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Whose son is this? He is so good-looking.


Brian Jacques Documentary (Length 10:14)

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Idk why, but for some reason I just read moc as mister of color. Which gave me pause because I usually only refer to guys being generally fabulous as misters? So I imagined a bunch of fashionably dressed poc guys and I can't unread it. Also, why is mister masculine when it's literally a cross between miss and sister?

I have no idea where you got this from, but it has made me smile and the “misters of color are fabulous” part is 100% true.

Have you seen black men wear their colorful suits and stuff???

Like it’s so refreshing

Feel blessed today, because I do♥

AUs that need to be written

…but I’m too busy/lazy/uninspired to write them:

  • Brooklyn 99 AU (Eggsy is literally Jake tho)
  • startup AU, starring Eggsy as the founder and Harry as an angel investor. Lots of jokes about sizable assets
  • a goddamn Miss Congeniality AU. Are male beauty pageants a thing? I don’t care, they are now, and Harry must turn the rough-but-sweet Eggsy into Mister Congeniality
  • a literal Bonnie and Clyde AU
  • why don’t we have more space AUs?? I live for space AUs. Where’s my The Martian AU where Harry is stuck on Mars and the rest of the Kingsman gang goes to retrieve him once the Statesman guys at the base actually tell them that Harry’s alive
  • Speaking of space. Men in Black AU. ‘’You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good.’’
  • I could go on
  • and on
  • and on

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When you send Mister Beard asks and never get a response back 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

When Mister beard has literally 2,254 asks.

and just answered yours with this response.



Skip to just under a minute and listen to how he pauses and says “Ah, Laterose”.


Watching “Cold Comfort,” and I just want to know, in-story, whose idea was it for the henchwomen to not wear pants.  I mean, Mister Freeze’s hideout is literally frozen.  It’s a frozen cave of a lab.  He has kidnapped scientists there who are in heavy snow getups because, like, it’s cold.  It is fuckin’-ass cold in there.  But “Ice Maidens” numbers one through three are, like, fuck your pants.

I mean, I have to imagine it was their idea.  I don’t think Mister Freeze in his monotone robotic voice was all “I am completely broken and destroyed and nothing gives me joy so I must rob others of their joy and also could you three show off your gams.”  So these three ladies are volunteering to die of hypothermia just to look rad.  

But still wearing the snow coats, because branding.


♡ happy 22nd birthday do kyungsoo ♡

Cantina Band / Friend Like Me
John Williams / Menken & Ashman
Cantina Band / Friend Like Me

So I had these two songs integrally stuck in my head at the same time for about a month straight. I caved in and officially made the mashup between Star Wars’ “Cantina Band” and Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me.”

Tumblr player is sometimes a butt, and if the audio doesn’t play for you here on the dashboard, go to my permalink, where it should play fine.