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Seventeen as the Mafia + How He Met You

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S.Coups/Choi Seungcheol

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  • That type of leader that doesn’t take shit from anyone, except his members because he can’t fight them all at once. 
  • Gets to know and observes people for a long time before recruiting them
  • He’s very stressed lately as they are a relatively new gang and there are a lot of fights going on with others for territories.

He met you in one these fights when you tried to make a distraction for your gang. You were about to go upstairs to the roof when you bumped into him

“Who the hell are you?” he asked immediately taking his gun out and pointing it at you.

“The same goes for you. You’re not from my gang so I’m here to kill you.”

“Oh really.” he asked smacking the gun from your hand and getting your hands behind your back. “You chose the wrong member. You see I’m the boss and now I can use you as a hostage.”

Yoon Jeonghan

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  • Looks like an angel and he actually is but in reality he’s the one you should be afraid of the most.
  • Nobody has seen him kill anybody because his methods are too cruel to do them in public.
  • Apparently has some beef with EXO’s Sehun. No one dares ask him but it has something to do with Sehun mistaking him for somebody.

By accident you got involved in a weapon dealing incident with him and he has been planing on killing you ever since. You were good at hiding your tracks but he saw you one day in the city and decided to get rid of you just there in the street but then realized that this fight would probably end up in a blood bath so instead he approached you in secret.

“You have to keep quite and come with me, if you don’t want to die here.” he said pressing his gun to your back.

Joshua/Hong Jisoo

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  • Nobody knows why he’s in the gang as he was never invited.
  • When Seungcheol first noticed Jisoo he thought he’s a spy or something (as he appeared out of nowhere) and was about to kill him when he promised that he’s good at at least something
  • And he was, to everyone’s surprise Jisoo’s aim and accuracy is the best out of all of them that’s why he prefers snipers.

He was told to get rid of you silently but you noticed him at the last second and he missed the shot causing a massive panic in the street. You used this opportunity to escape which made Jisoo even more angry. He hasn’t missed a shot in a long time and was determined to get you for that. But whenever he thought he got you cornered he somehow managed to miss and after a while he started to enjoy this little game of yours and soon realized that he doesn’t even want to kill you anymore.

Jun/Wen Junhui

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  • Pro at hand to hand combat.
  • Trains all the members and teaches them different fighting techniques just in case.
  • His training routine is no joke and everyone is practically dead after it.

He met you before he joined the gang. You were jogging at the same park every morning. As it was really early and not a lot of people were out it became like a habit for him to greet you before he ran past. Eventually he wanted to engage in not only small talk and find out more about you and he started slowing down every single day till he was running at the same pace as you.

“Finally decided to slow down?” you asked.

“Only for you.” he winked.

Hoshi/Kwon Soonyoung

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  • Experimented a lot and finally came up with his own method to make drugs.
  • They were incredibly popular and so he quickly went up the ranks and now whenever there is deal going on it has to go through him first.
  • His first idea was to make poison but he somehow made drugs so nowadays he likes mixing different ingredients to try to create a new deadly weapon.

You had the audacity to attempt to take his throne as the king of drug dealing. You were stubborn and despite a lot of orders to report what you’re doing, you made your way around and stole half of his clients. He had enough and thought that the easiest way to fix this problem would be to get rid of you. But he had no idea you thought the same thing and somehow got his whole warehouse blown up. He caught you outside.

“You little shit, now you will have to take responsibility and I’m not letting you go any time soon.”

Jeon Wonwoo

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  • Likes money. A lot. And doesn’t like sharing. At all.
  • Easiest way for him to get rich was cards that’s why he started gambling at a really young age and now is a pro at it and is amazing at bluffing.
  • Enjoys tricking his own gang members and actually gets the most money out of them.

Played poker with him once. He lost. Now he wants his money back but you keep denying his challenge. He usually shows up at the most random places just to ask you. You got into your car and almost spilled your coffee when you noticed him sitting in the back seat.

“Wonwoo what the fuck?”

“Come on Y/N, let’s play.”

“Can you get over that already? Get the hell out of my car.”

“I guess I have to take some more drastic measures.” he said taking his gun out. “We’re going to my place.” [x]

Kim Mingyu

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  • Can smuggle anything in and out starting from stolen cars and ending with guns.
  • Doesn’t stay in the city for too long as he always has deals all around the country.
  • But when he comes back everyone is extremely happy to see him as he’s mostly chill and just being near him calms the others down.

He met you when he was away on a trip. You asked him for help when your car broke down and he fell in love at first sight. He stayed in the city for more than two months just to keep seeing you and you eventually became good friends when Seungcheol was done with him ignoring his orders and went to get him back himself. Well Mingyu obviously didn’t want to leave you but you didn’t want to go to another city either so he decided to be blunt.

“Y/N I don’t know how you feel about me but love you so I’m sorry but you have only two choices, you either go with me on your own free will or I take you by force.”


Woozi/Lee Jihoon

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  • Somehow the ones who look the most innocent are the most dangerous in this gang. The same goes for Woozi. But he only uses violence when it’s necessary.
  • His specialty - torture. Favourite methods - teeth and fingernails pulling.
  • He charms his targets with his cute appearance and then gets every last bit of information they can muster.

You were unfortunate enough to be his target. You were screaming in pain for at least and hour, swearing that you don’t know anything when Seungcheol came in and told him that they got the wrong person. He set his tools aside and stood in silence for a few minutes.

“Fuck!” he shouted shoving everything from the table. You just watched in horror not knowing what’s going to happen next. He turned around and untied you. He was ashamed of himself and couldn’t look you in the eyes.

“At least let me treat you your wounds.”

DK/Lee Seokmin

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  • Is responsible for looking after the gang territories and making sure they don’t get taken over.
  • Usually doesn’t think twice when someone trespasses and just shoots them on the spot.
  • But still has incredibly good and friendly relationships with the residence of the areas he’s taking care of.

Trying to bypass through his territories was a big mistake. He noticed you’re not a local and decided to find out what you’re doing here. 

“Hey you!” he called you over but you just looked at him and started running. 

“What the heck?!” he thought as he started chasing you. You didn’t know the streets well and ended up in a dead end.

“I got you cornered. Now you’re going to tell me what you’re doing here or I will have to use violence.”

The8/Xu Minghao

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  • He’s great at annoying and pissing everybody off easily but it’s hard to catch him as he’s incredibly fast.
  • That’s why they send him when their is a need to infiltrate, spy or track anybody.
  •  That doesn’t always work out as he likes to make either a grand entrance or exit and by doing that he attracts the attention of anybody nearby.

He was following you to get some information when he lost you. Suddenly he felt a knife press into his back.

“Why are you after me? Who hired you?”

He tried to take you by surprise by turning around and taking the knife out of your hands but he lost his balance and fell on top of you.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you asked.

“Well this is quite the unfortunate situation you got yourself in.” he smirked. “If you promise not to make a scene our meeting won’t take long.”

Boo Seungkwan

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*Jun shows up out of nowhere*

  • One of the first members who joined and everybody is thankful for that every single day because they wouldn’t have got where they are without him.
  • The missions he plans have a 99% chance of success.
  • Failure is not an option for him so he makes detailed strategies for all type of possible scenarios.

What a surprise You showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ruined all his perfect planing. The members haven’t seen him this pissed in a long time when he grabbed you and almost dragged you to one of the rooms. He roughly pushed you inside and you almost tripped on your own legs but his gentleman side couldn’t let a lady fall in front of him even when he was angry so he caught you midair and watched how confused you became by the second.

“Sit.” he said pulling you up and pointing you to the chair. “We have to talk.”

Hansol Vernon

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  • Knows anything and everything and the others should learn from him how to get verified information as fast as he gets.
  • Good with electronics that’s why he never goes anywhere without his trusted computer.
  • Despite some members protests he tends to sell the rarest info for big amounts of money to the other gangs.

He find out about you when he wanted to sell some info but the gang told him they already have what they need. Surprised that somebody besides him found it, he was determined to track you down. He was even more shocked when he saw that you’re a woman as there was not a lot of them in the industry.

“What? You think only men can do this type of work?”

“No but I find the women who do incredibly sexy.”

Dino/Lee Chan

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  • Despite being the youngest he knew about the mafia world the most.
  • His father had a gang and was killed during a deal so he asked Seungcheol for help to someday avenge him.
  • Takes all advice given to him very seriously and tries his best to help.

Some trusted former members of his father gang were asked to take care of him so that’s why you followed him and also joined this gang. He found this annoying as he wanted to escape his past and always treated you harshly but when he noticed that you’re not around anymore he got kind of sad. But to his delight you came back after a few weeks after taking care of business.

“Missed me?” You smirked.

“Please don’t ever do that again.” he said, giving you a surprise hug.

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Monsta X Reaction “S/O is a tease”


He was regretting inviting you to help him at dance practice. He thougght it would be cool to show the others the choreography you to had made up together, big mistake. Accidently grinding your ass against him, running you hands down his thighs more than usual. He wouldn’t react much with the others there, but the second you two are alone he is on you.


It was a game. You two were teasing the shit out of each other all day in front of the guys, thinking they wouldn’t notice. Intentionally bending over, “accidently” brushing your hand over his upper thigh and he’d do it too. “I swear if you two touch eachother like that one more time, I will shove you into the bedroom myself.” Kihyun would snap, exposing you two.


You and Kihyun were cooking dinner for the guys, you and Kihyun hadn’t seen eahother in a while and you were feeling kind of needy. He stood behind you reaching for the salt next to you and you backed your ass up against his crotch. “What are you doing?” He hissed. “Nothing, sorry was an accident.” You’d say. At dinner you’d sit down and place your hand on his upper thigh nearly  making him choke. “You okay?” You’d ask and he’d shoot daggers your way.


He really wanted to see that movie and you really wanted to do other things. You were incredibly bored, this movie was nothing for you and Minhyuk looked way to good to ignore. You slipped your hand onto his crotch and he nearly threw his popcorn in shock. 


Teasing him was never a good idea. The accidental touches, the innocent looks even the people around you were noticing. And when he finally had enough he pulled into an empty room. “What the hell are you doing? Stop or your really going to get punished when we get home. You know what you do to me.” 


I.M and Jooheon had been in the studio all day and you were soooo needy. When visitng them you sat yourself on his lap, adjusting yourself a few times just to tease him, feeling him already grow hard under you. While I.M was recording, Jooheon gripped your hips and growled in your ear. “Stop it.”


He wouldn’t have really noticed until Wonho made a comment about it. But when you sat on his lap and grinded slightly he was done for. Leaning forward he whispered all the things he’d do to you when you get home and grind himself into you before lightly pushing you off of him. 


The Road So Far: Season 6

The fact that you know who Efron and Bieber are… *Slow clap*

The minute you said, “Accidents don’t just happen accidentally,” I lost my shit.

Then you screamed, “Fight the fairies. You fight those fairies!” 

But the French Mistake? Holy crap. Genius. Misha

Iron Or

Prompt:Forced orgasms where he ties her up and continues to eat her out continuously till she literally can’t crawl.

Negan X Reader

SMUT, NSFW, Non-con, oral sex, vaginal sex, light BDSM  

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   The doorknob looked so tempting.  You wondered if you tugged on it for the umpteenth time if it would finally open.  Your feet acted like they had a mind of their own as they turned away from the door and paced towards the other side of your bedroom.  There was no window.  You would have to work here a long time to get a room with a view. Even if you had one jumping would do no good.  There was no leaving the Sanctuary.  At best you could hide for a few hours, but it would probably only make things worse in the long run.

               Two weeks you had been here.  Two weeks and you had already broken the rules three times. Other residents told you rumors of punishment ceremonies.  Flashes of Dwight and Mark’s faces made you gasp and cover your mouth.  There was no way Negan would do that to a woman.  At least that is what you tried to convince yourself.

               His last warning kept trying to surface in your brain:  

               “You’re on thin ice little girl.  I won’t show you any special treatment.”  


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okay okay but imagine inej as the little mermaid (a kanej au)

- princess inej, the youngest daughter of the sea king & who’s always been so loved and cared for but never spoiled or pampered
- she’s always been SO fascinated with humans & the human world and she collects all kinds of trinkets that come from land even if they make zero sense to her
- including a pair of rubber sole slippers that do nothing underwater but can stick to the rocks and it’s like they’re MADE FOR SOMETHING but she just doesn’t know what and she’s dying to find out
- scuttle (jesper) suggests it’s probably some sort of jewellery like you string them up around your neck and they hang nicely like seashells and add a little smth to your outfit (A Look if you ask me)
- but inej’s biggest dream is to have human legs so she can dance and jump and climb things bc she can’t do any of that under the sea(.mp3) and she just has this itch, this DRIVE to do these things bc this is what she thinks true freedom feels like - to run not just from but toward something
- kaz is just a bonus but she also sees that he has a cane and she (being completely unaware about how human legs & bodies in general work) just wants to get to know him, to know why he always wears gloves and has a perpetual frown that only goes away when his pockets are full of these mysterious green paper tissues he loves so much
- nina (originally flounders), inej’s best friend, is always there to help her on her treasure hunts and she falls in love with a sailor named matthias who, too, shares kaz’s perpetual frown. they think it must be a common human thing so once inej gets her legs she does it so much kaz literally asks her if she’s okay bc she keeps frowning and making all these weird faces
- human!inej: blows her nose in one of kaz’s strange green tissues and he is Appalled but also stunned bc like,, who’d do that WHO’D WASTE KRUGE LIKE THAT no one human who knows the value of $$$$ that’s for sure (she also tries to chew them in case they’re like seaweed a.k.a edible?? but it turns out they’re not what a massive disappointment)
- BUT ANYWAY i digress: triton finds out about inej’s dreams and sends her to her ocean chambers but ofc inej ghafa doesn’t just give up so she goes to seek help from the sea witch (tante heleen) despite everyone telling her not to
- she’s nothing like ursula okay she’s vicious and vile and utterly cruel and can’t hit a high note to save her life so no THESE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOOOOoOOOOoOULS for you sorry
- she gives inej legs and she’s like ‘you’re going to become a shadow without your voice and if you don’t make him fall in love with you i’m going to turn you back to your original mermaid form AND have your human legs for myself + your voice”
- inej: but that’s not fai-
- tante: you don’t have a voice suddenly i don’t know
- joke’s on her tho bc everyone falls in love with her INCLUDING kaz bc she’s like a shadow and she’s literally like a professional spy and she’s quiet, resourceful and courageous, more courageous than most humans he knows
- thing is, kaz has a secret of his own and it’s the inability to touch or kiss her without being triggered and experiencing a violent episode of ptsd
- wylan (sebastian) is always Worrying About Things and tries his best to still make kanej happen despite them spending every second avoiding each other just bc opening up about their feelings is a Foreign Concept for both of them
- three days pass and tante is like huhuhuhuhu watch me GET SOME with my new legs
- nina, slowing her hearbeat down using good magic: “the only thing you’re gonna get is my fist through your face bitch shut your tentacles”
- jesper literally brings out his guns and nods at tante to either behave or like,, drop dead for good
- however tante manages to escape and tries to crash kanej’s very first (and very awkward) date but kuwei, an extremely underrated but brave and important citizen of the sea kingdom, drops a starfish in her pants and she drops the necklace w/ inej’s voice
- the first words inej sings after she gets her voice back: mMmMM whatcha say
- needless to say kaz is 10000000000001% smitten, will gladly sell his soul for this beautiful strong amazing girl that came into his life like a kruge munching miracle on legs
- tante claims the contract is still valid so inej now belongs to her but kaz takes some of that funny green paper out of his coat pockets like, “i’m sure we can make some sort of deal”
- so he legally frees inej and then matthias the sailor shoots tante on accident, mistaking her for one of the witches he usually hunts (he then finds out nina is one of them so his entire mindset changes)
- every contract tante ever made is now invalid so every poor soul in her witch cave is free!!!!!
- inej also gets her human legs back and is more than content to hold hands with kaz bc her dream is to sail (a.k.a be close to the sea, her home, her friends) and still walk on land so she can help rescue & free girls like her
- wylan & jesper wave her goodbye as wylan claims his rightful place in the sea kingdom and rules one part of it instead of tante
- it’s a happy ending you know it is

The Confident Surgeon

Surgery always makes me nervous. I don’t even like getting a tooth pulled. Call me weird, but something about getting sliced open with a scalpel and having your insides man handled is just deeply unsettling to me.

I’m certainly not looking forward to this surgeon putting me under to fix my busted knee. A shiver shot down my spine as I thought about what the inside of my knee looked like. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down.

Suddenly the door swung open. “Good morning,” the doctor said with a cheery smile. “Ready to get this over with?”

“Yeah, as fast as possible.” I replied as I wiped my sweaty palms on my hospital gown.

He readied the sleeping gas and told me to lay down. “Don’t be nervous at all. I’ve done this procedure many times before and never failed.”

That made me feel a little better. He seemed very confident.

“Okay now count backwards from 100,” he said as he placed the mask over my face.

100 99 98 97 96 95 94 93 92 91…….wait this is weird, the last time I was put under I was unconscious before I got to 97. I went to raise my hand to let the surgeon know that something was wrong but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak either, but I could hear everything going on around me.

I heard the door open and the assistants enter the room.

“Angela, could you hand me the patients file. I just wanna look over it quick.” the surgeon said in a shaky voice.

“Sure. You nervous?”

“Yeah, very. I’ve never done a surgery like this before.”

Suddenly all the anxiety that was flushed away by his fake confidence came rushing back. I wanted to be knocked out so bad. I desperately tried moving again but no luck. I couldn’t even open an eyelid.

“I feel bad for Mr Wilkerson, his files as thick as a phone book.”

My heart felt like it was going to burst. Who the hell is Mr Wilkerson? Does he think that’s me?

“Alright let’s just get this lung out, it can’t be that hard….”

Lung?? Oh god he’s got the wrong file. I felt like I could jump out of my skin. I concentrated all my energy into trying to yell out STOP! It was no use, my body was sleeping but my mind was racing.

I could feel the scalpel sliding down my chest. The pain was excruciating. Then I felt him peel back my skin.

“Alright, this looks like the spot im supposed to cut first……”

I felt a sharp pain in my chest, followed by the most horrifying words ever spoken by a surgeon….

“Oh no……..”

Written by: Sage

Psalms 1: For removal of the ungodly from a group; for a safe pregnancy.
Psalms 2: To aid in disbanding and breaking up enemy conspiracies.
Psalms 3: For relief from a severe headache or from back pain.
Psalms 4: For restful and peaceful sleep; to change one’s luck from bad to good.
Psalms 5: For finding favor with authorities or superiors in business.
Psalms 6: For healing diseases of the eye; for protection in the dark.
Psalms 7: To stop conspiracies, enemy pursuit, for court cases.
Psalms 8: Business success through the good will of associates; blessing of oils.
Psalms 9: To punish enemies; to restore health to male children; for court cases.
Psalms 10: To cleanse off an unclean, restless, or intranquil spirit.
Psalms 11: To cast off fear; for righteous retribution against your foes.
Psalms 12: For protection against severe persecution or oppression.
Psalms 13: For safety from unnatural death; for curing painful eye diseases.
Psalms 14: To stop libel and slander from tarnishing the trust others have in you.
Psalms 15: To exorcise evil spirits and devils from a person; for mental peace.
Psalms 16: To identify a thief; to change sorrow to joy and heal to pain.
Psalms 17: For safe travel abroad and to help bring a loved one safely home.
Psalms 18: To drive off approaching robbers; for anointing the sick to cure them.
Psalms 19: For help in childbirth, for release from jail, to remove evil spirits.
Psalms 20: Protection from danger for a day; to be justified in a court case.
Psalms 21: To both calm a storm and to offer protection for seafarers and sailors.
Psalms 22: For travel protection from dangerous storms, pirates, beasts, and men.
Psalms 23: For prosperity, love, protection, wisdom, and guidance.
Psalms 24: For protection from floods and escape from rising waters.
Psalms 25: Forgiveness of the sins of youth; protection from capture.
Psalms 26: For the release of someone from confinement or from jail.
Psalms 27: For protection and hospitality while one is travelling abroad.
Psalms 28: To bring back estranged friends who have become hostile to you.
Psalms 29: To drive out devils and restore peace and tranquility to the home.
Psalms 30: For protection from enemies; for recovery from severe illnesses.
Psalms 31: For protection from conspiracies, back-biting, and gossip.
Psalms 32: To gain respect, love, grace, and blessings from Heaven.
Psalms 33: To protect, unite, and bless all of the members of a family.
Psalms 34: To destroy and reverse back evil; for protection while travelling.
Psalms 35: For justice to prevail in court cases and legal matters.
Psalms 36: For protection from slander and gossip and to expose liars.
Psalms 37: For protection against slander, gossip, lies, and evil-doers.
Psalms 38: To help in court cases where slander fouled up the proceedings.
Psalms 39: To turn around a court case when false testimony has been given.
Psalms 40: For protection against evil spirits and to cast them out.
Psalms 41: To restore a good name if slander and gossip have ruined a reputation.
Psalms 42: For spiritual guidance; for answers in dreams; for love reconciliation.
Psalms 43: To work against slander and wicked people; to turn back evil.
Psalms 44: To guard and protect against enemies, invading armies, or war.
Psalms 45: For peace between husband and wife; to calm an angry spouse.
Psalms 46: To help a struggling marriage; to soothe marital tensions.
Psalms 47: To gain favour from those in power; for mastery over people.
Psalms 48: To destroy hateful and envious enemies; to seize them with terror.
Psalms 49: To help heal and ease serious illnesses, diseases, and fevers.
Psalms 50: For healing; to overcome fevers and other forms of sickness.
Psalms 51: For cleansing and removing sin, especially after acts of revenge.
Psalms 52: To end all manner of gossip and calumny by poison-tongued people.
Psalms 53: To protect from enemies whose names are known or unknown.
Psalms 54: To give protection by reversing works of evil and malice.
Psalms 55: To call upon the Lord to bring down retribution against attackers.
Psalms 56: For intercession by the Almighty to remove temptation and bad habits.
Psalms 57: To turn around one’s luck, changing bad luck into good luck.
Psalms 58: For warding off snakes and wild beasts; to reverse evil unto enemies.
Psalms 59: To bring down the vengeance of the Lord against one’s enemies.
Psalms 60: For the Lord to march into battle and protect His soldiers.
Psalms 61: For a new home to be fixed with good fortune, happiness, and peace.
Psalms 62: For forgiveness of sins and to gain the blessing of the Lord.
Psalms 63: To protect from being victimized by business partners and investors.
Psalms 64: For protection, especially while at sea, and for a safe return.
Psalms 65: For road opening that breaks through barriers and leads to success.
Psalms 66: To remove evil spirits; to heal those possessed; for wishes to come true.
Psalms 67: Against illness and fever; to free one who has been imprisoned or bound.
Psalms 68: Recited while preparing baths that are used to exorcise evil spirits.
Psalms 69: To free one from slavery to addictions and unhealthy habits.
Psalms 70: To cast down and reverse the wickedness wrought by enemies.
Psalms 71: To release clients from prison, for acquittals in court cases.
Psalms 72: To craft charms and talismans that bring a client favour and grace.
Psalms 73: To protect travellers against religious persecution in foreign lands.
Psalms 74: For an end to persecution and to destroy oppressors and persecutors.
Psalms 75: Used along with specially prepared baths for the cleansing of sins.
Psalms 76: For the Lord’s intercession, to provide protection from all attacks.
Psalms 77: Used against danger, poverty, chronic illness, drought, and famine.
Psalms 78: To gain favors from kings, princes, and other government officials.
Psalms 79: To utterly destroy the wicked and also to cast fatal curses.
Psalms 80: To end spiritual doubts and to prevent people falling into unbelief.
Psalms 81: To save people from error and mistakes, for safety from accidents.
Psalms 82: To facilitate business deals and assist those making investments.
Psalms 83: To keep clients safe during times of war, persecution, and captivity.
Psalms 84: For healing, especially when the body has contracted unusual odors.
Psalms 85: To soften hearts and restore peace to friends who have become enemies.
Psalms 86: To bring goodness, spiritual peace, and happiness to the community.
Psalms 87: To cleanse the community before starting healing and blessing work.
Psalms 88: To remove evil and bring blessings; used with baths and talismans.
Psalms 89: To anoint the sick, to secure a release from prison, for psychic vision.
Psalms 90: Used with Psalms 91 for protection; also to bless the work of the hands.
Psalms 91: For protection from distress and harm; to exorcize evil spirits.
Psalms 92: Prayed over herbal baths used to bring good fortune and high honors.
Psalms 93: Against prosecution by unjust and oppressive men; to win in court.
Psalms 94: For protection and to turn all evil back onto your enemies.
Psalms 95: To cleanse sins; to pray for guidance and forgiveness for enemies.
Psalms 96: To bless a family and bring happiness, peace, and joy to them.
Psalms 97: Used with Psalms 96 for healing, blessing, and cleansing a family.
Psalms 98: To restore peace between two hostile families; to bless a home.
Psalms 99: For praise and devotion to God; to gain conversation with God.
Psalms 100: To bring victory against enemies by uplifting the client.
Psalms 101: For protection against enemies and to be rid of evil spirits.
Psalms 102: For assistance in matters of fertility and to be granted grace.
Psalms 103: For help in conceiving of a child and for the forgiveness of sins.
Psalms 104: To cleanse away evil; to bless natural curios and spiritual supplies.
Psalms 105: For healing illnesses, especially recurrent or periodic fevers.
Psalms 106: For healing and to restore one to health, especially from fevers.
Psalms 107: For remission or healing from periodic or recurrent fevers.
Psalms 108: Utilized in a spell for financial success in your place of business.
Psalms 109: Used in a powerful curse against oppressive, slanderous enemies.
Psalms 110: For victory; to cause enemies to bow before you and beg for mercy.
Psalms 111: Recited to acquire many friends, as well as respect, and admiration.
Psalms 112: To increase in might and power, for success, abundance, and blessings.
Psalms 113: Prayers and blessings for those in need; to stop infidelity and heresy.
Psalms 114: Used in a spell for success in matters of finance, business, and money.
Psalms 115: To foster truth-telling, for victory in debate over scoffers and mockers.
Psalms 116: Recited daily for protection from violent or sudden death or injury.
Psalms 117: For forgiveness of a failure to keep a vow or promise that you made.
Psalms 118: For protection against those who try to misguide or lead you astray.
Psalms 119: The longest Psalm, its 22 alphabetic divisions cover all human problems.
Psalms 120: For success in court and for protection against snakes and scorpions.
Psalms 121: For safety at night, both during sleep and while travelling in darkness.
Psalms 122: For peace within a city, and to gain the favour of those in high station.
Psalms 123: Employed in a spell to cause a servant, trainee, or employee to return.
Psalms 124: Cleansing of the soul, protection at sea and from being wronged.
Psalms 125: For protection in foreign lands and against those who work iniquity.
Psalms 126: After miscarriage or the death of a child; for the next child to live.
Psalms 127: Placed in a mojo for the protection and blessing of a newborn baby.
Psalms 128: For a fortunate, accident-free pregnancy; for uncomplicated childbirth.
Psalms 129: Recited daily to prepare one for a long life of virtue and good works.
Psalms 130: Recited to the four quarters when passing by sentries in a war zone.
Psalms 131: Recited three times a day to reduce one’s sin of pride and scornfulness.
Psalms 132: To remediate one’s unpunctuality and failure to perform duties on time.
Psalms 133: To retain the love and respect of friends and to gain many more friends.
Psalms 134: For altar work in matters of higher education and for success in school.
Psalms 135: For repentance, spirituality, and rededication of one’s life to God.
Psalms 136: Recited on behalf of those who wish to confess and be cleansed of sins.
Psalms 137: For cleansing of the heart and soul from hate, envy, evil, and vice.
Psalms 138: Recited daily to bring love and friendship from the Lord.
Psalms 139: To nurture and maintain love, especially within the context of marriage.
Psalms 140: To restore tranquility and to preserve and maintain relationships.
Psalms 141: To ward against terror and fear and against looming oppression.
Psalms 142: To heal the body, restore health, and alleviate pain and suffering.
Psalms 143: To heal bodily limbs, especially the arms and to alleviate pain.
Psalms 144: To speed up healing and to ensure the perfect mend of a broken arm.
Psalms 145: To cleanse and purify clients who are beset by ghosts or evil spirits.
Psalms 146: Used with altar work for healing and recovery after being wounded.
Psalms 147: For healing wounds and bites from snakes, insects, and other animals.
Psalms 148: Used with Psalms 149 to keep clients safe from accidents by fire.
Psalms 149: Used with altar work to protect against fire-related accidents.
Psalms 150: For the glory of the Lord and to give thanks for His intervention.