AU prompt in honor of season4hair‘s birthday: “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed” (x)

Dean looks at his watch. Crap. He was going to be late for his next class if he didn’t hurry. Professor Singer was a hardass on latecomers and Dean didn’t want to piss him off, family friend or not. He readjusts his bookbag and is about to start jogging when someone glomps him from behind, tumbling them both to the ground.

“Oh. Shit.” 

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Oikawa knows pretty well how good he looks with his glasses.
But taking a selfie at the nasty school bathroom? Damn boy, I raised you better.

Weak and pallid city girl (me) goes to not city and doesn’t know what to do with what I believe they call “the sea”. Rubs hands in it, looks like a twat

I wish Liam’s apology was a little more sincere but tbh I do understand his frustration. Like I think it’s very obvious that he wasn’t thinking when he said that, and I do think going so far as to call him homophobic is a bit much…

Just the other day during baby gate I made a post that said “I can’t believe Louis confirmed he is the first male pregnancy” just as a joke to make people feel better, and someone came out and said something like “oh yeah because trans people don’t exist or anything” and then proceeded to call me transphobic. I’m definitely not transphobic and I was pretty annoyed that they went so far as to call me that when it’s obvious I wasn’t thinking and made a mistale. I changed the post to say “cis-make pregnancy” and called it a day.

It’s a great new world we live in today and it’s vastly different from the one we all grew up in. I think it’s very easy to forget the politically correct way of saying things when your blood is pumping and your mouth is just going and you’re not thinking.

Plus Liam gets extreme cyber bullying over so many itty bitty mistakes, and it’s gotta take a bit of a toll on him, since he really does try his best to be good.

So like… Chill… Accept that he obviously learned his lesson… And move the fuck on…