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Climon make way for Saphael

Simon and Clary walk together at night alone, when all of a sudden a very scary vampire walks up to them. The vampire is Raphael. He’s drunk.

Raphael: This MIsTer gonna steal yo mAn
Clary: I don’t think that’s how the song goes-
Raphael: *proceeds to grab Simon and runs away*
Simon: *distant shrieking*

moon--royalty  asked:

Can you recommend some kdramas?

O m g of course I can! I usually just stick to Rom Coms but there’s a few in here that are different

1. Goblin- I can’t recommend this drama enough. It is now my all time favorite for obvious reasons. I’m sure this won’t disappoint.

2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon- I know this is airing right now but omg so cute

3. Introverted Boss- it just finished but it’s also hella cute.

4. Doctors- I love Park Shin Hye and I think this is my favorite drama of hers now. I also love Kim Rae Won!! Such a great drama omg.

5. Legend of the Blue Sea- omg Jeon Ji Hyun is hilarious and who does love Lee Min Ho??

6. City Hunter- another Lee Min Ho favorite!

7. Pinnochio- a great drama about the media and omg the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Les Jong Suk is A1.

8. Jealousy Incarnate- I absolutely adore Jo Jong Suk and Gong Hyo Jin. Such a cute drama.

9. You’re the best Lee Soon Shin- this drama is quite long and I only watched the scenes with the main couple not going to lie.

10. Scarlet Heart Ryeo: this drama was a rollercoaster of emotions, but still great omg.

11. Kill me Heal Me- I love Ji Sung and his acting was phenomenal in this.

12. She Was Pretty- Park Seo Joon AND si won? I was sold from the beginning. Such a cute drama omg.

13. Heirs- typical kdrama haha but still fun to watch.

14. To the beautiful you- cute cute cute

15. Prime Minister and I- Yoona is so pretty omg

16. K2- ji Chang wook and yoona make a great couple omg

17. Come back Mister- I love the comedy in this drama omg

18. Coffee Prince- another classic. I love Gong Yoo omg.

19. Descendants of the Sun- the story is great and so is the cinematography

20. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo- omg omg so cute I loved this so much.

21. Healer- the plot was great

22. Secret Garden- another classic everyone should watch

23. Boys over Flowers- speaking of classics

24. Cheese in the Trap- omg I loved this. Even if the webtoon isn’t finished hehe

25. Oh my Ghostess- I loved this drama so much. It was so cute.

I can recommend more in the future, but here’s 25 off of the top of my head hahaha


i went and did a spice girls song on accordion to amuse strangers on the internet. but also to get validation because i don’t get enough attention and thats why i turned out like this and have eyebrows that suggest i have lost control of my life. thank you.

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My First Mister

A Goth teen going through depression finds happiness in her life when she meets a store owner who shows her kindness.

This movie was so wonderful and I was honestly surprised at the direction that this film took. Some parts of the film made me get teary eyed because I was so invested in the characters. I would recommend this for a night when you are alone.





I’m feeling worse and worse for Seung Jae… Looks like he’s in love with his old boss in a woman’s body. :’(


new video. it’s a rupaul song on ukulele. kind of in honour of this past weekends frolics. but mostly because i actually uploaded it and recorded it last week but kept it private until today because that’s the kind of time we live in folks. also, please like and subscribe and validate me as a ridiculous human being.

littlemissvillager1107 replied to your post “there’s already (whitewashed) nsfw of twintelle”

Well some people draw white or Asian characters as a different race. And she’s not a real character. But she is still there. And she will always have that skin. If they aren’t being racist about it. Then I think it’s fine. It’s only art. Not a petition to charge her color.

mister fucking comedy over here mister big joke man tell me some of your jokes mister king of humor over here get fucked idiot get the fuck off my fucking post shut the hell up

Laughter Lines

“Fawn? Am I funny?”

It comes out of nowhere, like many of his questions, things that seem to him like a natural next step from the swirling maelstrom of thoughts, ideas, feelings into words, before he remembers that not everyone can see into the minds of others.

“Are you… funny?” Fawn stops picking at a bit of crumbly mortar between the stones underneath him and looks up, eyebrows drawn together. There’s a little crinkle between his brows, and Cole would very much like to touch it, smooth it away, or maybe… maybe kiss it.

“I asked you,” Cole says, and he smiles a little, offering a joke, a test. The elf lets out a sharp little sound, something like mirth, startled and stilted. His laughter is like that, sudden little blurts, as if they’re surprised out of him. They usually are, Cole thinks, because sometimes his eye grow wide, and he looks as if he wants to call the sound back to roost, to pretend it never happened. As if he’s afraid to be happy, even if it’s just for a moment.

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This guy is so hot that I don’t blame this ajumma for climbing on… I’m kinda jealous. LOL!! I loved his expression. That had to be difficult to not react to her climbing up! Hahahahaha!


OMG… The car humping just about KILLED me… Hahahahahahahahaha!! I know it was just a “thought” of his, but this was HILARIOUS!! 

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