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Spectrum - Ch 14

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This chapter was hard. I say that about every chapter, but, well - you’ll see. These next few chapters are gonna be flashback-heavy.

Chapter 14! In which two skeletons are both self-depreciative, both exhibit unusual abilities, and are both really having trouble keeping themselves together.

In very different ways.

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Fungus Among Us (RP with black-market-drow)

J, Kat, and Dante sat around the big glass-topped desk in the large airy loft on the top floor of the old and heavily-warded building that housed HQ. For a few moments, the only sound was from the wall fountain to one side.

“A fungus,” J said, and Kat nodded. “Not just any fungus, but one that grows in the presence of a special radiation that only occurs deep underground… in a habitat that happens to be overrun with extremely dangerous creatures, of which humanity has managed to remain largely ignorant. Which is due in part to this selfsame radiation… and to very aggressive warding by certain, even more dangerous inhabitants of this underground place.”

Kat nodded again, while Dante frowned, and J continued. “But you believe that this fungus, being one of the few things that can actually trap and store this strange radiation, might be key to improving our defenses.”

“Absolutely.” Kat’s voice was firm. Not that she ever made frivolous requests… but this one was a doozy.

“Well. Fortunately for us, I’ve made a few more contacts recently in the… clandestine trade, shall we say. This could be a very good way of screening them.” J brought up a list on her tablet, looking it over. “Harry Halpern, Purveyor of Unusual Goods… Olag’s Lost and Found… Mister Sasagani’s Spices and Sundry. Hm. I’m told that the last one is supposed to be especially good at finding rare items… and this sounds pretty damned rare. I suppose that I had better send out a feeler.”



Dear Mister Sasagani,

Your fine establishment is spoken of in high regard by mutual acquaintances. I would like to inquire after the acquisition of a particular substance, both rare and difficult to obtain. The compensation is, of course, commensurate.

There is a fungus which grows only in certain dark caverns, far beneath the earth. It has a variety of names, most commonly the “Brainbane Mushroom”. It survives off of a certain radiation native to its environment, known to some as “faerzress”. It must be handled with some care to prevent the loss of its special properties, which procedures are outlined in the attachment. We seek at least 100 grams of the fresh article.

If obtaining this item is within your ability, please contact us at your earliest convenience in order to discuss logistics and finances.



[Attached: Handling_Procedures.docx 78KB]