mistakes are going to be made and i see that they are mistakes and i'm going to do them anyway

Things I love about the Signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You're so passionate about things. You manage to get to me when you talk. You leave something in my head, you know. You inspire me, influence me in a good way. You're like the rising sun. Your face is a piece of art. You're such young souls, so full of life. You fight your battles and you win. There's something about you that attracts me so much. You speak to me like no one else does. You're so intelligent.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Your will is stronger than a thousand armies. You are so trustworthy, reliable and adorable. This little smile you give people you like when they walk by. You are honest. You can sense when I'm about to make a mistake and you try to keep me from doing it and when I do it anyway you say "I told you so" but you're still there for me. You're so pacient. You know how to enjoy life. You're both; a young soul and a wise person.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> If someone knows how to make things 100% better then it's you. You literally grab the dark clouds and push them away. You're the sunshine. You brighten every day. Your way of thinking is really inspiring and the way you see life is the way I wish I could see it. You never really get mad at me although I mess up so often. You just understand people as if you could see what's going on in their heads. You're a walking mess but you're such a beautiful combination of many messes at once.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You're so strong. You pick yourself up when you're on the ground. You never bother people, never ever. It's so easy to talk to you, so nice to spend time with you. You're so kind and caring and loving. And you know how to treat people right. You know what someone deserves but you're willing to give them more than that without being naive. You yell at me when it's needed and this is something I can never thank you enough for. You kick someone's ass in order to make them get up again.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You sometimes have these moments when you randomly point out someone's good traits. You never forget to say something good about someone but you're also not afraid of saying something negative about someone. But you're never really mean and if you are, you apologize. You're honest. You know when someone needs to talk and you always manage to keep something private. If you promised something, you keep it. Sometimes life gets really tough for you but you just keep fighting and you never run out of power. Seriously, you're so powerful.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You're a good friend. You may hold a grudge for long but that's okay. You realize something is wrong long before anyone else does. You encourage me to go for the things I dream of. You give me motivation when I'm not even willing to breathe. You're brutally honest and you can cure every wound that's been caused so far. You have healing powers. You know that words are powerful weapons and you use them wisely.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You see the good in all the bad. You find light in the dark, art in the things I threw away. You inspire me and you never stop. Your cheekbones are goals. You know the most beautiful places and you're a beautiful person. You always try to make me laugh and you never fail. You understand things I didn't even know that existed. You're a genius in your very own way.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I just cannot look away. You're so interesting and magnetic. You never reveal much of you but you always drop hints. You're passionate and strong willed and your roaring is louder than a lion's. Your heart is bigger than the ocean and please, don't see this as a weakness. It's your strength! You can literally move something. You have so much power, so much will. You find a way. Always. Your soul is dark but your stars burn bright.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You stand for the things you believe in, even if you stand alone. You're not afraid to speak up and you won't lower your voice for anyone. You don't accept a "no" when you know you deserve a "yes". You don't depend on anyone. You're so colourful, creative. You are a beautiful creation of many mixed colours and you can paint with words.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You're almost never wrong. You can literally predict the future. You give better advices than anyone else and you're never afraid to take the blame when you know you made a mistake. You stand for what you did or what you said. You're very honest and intelligent. You know more about people than you should and you share your life with all your loved ones.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You combine the most beautiful melodies inside you. You're so full of life and kind of wise at an early age already. You don't care what others say, you do what you think is best for yourself. But you're not reckless. Your door is always open for those who want to come in and also for those who want to leave. You don't play games. You don't love with half your heart only. You're whole. And you love with all your heart.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You seem so innocent but you're so strong and so powerful. You're the kind of person that people go to war for but you're also the kind of person to lead an entire army. You know that you're usually being underestimated and you play with that, you surprise. You have such a beautiful mind and your heart is gold. You fight hate with love and you win. You tell great stories and your presence is really calming and comforting.<p/><b></b> Lots of love to you all 💜<p/></p>
Only You

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You and Castiels friendship becomes complicated.

Warnings: Angst, character death

A/N: This kind of hurt to write. I was listening to “Only You” by Selena Gomez (not my usual style, but whatevs) after watching 13 Reasons Why and this oneshot just kind of happened. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


Castiel smiled as he watched you giggle and the story Sam was telling about the first time he and Dean hustled pool.

Your smile, your laugh, your entire being made Castiels heart flutter. He had been aware of the idea of love for his entire existence, but this was the first time he really felt it. Too bad he was an angel and angels were never supposed to fall in love.

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anonymous asked:

sometimes i think about what could have made me like sc*tt. like. s1&s2 sc*tt definitely had his faults- esp. wrt his treatment of derek- but i think he definitely could have developed as a person from there and had a rly interesting character arc? like real personal growth and shit. it gets harder after master plan. is there a way that episode could have gone down the way it did and still made him a likable character after that? is there any apology he could give that would suffice?

cont. - like im not sure of the answer, but id love to see someone manage it. i don’t know if ive ever come across a fic that manages to redeem him from that moment while still acknowledging it. most fics either dont forgive him for it or they just sort of ignore it. for me tho, i think the real breaking point for sc*tt is the true alpha storyline. after that i don’t think there was anything they could have done for him to make him an interesting or likeable character. that storyline ruined it.

I think one of the biggest places where people take issue with Scott –– and this doesn’t mean they hate him or he’s a horrible human being (although some people feel that way too, and are entitled to it), but where many people see Scott falling short as a character is in that the show seems to have decided that “main character” or “hero” should mean perfect, and that’s just… that’s not good for character development, for plot building, or honestly, for a character’s likability.

Characters need to grow to be engaging. And people grow by making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Scott’s mistakes, his flaws as a human being (and yes, he has flaws, everyone does, that’s not character assassination, that’s just fact) are really never addressed. He isn’t made to apologize for the things he does wrong (and why should he, honestly, since no one around him recognizes his problematic behaviors and calls him out on them) or face any apparent payment for them. This compared to the rest of the characters in the series, who are called out on their mistakes –– either by other characters or by consequences in canon. I always use Derek as a comparison, because there are a lot of straightforward parallels, such as the key moments with Isaac. Derek throws a glass at Isaac to get him to leave the loft. We know that’s an absolutely shitty thing to do, it reads immediately on both Isaac and Derek’s faces, and as consequence Derek loses Isaac as a pack member. That’s some hardcore, immediate reaction showing people in the scene and in the audience that This Was Not An Ok Thing To Do. The fact that Derek knew it wasn’t ok as he was doing it, and that he did it on purpose to get Isaac to leave for his own safety, does not make the behavior alright, and Derek acknowledges and pays for that behavior in the permanent loss of Isaac as a housemate and pack member.

When Scott, a short time later, throws Isaac into a wall in a moment of jealousy, it should, on the surface, seem to strike a fairly close parallel. We have Isaac’s Alpha, someone in a position of power over him, physically lashing out at him in some way. But in this instance, neither Scott nor Isaac react much to it, Isaac continues to go on living in Scott’s house and remaining a member of his pack, and there is just… no real follow up to that moment. And while I understand how that can lead some viewers to dismiss the moments as not being parallel (Isaac wasn’t upset there, so clearly Scott’s behavior is acceptable), what I and many viewers are instead left with is the message that Derek lashing out is unexpected and unacceptable, Scott lashing out is expected and acceptable, and that makes him… more heroic?

In season five I believe there finally was a moment between Stiles and Scott where Scott seemed to be being called out on his behavior, but even that came off as very “I’m flawed and you can’t understand that because you’re perfect,” which is… it’s how Scott sees himself, and it’s how the writers seem to see him, but A) that fails to acknowledge the ways in which he is flawed –– meaning that he can’t learn from and improve upon those flaws –– and B) makes for an incredibly un-engaging character. How can we identify with perfection? How can we root for perfection? And how can we fully get on board with someone we are told is perfect, when we can look at them and point out a dozen instances where they weren’t?

This is my major issue with Scott’s character. That we are told he is perfect when we see he isn’t, that he has a double standard of being excused from all of his bad behaviors when the characters around him aren’t, and I do think this connects very much to the True Alpha problem (I got another ask about my thoughts on that so I’ll answer that in more detail separately), because it’s just another level of saying “Scott is a better man, werewolf, and person in general than everyone else.”

Ok, now after all of that, how do I think Scott could have been improved and made more likable for many critical viewers? To be honest, for me it would have been really simple. Include moments where he apologizes for things. That’s… really, honestly, all I would have needed. Because like I said, I’m not looking for perfect characters. Scott acknowledging that he screwed up now and again would make me ecstatic because it would mean that he’s learning and growing and is trying to become better, and that makes for an amazing character arc in any show. If Scott had done the exact same thing in “Master Plan,” except when Derek asked why Scott didn’t tell him Scott had said “I’m sorry… I was afraid if I told anyone then Gerard would find out my plan. And I couldn’t risk that, my mom was in danger” then bam. I would have had a complete turnaround on my attitude toward him in that moment. He would have been humanized, we would have seen that he was in a tough situation, and he would have become more sympathetic by sympathizing with the shitty thing he’d done to Derek. Honestly, that simple.

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Can you elaborate on Bruce being the "Great Manipulator"? I'm still working my way through 00's Batman comics (mainly Cass Batgirl), but I do remember that being displayed in Steph's issue of Gotham Knights. Any other key examples?

Early 2000s Bruce was kinda this… extreme version of a control freak that is hard to rationalize. 

* Refused to accept Spoiler despite her work with Robin. Forbade Robin from revealing his secret identity to her despite him knowing hers and them dating and being pretty serious. Then decided to train her and that she could know Robin’s identity… which he told her without consulting Tim???

* Put up this ridiculous test which involved mentally tormenting Tim to the point that he questioned if he was going crazy, had to investigate every one of his most trusted friends and families in fear that they were going to be some ominous traitor only to realize Bruce had set the whole thing up as a “test” because Tim – who has innate trust issues, lost one of his parents already, and was dealing with incredible anxiety – was apparently “too trusting” in Bruce’s opinion.

* His treatment of Helena Bertinelli deserves its own essay.

* In the middle of training Spoiler, randomly decided to kick her out of the family for failing a test he eerily set up just like with Tim (and this was the same week she had gotten the news her father had died), and it was set up so that she was doomed to fail. Then, even though she figured it out by the end, he kicked her out and tried to order Tim (her boyfriend) and Cass (her best friend) to not have anything to do with her.

* All but admits to Alfred that, after Tim quit being Robin, Bruce let Stephanie become Robin in a play to make Tim jealous and want to come back. 

* This was around the same time that the Tower of Babel happened in the JLA where it’s revealed that Bruce’s secret, in-depth plans on how to take out every member of the Justice League end up in enemy hands and used against them all. The entire League feels betrayed, primarily because they’re not against contingency plans but against the fact that Bruce would make it his own business to do so without consulting any of them

*Having not learned a goddamn thing about the previous story, Bruce builds Brother Eye which leads to the Infinite Crisis disaster and the deaths of hundreds of civilians and heroes alike. Because Bruce wanted surveillance on everyone. Y’know. Without warrant or cause. Because that idea needed more support in the wake of the Patriot Act and the Bush years here in America. 

*Jim gets shot and has to retire, leading to a new Commissioner for the GCPD – handpicked by Jim himself and a pretty standup guy. Bruce literally pouts and throws a fit and basically refuses to work with the new Commissioner out of spite. This will lead to an even ROCKIER relationship with the GCPD without either Jim or Harvey around to broker for Batman and eventually leads to the animosity of the Gotham Gang Wars and its aftermath where Bruce and the Batfamily were made out to be pretty much villains in the eyes of the cops. 

*The Gotham Gang War was all based on his own plans that Stephanie tried to execute by herself to prove herself to him after the abuse and misuse she had experienced above and being “fired” as Robin for…. a mistake??? It wasn’t even really a mistake. I have reread that issue multiple times, what happened made no sense. 

*He refuses to help Cass establish a civilian identity and actively works against Barbara’s attempts to get Cass to take the idea seriously because he thinks it’s fine for her to have no personal life, and also refuses to acknowledge her suicidal tendencies and death wish. This is revealed to be because he ADMITS that he prefers having her available 24/7 and in any identity as his own weapon (literally the line separating him from Cain at that point was threadbare) 

* AFTER Cass resolves her death wish problem and comes to embrace her life, Bruce fires her and tells her she’s done a bad job, though supposedly his “intention” is that he wants her to be happy and live a civilian life which he sets up for her after firing her, but it only leads to Cass breaking down and for Barbara to have to pick up the pieces and be responsible for emotionally healing her. He does not apologize for any of this bt gets forgiven anyway. For some reason.

And like. A million other things. I didn’t even get into Bruce Wayne:Murderer?/Fugitive storyline which deserves an essay on Bruce’s bullshit. 

aka 2000s Bruce is like. The literal worst. 

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Hi! So i'm fairly new to the ouat fandom and just binge watched the whole show and captain swan is LIFE. But I see some people say that Killian is a rapist? I mean why?? He's my favorite character and I haven't seen anything during episodes that would indicate that...So why do they say that? Is it only because they hate him? or something else?

Okay, well first off, welcome to the fandom dear! 🎉

As for the “Hook is a rapist” thing… There’s kind of a lot to go over. First and foremost, I want to say that I disagree with this statement, but I have actually looked through anti-Hook posts when I was new to the fandom and saw a great variety of assessments of his character. I don’t agree with it, but I know the gist of the arguments.

(Under the cut because long post is long, and also so anyone who doesn’t want to read anti-Hook or rape TW stuff can pass.)

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Can you talk about the college au more because I'm intrigued

gosh it aint even a Thing yet, i popped wide awake at 3am last night when my brain went “au where everything’s the same for kara but all the superfriends go to college together” which is probably a fic that’s going to be written 50 times over if it hasnt already been so i figured id drop it like i usually do with my 3am ideas but it got stuck in my head 

under the cut cause i went too hard :/

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Good news, I’ve got ALL* of the [new] cryptograms deciphered for you! In nice, easy-to-find categories, no less! (*With the exception of A) the Shape-Shifter’s page and the Blind Eye page, as there’s nothing new there to decipher. B) The seemingly random numeric values scattered on some of the pages. C) The possibly-morse-code(?) blocks.)

Naturally, there are SPOILERS FOR JOURNAL 3 below the break:

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bridgit  asked:

I've been thinking about this ever since the IKEA piece but I'm a lazy crap to write it. Maybe you'll have more fun with this? How would things play out if Sousuke's s/o surprised him with "if lost return to ..." And "I am ..." Shirts as a light joke? Also, great job on the blog! You're the best 😘

no but wait i found this post and does anyone know what MBTI type Sousuke is because reasons

Sousuke’s little habit had become an inconvenient daily occurrence. If you could even call it a habit… Did getting lost constantly, without fail, count as a habit? At this point, it didn’t really matter. Ok, so maybe bringing Sousuke to IKEA, of all places, was a mistake, but you’d taken literally every single precaution to ensure he’d just stay in one damn spot. It wasn’t your fault he completely ignored you, and, ultimately, ended up getting dragged back to reception with his tail between his legs.

It was only after that incident that you had an idea. You needed some way to keep a track of Sousuke, and supposed that fitting him with a tracking device might be a little too problematic. He refused to speak to you for the evening when you jokingly suggested getting him a collar with a name tag and address on, and the suggestion of a tattoo didn’t go down all that well either. Everything you suggested was in good humour, of course, but the only half-decent idea you managed to come up with was purchasing a portable phone charger - and for that matter, how on earth did his phone always run out of battery when he was lost?

A few nights after the episode at IKEA, snuggled under the warm quilts and blankets of your bed, waiting for Sousuke to finish showering, you waded through the dregs of the internet, mindlessly flicking through numerous products marketed to the masses. It was something that occupied the time, at least, and, occasionally, you’d find something vaguely amusing. Last time, it had been a giant hamster ball, crafted with the intention of being able to “walk on water”… Sousuke hadn’t exactly approved of the idea. Chuckling at the memory, you briefly wondered if, in your own way, you’d be lost without Sousuke by your side.

Stretching out on the bed and yawning, you couldn’t help but be thankful when the noise of the shower quietened - it had been quite a long day, after all, and cuddling up with Sousuke was the best way to wind down. Just as you were about to put your phone aside for the evening, a pair of t-shirts caught your eye. The subsection of ‘Couple’s T-shirts’ was always something you pointedly avoided, but these… It was all you could do to not burst into laughter upon seeing them - they were perfect!

The adjoining door to the bathroom creaking open, you hastily made the purchase before Sousuke could see what you were doing. This would be a rather amusing surprise.

“Hey, ____. There’s a package for you.” Sousuke didn’t give you much warning before he chucked the object towards you on the sofa, and, unable to react in time, it hit you square in the chest.

“Y'know, if this was priceless china, or, I don’t know, the crown jewels, you would be entirely responsible for it getting all smashed up.”

“Yeah, but it’s not.” Huffing at his reply, you stashed the package besides you, waiting for the opportune moment to reveal your surprise. “What is it, anyway?”

“Nothing.” Probably not the best reply, really, but you figured he was going to find out sooner or later.

“Oh?” His head perked up, gaze lingering on you for a while from where he sat in the kitchen. “Now I’m curious, ____…”

The grin on his face told you that there’d likely be no escape from this now; when Sousuke wanted to find out what you were doing, he could be incredibly persuasive. Even now, the mischievous glint in his eyes told you that he wasn’t going to be patient with you. Feeling your eyebrow twitch, you sighed, gesturing for him to join you on the sofa.

“Fine, fine. C'mere, I’ll show you.“ 

Pushing himself off the kitchen counter, Sousuke swiftly made his way over to where you were lounging on the sofa, pushing your legs out of the way so that he could make room next to you. Tearing into the wrapping, you made a point of hiding moving it about so that the excess material blocked Sousuke’s view, allowing you to get the first look at your new t-shirts. Upon glimpsing the material, you realised that you may have made a rather hilarious mistake - after all, you had been in a rush to buy them… 

“Don’t ask, just put this on.” You thrust the appropriate shirt in Sousuke’s face, and when he realised what it read, he raised an eyebrow. 


“Just do it!“ 

Shedding your own top, you shimmied into the new one, surprised to find that it fit perfectly. Looking over at your boyfriend, however, you realised that this wasn’t quite the case. Looks like you had made a mistake. 

“It’s a little small…” He grumbled, and, sure enough, as if the text on the shirt wasn’t comical enough on its own, the fabric was stretched tight across his muscular chest. You were shaking with the effort to hold in your laughter, by this point, the disgruntled look on his face only contributing to the hilarity of the situation - he was outright glaring at you, and honestly, if you didn’t know him better, it might have scared you a little. 

“I am not wearing this.” You could tell that behind the thunderous glare and harsh words, Sousuke was making an attempt to stifle his own laughter, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly as he glanced down at your matching t-shirt. “You’re the worst, ____…" 

You really couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore, doubled over in hysterics as Sousuke chuckled at you. Honestly, he couldn’t bring himself to be angry when you were getting such a kick out of it, and, looking down at himself, he really did look priceless. The shirts themselves weren’t awful, he guessed - not that he’d be telling you that any time soon. He definitely wouldn’t wear this one out in public, but… Maybe if you got a larger size… He might just consider it.

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Hello you're writing is awesome! I just got awakening and I'm loving Chrom X Robin. I know you wrote about their wedding night but could you write about Robin's pregnancy? I feel like he'd both incredibly excited and stressed (especially when she goes into labor). Please and thank you!

Anon, you kill me I love this so much…

“Robin, are you sure you can carry that book? It looks heavy.” Chrom seemingly materialized beside her as she took out the book from the shelf.

“You startling me like this is bad for my health.” She teased, regreting it the moment she saw the look of horror on his face.

“I-I’m sorry, I just–” He mumbled, still taking the book from her hands and scratching the back of his neck. “I’m so nervous; it’s our first child and I worry.” He awkwardly caressed her stomach already on the last stage of pregnancy. “It looks hard on you.”

After saying that, he looked down, much like a puppy when scolded. Robin wrapped her arm around his, leaning her head on his shoulder. “I understand. But believe me when I say that I’m okay. You’ll be the first one to know if something doesn’t feel right.”

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A rant, but I ain't mad bro

Above, my senior photo - 2002

I’m writing this post in response to a lot of tweets I got this weekend around the Game Awards and at IEM

I don’t usually bring up negative comments but it’s so upsetting to constantly feel the need to prove yourself. Most of the time I just write tweets, or posts I want to send and delete them afterwards. I’ll instantly feel better, even if I didn’t hit send. Try it sometime! I might feel the need to be defensive but there’s no point so I just say nothing and move on.

I might not play LoL but it’s fun to watch and I’ve played enough to know what’s going on. It’s funny because I was getting some criticism on twitter about being there since I don’t play as much as “they do” - Do you think everyone in football stadiums, hockey arenas, basketball/tennis courts all play or have ever actually played that professional sport they are spectating?? Chances are pretty high they haven’t.

This is the first and last time I’ll ever address this - I know the amount of time I’ve spent playing video games my entire life and to see people say I don’t is laughable.  Granted I might have made a mistake posting my first “Let’s Play” of a game I’d never played before as my first series on my gaming channel.. Oops, mistakes were definitely made ;) many…. many… many of them. But, I did finish it so at least I didn’t give up despite all the hate and death threats. 

I have never claimed to be a professional at it but it’s something I have always loved and has made me who I am today. My mom actually set a rule growing up that if I didn’t play at least one active sport and get good grades, she would take my computer and games (NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast (lol) Game Boy, Game Gear) away for 9 weeks until the next report card. What did I do one year instead of going to prom? Went to a LAN party. 

When I was 16 most people were saving money for a car.. I saved and bought my first Apple G4 tower (pictured above) and didn’t bother getting my license until I was 18. Why would I need to drive when this internet thing has everything I need? Plus, my mom drove me to all those IRL sports!

I do remember the day unreal Tournament was released for Mac.. that was the day my life changed. I was finally playing my favorite “PC” game on my Mac! That Christmas I asked for RAM as my only gift. That same year for my birthday I asked for what I believe at the time was called “SoftWindows” to emulate Windows so I could try to play PC games. It did NOT work at all. Wasted birthday gift. 

We always were a Mac family so gaming on a PC for me in the very early days was mostly spent waiting for ports, playing in study hall at school, borrowing friends non-Apple computers, and yes… going to “cyber cafes”.

I also remember it like a holiday when Steve Jobs announced at WWDC they would be transitioning all future Apple products to Intel chips. It’s one huge reasons I love getting the opportunity to work with Intel. Growing up all of my friends had “Intel Inside” their gaming machines and I was jealous haha. 

I love what I love.. I love video games, I love tech, I love food, I love candy, I love nice people, I love puppies. I really don’t care if you choose to challenge me on any of those. My friends, family and viewers who know me, know what I like and that’s what matters. 

I hope that whatever it is that you love, never let anyone tell you otherwise. Be you. Be what makes you happy and surround yourself with people who are supportive of that. 

Anyway, there’s so much more I’d like to say. I guess I’ll save it for my book ;) I honestly love you guys so much and appreciate the endless support.

I wise lady once sang “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…”

xo, ij

I NEEDED TO GET THIS OUT IN TIME FOR @saigenosweek !!! So here we are. This one goes out to @arctg for their insanely adorably comic–I love this expression so frickin’ much >~~~~<

This is the last chapter if you wanna catch up! (And here’s all of it on Ao3 if you’d prefer that!)

((Edit–Here’s the next bit!))

Pushing It


    Saitama had no idea when he finally dozed off…


    …but he’d done it with Genos’ face swimming in his head…

    “…ensei, please.”

    …and woke up to the same thing right in front of him.

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#328: Your child catches his cheating (Pt.5)
  • Niall: “Ma…you know you don’t have to come t my game.” Caleb coughed as he pushed his bag further up his shoulder. “It’s just the first one of this season anyway.” He shrugged and you peered over at him with knitted brows. “Cal I never miss your first game.” You pointed out and he shrugged taking his lower lip between his teeth. “Look Caleb I know he’s going to be there and that fine.” You sighed taking your car keys in hand and leading him out the house. “But you haven’t seen him since you know—since you two separated and I get that you’re alright but what if that all changes when you see him.” He mumbled trailing behind you sluggishly. “You have nothing to worry about except for winning that game today.” You said with a bright smile and he shook his head. “I just don’t want you break again mum.” He frowned and you let out another sigh. “It’s gonna be alright baby…plus I can take care of myself. Don’t worry about me.”
  • Harry: He knew she resented him, she could tell him she didn’t every waking day, but he knew. He knew from the first day she’d confronted him about his cheating. He knew it’d only gotten worse when she’d realized [Y/N] had left the both of them for good. What Harry didn’t know was how to make his daughter hate him a little less. Trying everything in the book to get his Charlie back to her old self, he missed her laughter when he’d share one of his stupid jokes. Or how she’d smile the mirroring dimpled smile whenever he’d say something that made absolutely no sense. He let out a sigh as Charlie sauntered into the kitchen, giving him a small nod in acknowledgement before prying into the fridge and pulling out a can of soda. That was another thing he missed, he missed having actual conversations with his child. But he’d messed that up and it was killing him. She was all he had, Charlie was all he had left and she didn’t want anything to do with him.
  • Zayn: “Hey…” He mumbled with his hands shoved into this pockets as he slowly approached his dad. He glanced up through his lashes to see a tiny smile make its way to his father’s lips. “Gav I---I didn’t think you’d actually show.” He stood from his seat, wiping his hands on the fronts of his jeans. With a shrug Gavin slid into the booth, “I wasn’t actually. You should thank ma for that.” He muttered picking up the menu and letting his eyes scan over it as Zayn slid back into his seat across from his son. “Yeah I probably should…’m lucky she even continues to take my calls.” Zayn chuckled with a shake of his head only causing Gavin to roll his eyes. “You really are lucky because if it were up to me the number would have been changed the second you left our family.” Gavin seethed letting the menu fall back onto the table to stare at his father. “Look I'm only here because of mom. I—I had no intentions on fixing us, dad. I meant it when I said I didn’t need you dad.” Gavin piped staring into his father’s eyes. Zayn let out a sigh before easing back out of his seat with a nod. “I know you did Gav…I really am sorry for what I did to our family if that means anything to you.”
  • Louis: He let Noah tug him excitedly further into his old house with giggles spewing from his tiny lips. “Mommy daddy’s here. Look mom he came. I told you he wouldn’t miss my birthday.” Noah boasted glancing up at his dad, shooting him a toothless grin as the two of them neared you. Louis brought his free hand up to rub at the back of his neck before shooting you an awkward smile, “Hey bub, how about you get back to your party.” You smiled down at him after letting your eyes fall from Louis’. Without hesitation Noah took off, back out into the yard where all of his friends were. “You made it.” You stated with a raised brow and he nodded shoving his idle hands into his pockets. “I told you I wouldn’t miss it. Even though you’d probably like it a bit more if I didn’t show.” He mumbled and you couldn’t stop yourself from rolling your eyes. “Oh I would have but—but Noah would have been crushed. You may be an cheating asshole in my eyes but in his…he looks up to you.” You sighed turning away from him to grab the ice cream cake out of the freezer.
  • Liam: “I made a mistake.” Liam blurted as soon as you pulled the door open. You stared up at him with a quirked brow and let out a small chuckle. “Why are you here Liam?” You asked turning around to go back into the kitchen with him following after you. “Because I made a mistake [Y/N]…and I'm sorry.” He explained. “Liam it’s been months…and it’s taken you this long to realize you made a mistake?” You questioned shaking your head and he let out a sigh. “I didn’t just realize it…I just—I know you needed space [Y/N]. If I would have came back sooner you would have probably hit me or something.” He frowned bringing his hand up to run his fingers over his hair quickly. “I just miss you so much…both of you. And that day I only left because you told me to. I never wanted—[Y/N] I just want to come back home.” The frown on his lips deepened and you turned around with your arms folded across your chest. “Why should I let you come back Li…you hurt—you know Andy thought it was his fault you left.” You muttered feeling your eyes well up, “Why should I let you back in our family Liam? And don’t say because you love us and you’re sorry because I honestly don’t think that’s enough.”
some thoughts on Segundus's clothing (image heavy, long)

So to preface this I am not a historical costumery expert, merely someone with a dilettante’s interest in the subject. Anyone who is more knowledgeable about these things please feel free to correct me or expand on this! I would be delighted to learn more and apologize for any mistakes I might make.

In the series we only ever see Segundus wearing two outfits. I don’t think it’s out of keeping with the period for someone who’s not rich to only have one set of outer clothes because clothes were expensive and had to be hand-made; in consequence, I think he might have only had the one for the first bit of the series. I might be mistaken but regardless, the differences in the two sets of clothes and the order the appear in are very important.

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Okay, take into account that I haven’t read the manga (I want to but there’s been literally no time lately) and this is just something that came to my mind at like 1am today.

I think of Murasakibara as an extreme realist (a bit pessimist), he’s a guy of logic, with a cause and effect kind of thinking; thus he finds a lot in life pointless.


  •  “Why go through the trouble of doing this when you’re going to die anyway?”
  • “We keep trying to give a meaning to this stuff but it’s all pointless.” 
  • “It’s all going to end in a few years, maybe more, still, why is this even worth it?”

I think thoughts like this go through his mind all the time, he isn’t dumb, he’s actually very smart when it comes to certain things like physics, maths and other kinds of sciences because everything has a cause, an effect it’s mere logic and calculations; then again this is also why he isn’t very good at dealing with people, people can’t be predicted through numbers there isn’t any formula when it comes to anyone so he is often left to take the choice himself (it tends to be something not entirely correct) and that’s why he is described by others as oblivious, or as someone that simply has something wrong when it isn’t necessarily that way.

Now, going to his behaviour and basing this on what I’ve mentioned before, I think he’s lazy because he finds everything pointless (Pointless because no action will have an effect durable enough, writers have gone through centuries sure, but what happens when humanity ends? How would that properly affect the universe?) and so he finds everything too much of a drag to be worth the shot. Then again, he is human, he has feelings he enjoys things and suffers because of things, basketball for example he mentions several times he hates it and that it takes too much effort to keep doing it yet he never drops the team, he stays because he’s good at it and with his enormous body there isn’t many things he’s physically good at (he constantly breaks things because they’re too small for him or because he simply kept knocking them over, again, too small) he enjoys winning because it makes him feel appropriate in the team, makes him feel right, that’s why he cries and suffers his loss so much he considers quitting basketball, because for the first time he is forced to question how good he is at the only, or one of the few, things he believed he was great at. Moving on to the childish side of him I think he has that in his personality, he is a bit childish but it is enhanced by his way of talking, moving and relating with people in general; he understands certain concepts but with people he has trouble pointing out what’s too much and what’s too little, so he tries as much as he can to avoid others in general. 

When it comes to Akashi I believe he follows the orders around because having someone stronger than him, an authority, is reassuring. Murasakibara finds it easier to follow someone’s orders, knowing they’ll take responsibility or at least guide him through things, than to make mistakes and have to find out what the mistake was because he is never sure enough; being told almost all his life that he was different made him insecure and he likes to go through things step by step avoiding errors, not wanting to add those to his ‘weirdness’. 

Being insecure himself is the reason why he is so kind, he is nice and finds certain conversations pleasant enough, he isn’t a difficult guy after all. Then again, he gets mad easily, gets frustrated when he can’t find a logical meaning for the things people do (like putting so much effort onto something that won’t be productive for them, that won’t give off any results) or when he can’t categorize the explanations given to him as anything else but nonsense and bullshit.

I believe he is a passionate person that will fight for his ideals, and that there’s several things he likes or enjoys, basketball and snacks being examples, in my opinion there’s much more to it than that, but he is rather secretive about those not having anyone close enough to share his interests with without feeling entirely out of place and as if he was saying way too much.

On snacks, I think they simply make him happy, they can be sweet or salty but the taste is nice and being able to eat them is nice too, they’re his constant income of small happiness and wouldn’t give them away, I’ve considered the possibility that they remind him of joyful moments so he carries that with him.

Finally I believe he is observant, but simply doesn’t comment on things out of laziness, the thought of it being pointless or because it simply doesn’t matter. He could point out how many times he’s teammates have done this or that in front of him, the mistakes people commit when they talk or the solution to certain things, he doesn’t care but he notices and can’t stop because that’s just who he is, he processes the information but overlooks it.


I’m not saying this is how the creator views him or saying this is how he is as a character but that it makes sense, at least for me, for him to be like this and how that affects the way he acts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion this is just mine and as you may see he is one of my favourite characters in the series, that’s why I want to go deeper with him, everyone else is protrayed with many sides and as deep characters in fanfiction and comics, but, at least the majority seem to portray him as a child that likes eating, period. Nothing more than that. I just wanted to give my insight on the matter… There’s much more to him that this but it’s what I have came up with.

Anyway have a lovely day! 

CheaterCheater - Austin Carlile


anon: your dating Austin carlile but in secret because Andy biesack is you brother and he finds out and flips but Juliet was helping you keep it a secret combine with: Can I please get a Mike Fuentes & Austin Carlile imagine one were you catch mike cheating on you then years pass and your dating austin … You run into mike at the supermarket and he begs you to take him back but you say no because your happy with austin. Sorry if this is confusing xC
“I’m going to go see Mike,” I said to my brother Andy as I pulled on my jacket.
“When will you be back?”
“Um, I’m not sure, a few hours maybe,” Andy didn’t seem to like that answer.
“Oh, ok. Just text me if you need anything,” He said looking worried.
“Will do,” I said as I left.
I walked down the street. Mike only lived about ten minutes away. I put my headphones in and turned the music on as loud as it would go. The walk seemed to be shorter, maybe it’s just the anxiety. I haven’t seen Mike in a week and I’m excited to see him again.
I knocked on the wooden door, no answer. I knocked again but louder this time. His car’s in the yard, he’s home but not answering. Panic started rising within me, I opened the door and ran into the living room.
“Mike?” I asked looking around.
I heard moaning coming from down the hall.
I slowly walked toward Mike’s bedroom. I looked in the door and saw some fake-tanned blonde and Mike under a blanket.
Tears started welling up in my eyes while my blood was boiling.
“(Y/N)!?” Mike looked at me confused.
“We’re done!” I screamed stomping out of the house.
“Wait,” He said grabbing my wrist.
When I turned he said nothing, just stared at me.
“Mike, how long was this going on?” I asked.
“About a month,” He mumbled looking down.
I scoffed and turned around, ripping my hand from his grasp and running out of the house and down the road toward my house.
Tears were pouring down my cheeks as I ran past Andy and into my room.
“(Y/N)? What happened? Are you okay?” Andy questioned knocking on my door.
“Leave me alone!” I sobbed.
I went and opened the door.
“Mike cheated on me, for a month!” Andy pulled me into a hug.
“(Y/n), you deserve so much better than him,” Andy said rubbing my back.
I was crushed.
“Two years,” I choked out, “we were dating for two years, a-and then,” I paused, “he cheats on me!” I buried my head into Andys’ chest.
“Shh, it’s okay. You can do so much better than him anyway,” Andy comforted rubbing his large hands up and down my spine.
“I loved him. I-I thought he loved me back,” My breath caught in my throat, I could hardly breathe. Sorrow filled my lungs, worthlessness floated around my mind, my heart was drained of all the love I ever felt.
“He’s a dick,” Andy said lowly.
A hard knock boomed from downstairs.
I looked up at Andy. He was looking toward the staircase.
“It’s probably Mike,” I said quietly.
“(Y/N)! Please! Let me in! I’m so sorry,” I heard Mike yell.
Tears began streaming down my face once again. I shook my head and placed my forehead back on Andys’ chest.
“I should go kick his ass,” Andy said through his teeth.
I laughed slightly.
“I should talk to him, clear things up,” I mumbled.
Andy nodded, “I’m going to be with you the entire time, just incase.”
We walked down the stairs together, I slowly opened the door and looked at Mikes’ tear stained cheeks.
“(Y/N)?! Oh thank god, I-”
“Wait. I need to talk. First of all, we’re through. There’s no getting us back. Second, why? Why did you cheat? Was I not good enough for you, Mike? Were you to good for me. You’re a rockstar I should’ve expected this to happen.”
“No, no (y/n). I was just being stupid. You’re perfect, I don’t know what I was thinking. It was a huge mistake!” Mike looked at me with pleading eyes. It was hard to stay angry but I managed.
“It obviously wasn’t just a mistake, Michael! It went on for a MONTH! How could you? I was sure that you loved me just as much as I loved you!” Tears well up in my eyes, overflowing and flowing down my cheek to add one more stain to the collection on my face.
“I did! I still do (y/n). I still love you. I always will.” He pleaded.
My breathing became rapid and uncontrollable.
“Just leave, Mike. I’m done,” I turned away slowly tears streaming down my face.
“Wait!” Mike grasped for my arm but never touched it.
“Don’t you dare touch her with those dirty, scum-bag hands of yours,” Andy growled gripping tightly onto Mike’s wrist.
“I suggest you leave,” Andy said deeply, “NOW!”
Mike looked at me one last time, an ashamed look in his eyes. I knew he was desperate to get me to forgive him, but why he was so desperate, I have no idea. He had a girl that could be mistaken for a model in his bed only half an hour ago, why would he come back to me?
“If he tries to talk to you again tell me, okay?” Andy looked straight into my eyes. I could sense his empathy.
I nodded and went up to my room. I curled into my patterned comforter. The darkness encased me, leaving no room for light. I felt so wounded, my heart ached. I screamed into my pillow, smashing my fists against the firm matress.
A shrill ring echoed out beside me; my phone.
“Ugh!” I screamed.
I slowly inched out of my cacoon, I pressed the lock button. The screen lit up; 10 missed calls and 27 texts.
“Dammit,” I mumbled.
I set my phone down and laid my head back down on the pillow. Curosity got the best of me and I decided to check my phone.
*32 TEXTS*
I read some of them.
‘I’m so sorry’
'You deserve better’
'please just answer me’
'I love you’
’(Y/N)? please’
'i know i messed up but please, just one text’
My thumbs danced over the keyboard on the screen.
'Never text me again’
I quickly erased that and though some more. I can’t seem like the bad guy in this.
'Mike, we’re through. This is the one text you wanted, so here. But don’t text me again. It’s better for both of us.’
I hit the send button and relaxed back into the cloud-like blankets.
'Alright. I love you.’
I shut my phone off and tried to get some sleep. Anything to take my mind off of the day.
“Rise and shine sweetie!” A gentle voice greeted.
I turned and saw Juliet, Andy’s girlfriend, standing at my door.
“Hey Juliet,” I croaked out trying to sound happy.
“Andy told me about everything,” She said sympathetically, “You can do so much better than him, trust me.”
I smiled weakly.
“Andy made lunch,” She quickly tried to change the subject, “you’re favourite!”
I mustered up the best laugh I could do and slid out of my warm, inviting bed.
I trudged down the stairs, Juliet following closely behind.
“Hey (Y/N)!” Andy exclaimed.
“Hey Andy,” I replied with a dead tone.
He gave me a sympathetic smile.
“(Y/N), I was thinking, how about we go out shopping today? Or we could go see a movie, your pick,” Juliet suggested trying to be up beat.
I usually would say yes in a heartbeat but this was different circumstances.
“I think I’d rather stay here,” I said quietly.
Juliets smile quickly turned into a sorry smile, “alright. Maybe some other time.”
I nodded and grabbed my full plate of food Andy prepared off the table. We all sat at the table. An eery silence surounded us. I had a few bites then resorted to pushing the food around my plate with my fork.
“You haven’t eaten much today (Y/N), you should try to have a bit more,” Andy said in a parental tone.
I didn’t say anything I just took a few more bites. The food was amazing for being Andy’s cooking but I wasn’t really in the mood for eating.
“I’m going to go up to my room. I’ll finish my food later.” I got up and put my plate in the fridge.
Andy and Juliet just nodded.
I trudged up the stairs. Everything seemed like a chore now.
I opened my door and my eyes landed on the picture on my bedside table, Mike and I in front of the eiffel tower on our 1st anniversary. The room became filled with the sound of sobs. I’m undeniably in love with him, but I don’t want to be. I know I should just get over him, but it’s so hard to just forget abount 2 years of your life.
*2 years later*
“ANDY!” I shouted running over to him.
The crowded airport looked at us like we were crazy.
“I’m so glad to have you back home,” I said hugging my brother.
“I’m glad to be back home,” Andy said smiling.
I looked up and saw none other than Of Mice & Men walking out of the same terminal Andy just came through.
“I didn’t know Of Mice was coming here?” I looked at Andy puzzled.
“Oh yeah, they said they wanted me to record a song with them on their new record. So yeah, they’re staying here for a bit.”
“Oh, okay.”
The five boys walked over to us.
“Where’s Jules?” Tino asked.
“She couldn’t make it, she had to work,” I answered.
They nodded and then began talking to each other.
“So, you must be (Y/N),” Austin said coming over to me.
“Yeah, that’s me,” I smiled polietly. “And you must be Mr. Austin Carlile,” He nodded while giggling, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
We exchanged smiles while holding eye contact.
“So!” Alan exclaimed breaking Austin and I out of our little world. “Are we going to get some food? I’m starving!” The rest of the boys nodded in agreement.
“I actually made some homemade lasagna, if you want that,” I said fiddling with my fingers. The intense stare of six hungry men is quite intimidating.
I laughed.
“Well let’s get going then.”
*At Andy and (Y/N)’s house*
The dinner table was silent, everyone was to busy shoveling food into their mouths to talk. I must admit the lasagna did turn out well for my first time making it from scratch.
“That was amazing (Y/N)!” Phil exclaimed with a huge smile.
“Thank you, Phil.”
“You need to cook more often,” Andy said.
“If I do these guys will never go home!” I said refering to the Of Mice guys.
Everyone laughed.
“She’s right ya know,” Alan said through laughter.
They all nodded.
“Hey, is the XBox still downstairs?” Andy asked.
“Well let’s go down and play!”
The boys all stood up and rushed their plates over to the sink.
“I’m going to clean up a bit,” I said walking over to the sink.
“I’ll help,” Austin said coming towards me.
“We’ll be down in a few,” He told the boys.
“You don’t have to help you know. You can go down with the boys if you want,” I said to him once everyone was downstairs.
“I actually wanted to talk to you, one on one,” He said seriously while drying the dishes.
I’m sure the baffled look on my face was obvious.
“How would you like to go on a date sometime?”
I looked at him in shock. I’ve always had a slight crush on him, we was such a sweet and caring guy.
“I-I would love that!” I replied almost to quickly.
“Awesome,” He said grinning.
*5 months later*
“He’s going to find out sometime,” Juliet said to me sitting down on the edge of my bed.
“You know how Andy got after my break up with Mike, I don’t think he’s going to be happy that I’m dating another rockstar musician,” I sighed.
“We’ll just have to come up with a plan,”
I thought for a minute.
“I just won’t mention anything. I won’t tell him where I’m going or who I’m going out with. It’ll be fine.”
She nodded reluctantly.
Suddenly the door opened.
“Hey girls, I was looking for you,” Andy said walking into my room.
We just smiled.
“I was thinking we could have a movie night. We never get to have nights in together anymore,” He suggested.
We all walked down to the living room, I turned Netflix on and chose a movie. Juliet made popcorn and Andy got blankets and pillows for us all.
My phone vibrated on the table.
Hey sweetie
- Aussypoo <3
I smiled and instantly wrote back.
Hey cutie :)
I cuddled into the blankets and pressed play.
What are you up to? xx
I lowered the brightness and then replied.
Move night with A&J, you?
I could see Andy look over but I acted calm.
Ooh, I just finished a show. I’m missing you :(
My thumbs danced over the screen.
I’m missing you too :’(
My eyes started welling up but I quickly blinked back the tears.
“It’s not a sad movie (Y/N),” Andy said eyeing me oddly.
I laughed a little.
“Yeah, I know. I just yawned,” I lied
Only 2 days til I’m home with you wrapped in my arms again :) xx.
My heart ached.
I can’t wait!! :D
I went to grab a handful of popcorn but got nothing but air.
“I guess I’ll go make more popcorn,” I laughed.
Andy and Juliet lightly laughed turning their attention back to the fast paced film.
I went to the kitchen and put the popcorn in the microwave for three minutes. A minute later I heard Andy shout.
“(Y/N)? Why is Austin sending you texts that say 'I love you babe’ with kissy faces?”
My heart beat quickened and I stepped back into the living room.
“Oh, uh, we-we’re kind of, well we, we’re dating,” I stumbled.
Andy’s eyes widened.
“Another musician. Do you not remember what happened last time?” Andy almost sounded angry.
“Andy,” I started.
“Don’t! I was with you the whole time mending your broken heart! I don’t want to see you go through that ever again,” Andy said looking me straight in the eye.
“Andy, you know Austin, you know he’s a good guy,” Juliet chimed in.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I was scared what you’d say,” I mumbled.
The redness grew on Andy’s face.
“Andy,” Juliet said softly.
Andy looked over at Juliet and his face slowly softened.
“There are good rockstars out there, I mean, there’s one in this room.”
Andy blushed.
I head up to my room and stay there for the rest of the night.
*2 Days Later*
“I’m so glad you’re here (Y/N),” Austin said cuddling me in closer.
The movie that once held our entire attention was disregarded.
“Me too, I missed you while you were on tour,” I said closing my eyes, listening to Austin’s steady breaths.
“So, Andy knows,” He said quietly.
“Yeah, he didn’t take it to well. I think Juliet might’ve helped though.”
Hey (Y/N), how’s Austin treatin’ you?
-Best Brother Ever
I smiled.
Great! He’s a really good guy :)
We sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before my phone rang again.
I’m glad for you sis :)
I let out a sigh.
“What’s up?” Austin asked.
“I think Andy is finally okay with us,” I smiled.
Austin smiled back, kissing me on the nose.
“I’m glad.”
We watched the movie a bit longer. The intense drama folding out and revealing all its’ secrets. The movie wrapped up and looked over at Austin.
“I’m going to go to the store and pick up some stuff for supper. You want anything?” I asked.
“No thanks sweetie,” Austin replied kissing my temple.
I got up and grabbed my purse off the kitchen counter, I tugged my shoes on and ran out the door towards my car. A short ten minutes later I arrived at the store. I slowly stepped down the isles filled with possible choices taking my time. I was so focused on finding the right sauce I hardly even noticed accidentally walking into someone.
“Oh, sorry!” The stranger and I both said immediatly.
I looked up and saw none other than my ex, Mike Fuentes.
“Oh, hey (Y/N),” Mike said looking at me softly.
“Hey Mike,” I awkwardly looked away.
“It’s been a long two years, huh?” Mike tried to make conversation.
“Yeah,” I kept my gaze on the sauces.
“How are you doing, (Y/N)?”
I finally broke stare and looked up at Mike. He looked the same as the last time I saw him, two years ago, but he has more facial hair now and it seems like he has more tattoos than I remember.
“Great,” I smiled not hiding my happiness.
“How about you?” I added.
His grin instantly turned into a frown.
“Not so great,” He quickly looked down to the floor and then back to me.
“I miss you, (Y/N),” he added, “I’m so stupid for not appreciating every single moment with you. I took you for granted.”
Tears sprung into his eyes.
“Mike,” I said softly.
He looked up at me and my heart broke, he looked broken.
“I really love you (Y/N),” He said.
I stayed strong and didn’t let my sympathy show.
“I’m with someone else now Mike, someone who makes me happy.”
“I love you so much, I can’t just let you go,” he paused for a moment, “I really think we can work things out.”
I sighed.
“Mike, it’s over. I love Austin, my boyfriend. You had your chance and you ruined it, don’t come crying to me, this is your fault. We just weren’t ment to be.”
“I’m sorry,” He mumbled walking off drained of his confidence.
I took a long breath in, picked up what I needed from the shelf and got ready to check out. I drove back home and walked in on Austin writing something in his song book.
“New song?” I asked dropping everything on the counter.
“Yeah,” He mumbled writing some more.
I read some of the lyrics, it wasn’t his usual song. This was a love song.
“I wrote it for you,” He said looking up from his book and focusing on my eyes.
“I love you Austin,” I smiled leaning in connecting our lips.
“I love you too.”
A/N: I kind of rushed the ending but here you go :)

riainsaffron  asked:

Hi! Just discovered this blog, it's a joy to read :) I'm a first-year medical student, and even though we have a few years to pick a speciality, I was thinking about possibly doing emergency medicine. Since you have so much experience, what are some things you think people should consider before going into the field? And what are some things that you would like doctors that you work with to do better? Thank you!!

Hey there! So first off, this blog pertains much more to writing advice than to career advice. I’m also not a doctor myself, so I don’t have the direct insider tips you might be looking for. However, because the things that make a good ER doc will also make a good ER doc character, I’m going to contextualize this into writing advice. Cool? Cool. This is mostly my perspective, but it also channels advice I’ve heard from countless docs and podcasts.

First, scheduling. Emergency Medicine is a specialty where you will have to be willing to work shifts, including nights, for the entirety of your career. I don’t know of any full-time attendings who don’t have to work nights at least once in a while. That’s cool for now, but are you really gonna want to work overnights when you’re 60? There are day-shift specialties in medicine. EM is not one of them.

You need to be able to deal with a sniffle one minute and a major trauma the next, and then transition back to the sniffles. We put the critically ill and the you-should-have-gone-to-the-clinic-a-week-ago-for-this patients in the same space, and that broad range of acuity can be majorly problematic. They’re different mindsets. And the subacute will inevitably angry that they had to wait to see you, while you were taking care of the dying. That takes a huge, often-unspoken, emotional toll.

Emergency work will do its damnedest to strip you of your love of people. People can be rude, and horrible, and you have to stand there and take it. They do horrible things to each other. They’ll do horrible things to you, sometimes verbally, sometimes physically. I’ve known coworkers who went to move past a patient to go to the bathroom in an ER who got punched in the face so hard they had facial fractures. Just for trying to pee. I’ve had a patient just verbally berate me for a 45-minute transport until I had to get out of the ambulance, make sure my partner was okay triaging, and literally go cry in the parking lot and shake with rage and hatred.

You need compassion. You need to keep that compassion close and protected under a layer of tough skin. You need to be able to tell someone who’s screaming in pain to wait. You need to be able to hold a family member who just lost their kid while they cry.

You need to listen. The biggest pet peeves that medics might have about ER docs is that they often won’t listen to us. We’ll say, “Doc, don’t do this thing” and then the doc will say “mhmm” and do the thing anyway. Sometimes it’s comical. Sometimes it’s killed people. Medics might not have the same background you do, but we are generally pretty hip to what is going on. Listen. Please.

You need a sense of humor. You need to be okay with the fact that you will make jokes that it would not be okay for those outside of EM to hear. You need to be able to laugh in place of crying. You need to be okay hearing burned-out people rant and rave. You need to be okay with the fact that you will have some extremely ugly feelings.You will have to figure out how to deal with them. There is always the next patient.

You have to be prepared to kill people. Not on purpose. But you’ll make mistakes. The stakes are very, very high when you make them. Sometimes they’re okay, they get caught, they work out. Sometimes someone dies. (If you are not okay with someone dying because of a mistake you made, do not go into medicine, period. Everyone kills someone. That’s how we learn. My mistakes come back to me every time I see a similar patient.)

You need a life outside of medicine. I know, that’s hard. I’m fucking terrible at it. (This blog, and the family I’ve built with it, have done more for my mental health than I can possibly say.) But you need a hobby, some way of interacting with the world. Do woodworking in your garage. Invent new types of paper airplanes. Play the guitar and sing at shitty open mic nights. Whatever it is that you do, do something else. You’ll need it. You’ll rely on it. It will keep you human.

EM is one of the best fields in the world. It is one of the worst fields in the world. The highs are epic, the lows unbearable. You will bear them.

This, too, shall pass.

Best of luck.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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a hella long list of random lyric sentence starters (pt. 7)
  • "I would never wish bad things, but I don't wish you well."
  • "Bet it sucks, to see my face everywhere."
  • "If she really knows the truth, she deserves you."
  • "Never again will I kiss you, never again will I want to."
  • "After today then there's nothing you owe me."
  • "I'm so glad that you came, I needed someone who loves me."
  • "Don't try to talk yourself into this love."
  • "You can't try to stay, you either will or you won't."
  • "You think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry."
  • "I'm not a little kid now, watch me get big now."
  • "I feel like I'm just missing something whenever you leave."
  • "I'm taking back what's mine."
  • "You'll miss the slice of heaven that I gave to you last night."
  • "You're just a piece of meat to me."
  • "They say love grows, but I've only seen it die."
  • "I'm too young to feel like I'm runnin' out of time."
  • "I get so scared thinkin' I'll never get over you."
  • "Maybe I'll never get over you."
  • "I met someone new and now I'm scared to go all the way."
  • "I can't get through to you."
  • "I can calm you."
  • "I'm out of my mind; think you can wait?"
  • "I won't make trouble."
  • "I'll try, but I couldn't be better."
  • "Stay with me among the strangers."
  • "Hold on, what's the rush? We're not done, are we?"
  • "You can stay one more hour... can you stay one more hour?"
  • "You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me."
  • "You know I'm gonna find a time to catch your hand and make you stay."
  • "I'll be here when it's all done you know."
  • "What's the point in chasing if I can't enjoy your face?"
  • "I don't care what clothes you wear, it's time to love and I don't care."
  • "And if I was running, you'd be the one who I would be running to."
  • "I am not lying, I am just trying to find my way in to you."
  • "Love everything you do when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do."
  • "I wanna ride my bike with you."
  • "It's not like I'm asking to be your wife."
  • "I wanna make you mine, but that's hard to say."
  • "Is this coming off in a cheesy way?"
  • "There's a little bit of heaven in everyone."
  • "Love will lead us all to smithereens."
  • "Everybody knows the world's about to end."
  • "I know those pretty actresses are calling your name."
  • "I'll be here waiting, I'll always be the same."
  • "You were supposed to be there by my side."
  • "When you say that you want me, I just don't believe it."
  • "You're always ready to give up."
  • "What if I need you, baby? Would you even try to save me?"
  • "I'm so sick of worrying that you're gonna quit over anything."
  • "Should I be scared?"
  • "You were comforting and quiet, how did love become so violent?"
  • "Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me."
  • "I'm so unprepared, I'm fucking scared."
  • "Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?"
  • "Have you given up?"
  • "I used to be a little bit shy."
  • "Speaking up to you about my emotions has always been hard."
  • "Don't let me stop you from doing what you want to do."
  • "Just don't pretend that you're into me."
  • "You tell me that I'm beautiful, but that could be a lie."
  • "What if I'm fallin' for a heartbreaker?"
  • "I'm always watchin' for someone to show their darker side."
  • "I was young, but I wasn't naive."
  • "My love for you was blind, but I couldn't make you see it."
  • "I loved you more than you'll ever know."
  • "A part of me died when I let you go."
  • "Chasing after you is like a fairytale."
  • "It’s all fun and games 'til somebody falls in love."
  • "I learned a lot about being a friend when I was alone."
  • "I've made more mistakes than you can count."
  • "Are you too nervous to be lovers?"
  • "Friendship's ruined with just one kiss."
  • "I can't keep starin' at your mouth without wonderin' how it tastes."
  • "I'm with another boy and he tried to win my heart, but it's taken."
  • "I'm giving you the lead."
  • "I won't make the move, you must make the move."
  • "Don't second-guess your feelings, you were right from the start."
  • "I notice she's your lover, but she's nowhere near your heart."
  • "I think it's very dangerous if we do not take what's ours."
  • "I'm winning you with words because I have no other way."
  • "I'd love to look into your face without your eyes turning away."
  • "I’d call you up but I know you’re not alone."
  • "Maybe all that we were meant to be is beautifully unfinished."
  • "I hate you and I love you and I wish you’d go away."
  • "I hate you and I love you and I wish that you would stay."
  • "Kids are still depressed when you dress them up."
  • "He doesn't think I'm that fucking dumb, does he?"
  • "Remember all the things we wanted?"
  • "All our memories, they're haunted."
  • "We were always meant to say goodbye."
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you, now I can't stop."
  • "You couldn't have loved me better, but I want you to move on."
  • "I know that you'll find another that doesn't always make you wanna cry."
  • "I love you enough to let you go."
  • "I grow fonder every day."
  • "God only knows why it's taken me so long to let my doubts go."
  • "I don't know why I'm scared, I've been here before."
  • "You never know if you never try to forgive your past and simply be mine."
  • "Will I ever know how it feels to hold you close?"
  • "I dare you to let me be your one and only."
  • "Give me the chance to prove that I'm the one."
  • "I know it ain't easy, giving up your heart."
  • "That basic bitch leaves finally."
  • "Was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?"
  • "She’s getting on my nerves."
  • "You don’t love her."
  • "Loving her seems tiring."
  • "I know you don't think that I am trying."
  • "A girl like you is impossible to find."
  • "I always swore to you I'd never fall apart."
  • "I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start."
  • "I can tell how much you hate this and deep down inside you know it's killin' me."
  • "Nothing I can say would change anything."
  • "Such young love, but something in me knew that it was real."
  • "I live through pictures as if I was right there by your side."
  • "You’ll be good without me and if I could just give it some time, I’ll be alright."
  • "I didn't think it'd happen, but I guess it had to happen."
  • "I want you back here, can't you see?"
  • "Gonna take more than just time."
  • "I know I did you wrong, but now it's said and done and I'm sorry."
  • "Yeah I took and broke your heart and your world was torn apart, but I'm sorry."
  • "Touch me when the lights go off... but don't fall in love."
  • "Babe, there's something tragic about you, something so magic about you."
  • "There's something lonesome about you."
  • "You call me on the telephone, you feel so far away."
  • "I don't want to play no games."
  • "I'm tired of always chasing."
  • "I don't give a fuck about you anyways, whoever said I gave a shit about you?"
  • "I wish I didn't care all the time."
  • "All I ever wanted was a simple way to get over you."
  • "I don't believe you when you say you don't need me anymore."
  • "Don't pretend to not love me at all."
  • "The passion's there so it's gotta be right, right?"
  • "Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you."
  • "All you ever did was wreck me."
  • "I just wanted you to let me in."
  • "I thought you were my best friend."
  • "You're not the girl I once knew."
  • "It's such an evil thing to watch someone have jealousy."
  • "Nobody wins when you're full of envy."
  • "I was always happy when I was watchin' you become a star, but you were only happy when the world was openin' up my scars."
  • "You sold yourself for your fame."
  • "Did you really mean the words that you said?"
  • "Show me the truth."
  • "I should have told you, but I never had the courage and I thought you really wouldn’t understand."
  • "Tell me, are you who I thought you were or who I wanted you to be?"
  • "Why do I feel so deceived? Guess I believed what I wanted to believe."
  • "You're the only one who knows exactly what I mean." "You're not what I expected."
  • "You're the only one who knows how to handle me."
  • "You're such a great kisser and I know that you agree."
  • "I hope you can forgive me for that time when I put my hand between your legs and said it was small 'cause its really not at all."
  • "I guess there's just a part of me that likes to bring you down just to keep you around, 'cause the day that you realize how amazing you are you're gonna leave me."
  • "I will not make the same mistakes that you did."
  • "I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery."
  • "Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me."
  • "You should have known better than to lean on me."
it’s not the right season

skye sees grant for the first time since his escape.  it’s not much of a surprise, though, since she’s the one who called him.

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FT Angst Week, Day 3: Broken (Promises/Hearted)

Rated: T for strong language

Character(s): Natsu, Lucy

Pairing(s): NaLu

A/N: Yeah…just think about this for a second after you read it. It still fits the prompt! ;w; This is basically a rendition of what the inevitable “talk” between Natsu and Lucy could be like. (It might be a teense OOC for the sake of the angst…so you know that at least it probably won’t happen this way in canon. ^^;)

kisuchi I hope you like my take, sweetie!

“Hey, Lucy? You okay?”

Lucy blinked as the sound of Natsu’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. She raised her head to see that he had followed her outside the small house, and her brown eyes widened in surprise. “N-Natsu? Since when were you—”

“Well, you were staring at Gray and Juvia for a really long time with this weird expression, and then you just kinda up and left after a while, so I thought…” Natsu crossed his arms and averted his gaze to the ground, biting his lip nervously. “…I just—y’know—wondered what was up.”

“…Oh.” Lucy turned away and stared down at her folded hands in her lap, a million emotions coursing through her without rhyme or reason. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to make you worry. It just…reminded me about some things, so I came out here to try and sort it all out…”

Natsu didn’t respond, not even long after she trailed off, which made her slightly nervous. She normally wasn’t used to seeing Natsu silent. She could only wonder what was going through his head right now. If he wasn’t buying into her claim, then—

“I’m sorry.”

Lucy flinched and flicked up her eyes to look at Natsu in response to the unexpected apology, so startled she couldn’t muster up a verbal response for a good minute or so.

“…Wait, what?” she protested at last, turning toward him in full. “Did you just—?”

Lucy stopped herself when she noticed Natsu’s countenance. His arms were still crossed, he was still staring at the ground…but he looked so anxious. His guarded posture, the way his fingers tensed against his arms, his almost unnatural stillness, added on top of the slick sweat visible on his face and bare arm…it was all-too clear.

He was scared witless.

Lucy was utterly bewildered at the development. “Natsu…?”

Natsu exhaled sharply without warning, making her start.

“It’s ‘cause I didn’t get the chance to do it properly earlier.” His words were rushed, as if he was afraid she would stop him. “Well, it’s more like I didn’t really know what to say to you; I thought you’d be fine even after I left because you had everyone at the guild, but I had no idea that Gramps would disband it just like that, so I thought that—”

“Natsu!” Lucy interrupted before he could ramble himself into a frenzy. “Slow down, would you? I can hardly understand what you’re saying.”

Her friend immediately clamped his mouth shut at that, but she could see that his jaws were tightly gritted. He looked extremely uncomfortable, to say the least.

Lucy felt troubled—something about his behavior didn’t sit quite right with her. It was clear that he did regret leaving her like that—immensely, she could add with some confidence—but there was something else to his frenzied demeanor that she couldn’t place her finger on, and it made her uneasy.

“Why don’t you start from the beginning?” she suggested, patting the spot next to her as an invitation. “And take it slow, okay? I won’t get mad; I promise—just tell me what you’re thinking.”

She tried for a smile as she spoke to him, but it seemed to do little good. Natsu sat where she’d indicated as a silent acceptance of the invitation, but he stayed silent for a while with his head bowed, his bangs falling over his eyes.

Then, “I feel like such an idiot.”

It took Lucy a moment to process what he’d just said. “Wh-what?”

“I feel so stupid.” Natsu raised a hand and wiped the sweat off of his face as he spoke, a hint of muted anger buried in his tone. “I left to focus more on training a year ago, so I could better protect you guys…but I failed that the minute I decided to leave.” He chuckled once in helplessness. “I thought you’d be okay while I was gone, because you had the guild. But then you told me that Fairy Tail disbanded right after I left, and then…I remembered all that crap that happened with Tartaros barely a week before that. I was stupid to think you’d be okay after something like that, since…” He didn’t finish, but it was clear what he was thinking.

Lucy was too stunned for words. Natsu was…apologizing to her. Granted, it wasn’t out of the norm for him to be concerned for her well-being (and it was even more astounding, because she was pretty sure that he didn’t know about Aquarius yet), but after she’d seen how dodgy he’d been acting whenever the subject of him leaving her for a year with nothing but a letter came up…this was definitely something out of left-field. She hadn’t expected to have the chance to talk to him about this so soon.

“So,” she ventured cautiously, “is that why you…with Gray…”

“Yeah. A shot at compensating, I guess.” He raised his head and stared off into the distance. “I didn’t want to think that he pulled the same dumb stunt with Juvia that I did with you, so I just got pissed off at him. And, well…” He scoffed softly. “…I’m sure you noticed how well that turned out.”

Lucy couldn’t help but smile. Leave it to Natsu to misinterpret the atmosphere and jump the gun. Still, it was nice to know that he acknowledged his mistakes—he’d matured much more that she’d originally given him credit for.

“Well, things happen,” she said. “Look on the bright side. Things still turned out okay in the end.”

“For now.” Natsu’s eyes were hard. “We might’ve chased those Avatar bastards away today, but they’ll be back. I’m sure of it.”

Natsu sounded so certain that Lucy found it difficult not to believe him. She didn’t want to think about what would happen if they ran into that Zeref-worshiping cult again down the line. Her experiences with them had been bad enough already.

Still, she wasn’t so naïve as to assume that they’d never see them again. Gray and Erza had told them that this was only one such branch—there were more of them out there, probably more than there had been at that so-called Purification ceremony.

Lucy held herself at the mere thought. “Well, let’s hope that it won’t be for a long time,” she muttered. “I’d do so much better without those guys in my life.”


Something about the way he answered her made a brief spark of panic shoot through her.

“H-hey, Natsu; don’t go getting any crazy ideas,” she insisted. “If you’re thinking about charging off and fighting them alone—”

Natsu straightened up and stared at her, dumbfounded. “Lucy, even I know that that’s a crazy thing to do.”

She hesitated. “But still—”

“You don’t need to worry about it. Besides—” He took a firm hold of her shoulders, his gaze burning with a fierce protectiveness. “—there’s no way I’m leaving you like that again. I’m not about to make the same mistake twice.”

Lucy hardly had time to breathe before he pulled her close to him in a tight—if somewhat awkward—embrace. She yelped in surprise at the sudden move—she was so caught off-guard that she wasn’t sure what to think—but then she noticed that he was trembling slightly, and that confused her.

“H-hey, Natsu?” she asked him nervously. “Is…is everything okay?”

That was probably a silly question to ask—anyone would take one look at this scenario and immediately deduce that no, everything was not okay. She hardly ever saw Natsu let his vulnerable side show—this was one of the rare occasions in which she’d witnessed it. It had nearly gone to the point that she could almost believe that he didn’t actually have one…but then again, Natsu did always have a penchant for surprising her.

“I really can’t lie to you about this, Lucy,” Natsu answered her after a moment, his words suddenly hoarse. “It probably didn’t look that way, but…during that whole thing, I…I was scared out of my mind.”

Lucy could feel her eyebrows shoot up in surprise—that wasn’t something she’d expected to hear coming out of his mouth. “You were…scared?” she asked. “What do you—?”

“I was scared that something might happen to you,” he said. “Something that I couldn’t keep from happening.” His hold on her tightened again, as if he was afraid that she would evaporate on the spot if he didn’t hold onto her tightly enough. “‘Cause even after all that—even after all that training I did, I still couldn’t do anything to keep them from hurting you. I thought I was going to lose—” His words cut off abruptly—whatever he’d been trying to say, he apparently could not get out.

This upset Lucy even more. “Natsu, this—it really isn’t like you to say things like this—don’t—” That was a huge understatement—it was really out of the ordinary for him to be behaving this way at all to begin with. She wished more than ever now to know just what exactly was going on in his mind, if only to comfort him.

“Hey, Lucy…promise me something.”

Just when was she going to stop being surprised this conversation? “Y-yeah?”

“Don’t go anywhere.” She felt him pull away from her at last, and she saw that his eyes were unusually bright—or maybe it was just because of the waning light of the setting sun reflecting off of them. “Don’t vanish on me, okay? I promise not to leave you again; I’ll always be here with you from now on—so don’t you disappear on me, either. Got that? Promise me, Lucy.”

Lucy could only stare at him at the suddenness of his request. His expression was desperate, entreating, almost begging her to agree…

This wasn’t simply a request—it was an outright plea, almost an order.

She probably would’ve agreed anyway, but there was no chance that she’d refuse him now after seeing such conviction from her friend.

Lucy smiled and nodded. “Okay,” she agreed, feeling her eyes well up in tears. “I promise, Natsu. I won’t go anywhere. You have my word.” She wiped her tears away before they could spill over. “Just don’t forget to keep your end of the bargain, okay? I’m not going to let it slide so easily a second time.”

The smile that lit up his face at her response was enough for Lucy to nearly forget all of the restlessness that had coursed through her before. They had their promise now. Neither of them would abandon the other, no matter what happened.

Not ever…

anonymous asked:

Can you do a prompt where John finds Molly in Sherlock's shirt? If you have already done one, I'm sorry but can you do it again? Thanks ^_^

Written quickly, so forgive any mistakes. Also, fun fact: this is my 8,000th post. Milestone!

Molly was not prone to the whole idea of “sneaking around”. She never had been; and to be honest, she’d never really had cause. Any family of any boyfriends she might have met were courteous and not so fixed on tradition that they made her sleep in a separate bedroom when she stayed the night, and she’d never been involved in what others might have termed a “secret relationship”.

However, people were always prone to change, and Molly Hooper was no exception. She just supposed that it was funny that it was Sherlock Holmes, a man who had, in the past, not reacted to change all that well, was the cause.

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