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"Don't answer it!" ((matthiashooper))


    John’s hand froze over the cellphone. Should he listen or should he go ahead and answer? What if it was important?

    “Is there…a reason I shouldn’t?” Was the guy ashamed that they’d gone for a frolic? Sighing, he sat up and spun his legs off of the bed, grabbing his pyjama bottoms and sliding them on. “Alright fine, I won’t answer it…what do you want for breakfast?”

    He didn’t exactly mind not answering the phone, but he didn’t see the problem with it. Oh well, it made his partner happy so he’d go along with it for now.


Sesame Street Cast Tours

Sesame Street Cast Tours were live performances by the Sesame Street cast. The first Cast Tour ran from August 31 to September 14, 1970, to promote the second season, which began airing in November. The 40-minute show featured Gordon, Susan, Bob, Mr. Hooper and Big Bird (played by Danny Seagren).