like, the welsh translation of harry potter gets loads of flak, but sometimes i am blown away by some things emily huws did

  • the way the muggle world and informal wizards uses ‘mistar/mrs’ but the hogwarts staff call everyone 'y bonwr/y fones’ (really archaic titles nobody uses any more)
  • the leaky cauldron getting translated as 'y gogor-grochan’ (it sounds so cutesy and catchy and is literally 'the sieve-cauldron’)
  • the fact she translated the sorting hat’s song and the potions riddle whilst keeping them rhyming
  • the fact that hagrid’s accent is translated as really really gog (northern welsh accent, and his is as thick as a brick)
  • jelly-legs jinx as 'felltith y cwlwm-coes’ (keeps the alliteration, means 'the knot-legs curse’)
  • the use of the word 'hudoliaeth’ (more often used to mean 'glamour’ but sounds as if it means 'study or magic’ or 'magicology’)
  • names are translated so beautifully idc if you can’t recognise who’s who 
  • like seriously
  • oliver wood becomes orwig bedwyr ('bedwyr’ is an actual legitimate surname and is etymologically related to 'bedw’, meaning birch)
  • madam pomfrey becomes 'madam prysorwen’ which i’m not sure about the meaning but it sounds like a very traditional welsh name she sounds so old
  • the bloody baron is 'waldo waedlyd’ or 'bloody waldo’
  • w a l d o

8bit-mau5  asked:

12 - 18 for shrapnel :3c

12. Grudges and vendettas

“Ah great, something I already dislike talking about.” [long sigh] “Easiest one to start with is the grudge I’ll always hold against the damn drinkers that kept me as a slave when I was a kid. I never had the time to go back out into the desert and wipe them out. Dunno if I ever will now.”

“It’s why I fucking hate almost every drinker I meet now. Used to just hate jades in general until I got some help.”

[pauses, uncertain for a moment] “…Always gonna hate my ex-moirail and kismesis for ditching me. Leaving me to rot alone when I was still going through training. The first just abandoned me when I got drafted and the other ran off right before because she thought I would just get helmed.” [smirk] “Now I outrank her. Stupid blueblood.”

13. What gets them flustered

“You’re not Calamity I ain’t answering this.”

==> Rough things, mostly, even in relation to a red quadrant. Biting, scratching, hair pulling, ect. However a surefire way to get him flustered is flirting with him after he gets his adrenaline up. Just nearly died? Perfect time, go for it. 

14. Ingrained habits/forces of habit

“I, uh, I’m pretty security conscious sometimes. Always double and triple checking stuff. It’s a helpful habit I guess but I really hate that it’s a reminder of my time out in the wastes as a kid. Pretty prone to fidgeting too, though when I do it I usually just spin one of my hands around with my psionics in a mess of parts. 

15. What it takes to make them cry

“People I care about getting hurt real bad. Or screaming at me. Emotional vulnerability. Can we move on please? I don’t like this question.”

16. Dark secrets/’skeletons in the closet’


==> Despite being in the fleet currently, he’s still friends with a fair amount of rebels back on Alternia. And he’s fed them classified information more than once. He also might have killed off an early member of the Gear Squad and passed it off as an accident. But they had it coming. 

17. Regrets


==> He regrets never looking more for his matesprit, who vanished a few perigees before he was drafted. She left little to no traces of herself behind and eventually he assumed she’d died, though the reality of never truly knowing eats him alive. The fact that he never rescued anyone else from the desert drinkers beyond his ex-moirail still keeps him awake during the day, even if it was a matter of survival.

18. Things they’ll never admit


==> Having any amount of red feelings for Tursio, sending rebels fleet information, constantly having an internal crisis over if he’s still a person or just a glorified piece of biotech.

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como eu posso parar de comer ou diminuir minhas refeições se todo mundo na minha casa tá sempre em cima de mim nessa questão, querem saber a quantidade que eu comi, se eu deixei, como eu posso emagrecer rapidamente vivendo nessa casa?

então minta, vc vai começar a pega muita comida, encher o prato ao ponto deles ficarem horrorizados e tu vai conversa muito na hora das refeições, e mexer nesse prato o tempo todos, corta  carne, derrumar arroz, e mistar tudo, ate o ponto que todo mundo já estiver quase terminando e tu falar ´´nossa comi de mais´´