Always remember that people grow. You are not the same person you were two years ago, heck you may not even be the same person as one month ago. This is something I really needed to take in mind, often people say things and do things they shouldn’t, but you learn from these moments and you grow as a person. I may have done things in the past I am not proud of, but so have others. Don’t hold grudges from the past, focus on being a better person today.

today while I was shelving in cooking I kept running across these “gimmick” cookbooks - like “mystery writers cookbooks” or whatever and I was kind of going “haha, this is so silly, it’s just a cookbook” but then my brain was like

“but Lise if there was a marvel themed cookbook you would totally buy it”

and yep. it is true. I am that kind of trash. 

voltage-writer asked:

* takes blankets off the gods beds* These are mine now๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


Aigo no, settle down. Whats with this dark aura!? ill get you a new blanket! A better one!

“You’re going to love your new punishment.”

“But I need that.”

“Not my blanket!”

“What do you even need them for?”

“That’s…my blanket…my beautiful cherry printed blanket…”

“You had better run far, far away.”

didnt those inkigayo whiners ban them tho

I'm Sitting With You (and I'm Glowing) - ondoyant - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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When Louis meets Harry, everything is glowing.

The problem is that it just won’t stop.

I wrote adifferentkindofson birthday fic! I’ve never posted anything for this fandom before so ahhhhh! Happy birthday, beeb! You are so great and I’m so happy I am lucky enough to know you. 

20150731 The day 6000 people attended to the concert and managed to not fuck it up #trbinbrazil 

More than a fan account, I’ll be talking briefly about my experience in the concert. One month prior to the show, a person started camping in line so he could be the first one to enter the venue. After him, other 200 people spent night after night camping outside in the cold just for a chance to see them up close. I started camping the line one week before the concert and let me tell you it was one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had. I conected to people and had the chance to talk to people from all over the country that wanted to meet them as much as I did. I was amongst the first 300 people in line and, when the concert started, I was at the third row.

While in line, we got scared of antis trying to send death threats, we were scared of people being too hysterical and touching them at the airport, we got scared of possible stalking, anything that might make them uncomfortable to perform or cancel the show. I were so anxious that I barely slept or ate much, but when D DAY came, it was… Heaven. Peace. There was no screaming, no hair pulling, no overstepping, no threats. People actually… Behaved, and it’s a first for brazilian fans to actually listen when they are told to behave. 

They look so similar to the pictures, except Hoseok and Seokjin who I believe are even more beautiful in person. I cried the first time during Jimin's Let Me Know high note. He did so well, I felt so proud that I couldn’t hold my tears, and I was right in front of him too, for a moment I thought we had eye contact, but I might be tripping, so I don’t keep my hopes up. I wasn’t singing along at this point, I was just sobbing in silence, in awe. I endured the pressure of the crowd pushing until Blanket Kick. I’m little, and not very strong, so my body gave in and I felt like I was going to pass out. Fortunately, I was removed from the pit before that could happen, and then I was so frustrated cause I was so close, but my friends told me that when I was removed, Jungkook looked at me worriedly, because I was unwell and they worry about our safety just as much as we do. That thought was soothing and I enjoyed the rest of the show from the back, jumping, singing, screaming as loud as I could to maybe have a chance of being heard. Me and 6000 people thought similarly, and the result was the most beautiful chant I’ve ever heard. 

I sincerely hope they are as happy about this concert as we are. I want to thank every fan that attended, every single one, for behaving and chanting and putting your hands up, keeping the stage hot and fiercely cheering for the boys. Lastly, I wanna thank BTS for performing to their best effort even after the bad experiences and feelings of dread. I hope they return to NYC with this sentiment some day, so ARMYs that were frustrated can truly show their love like they wanted to. No threats, just a peaceful concert and a bonding moment of artists and their fans. Thank you, thank you so much for exceeding every single expectation I ever had. I am more in love with BTS now than I’ve ever been, and I had a chance to feel proud of my fellow brazilian fans.