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Give me your thoughts: did Lucien break the leash from the king, or did the king break his leash? If Lucien broke it, did he know he broke it? Or does he think the king did it?

Ok. So Lucien. He wore a fox mask the entire first book, and he is an Autumn Court defect living in the Spring Court. Plus he has that Mad-Eye-Moody eye. It seems like his eye allows him to see things with that eye others can’t. So my thoughts are:

Option #1: maybe Lucien can see the magic the king used to leash him, and then he knew just where to apply his own magic to that he could break the leash and go help Elain.

Option #2: would be, that mister fox is a sly mofo, and he’s had that kind of power all along. Maybe he isn’t as nice/abused/innocent as we all think he is.

Option #3: the magic used to leash him and Tamlin wasn’t that strong and the only reason Tamlin didn’t break free is because (just like Under the Mountain) he didn’t try.

Option #4: (comes from @highfaelucien!) the mating bond allowed Lucien to summon the power to break the king’s leash, and the king let him help Elain because it wasn’t a threat to him.

Option #5: the king broke the magic leash on Lucien because he likes to screw around with people.

Regarding Tam’s Assistant Status

Headcanon that Tim went through a phase where he tried to introduce Tam with more accurate descriptions of her value, until Tam begged him to stop.

“This is Tam. She’s my common sense.”

“This is Tam, the person who does all the real work.”

“This is Tam, the future CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Just watch.”

“This is Tam, the woman who isn’t my real fiance because I am not that lucky.”

“This is Tam. She brings us coffee at the office to remind us that she is mortal, otherwise the rest of what she does would make us forget that fact.”

Movie Night

Hey y’all, so I was watching The Shallows today and wanted to watch another movie, but decided against it as I’m home alone tonight and have problems with letting my mind get the better of me… So I came up with this little thing…
Sam x Reader, Dean
fluff, spoilers for movie mentioned
Reader’s watching a movie and has Sam and Dean join her, then they continue… later that night she suffers the consequences of her actions, and so does Sam.

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“I love you both so much. It’s time for me to go.” Blake Lively’s character, Nancy, said on the TV. I let my bottom lip quiver and my nostrils flare, but I refused to cry. It was just a movie after all.
“Whatcha watching,babe?” Sam asked as he walked past the lounge.
“The Shallows.” I said into the pillow I was holding close.
I could feel him standing behind the sofa, watching to see what was happening.
“Come on little guy, you’re okay.” She said, shepherding the seagull onto the broken surfboard.
“What’s happening?” Sam asked, intrigued. I let go of the pillow and stuck my hand in the air, waving it for him to take a hold of. When I felt his fingers tangle with mine, I pulled him down toward me, over the back of the couch.

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  • Vulpes Inculta: Tell everyone you meet of what you saw here. The Legion can handle the rest.
  • The Courier: Well that's a mighty interesting proposal you have there mister fox.
  • The courier turning the difficulty to very easy: But I've just got one little thing to ask you before I go.
  • The courier loading shells into his shotgun: Have you ever heard the term "a fuckening" by any chance?

Vulpes Inculta is that guy that you can never find in your weekly lecture and have never really talked to but you somehow just know he’s double majoring in Sociology and Psychology with a minor in Latin or Ancient Languages or something

The only time you can ever see him is at 7:51PM in the library with his laptop plugged in with an Ethernet cable, surrounded by Starbucks cups in the corner. Not studying or anything. Just sort of there. No one knows what he does. He hasn’t moved in four hours.

And then you find out that his dad is on the college’s board or makes like disgusting amounts of donations towards the college or something

He has a fake ID and everyone assumes he uses it to buy booze but he just uses it to rent cars for some reason

You are completely different majors but he still ends up on the student list for all of your classes but you can still never fucking find him?? Where the hell is he? What the fuck