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1 year anniversary!!

Given it’s the first anniversary of this blog, I’m gonna do something a little different today. Here’s a list of the people who have been my blog’s biggest supporters this whole year. Don’t forget to check out their blogs if you haven’t already. And, ah, guys.. A big thank you for all the followers who are not on this list too! I can’t possibly remember all of you let alone fit you all in a single post. (Plus, some of you I couldn’t tag. I don’t know why) But you know I love you, right? RIGHT?! Anyway, here are some of my awesome regulars. Show them some love!

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Thank you for all the interest, love and support, you guys! Never thought this blog would come this far! And by “far” I mean – people often count this blog among the likes of towritecomicsonherarms and despondentparamour when asked. So, it’s kind of a big deal to me:) Again, sorry in advance if I missed anyone.. Like I said, I couldn’t possibly remember everyone. 

Ah, and before I go, you’re always welcome to my other blogs as well.

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  • And here’s my sub-blog which is dedicated to my own Marvel-based Soul Calibur character creations.
  • Lastly, my askbox is always open. Come one come all!


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Titre en VO : Armour of God (pour sa distribution internationale)

Pardon my Titre : Mister Dynamite

Film de 1988, le titre choisi pour la distribution internationale a dû être jugé trop obscur ou trop sérieux pour les distributeurs français (notons qu'il n'était même pas sorti aux Etats-Unis, qui ont attendu le succès de Opération Condor pour lui donner sa chance)