mister peabody and sherman


A princess must never make her prince jealous. 

my princess and prince meets mister Peabody and Sherman…this can happen

Can you see how much I LOVE THIS MOVIE


This scene is PERFECT

The whole movie we’ve listened Sherman saying things like “I’m not a dog”,,and how she hated the “dog fact” (when Penny called him “dog” he bit her) and at the ending of the movie,,he,,forgetting about all,,,says “I’m a dog too” to rescue his father,,the person who he loves most

To be clear, Rise of the Guardians did not fail because it was a bad movie.

It failed due to poor marketing and a really rough release date (Both Breaking Dawn and Wreck-It Ralph released within weeks of it).

I hadn’t even seen or heard a peek or whisper about the movie until a few weeks before release, and I only heard about it because someone reblogged a screenshot of Jack and I asked what it was from because he reminded me of a white-haired Colin Morgan.

Trailers had been up for months and I’d never seen one despite the fact that I practically live on the internet. That shouldn’t ever happen .