mister mikey

3 things I wish for most

1. Meet my idols

2. Make it big in California


3. For the whole world to just get along and be at peace with each other.

AU: Camp counselor! Michael for blurb night with acoustcmichael​ and suburbanbluesmichael​. :)

It has been a long day for the kids, jam-packed with endless activities. They had done everything from kayaking, to nature walks, to horseback riding. Despite having a busy schedule today, the children in your cabin are still buzzing with abundant energy. You have no idea where it all comes from, but you’re more than glad they’re enjoying themselves. Even more importantly, you’re glad it’s time to say goodnight after such exhausting fun.

“Okay my little beans, let’s get in bed.”

While tucking in all the campers, you go through the standard routine of taking one last head count for the night, only to find out you’re one head short. One bunk is still empty and you can’t help but panic.

“Where’s Stella?! She was here when we got back five minutes ago.”

You try to sound calm, as to not worry anyone else, but fear doesn’t need an invitation to creep into your voice. Luckily, your fear is short-lived when you hear Stella’s giggle getting louder up the cabin steps, along with the muffled voice of one of the other counselors. Once you open the door, you can clearly see why. She’s getting a piggy-back ride form her all-time favorite counselor, Michael. During the day, she picks him flowers to put in his hair, and share her snacks with him, and even ask to hold his hand on hikes. Most of the time, she isn’t more than five feet away from him. The little tike is stuck on him like glue.

Even though you hadn’t admitted it, Michael is your favorite too, and has been since day one. There are hundreds of things about him that constantly occupy your mind. His unexpectedly beautiful voice when he leads campfire songs, how his laugh always echoes around the woods, his ability to make everyone around him feel special, when he invites you for late night swims—you adore it all.

“She snuck over to my cabin” he informs you, placing Stella on the floor. “Thought I’d walk her back myself.”

“Thank you so much,” you sigh relieved. “Stel, I was worried about you. Why did you run off like that?”

“I wanted to see mister Mikey!” she beams innocently. “I didn’t get to say goodnight to him.”

“Well, now’s your chance chickpea. Say goodnight then off to bed.”

Wearing a pout, she reluctantly says goodnight to Michael, but not without a tight hug to his leg. Crouching down, he gives her a squeeze back and urges her not to be too upset. He promises that he’ll see her tomorrow, and that’s enough to get her to wash up for bed.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stel has a crush on you Mikey.”

“You think so?” he chuckles.

“Yeah, but I mean, who can blame her?” The words slip out before you can stop them, but the second you realize what you’ve said, you mentally beat yourself for sounding so moronic. “Wait! What I meant- was uh-you know—”

“Yeah, I know.”

With a kiss on your cheek and a whisper goodnight, he starts walking back to his cabin, leaving you there to stew in the knowledge that perhaps you’ve been on his mind too.