I am such a fan of Thomas Sanders for getting me through some rough times with laughs but I’ll never be able to thank him for it because a) I’m terrible at drawing and b) how’s a great guy like him gonna notice someone like me, he gets so many notifications per day and I’m just so unimportant

idk he means a lot to me because he just makes me laugh especially when I’m super depressed like I am these days, there isn’t a day where I’m not sad anymore but he’s just something I look forward to

he’s just super nice

Jealously isn't pretty (Pietro Maximoff MCU One-Shot)

“Well, he’ll be at the coffee shop around noon.” You told Nat and Wanda. “And when was the last time you guys talked?” Nat asked you.

“A few months ago, after the whole Hydra invasion thing. I check to see he was alright then I went underground.” You explained.

“What’s he like?” Wanda asked. “Real sweet, funny and extremely smart.” You told her and saw that she had a look in her eyes. “You know, I could set you a date with him.” You told her.

“Really?” Wanda said happily. “Yeah, he would love to meet you.” You said. “Alright.” Wanda smiled and Nat laughed. “You’re totally crushing on him.” Nat told her.

“Well, I’ve got to go.” You said, checking the time. “See you later.” Nat said and the two girls hugged you then you walked out of the room.

Just as you entered the hall, you bumped in Pietro. “I’m so sorry.” You apologized. He smiled, “It was my fault, I wasn’t watching where I was running.” He told you. “Well, I’ve got to go.” You said.

“Do you want a ride?” He asked you as you began to walk away. “No thank you. I spent half an hour getting my hair done.” You laughed then walked into the elevator.


“Daniel, I haven’t seen you in forever.” You smiled as he walked up to you hugged him. “I know, after the whole fall out with S.H.I.E.L.D.” He told you. “How are you?” You asked him as you sat down.

“I’m going great, what about you?” He asked you. “Eh, Stark hasn’t been seen in a while. Nat, Rogers and I have been training new recruits for a few weeks.” You told him.

“So, banged anyone lately?” He asked you and you spit out your drink. “Dude! Seriously?” You asked him. “I’ll take that as a no.” He said then began to read the menu.

“God, you’re ridiculous.” You laughed. “Bitch please, you know you love me.” He smiled. You gasped dramatically. “Who’s that hot guy walking over here?” He whispered.

You then turned around and saw Pietro walking towards your table. “That’s Pietro. He’s one of the new recruits and my boyfriend.” You told him.

“So, you hitting that?” Daniel asked. You laughed, “I was actually planning on setting you up with his sister.” You told him. “What’s her name?” Daniel asked.

“Are you joking right now?” Pietro shouted angrily. He was standing in front of you. “What are you talking about?” You asked him. “I’m gone two days and you’re already on a date with another guy.” He said.

“Okay, first of all stop yelling at me. Second of all, I’m not on a date with him.” You told him, standing up. “Are you sure? Because it sure looks like it!” Pietro shouted.

“He’s my friend! I haven’t seen him in months and we wanted to catch up. Why the hell are you acting like this?” You shouted. “Because I’m in love with you!” He shouted and your eyes widened.

It was the first time he’s ever said he’s loved you. You then ran towards him and kissed his lips passionately. “I love you too.” You said in between kisses. “Should we take this to the tower?” Pietro asked.

“You go, you crazy kids.” Daniel cheered on and within a flash you were in his bedroom and he was undressing you.

Don’t run away from your mistakes, just acknowledge them to to their fullest extent, feel humility and remorse and take the lessons you learned from them. You are not defined by your mistakes but your character, don’t let negative vibes change you. You are perfectly unique with all your inglorious mistakes, just continue to take strides forward to a better future and better you.
—  Words of advice