He looked so..” I stopped to smile slightly. “..distracted” I didn’t even realize the sound of my voice until pansy smiled at me.
“You’re drooling. And you sound like you’re dreaming” she laughed.
“Shut up” I rolled my eyes. “Anyways. He said something kinda snarky I guess. And I laughed. And it was kinda loud… And he looked at me… And I got embarrassed because now he knows. I mean right? Why else would I listen to his conversation.” I was looking ahead.
Before Pansy could answer there was a hesitant knock on the door.
I looked at her. She wasn’t moving.
I sighed and got up to get it. I walked to the slytherin door and opened it to see none other than him there.
I blushed. “Yes?” I asked.
“C-c-can I talk to you? L-like not now. Because we h-have to go to class. But uh.. Like maybe, uhm. After Potions? In the uh.. Astronomy tower?” He stuttered.
He was so cute. I realized I was staring and quickly averted my eyes. “Uh.. Why me?” I blushed.
He shrugged with a soft smile.
I smiled back. “Okay”
And then he was gone. With a couple glanced back at me.
I grinned like a 13 year old girl who was lovesick.
Now I couldn’t wait for Potions to be over.
In Potions, he sat across from me, so we could both see each other.
Every time he’s write something, he’d glance up at me. But I was already looking at him.
He always smiled. He didn’t look weirded out.
I always smiled back.
“Draco” said Blaise beside me.
“Hmm?” I hummed dreamily.
“Stop staring.” He whispered.
I smiled a bit. “Okay” and started taking notes. Still glancing up every now and then to look at his concentrating face.
God. He’s adorable.
After potions I practically ran to slytherin to check my appearance. I looked decent enough. I ran a hand through my hair and listened my tie a bit, before heading up to the astronomy tower, casually.
Nobody was there. I sighed.. Maybe this was a joke.
It wouldn’t surprise me.
“Draco?” A voice called from behind me as I stared out on the courtyard, I was already planning on skipping the rest of my classes, so I was just watching he students until I heard that.
I turned around and smiled softly at Potter. “Potter.” I nodded curtly.
He kicked at the ground.
“Are you alright?” I asked, we had vowed to be nice to each other this year.
Mind-you we haven’t really talked much but still.
Harry merely shrugged.
I tilted my head. “Potter?”
“How did you know you were bi and not gay?” Harry mumbled.
That took my by surprise and my heart sped up. “Well I’m definitely attracted to guys more but I also like girls so.” I smiled softly at him.
He nodded a bit. His cheeks tinted pink and his gaze in the ground.
“Why?” I asked.
He looked up at me. “I uh.. What?” He blushed when he looked up at me.
“Do you want to talk about it? Is that why you asked me? Because I’m bi? You need someone to talk o about this. Someone who’s not your gryffindor friends?” I had boldly taken a few steps forward.
He just nodded.
Hesitantly I reached over and took his hand, bringing him to sit with me. “Then talk. I’ll listen. And you know I’ll be honest with you. I’m not scared to stand up to you, Potter.” I said, causing him to laugh.
“Well I… Maybe… Uh” I could hear the crack in his voice and I knew he was about to cry.
“It’s okay to cry” I said softly.
I heard him sniffle. “Ginny and I broke up because I wasn’t.. Really.. Interested..” He paused. “But. I didn’t know why. I just couldn’t feel anything with her.” He looked from the ground to me. “That’s when I realized I never really felt anything with a girl before. But there was this on guy.” He rubbed his eyes.
All I wanted was to reach out and kiss his face until I saw that smile. But all I did was nod. Telling him to go on.
“Uhm” his voice cracked. “But it was only this one guy. I-it is only this one guy. So does that make me gay?” He looked at me with hopeful eyes.
I rubbed the back of my neck. “Well uhm.. How does he make you feel?” I asked. I didn’t want to know. I wanted Harry. Not some other random ass guy. He’s mine.
“Well he laughs at my jokes.. Even when they aren’t said to him.” He smiled. “Even if he’s far away from me. He still laughs. He has this really adorable smile” I could have sworn Harry’s eyes went from my eyes to my lips briefly. “H-he” he was blushing. “He has really.. Pink lips” now I know I wasn’t imagining it, he was looking at my lips. He was biting his lip.
That made my face go hot. “Does he have a name?” I smiled. My voice was husky.
He nodded. “He does.” He looked from my lips to my eyes.
I nodded. “What is his name?” I asked.
He blushed. “D-Draco Malfoy” he whispered.
I blushed now. “Is that so?” I smirked.
He nodded carefully.
I smiled. “Interesting. Because I think I know him. Quite well actually. And he’s practically been in love with you since second year” I sat back.
His ears turned red and his eyes turned brighter. “Really?” He said barely audible.
“Really.” I smirked.
“Well if he’s been so in love with my why was he such a dick?” Harry asked me.
I laughed. “Well to cover it up of cou-” I was cut off by a pair of hard, chapped lips on mine.
God. This has to be a dream.
I punched myself.
He pulled back and stared at me. “Did you just pinch yourself?” He laughed.
“Shut up and kiss me.” I said, pulling him back down to me.
He straddled my hips as we kissed.
I slowly pulled back from his lips, staring at him with a stupid smile on my face.
Suddenly he looked down and his mile faltered.
“Hey? What’s wrong? Am I a bad kisser?” I laughed.
He shook his head. “It’s not that.” He said, suddenly he was curled up into me and I was holding him close.
“Are you okay?” I asked, holding him tightly.
“What will everyone think of the saviour of the wizarding world being gay and in love with Draco Malfoy?” He asked.
Oh. “Your friends. They don’t know do they..?” I asked
He sighed.
I understood. “We can keep acting like before until you’re ready” I said, rubbing his back.
He looked at me. “You do that for me?”
I smiled and nodded slowly.
So that’s why for the rest of the week, they were curt with each other around others.
“Malfoy! Watch where you’re going!” He shouted at me.
“Whatever, Potter” I said, I had ‘accidentally’ walked into him.
I could see the smile threatening to leave his lips, so I brushed past him and walked to class.
It was dinner time. We were in the great hall.
I kept looking across the room at him, but he wasn’t looking at me.
I bit my lip. He looked sad. Or.. Nervous?
His friends said something and then suddenly he slammed his fists on the table and stood up, walking towards the Slytherin table. He walked right to me and pulled me to stand, then pressed his lips to mine.
I was shocked initially, but slowly put my hand on the small of his back, kissing back.
Everyone gasped, but I didn’t care. And neither did he.
After he pulled back he smiled at me, “I love you.” He whispered.
“I..I..I love you too” I whispered.
He turned from me to look at everyone’s shocked faces. “IM JN LOVE WITH DRACO MALFOY. AND IM GAY AS FUCK” he shouted.
I laughed.
“Mr. Potter. Language!” One of the teachers shouted at him.
I laughed. “Yeah, mister Potter. language” I laughed.
“Shut up!” He laughed and kissed me again.
He was so perfect to me.
In every way.

How I Wish The HP Series Had Gone

I wish Dumbledore had given the wizarding world the middle finger. I really freaking do. I wish, with all my heart that Dumbledore didn’t even try. I pray that he would have said: “Oh, Hagrid got expelled? What the frick does that have to do with me? Oh that’s right…nothing at all, byyyeeeee!” I wish that Albus motherfricking Dumbledore had said: “Oh, Newt Scamander is getting expelled? Not my problem, bye.”

It is my earnest wish and desire that Dumbledore just decided to be a giant dick to everyone else’s problems but his own. “Harry’s on trial for underage magic? What the hell are you calling me for, it’s not my problem.” I wish that he would have just said: “Werewolf boy can’t get into school? Man, screw Remus. Screw Remus, screw Hagrid and screw Scamander too. Damn all of them to hell.” That is what I WISH he had said. I wish that Dumbledore would have fled the country when Voldemort was on the rise, I wish he hadn’t hidden Lily and James at all. I wish he had CREATED Voldemort, damn it! Screw all of you, he’s YOUR problem now. Not mine, it’s all about me bitch.” I wish with everything IN me that Dumbledore had never done ANYTHING at all when Grindelwald took over Europe, in fact I wish he had helped. I wish he would have stayed with Grindelwald and been an evil wizard overlord, he would have been emperor of the world by now.  I wish he had seized Minister of Magic when it was offered to him and watched England freaking burn to the ground while he danced around the ashes, maybe had a glass of Firewhiskey or two. Maybe even started the fires, I don’t know. I wish he would have gone MAD with power and just decided to take over the Merlin-damned world for kicks, married Grindelwald and spent his days kicking puppies! I wish that he had rubbed his hands together in absolute fiendish maniacal glee when Harry was being abused. I wish he would have had Sirius poisoned in his cell. I wish that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore had done EVERYTHING he has been accused of by this fandom, and I wish that he would have gotten away with it! I really wish that, because if you’re gonna be accused of not giving a damn, you may as well stop giving a damn. I wish that Dumbledore had just thrown his hands up, because if you’re going to be constantly accused of being a demon, you may as well give the people what they want, right? You want a villain, you got one. And we all know it was Dumbledore’s dream to be the best. If your good isn’t good enough, be the BEST damn bad that you can be. He did aim to please, after all.

“You’re going to accuse me of being bad? Well I’m going to show you JUST how bad I can be. Then you’ll want the old Dumbledore back. But guess what darling? By then, it’s too late. You got what you wanted, don’t feel buyer’s remorse now. I wish Dumbledore was petty like that. I want Voldy to eat his heart out, Dumbledore is the new sheriff in town. I wish Dumbledore had just taken the world and decided to screw it with the damn Elder Wand, with no freaking lube. I really need Joanne to write an alternative HP series just like this. I need that with everything in my heart, because you think that Dumbledore is a villain now? You think he’s “the worst”? Honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You don’t appreciate the pretty things I try to do? Well let me introduce you to my ugly, and he does not play nice.


A/N: i love this idea it’s totally taken by the movie ‘meet the fockers’ it’s gonna be a bit long so bare with me here lmao

  • PAIRING: Harry Potter x Reader
  • SUMMARY: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE- In which the Potter’s are alive and their only son brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents.
  • WORDS: 935

The crickets were sound chirping on the campus of Hogwarts, as the snow fell from the gloomy sky onto the ice-covered ground. No student or professor dared to roam the ancient hallways of the wizarding school at this hour. The only exception would be Harry and his girlfriend of two years, Y/N; who sat on the couches of the Gryffindor Common room where they couldn’t sleep.

His pale hands stuffed in her Y/H/C hair as the couple sat by the fire, her head in his chest, in a comfortable silence. Out of the blue, Harry spoke up, “The holidays are coming up…”

Y/N smiled the thought of Christmas making her feel cheerful, “Yeah.” The girl looked up at her boyfriend, a smile not leaving her face.

He sighed. He practiced what he wanted to tell her many times, looking at the mirror, talking to himself, using Ron as an example. This time he used the strategic way of telling her is to act as if he was ripping off a band-aid, “I want you to meet my parents.”

The moment he confessed what he has been piling up in his chest for a while, she opened her previously closed eyes rapidly and moving from her lying position to right beside him on the scarlet couch. “W-What did you just say?” She stuttered, starting to feel apprehensive under his gaze.

“You heard me.” The green-eyed man smiled, grabbing her gentle hand, the simple gesture making Y/N’s heart melt. 

Her response was what made Harry’s heart melt, “Okay.”

The couple was bundled up in the usual attire for the cold nipping weather of December: an undershirt, thick sweater, and top it off with a coat. With their bags in their hands, they trudged down the streets of where Harry grew up in—Godric’s Hollow. He let out a puff of breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding when he stopped and turned to a house. A smile came its way on Harry’s face, as he uttered the words that meant so much to him, “Home.”

The girl by his side brought her arm down to lace her delicate fingers with his slender ones, “Welcome home.” The two looked at each other with adoration, smiling like idiots. 

Their moment was interrupted by the door of the estate flying open, greeted by a grinning Lily Evans. Her hands flying to her mouth, tears almost escaping her eyes as her eyes landed on her son. “Harry! Oh, come in, come in.” 

With grateful smiles, and hands clasped together, the couple stepped into the Potter house. As soon as they stepped foot into the Potter estate, they were greeted by a man and woman, Y/N guessing it was Harry’s mother and father. 

The woman threw her arms around the lanky boy, “Oh, my boy Harry, how I’ve missed you so much!” 

He enveloped his arms around his mother’s waist, hugging her tightly, smiling into her red hair, “I missed you too, mum.” Harry retracted his arms around her, switching to his father, tackling him into a bear hug. “Dad.” 

The girl was standing there taking in the sight of what was right in front of her, the Potter family. She took that time to sit there analyzing Harry’s parents. Harry didn’t look anything like his mum but as they were greeting each other she noticed her eyes, the same green eyes with that tiny sparkle in them that she fell in love with. She trailed her eyes off to his dad to see many similarities between them, from the hair, the glasses, and the face structure. Unknowingly, her lips curled up into a smile seeing them all greet each other as if they haven’t seen one another in years. 

Her train of thought was then interrupted by his mother’s voice, “And who’s this?” She asked, curiously with a polite smile on her features.

“I would like you both to meet someone…” He walked to where Y/N was standing, pulling her to his side he announced, “this is Y/N, my girlfriend.”

His parents had a surprised look on their faces and Y/N couldn’t help but feel a bit self-conscious, what could they possibly be thinking? Though they quickly recovered from their shock and replaced the look with a genuine smile on both of their faces. 

“It is so nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Harry’s mum.” She wrapped her arms around the petite girl, catching her slightly off guard. Well, the Potter’s are huggers. 

Once Harry’s mother pulled away, Harry’s father started to speak. “And I’m Harry’s dad. Welcome to the Potter household.” The man held his hand out for the girl to shake formally, she took it then noticed that he had quite the firm grip. 

She grinned from ear-to-ear, “It’s lovely to meet you both, Mister and Misses Potter. Your home is lovely.”

“Thank you, but oh please, just call us Lily and James.” The woman shrugged off followed by a chuckle escaping her lips. “Well, once you both get settled into your rooms, dinner will be ready and you may follow us into the kitchen. Harry, you can show her to your rooms, right?”

With a nod of his head, Harry leads his girlfriend by the waist. They were about to go up the stairs when James stopped him, muttering something inaudible that no one could hear but Harry. “Don’t mess this up, I like her.”

A laugh escaped Harry along with a shake of his head, “Wasn’t planning to.”

That night was filled with bonding, laughs, and many comforting hand holding under the table between Y/N and Harry. At that moment, Harry knew he was immensely in love with the girl. 

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188. Kreacher always loved the pull, that little twist right in his stomach that meant his Master was calling him. That his Master needed him. He remembers feeling it again after Sirius died, hoping, hoping, it was Madame Malfoy or Madame Lestrange- his mistress liked them, it must’ve been for a reason. To find out it was Sirius’ godson sent disappointment through him. It was only a few years later he began to feel that warmth again, when Mister Potter and friends would thank him for his pies, or sandwiches. 

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anonymous asked:

How do you know so much about young Mister Potter?

Dobby: The young Master Malfoy has made Dobby promise not to tell his secrets about Harry Potter. He says Dobby must stay quiet and never say a word to Master Malfoy