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Fallout new vegas characters as dril tweets

Yes man: I just hacked into the church and made god REal.

Vulpes inculta: harassing a man at a urinal, claiming i copyrighted piss.

Boone: I’m rwriting a script about a smart and handsome army man cop who murders civilians but wants to stop murdering civilians because hes in love.

Raul: “don’t tread of me”, the famous words of that good snake who doesn’t want to get stepped on, the noble slithering bastard i relate to most.

Veronica: strongest blade in the world, howeve,r it is so fragile as to shatter when handled by any force other than the delicate touch of a lesbian.

Arcade: so long suckers! i rev up my motorcycle and create a huge cloud of smoke. When the cloud dissipates im lying completely dead on the pavement.

Cass: THis is not a “meltdown.” It’s a normal opinion.

Lily: getting all the snow out of my driveway with a gun, just fucking obliterating it.

Mr house: who the fuck is scraeming “LOG OFF” at my house. Show yourself, coward. I will never log off.

Ed-e: u have forced me to take extreme measures to protect my business and my lifestyle. I now refuse to open a single email until April the 12th.

Caeser: I feel truly blessed, knowing that everyone who has spoken ill of my brand is eating bugs in a cold prison cell.

Benny gecko: (playing Russian roulette and it’s my turn) haste the vista mother fucker( shoots the other guy

Mister fantastic: Mother Nature and Father Time are not real. Theyre fake people who were invented to explain trees and clocks to shitheads.


Remembering Brian Epstein, 50 years after his death. (19th September 1934 – 27th August 1967). 

“Brian Epstein is so crucial. Right up to the weekend he died, the four Beatles were closer than ever. Even when they weren’t working, they still wanted to spend all their time together. (Like John said in 1967, in Hunter Davies’s The Beatles: “We have met some new people since we’ve become famous, but we’ve never been able to stand them for more than two days.”) Yet as soon as Epstein died — only 32, while all four lads were away, spending their holiday weekend together in Wales with the Maharishi — they couldn’t figure out how to get along anymore. Nobody could replace him emotionally. So strange to think how young he’d still be today, in a world that is completely different because he made everybody else fall in love with his Beatles fantasy.”

[Rob Sheffield, Los Angeles Review of Books, 12th August 2017]

Brian pictured for the Evening Standard newspaper on the 27th July 1964 at his home, the top floor flat of Whaddon House, William Mews, London. Brian lived here from late 1963 until December 1964. 

Thank you Brian for bringing us the world’s greatest band. You were gone too soon. 

Pics: Evening Standard / Getty Images.

Joker Imagine - Haunted House

Your P.O.V.

I couldn’t believe that this was real. Joker was on my left side, driving his car. The fucking Joker. I was in his car with my hands and legs tied together, scared to death as I sat here. My entire body was trembling from fear, once as he was laughing. I stared at the man who I was terrified of. He wore a white jacket and it had blood splatters on it. I just kept crying, my sobs muffled by the cloth in my mouth.

 I had been outside, walking home from work as a purple Lamborghini stopped right in front of me.I had stopped walking. The door opened and I saw someone I wished I never would have. The Joker looked at me with a  gruesome grin on his face. He had told me that he had to be quick. A second later he yanked me into his car. I was so scared that I couldn’t defend myself properly. Next thing I knew, he was driving out of the city really fast.

‘‘I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself’‘ He spoke after a long silence that was only broken by his eerie laugh. He gazed at me although his eyes should have been on the road. ‘‘I’m the Joker. Who might you be, my dear hostage?’‘ He asked me. I was dead silent. On the other hand, I couldn’t answer either because my mouth was stuffed. 

‘‘Oops’‘ He chuckled and then took the cloth out and threw it out of the window. I still didn’t bug. He was a nightmare. I felt like a little spider that he could squish so easily. ‘‘Answer me!’‘ He yelled, making me flinch. I sobbed and felt hot tears rolling down my face. ‘‘I-I’m Y/N’‘ I whimpered, speaking for him for the first time. It made him smile again like his anger just faded.

‘‘That’s better. Do you know why I took you along?’‘ Joker asked me like this was funny. I shook my head no and he saw that. ‘‘Let me tell you. I was on a mission with my henchmen today. Then Batsy tagged along and we had to leave early. I figured he’d follow me so I needed a hostage, which is you, by the way’‘ He laughed again. I squinted my eyes and tried to stay as calm as possible.

‘‘If they try anything, I’d shoot you. So, they can’t’‘ He continued telling me his little story. I watched as he opened his mouth, but he saw something behind us. ‘‘Oh’‘ His red lips rounded. ‘‘You just came in handy, Y/N’‘ Joker let me know darkly. I looked at the little window and saw a black car racing towards us. It was the Batmobile! Jesus Christ.

‘‘Let’s confuse him’‘ Joker declared and hit the gas pedal. I was almost sure we’d crash with this crazy driving. I closed my eyes and hoped that Batman could save me. 

After a lot of rough swings, Joker started laughing. That’s when I dared to open my eyes. ‘’He lost us!’’ He yelled happily. I looked around and saw a lot of houses. Most of them looked really old and rotten. This wasn’t the heart of the city anymore. Joker slowed down and drove to a yellow house. He drove right into the garage and I noticed it was empty. This house was abandoned.

‘‘Let’s go play hide and seek’‘ Joker said and turned to look at me. Now that the car engine wasn’t roaring, I heard my own heartbeat clearly. Being at such a place with the Joker sounded like a horror movie.It wasn’t.

He got out of the car and walked over to my side. I bit my lips together because I was so scared. The door opened and he pulled me out of the car by the ropes around my hands. It was hard to stand with rope around my knees. ‘’Now that’s an issue’’ Joker mumbled, looking down at me. Luckily, he untied the rope around my legs. I was still afraid.

He started dragging me into the house. The first thing I noticed was the smell of mould and plants. It was dark, but I saw thanks to the windows. The house had very old furniture and books scattered across the floor. 

‘‘Okay. You’re gonna go to the basement and I’ll..walk around’‘ Joker broke the silence. Looking at him in the dark was still scary. His eyes almost shone now which was creepy.The light highlighted the edges of his green hair and his milky white skin.

‘‘Pl-please don’t’‘ I begged as I thought about being locked up in a basement. Joker didn’t answer me. He opened a door and I barely saw the stony stairs. That’s when I got a strange feeling. I felt eyes on me. It was a disgusting feeling. It’s almost like someone was in the basement. ‘‘You either walk down yourself or I’ll push you down. You pick’‘ Joker growled, making me anxious.

I glanced at the clown and saw that he was dead serious. I had to go. So I walked down against my own will. One step down and he shut the door. He even locked it! Everything was dark. It was so dark that I couldn’t tell if I shut my eyes or if they were open. Somehow I managed to get down the stairs.

It was cold.

Once I came down, I saw better because there were tiny windows high up. I coughed a couple times because of the dust. Then I saw how creepy this basement was. It was full of porcelain dolls. I screamed because I thought someone was there. It caused me to fall on my bum which hurt.

I’d die here.

What if Joker would leave?

No one knew where I was..

I was all alone in this silent basement.Reality sunk into my head and I was pretty sure this day would fuck my head up. Just as I sat there, accepting my crappy life, I heard music. A music box on a dusty table was playing by itself. My eyes widened and I held my breath as I stared at the box. I could almost hear a little child singing, ‘’..Ring around the rosy’’

At first, I was convinced it was a real person. Then I tried to assure myself it was only in my head. ‘’You’re not real, you’re not real’’ I repeated myself again and again. I was hugging my knees now, too scared to move. I was alone, right? No one else could be here.

‘‘Don’t ignore me!’‘ A little child’s scream echoed. I flinched and hid my face in my hands, now crying out loud. ‘‘You’re not real!’‘ I muttered, then sobbing loudly, nearly choking on my tears. This Joker thing must have really gotten into me. I was safe. It was just a basement..

‘‘Look at me’‘ Someone whispered. I felt someone’s breath on my arms and a shiver ran down my spine. I wouldn’t look. No. I had to keep breathing, stay calm-

My hands were ripped away from my face and I screamed. I tried to hit whatever was in my way. I kicked and screamed and tried to get up. I was still too scared to look. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I shrieked at the top of my lungs. As I got up on my feet, I tried to run up the stairs. Panic took over me and I struggled to breathe. I punched the door in hopes Joker would come. The fear made my stomach feel rotten.

‘‘Help! Help me!’‘ I cried and kept banging my fists against the door until it hurt. I thought I’d get out, but then I felt an ice cold hand around my ankle, grabbing me harshly. That feeling broke my hope. My eyes widened and then I was pulled back down. I hit the stairs, chest first and then I hit my jaw. Something was fucking dragging me down the stairs!

I tried to hold onto the stairs with my hands, but it was useless. ‘’No! Help, help’’ I sobbed, scared half way to death.I was in pain but I was so terrified that I ignored it. Just then the door opened and I saw lights. Joker had heard me and he had found a torch as well.

He blinded me with the light and at the same time, the cold hand vanished. Joker walked down to me and saw me on the floor. I was crying. I wasn’t sure what to do but one thing was clear, I didn’t want to be alone. My body was trembling wildly and I felt blood trickling down my face. 

‘‘What the hell happened?’‘ Joker asked me roughly.He even kneeled down in front of me. Our eyes met and as crazy as it sounds, I felt safer. Then I leapt at him and hugged Joker. I didn’t care that it was the man who kidnapped me. I just needed it.

‘‘Y/N what on earth happened?’‘ Joker wanted to know. Luckily, he didn’t push me away. I wanted to answer him, but I was breathing strangely which made it impossible to speak. My chest rose quickly and my breath hitched in my throat. My ankle felt cold and I could see a red ring around it. Now that Joker came, the people or ghosts, whatever they were, they disappeared.

‘‘They w-were..going to..kill me’‘ I managed to croak out weakly. Joker seemed confused now. ‘‘We’re the only people in this house’‘ He pointed out. I shook my head no and swallowed my tears. God knows why but being in his lap was comforting. 

‘‘Ghosts’‘ I whispered and then felt a shiver running down my spine. I rested my head against his chest and stared deeper into the basement. Joker huffed, probably not believing me. On the other hand, he didn’t laugh either. We sat there in silence for a while. He didn’t seem to mind that I sat in his lap. My head had a million questions flying around. Were they ghosts? Or my imagination? Or something else? What were they?!

Just as I started to calm down a bit, something dark moved. My eyes widened in horror as I stared at the dark figure. Ghost-likely it stood up and leant against the wall. It looked like the silhouette of a child. Step by step, it walked closer to us.

‘‘Go away!’‘ I screamed which caught Joker’s attention. He tilted his head and saw the same girl. ‘‘We’ve got company’‘ He growled and stood up, bringing me to my feet at the same time. The rope around my hands had loosened by my attempts to hit the ghosts earlier.

My heart almost stopped now. I could see the figure so clearly. All this was too much for my head and it was a miracle I hadn’t died yet. Joker flashed the light towards the girl and she vanished. I stared, mouth and eyes open wide at the now empty spot in front of us. Joker kept his arm around me, which helped a little bit. If I was alone, I’d probably wet myself and weep to death.

‘’I-Is she gone?’‘ I stuttered, trying to get even closer next to the Joker. ‘‘I don’t know but we’re getting the fuck out of here’‘ He growled surely. Just as we were going to leave, something else happened. My chest was tight as I held my breath in agony.

It sounded like someone let out a deep breath behind us. Once again, I felt it on my neck. It was worse than getting punched. The feeling of someone’s breath on your neck was disgusting and it made me want to puke. Joker was tougher than me. He turned around to shine the light against whatever was behind us. I faced the dark again where the girl was. She was right in front of me, making me scream.

‘‘Let’s go!’‘ I cried and tugged Joker’s jacket with both my hands. ‘’‘Good idea’‘ He growled and held me. We walked backwards up the stairs and he kept the light directed in front of us. I counted our steps, trying to distract myself somehow from the terror.

We reached the top of the stairs and Joker kicked the door open. Once we got out of the basement, he shut the door and locked it as well. I thought we were safe. With my luck, my thoughts were wrong. The strong smell of smoke entered my lungs, making me cough immediately. My eyes watered as I looked through the grey clouds that seemed to get thicker. 

Joker was the first one to move. The house was on fire and he would not burn to death.Together we ran through the hot smoke towards the garage door. I heard the rattling of flames somewhere. The damn house was on fire!

I felt lightheaded once we reached his car. He jumped in and so did I, feeling safer with the Joker than in this house. He started the engine and then drove out of the garage quickly. I looked at the house that was getting orange by the roof. The thought of staying in there a minute longer made me sick in my stomach. We would have died..

Joker drove back to the highway and back towards Gotham City. Silence took over us, both shocked from what had just happened. I knew for sure that even he was a bit scared. As it came to me, I was utterly terrified. The fear had completely overwhelmed me and now I sat in a villain’s car, frozen from fear.

I could never be normal again.

After ten minutes of dead silence and driving, the silence was broken. I thought Joker was talking, but I was wrong once again.

‘‘ Ring around the rosy. Pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes. We all fall d o w n’‘

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OCs as Companions - <name> Fallout New Vegas (Template)

Due to being asked to make this template based on my post, so copy it, fill it out and enjoy! [and delete this line]

Basic info:

  • Race*:
  • Gender*:
  • Affiliation:
  • Role: 
  • Location: 
  • Base SPECIAL:
  • Tagged skills:
  • Perks: 

[ Part about meeting the Companion - location (where can we find them and how do we meet them), quest (are they a part of any quest), dialogue (what can we tell them to make them come with the Courier ]

Companion Perk: 

Companion Perk after Personal Quest (optional):

Companion Comments:

  • Use Melee: 
  • Use Ranged:
  • Open inventory: 
  • Stay close:
  • Keep distance:
  • Be Passive: 
  • Be Aggressive: 
  • Wait here:
  • Follow me: 
  • Sneaking:
  • “Let’s travel together”:
  • “Let’s travel together” (already have a companion): 
  • Leaving companion at the Lucky 38:
  • “I wanted to ask you some questions”:
  • “Tell me about yourself”: 
  • “What do you think of the NCR?”:
  • “What do you think of the Legion?”: 
  • “What do you think of Mister House?”:
  • “What do you know about Benny?”: 
  • “What do you know about the platinum chip?”:
  • Death: 

Trivia and additional information:

[ Fill this part with information about your character, if they are scaled bigger or small than the other characters, if they have any special perks, if they can have any perk used on them, if they can be flirted with, if they have a unique quirk or comment based on a quest, person or location. ]

Unmarked Quest ( Optional )

[ Fill this park if your companion has an unmarked optional quest - such as Veronica’s “Feel like a Woman” quest ]

Personal Quest 

Quest Triggers: [Fill this with what would trigger the start of the quest - other quests, people, locations, certain dialogue options, certain items found or so]

Quest Description: [Explain how the quest progresses, what happens and add dialogue options and locations if they are present]

Outcomes: [List all the different outcomes of the personal quest based on choices made during it.]


[ List all the possible endings for the companion based on the different outcomes, choices and circumstances. Make sure to think whether your companion would react differently to the four major faction endings (No Gods, No Masters for Independent Vegas, All or Nothing for Mister House’s ending, Eureka! for the NCR and Veni, Vidi, Vici for the Caesar’s Legion Ending) as well as other quests and factions that might influence your companions ending ]

*race and gender (labeled sex) can be weird ingame, so put whatever fits your character, don’t need to stick to the actual terms used by the game’s engine. 

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4, 9 and 23 for the Girl Genius meme.

(The meme.)

Somebody asked for 9 and 23 before you, so I’ll just have to make 4 extra long.

4. Favorite character(s)?

Gil! This dork is not only easily my favorite character in the work, he’s one of my  favorite characters ever overall, of the do-a-happy-dance-when-they-show-up-in-a-scene variety. Here’s an incomplete list of premium Gil things:

  • Reacts to crises by acting his way through them like a two-bit street performer.

Her vile cat slandered his good name.

  • Has somehow garnered a widely known reputation as some kind of Lothario while almost definitely being a demisexual virgin.

So majestic.

  • Sort of…I don’t know if this is on purpose? But Gil is kind of tailor-made for Phil’s art style.

Phil Foglio has developed a style of bendy, cartoonish art with body language exaggerated for effect where specific proportions are variable depending on scene and mood. Gil is super compatible with it because he embodies these things in-universe more than anybody else. He’s weirdly athletic beyond artistic license, and emotes with his entire body ditto. He’s built like a brick chimney thanks to his father, but moves like a gymnast – except when he’s channeling Klaus’ looming body language on purpose. Look, I love this kind of thing, sorry.

  • Seriously. That physicality tho.

Gil has really attuned me to the fun of hyperphysical characters To Whom Gravity Is Nothing. (Dick Grayson, Adrien Agreste… Can I seriously not think of any girls who have this as a salient trait? Characters who can literally float don’t count. Somebody rec me something.)

Nothing to see here, I’m just HANGING OVER THE EDGE OF AN ABYSS.


  • In a world where stories are very important, keeps trying to leverage a reputation he does not have.
  • Look. A character like this is pretty difficult to write well. Smart characters, first off, are tricky. You don’t have to be quite as smart as they’re meant to be to pull them off, since as a writer you’re not orchestrating their shenanigans in real time, but you still need to be pretty bright. So far this just seems like kudos to the Foglios for ~their entire premise~, which, alright, is true. But Gilgamesh Wulfenbach is this particularly obnoxious (to write) brand of smart character who’s always twelve steps ahead of anybody else in a given room, sometimes literally, and rarely explains anything he does effectively to said room. The reader still needs to know, though. By writing a character like Gil in an entertaining and versatile way, the Foglios have accomplished a feat. I really respect that.
  • Does something interesting and unexpected in just about every possible story situation due to being
    - brilliant but not as clever as he thinks he is
    - sociable but socially stunted
    - moral and empathetic but easily enraged
    - a huggable panda bear of a boy with a deeply embedded savior complex and a supply of gleeful bloodlust running close to the surface
    - socially powerful but a huge dork
    - generally prone to coming up with terrible plans.

Okay, no, fine, absurd but effective plans. Kid’s got a weakness for every strength is what I’m saying. What’s awkward in your friends is goals in your fiction.

  • Is the romantic male lead but regularly does poses like


  • A rare sighting of the more drab-plumaged male Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

So yeah. There are a ton of great characters in Girl Genius, but Gil. Gil speaks to me.




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  • Latvia: ugghhhh, I can't believe I have to go to Mister Russia's house again... I really don't want to go alone, especially when I know that I'll be the only one to turn up- oh! Why didn't I think about this before! I'll bring a friend with me~
  • -Later-
  • Russia: oh, it's probably Latvia again. I wonder if anyone else will turn up-
  • Latvia: hello, Mister Russia~
  • Russia: ...
  • America: ...I heard free food.

Mister House from Fallout New Vegas.  He’s located up in his Penthouse in the Lucky 38 casino on the Strip.  Travis generally doesn’t bother with him now that the Second Battle for Hoover Dam is over.  House still bothers him for certain tasks, but other than that he’s given Travis complete control of the territory.

Raised by Bats- Part Two

Here’s part two!

A/N- I don’t know how to do links just yet but when I do I’ll put the link to part one on here.

Word Count- 614

Summary- You, a four year old child, have just lost your father in a car accident only seven months after losing your mother. With no more living relatives, you have to be put in foster care, moving from family to family, house to house. Except when the richest man in Gotham City wants to adopt…again!

This is the story of how you grew up in what may be the most dysfunctional family there is, and how they came to love you, and you came to love them.

Warnings- none

Being four years old, the only things you owned were clothes and toys. Everything else that had been your parents, their house, their cars, their furniture had all been sold. All the money was left in a savings account for you only to be opened when you turned 18 years old. This was all in your parents’ will.

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Playmate Passion

I have nothing to say for myself- I have asks to answer and a spanish comp to write and here i am, writing oddly specific smut that no one asked for and no one wanted - enjoy my polished filth though!!

hun xx

So: You find Sonny’s got a little thing for Playboy bunnies, and you decide to indulge him in his fantasy.

“Sonny, have you seen our remote?” You called from the bedroom of your tiny apartment. Sonny was out at the table, slaving over some files from the newest case at SVU. You didn’t anticipate he’d be to bed anytime soon, so you figured it would be a good opportunity to catch up on your shows.

“No,” he half-heartedly called back, aggressively underlining some dates on the paperwork.

You tore the bedroom up a bit, desperate to get to your DVR. When you finally looked under the bed, you were disappointed you hadn’t found what you’d been looking for, but there was something else that caught your eye.

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