mister disco

Different names for Sans’ Dick

As discovered through me and @cancerously​ over the course of the last hour. Let’s begin shall we?

  • His big sticky fireycrotch beacon
  • Heinous ghost whopper
  • abhorrent fluorescent psuedo meat
  • sticky pants hot dog
  • blueberry crotchrocket
  • water sausage
  • Translucent Blue 100% All-Beef Thermometer
  • Clear Cobalt Cornholer
  • Palatinate Plasmic Polaroid
  • Diaphanous Azure Bald-Headed Yogurt Slinger
  • Glassy Determined Russel The Love Muscle
  • Midnight Blue Mister Winky
  • Spine-Chilling Denim Disco Stick
  • Conspicuous Cerulean Master of Ceremonies
  • Periwinkle Pocket Rocket
  • Sapphire Steamin Semen Roadway

and last but absolutely not least

  • Bone Daddy’s Big Blue Heat Seeking Moisture Missile 

You’re all welcome