mister peabody and sherman

so i went into the Mr Peabody and Sherman tag and i was very dissappointed to find that penny is a popular character in the fandom, and im sure you would be willing to defend her against me when i say she’s a horrible character

Penny is a bully

and when she bullied Sherman, sherman was the one who got in trouble just because he bit her, and the social service worker said “its normal for children to tease” that is an absolutely unacceptable response, and unfortunately, thats how it works in real life, i know the writers probably played that as a joke, hence a theater full of elementary kids and their parents laughing their butts off at this, but when the social service worker said this my dad looked at me angrily and said “is that what dreamworks calls a joke?” because for most of my life, i’ve been hearing “It’s perfectly normal for children to tease each other” now, i never bit a kid, but i got bullied a hella lot.up till my freshman year of high school, it was a HUUUGE problem for me in middle school when i was starting to hit puberty, i got sexually harrassed nearly every day by three of the grossest, creepiest 13 year old boys imaginable, and it was very hard to avoid them because they were in all of my classes, i told all of the teachers i had that they were bugging me, and only one asked me “oh? what are they doing to you? ill move them away from you” one teacher actually put them at the same table as me so we can “get along better”, eventually my father had to take a day off from his job at the hospital to talk to the principal  and they just changed my class scedule

TL;DR the “its normal for children to tease” is NOT funny and will never BE funny, thats reason number 1 why i hate penny’s character; because she was able to get away with that shit

penny also tried to turn sherman into a bad boy, or about as bad boy as a third grader can be, she forced sherman to do things he didn’t want to do, he turned sherman against his father, and she was the main cause of everything that went wrong in the movie

there are absolutely no redeeming qualities of penny’s character whatsoever

Yeah,, i LOVE animation films!! Any problem?

I’m 14 and i loooove animation films! Why? because they’re amazing,,wonderfull,,the animation is getting better and better,,and the stories that movies tell are just soooo cute and incredible. They have a great story,,a problem which characters solve always giving a lesson for the ending. They’re REALLY better than normal movies for adults or teenagers,,they’re boring and they don’t tell a story attractive for the public (at least most of adults’ movies).

That’s why i always loved animation films,,and why should i stop now? Because i’m 14? I will ALWAYS love them,,and i don’t regret anything! I’m happy with love them and being in their fandoms,,,and yeah,,i love being like this when i see a new trailer:

So,,yeah,, i love dreamworks, disney,,fox and all the animation studios,,and i hope someday work for them!

And i don’t care what people say,,cuz i know i’m not the only one who thinks this way….

And i’m happy to admite it,,and i’m happy for being this way:

Cuz this is me and it won’t change

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Review — Written 3/17/14

     I originally didn’t want to see this because the advertising and trailers were pretty bad, and it looked utterly alienating to anyone over the age of ten. But due to the reviews, I became interested and saw an 11:00 AM showing.

     I was the only one in the theater so I can’t say how other teens and adults or small children thought about it, but this does have some nice jokes and messages for kids and clever references for the teenage-and-up demographic, as well as a few surprisingly jokes that are bawdier than what one would expect from a PG-rated family film (i.e. Oedipus complexes and masturbation). It does grab your attention, and there are less immature/easy jokes than you would expect.

     The animation is nice and cute and the performances are fun, especially the two leads, and the 3D is good when it’s used. It does, however, not really feel like a movie but instead more like a series of sketches with a loose plot trying to hold it together, and there are parts that get boring. I wouldn’t see this again, but it’s cute for what it is.

     6.7/10, okay, average, one thumb barely up, etc.