This is one of the absolute most-inexplicable scenes in Scooby-Doo history.

The guests of the episode, the Three Stooges, were helping the gang clear rocks out of a mine. 

We see a scene of the Stooges moving rocks, and then… this. The gang, bouncing up and down, all the while looking… oddly happy.

…what? Seriously, what? What are they supposed to be doing? Why are they looking at the camera? Why are their movements so oddly asynchronous, and yet strangely precise, indicating a lot of work was put into them?

These are the real mysteries of Scooby-Doo, folks.

Ichabod was going to tell Abbie he loved her and here’s why.

I’ve watched this scene about 50 times now. I’m very tired, but I just had to get this out of my system.

I am a total sucker for slow burn relationships. To me, it makes the relationship all the more worthwhile if we get to watch that chemistry grow and develop and become something beautiful over time. Strangers to friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, and it’s even better when the two people involved are so thickheaded and can’t see what’s right in front of them, even when everyone around them can. 

The moment when Abbie and Ichabod come back from Purgatory was more intimate than I could have every imagined. It was all I really needed to know that this relationship is anything but platonic. (I mean we all kind of knew that already, but ya know.) But I theorize that that was the moment when it hit them both. I think they knew that they loved each other, but I’m not so sure they knew in what way. Abbie and Ichabod have this bond, right? Which automatically makes them incredibly close to one another. Ever since they met, they have learned to know the other better than they know themselves. With something like that, especially in a story with all these fantastical elements, it’s not too far of a stretch to wonder if they both mistook any budding romantic feelings and disregarded them as their strong bond. I mean think about it for a second; Abbie is so incredibly guarded. She’s spent years building up these walls that she’s not so sure she wants to let come down quite yet. I want to say that Jenny and Ichabod are the only two people who have really seen her truly vulnerable, which automatically increases the level of intimacy. Ichabod was married for the first two seasons (which I’m not gonna rant about Katrina’s wasted potential because she could have been such an amazing character and wasn’t given the proper character development she deserved). I don’t think he could even entertain the thought of being with someone else while still married to Katrina. Even during all of this, their relationship grew into this unbreakable bond, which neither of them could have ever expected. I think that after Katrina’s death and during all that time Abbie and Ichabod spent away from each other, they felt the other’s absence more strongly than anything. The cliché, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is actually pretty valid in this circumstance. The more they’re forcibly taken away from each other, the harder they fight to get back to one another. 

Ichabod was going to tell Abbie he loved her during that last scene in 3x10. There was so much emotion between the two of them throughout the entire episode, but that last scene… Oh my God, it was so raw and so beautiful. I feel like we were witnessing their realization. For the first half Abbie could barely look at him because she was trying so hard to control herself. She had a death grip on his hand while she just stared at nothing. In Purgatory she couldn’t hug him, she couldn’t touch him, nothing. In Purgatory she thought her brain was playing tricks on her when she heard his voice. So she held on while he talked so she knew this was real. HE was real and she was home. When she looks at him again she can’t look away. And the whole time Ichabod is just staring at her like he can’t believe she’s here in front of him, like he can’t believe she’s really here and she’s really, truly safe. He looks at her like she’s his entire world (as he has several times this season).. And then there’s a moment after Abbie whispers, “We made it,” when his eyes grow wider and he looks at her like, “…oh…” and then he shifts a little, like something has just made itself known to him. For the first time he breaks eye contact for the first time and ducks his head to look down before getting to his feet.  I think this was the moment when Ichabod especially realized, “if I lose her, I lose part of my soul. I lose my other half. I lose the person I love.” Both their actions alone just screamed, “I love this person more than I initially realized.” And when they get to their feet Ichabod doesn’t let go of Abbie’s hand. He’s still holding on when Abbie turns to kiss Joe’s cheek. When she turns back around, he’s looking at her before his eyes drop to their hands. 

Looking at Abbie, her hand looks like she’s about to let go. Abbie has her moments for intimacy, but she normally can only take so much. Abbie is a very, let’s get down to business to defeat the huns, and kick some ass, person. She knows when to set all other things aside and step into her role as a Witness. But she also has that side of her that’s emotional and cares so much, which is what makes her such a fantastic and well-rounded character. They’re having this moment and Ichabod senses that he’s about to lose it. So he holds on. He brings his other hand up and just holds on to her before he has to let go. He runs his fingers over her hand like it’s the most precious thing he’s ever seen. His eyes move from their hands to Abbie’s face. And then he looks at Joe and we finally get a sense of how nervous Ichabod is. His mouth is partly open but he can’t find the words. When he looks at Joe, you know he’s thinking about that conversation they had in episode 7. You remember the one:

Ichabod: “There is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of helplessness in the face of an unknown foe, which is why we must seize control whilst we can.”

Joe: “Hm?”

Ichabod: “Talk to her.”

Joe: “…Right… What about you? I get the feeling it’s not just rage monsters that make you feel helpless.”

Ichabod: “Well… I have become well acquainted with the vicissitudes of life.”

Joe: *Chuckles*

Ichabod: “But yes, I have become keenly aware of late that I may be fighting a losing battle. On many fronts, against bureaucrats, against developers, against-” *He breaks off suddenly as his eyes find Abbie across the room. His eyes dart away as soon as they see her and his hands, which he’s been using to indicate his list of struggles, drop to the desk. But not before he’s indicated towards Abbie. He’s suddenly very interested in this book.* *Whispered* “Against many fronts…”

Joe: *Understanding dawns on him as he looks at Abbie.* “Well maybe you should take your own advice. Talk to her.”

Yeah. That one. 

When Ichabod now looks at Joe, you know that conversation is going through his head. Talk to her. So he’s going to. He takes a deep breath and pulls Abbie’s hand to his chest. He’s going to confess that he loves her right there.

So why does he stop?

Well, I think there’s two options here. One is that he chokes at the last second and just can’t confess yet. But personally I think that’s unlikely. 

I think that Ichabod realizes it’s just not the right time. 

For one, Abbie desperately needs time to rest. Being completely alone like that for so long does things to a person’s head. Abbie was playing chess against herself to try and keep herself remotely sane. She was alone for 10 months and while she might not have had to eat, sleep, or drink, she’s got to be exhausted not only physically but emotionally. She needs time to recoup and Ichabod respects that. He wants her to know, but only when she’s ready. So he makes another call, cracks a joke, and makes everyone laugh. He’ll save the romantic gestures for another day.

Every time I hear the phrase “anime was a mistake”, I get a vivid mental image of a company producing an anime series by sheer accident. They’re all like: “We don’t know what happened - we were trying to make accounting software, and we somehow ended up with a 48-episode cartoon series about teenage girls shooting lasers at each other instead. It’s all very confusing.”

Okay, I’m off to class to learn how to manage my money. So glad I’m getting this from a charitable organization at the age of 36 instead of, say, as a mandatory class in high school when I was preparing to enter college and the workforce. 

(I don’t need to learn how to manage my money, I do just fine, but you now have to take courses like this to get a mortgage, because SOMEONE *glares at corporate banking establishment* forgot to be responsible lenders.)


If you didn’t know already, Takagi Manpei and Shinpei, twin voice actors who voice Yuuto and Yuugo respectively, were interviewed on the 8/2 episode of Animemashite. You can watch it on Youtube right here, starting from the 3:33 mark! Catch it quick, it’ll only be available until 15/2.

During their segment, they talked about their experience so far as voice actors. I’ve tried my best to transcribe what they said down below. I kinda omitted some of the hosts’ questions (sorry (・・;)) and a few inconsequential bits but kept all the fun and relevant stuff! 

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Tweek: how…? thats a good question…we started dating bc of that rumour in elementary school (that we are gay …and we are a couple)…ppl got really sad whan we are not together ..so we just started hanging around each other…and..Craig was pretty nice to me and we have a lot matual interests

…actually …we never called it datyng …mmm but …… 4-th December was really special date for us…bc Craig first time say that’m cute…

Craig:..i don’t remember that!

Tweek: haha and now i’m calling you cute xD

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hey you should create like an faq or a character synopsis page for this blog... or possibly both. I love this blog but rn it's kind unorganized and hard to navigate, especially on Mobile which is what I use 99.99% of the time.

//(( I actually dont know how to make a faq page (I SUCK at techy stuffs) and this blog was just meant to be like, domestic au fluff that I wanted to draw and im glad everyones enjoying it a lot but im getting really tired to keep it up even NOW but Im trying to so I hope you understand im just giving it as is n stuff//))

Oshiete Ayumu-kun: STEP02 BELIEVE “I will always be here”

Each week Ayumu-kun does a segment talking about the week’s episode and comparisons between the anime and game. This one covers episode 2 and features a special guest appearance!

[I don’t normally work this fast but i’ve felt really productive today so here’s the 2nd one! As per usual apologizes for the rough translation and any mistakes i’ve made.

Just a few notes; I translated the mascot names very literally, also “Purisuto” or プリスト is the Japanese Abbreviation for Prince of Stride

Oh and Leg DON is Takeru style Kabedon…

Please do not repost.]

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Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 15

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Have you spontaneously combusted because of cockles lately?

several times over

  • the fact that they were 30+ min late (what were u doing jensen and misha????)
  • “crossing streams”
  • misha emphasizing that he needed to fix his hair 😏
  • and that he was worried we might see something we shouldn’t in his trailer ???????
  • jensen resting his head on misha
  • the NOSE SCRUNCH which @yourfavoritedirector is giffing for me (bless)
  • “jackles” and “mish”
  • misha being worried about what jensen might do to his phone and not wanting to leave (it with) jensen

today was full of Pain™