mistakes are a beautiful thing

Love first visited me when I was fifteen.
Love was best friend;
love was not meant to be.
He loved me,
and I thought I loved him too
for a while.
I destroyed him over two years
with my selfishness -
I was only fifteen.
I left carrying a broken heart in my hands,
and lost a best friend.

First love came when I was sixteen.
This time, it had warm brown eyes, soft hands and softer smiles.
It whispered shy confessions into my ear, and they sounded so genuine I made the mistake of believing them.
Love told me that I was the most beautiful thing that happened in his life, and it held me on nights I couldn’t sleep.
First love continued for about two years, during which I experienced the painful reality of giving your all to someone.
It taught me passion, pain, sadness, anger, betrayal.
First love was as blissful as it was torturous.
It left with me shivering on the cold bathroom floor, with months of sadness to follow.

Now I am nineteen, and love has decided to fleetingly appear out of nowhere.
Love now has a childish face but sturdy hands and broad shoulders.

It caresses me with tenderness I have not experienced before; it shares my joy and my sadness as if they were its own. Should this love not work out, I’ll be broken again; but I will go on living because one day I know it will visit me again.
Berserk and Amon

Since :Re began (and even earlier, really), it feels like Ishida is making intentional references to the manga “Berserk” within Amon’s story arc. The most obvious evidence of all actually begins with Seidou… 

Now, this gross meat pile isn’t only a meat pile. It looks really similar to the Behelit from Berserk.

Though Ishida could’ve simply been going for a horror element here, the meat that Amon was originally given to eat had no faces. It was just a pile of human meat that was successfully presented as horrifying without further visual impact. Furthermore, the Crimson Behelit offers the chance for one of Berserk’s main characters to leave his humanity behind in exchange for his flesh, blood, and family…and Seidou changed after consuming the meat he was given (implied to be the meat of his family members). The Behelit is active when its eyes are open, too, so it seems like this reference was probably intentional. 

Of course, just one reference isn’t enough to build a theory off of. Fortunately, there are more! The gross meat pile makes its return in the latest chapter…

Though it no longer has the characteristic egg-shape. It is however, something that haunts Amon. It also looks like something that haunts Guts, a character with a lot of eery similarities to Amon.

The disgusting demon baby that follows Guts and Caska around is representative of his trauma, his guilt, and his fears. It isn’t harmful by itself and, at times, is actually helpful. This is well in-line with what human meat represents to Amon.

The demon baby is eventually consumed by a Behelit and is used to “change the world”, as per the wish of an (explicitly reference to be) empty man. Considering the context this image was brought up in, and keeping in mind Amon’s desire to change the world, it seems that this reference is intentional. 

Still, more evidence is required before people can really start drawing parallels between Guts’ arc in Berserk and Amon’s in Tokyo Ghoul. Luckily for me, people have been speculating about their similarities for quite some time and so panels are easy to find. 

Both characters wield a frankly ridiculously huge weapon that they inherited from a friend. The weapon requires a massive amount of strength to use and is unique to them. 

They both lost an arm. 

The Arata armour looks almost exactly like Guts’ armour. Both sets of armour are taxing for their user to operate, but were necessary to fight enemies much stronger than themselves.

They both wind up having the aesthetic of a “Dark Knight”. As a “knight”, they wind up saving young girls who later return the favour and help bring them down from a monstrous take-over by their armour without killing them. 

(Amon rescues Saiko in full armour, ffs)

Suffered a massive betrayal at the hands of a father figure. Killed many people for said father-figure (as children!!!!) and developed an obsession with perpetuating this cycle. Also: both orphans.

A cross to bear ie. Amon’s cross and Guts’ mark (both on their necks, both meant to never let them escape from their past, both with massive religious connotations) 

Their whole look. The entire thing. Half-ghoul Amon looks so much like Guts.

There’s also the “near constant state of hatred towards a world they perceive as wrong” thing and the “fail to learn from their mistakes” thing and the “is basically no longer human” thing alongside the “awkward beautiful man who doesn’t know how to deal with women” thing. 

TLDR: Guts and Amon share a lot of characteristics and this latest chapter brought it up again so I couldn’t help but make a compilation post. 

Ballad Of An Introvert

There are so many moments that I can’t share with others.
There are so many feelings, familiar smells and unique colours
only I seem to feel, smell and see,
through which I feel like being me.

There are so many seconds that seem to last for hours,
there are so many thoughts that are only mine, not ours
and that I cherish like my new born child
and in my head they’re running wild.

There are so many winter nights I feel the warmth inside of me.
There are so many candles lit while I blow on my tea.
And when it is so silent, that I can hear my heartbeat,
I feel at ease and time just tastes so sweet.

There are so many fears, so many worries and much pain
that I can’t quite work out, can’t quite explain.
But all that is fine in the end, when I can just be with myself,
don’t ask if I’m alright alone, I know I won’t need someone else.

There are so many jokes and talks I have with only me.
This is a good thing in my eyes, liking yourself that is the key.
Sharing secrets with myself? I’m sure I won’t tell them.
Because I trust myself and forgive me for mistakes over and again.

There are so many beautiful things; if just a smile, that is enough
that make me happy to live to see them, even when my day is tough.
And I feel like an audience, the world is this small movie theatre
across the street where they have just the special films, which are all the greater.

And when I then come home, I change in my pyjamas,
cuddle my pets, hide in my bed where there is never drama.
My favourite books and TV shows, my music and delicious food
is all I need then for my heart to feel way more than good.

We are so in love with the idea of falling in love. With the idea of someone taking care of us, complimenting us, we are hopeless romantics. We love to read romance novels that will make our heart skip a beat. We believe in that thing called ‘butterflies in the stomach’. We love the thought of someone holding us in their arms. Embracing us until our bones melt on them until we become one. The chemistry and electricity between two people that created the word spark. That electrifying feeling when they found ‘the one’. When our eyes locked at each other and it felt like we’re the only people in the world. The slow motions when we stare at the people we love. The word ‘soulmates’ makes us giddy. That our souls are meant for each other, in another lifetime, in another time, in the future, in every aspect, they will still find each other because they’re what they call soulmates. We believe in magic because love felt like that. To have someone in different place in the whole world meant for you felt like magic. It was magical falling in love. It was like your life always shines like it never did before. It is so beautiful, how love is narrated in novels and poems. But it isn’t full of magical and enchanting feeling. Love has its dark side. Love can bring the best out of you but so does the bad. It can ruin people lives when not handled truthfully and faithfully. It can hurt others because of selfish reasons. You can hurt yourself too, it’s like you’re holding a knife to stab others but you choose to prick yourself. Love is about sacrificing your own happiness to see others happy. Love is about giving up when they are falling out of love. Love isn’t that magical. Love isn’t perfect. We are just brainwashed and blinded by the thought that it has no flaws, no mistakes, no bad things but still, love is a beautiful feeling. It makes us feel alive.
—  love makes us feel alive // n.k.

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Yay, requests are open! Can I request a birthday drabble for TOP, since his b-day is soon? The prompt can be anything. My birthday is actually on November 3rd, right before his, so I would be really grateful! Thank you! ♡

Seunghyun isn’t the faint breeze in the early mornings that sweeps the birds up in their sleep and makes people wear extra thick coats once winter arrived, neither was he the burning sun in the middle of summer that called out for cold drinks and fleeting clothing. His eyes weren’t the windows to his soul, not even close as the roof of his heart, they were just powerful beings that liked to stare back, study their surroundings before keeping the same act that Seunghyun has played his whole life –being blank. People thought that he was that way, blank, even when he was an artist at heart and he loved everything that was outstanding, but he didn’t want people to see the colors in him, wondering if people would like him with all the mixtures that surrounded his personality.

For, he was red…at times where he does a lot of things all for the sake of others. He is red when he arrives to a meeting at seven in the morning, then he goes to some art launch, after that he has to go to interviews and he only arrives at his house when it’s two in the morning and he has to have some hours of sleep, but he doesn’t complain…he doesn’t say a thing, he just rests and thinks that he is lucky for having what he has. Yet, he can also be vibrant blue –electrifying, much more when those verses slip past his lips and with some movements, he has people cheering for him. Seunghyun is not the type of artist that needs to dance or do other things to get his point across, his own words can reach a hundred people –if not more- and he does it with pleasure. He was also a faint shade of white in his aura, for delicacy and elegance, sometimes he was the color green when she realized how well said color looked over his tan skin. But most importantly, Seunghyun isn’t only happy shades; sometimes he is a bundle of colors together…asking where he belongs…what he does…what he feels, often people don’t realize when Seunghyun is like this, but she does and she loves him when he is that vibrant red or when he is the darkest blue.

Love doesn’t seem to pick a time to hit you, but once it does, you never go back to seeing things how they were before.

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Pairing: Destiel

Word Count: 801

Warnings: Implied Smut, Selfdoubt… all the things that goes with being Dean and Cas.

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: I’m so sorry

Thanks to the sweet and amazing @chaos-and-the-calm67 for betaing this one for me.

Gif is not mine! If you own it and want me to take it down I will. The tag from the watermark didn’t work so I couldn’t credit tag you sorry!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Dean Winchester. Human - descended from a line of Men of Letters and Hunters. Protector of his race. Brave, strong, stubborn, beautiful, infuriating and courageous. That is how Castiel would describe him, but he also knew that wasn’t how Dean saw himself. Dean was flawed yes, and one of his many flaws was not seeing himself for who he was. Dean saw pain and mistakes. He built walls around himself, that didn’t come down for anyone easily, but despite his best efforts Cas saw all of him. He always had. From the second Castiel had pulled Dean from the fiery pits of hell, to the hours he had spent putting his broken body back together, Castiel had known him.

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7.13.17 Somehow managed to be 13 days late posting my July monthly spread but better late than never! (I could promise to be on time next month but band camp and school are starting soon so that’s a stretch) My imagination goes wild whenever I’m traveling so I really enjoyed letting that inspire my space themed spread for the month. If you’re wondering what the weird purple-ish background is on the right page, let’s just say a watercolor experiment went a little crazy and bled through, but I ended up liking this side better because of the galaxy effect coming through (or that’s what I told myself after panicking over “messing up” the next spread ❤️ but we all make mistakes and that’s how it should be).  

Credits for the beautiful things in this spread: printed space themed doodles made for me by the wonderful @rad-study, a quote from Morgan Harper Nichols that I’m loving for the in-between moments, a space in my reminders section for beautifully encouraging words of @rivkahstudies and @positive-affirmation, a Lin Manuel Miranda quote, and other doodles inspired by @studeebean


Credit to @j1ny0ung

Insomnia| Park Jinyoung

Prompt: You have insomnia/sleeplessness and you are trying to avoid Jinyoung finding out but when he sleeps over for the first time you end up telling him everything.

A/N: Long time no see! Please take this scenario for my ultimate bias as an apology for not posting any original stuff for a while. I do suffer from an inability to sleep sometimes and so I based a lot of this off of my personal experiences. Please excuse any mistakes while reading.



  1. habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. synonyms: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness

The most beautiful things are often the most deadly. The most beautiful flowers are often the most poisonous. The most beautiful animals are often the most dangerous.

The most beautiful night is full of terrors.

The most beautiful night is full of things which twist their way into the mind. Things which sink their tendrils deeper and deeper until you’re thrashing desperately to prise them loose. Things which have no place in the day but seek you out relentlessly every single night.

These things are what have you staring at your ceiling night after night. They never give you up, unwilling to relinquish their hold over you. A tired huff escapes your lips. Tired because you are sick of ending up in this situation again and tired because while your body wants to rest your mind won’t let you. Small thoughts flit across your brain, coming into focus for a second before leaving only to be replaced by another soon after. Again and again, over and over, never stopping.

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L has a bit of an identity crisis because of being an adopted Luthor, and R gives her a pep talk & says to her "Be you. No one else can".

Originally posted by msluthor

“All my life, I thought I was different from them.  That I at least had my genetics.  Now I don’t even have that,” Lena murmured, pacing back and forth in front of the couch in her office.  She had been like this since the visit with Lillian, and while you thought that she’d eventually work it out on her own, it didn’t seem to be happening.

“Lena, come here.  Sit,” you patted the spot beside you.  When she continued to pace, you caught her by the arm and tugged her down.  

“My father was a horrible drunk and my mother loved pills more than she loved anyone in our family.  I’m a cocktail of both of their genes and you don’t look at me and see a lowlife, do you?”

Lena shook her head and glanced down at her hands.


“When I look at you, I see a woman who, in spite of her family’s mistakes, has done incredible things.  She’s smart, beautiful, kind, charitable…the list goes on and on.”

“Y/N, you don’t have to-”

“Be you, Lena.  No one else can.  Your last name does not erase who you are.”

I still can’t believe that this fuckin post is like, the top bonrin post. What the fuck

Also, um….bonrin thing….what should I say today???

Oh yeah.

I went to go watch Beauty and the Beast LiveAction movie last night (hOLY FUCK ALL OF WESTGATE WAS PACKED WITH DRUNK PEOPLE) and I made the mistake of imagining Bon and Rin as beauty and the beast. Thing is though, I don’t know who’d be the beauty and who’d be the beast! I mean, you’d think that Rin being the beast would be a no brainer, but he wouldn’t like…….imprison Bon nor his dad for all eternity over a rose. Bon’s shit at managing his anger, but then again, Rin has the freaky demon powers??? BUT RIN IS TOO NICE TO TURN AWAY A POOR OLD LADY IN A STORM!!!!!

Anyway I plan on writing a fanfic of that concept but I have NO IDEA WHO’S GONNA BE WHO!!!!

Lowkey want someone to draw them as beauty and the beast tho lmao

Tl;dr: This is a disorganized rant about Bonrin as Beauty and the Beast.

So about that one thing discussed during the stream…I have no regrets.

OKAY SO there was a bit of confusion; I accidentally inferred that Gaster is an artist (he is not), and Caitie made some great jokes about how Gaster keeps a secret gallery in True Lab and every picture is of Asgore. I cracked up and suggested they’re all in the style of Klimt. Like his entire gallery looks like the opening of Elfen Lied, but replace Lucy with Asgore.

And then this beautiful thing happened.

Also this mistake:

Fate/Stay Night {Sentence Starters}
  • "I wouldn't be a hero if I instantly died from a wound like this."
  • "Don't worry about it. I'm used to this kind of thing."
  • "Who gave you permission to talk to me, mongrel?"
  • "People can only look away when faced with their own mistakes."
  • "Some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained."
  • "Get lost. I might be almost dead, but I could still easily kill a thousand of you."
  • "You defied me to the very end. But I shall forgive you."
  • "I don't mind losing to somebody else.But I can't lose against myself!"
  • "If you walk down the path that you believe is right, you cannot be wrong."
  • "It will be regrettable, but you will die here."
  • "Buying you some time is fine, but you don't mind if I beat that thing, right?"
  • "But it's all a fake. Such hypocrisy cannot save anything."
  • "I thought about it thoroughly, but I've decided to have you eliminated."
  • "Fortunately, I do not have any pride. But what about it?"
  • "People die when they are killed. That's the way things should be."
  • "Even hell wouldn't take a bastard like you!"
  • "I have no sins to atone for, nor have I forced such a meaningless concept on anyone."
  • "No, first of all, I did not know what I wanted to save—!"
  • "I can't stray from my path for those I've left behind."
  • "The only people a superhero can save are the people he sides with."
  • "I don't know why you're in such a hurry, but use the stairs."
  • "The world is just another word for the things you value around you, right?"
  • "I'm not scared anymore, even though it's dark."
  • "You're an eyesore, you get in my way, you annoy me, and I hate the way you look."

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Farah why would u reblog my monster cock post why must you force the world to look upon my mistakes

IT’S A THING OF BEAUTY also I’d 10/10 read a fic that, on the outside, showed itself to be a brucenat fic but it actually made fun of people who ship it. It could use your monster cock ask as a base or smth.

Day two of @pjosapphicweeks’ femslash week, louranda modern fantasy au! This one’s gonna be a little hard to completely explain in one post since it’s a small part of one of my much bigger aus, but I’ll do my best. The basics are that Lou is a modern witch and Miranda works in Persephone’s flower shop and does a bit of low key potion brewing.

  • Miranda works in her technically older half sister’s flower shop as a summer job and has since she was ten. She prefers the company of her cousins (technically step nieces and nephew) to the kind of crowded house her mother owns. That she often gets to see real magic at work is just a bonus.
  • despite living a third of the year with a very magical family, Miranda herself can’t use magic. She is, however, learning potion making and alchemy whenever someone has free time to teach her. That someone is usually her summer roommate, Hazel. In return Miranda will cover one of Hazel’s shifts a week so that Hazel can practice her magic.
  • it’s on one of these shifts (mid morning, so it’s just her working) that she first meets Lou. She’d been stocking the shop and didn’t notice the other girl came in until she spoke up
  • “flower for the pretty lady?” she asked in a spokesperson voice. Miranda let out a curse and turned around to see Lou holding one of the shop’s flowers out to her
  • “you gonna buy that?” she asked, unimpressed
  • Lou nodded and put money for it on the counter, then offered the flower again. Miranda sighed in exasperation, but put down the flowerpot she was holding to deal with the money
  • “you do realize this is a flower shop right? you’re literally buying a flower just to give it right back to me.” she asked, figuring she might as well make small talk with the pretty girl of questionable intelligence
  • Lou nodded, mischievous grin growing. “yes but you see, this is a special flower.”
  • “oh really?” Miranda asked, expecting the girl to say something along the lines of “yes because I’m giving it to you.” instead she nodded again before waving her other hand over the flower and snapping her fingers
  • the flower turned the same brilliant shade of blue as her shirt before beginning to slowly cycle through the rainbow. The now identified witch offered the flower again, “flower for the pretty lady?”
  • Miranda took the flower, already planning on getting a vase and some water for it once the girl left. “you must be looking for one of my half sister’s brood, I’m sorry but none of them are in right now.” she said, trying to guess which of her cousins the witch was here to see. Hazel was the most obvious choice as she was the only one who properly socialized, but Nico was known to occasionally hang around darker witches and this girl certainly seemed edgy enough. Bianca was ruled out because she was on a weekend trip with her girlfriend and Miranda doubted she was here to see Hades or Persephone. “I’ll let Hazel know you were here?” she offered
  • “nah that’s okay, I’m a little early.” the witch said, checking the clock on the back wall, “my errand didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I’m Lou Ellen by the way, but you can call me Lou” she added a wink to the last part for good measure
  • Miranda rolled her eyes, going to get a vase for the flower now since she knew Lou wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. “Miranda. So you are here for Hazel then?”
  • “that’s a nice name.” the witch complimented, trotting a few steps behind her. “and yeah I came for Hazel, but I stayed for you.”
  • Miranda groaned.

I’m cutting this off here since I need sleep, but just imagine a bunch more super obvious flirting for like the next three times they meet before Lou works up the courage to ask if they can hang out.