mistborn headcanons

Autistic Vin not understanding why it’s not acceptable to run around in your underwear if your clothes are impractical

Autistic Vin liking the weight of ballgowns and petticoats

Autistic Vin thinking she’d be overwhelmed by perfumes but actually loving them

Autistic Vin not being able to tell how old Kelsier and Elend are

Autistic Vin getting used to the social structure of the underground and being confused when Kelsier’s crew follows a different set of rules

Autistic Vin stimming with her mother’s earring

Autistic Vin adapting quickly to noble culture because it’s just another set of rules to memorise

Autistic Vin being disturbed by Allrianne’s attraction to Breeze because it’s against the rules she learnt

Autistic Vin curling up on Elend’s floor to sleep because she likes the texture

Autistic Vin!!!!