Req71- Can u do an imagine where ur dating Eric & after dating for a few years he starts to get kinda mean & then he yells at u & calls u a bitch and then he breaks up with u. But then on ur bday a few weeks later u and ur friends go out to a bar and u see Eric there sitting at the bar & he sees how beautiful, sexy & happy u look, & he sees all these guys flirting/hitting on u & he gets jealous & wants u back cause he realized he made a mistake & lost the best thing that ever happened to him? Thank u:)

“Don’t you think you might want to watch what you’re eating?” Eric stares at you eating a donut. ‘Oh god’ , you spit out the donut on a napkin, “Yes, sir,” you sarcastically say. “I’m just saying, Y/n. You could lose a few pounds.” You roll your eyes, “Whatever, Eric.” ‘What a fucking asshole’, you think. You storm off into your shared bedroom. You lie down, thinking about the way things used to be. He was so sweet and he’d do anything for you.

Eric walks into the room, “I’m going out with the boys. Don’t bother waiting for me.” He looks in the closet looking for a shirt. “I thought we were having movie night,” you get off the bed and walk to Eric. He rolls his eyes, “Do you think I really want to stay home with you and do nothing?” “Well, I got Pulp Fiction for you and I thoug-” Eric shoves you out of the way, “I’m leaving,” he walks away.
You sit on the bed and pull out your phone and start texting your friend: He’s being a fucking dick, AGAIN. Come over?
You watch your phone beep, getting a message from your friend:
Jesus, Y/n. How long are you going to put up with him? He’s always disrespecting you. He’s a complete asshole. Aren’t you tired of this?
You look at the message, taking it in. You knew she was right and you were completely heart broken. Eric isn’t the person you fell in love with. You put your head in your hands, letting out a small cry unaware that Eric is looking at you. “Why are you crying now?” he asks in an irritated tone. The tone of his voice making you cry even more, “Why are you such a jerk?” Eric rolls his eyes, “Oh god. Shut up, already.” Your eyes widen, “What the fuck is your problem?” you start to raise your voice. You and Eric start screaming at each other, the fight starting to turn violent. “You’re such a fucking bitch,” Eric spits out, grabbing your clothes from the shared dresser. He bundles them in his hands and throws them out to the lawn, “I’m done. I want nothing to do with you!”

“Damn, Y/n!’ your friends’ howler at you, “You look great!” You stand in front of the mirror carefully fixing your eyeliner. “Dude, you’re definitely getting free drinks tonight!” your friends tease. You give yourself one final glance at the mirror. You haven’t felt this good about yourself in a long time. You slip on your heels, “Alright, I’m ready,” you grin. “Wait!” one of your friends yells, running up to you. She grabs your chest, pushing up your breast making them appear larger, “Okay, now you’re ready!”

You’re standing at the island of the bar in the club, trying to get the bartenders attention. You’re unaware that Eric is on the other side watching you. “Is that y/n?” Dylan asks, “She looks… good.” Eric shoots Dylan a mean look. Eric’s eyes wonder over your face and body, ‘she looks beautiful ’. He bites his lip, looking at your chest. He watches you smile and laugh with your friends. He gets this unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach, the feeling of guilt mixed with sadness.
“I’m going to go talk to her,” Eric tells Dylan. Dylan gives him a look, “I don’t know, dude.” Eric stands up, getting himself ready to go talk to you. “Excuse me? Would you like to dance?” a tall handsome man asks you. You gladly accept, giggling when he takes your hand and guides you to the dance floor. Eric’s face drops, he quickly sits down when he sees you with that other man.

You sway your hips back and forth, occasionally rubbing up against him. Eric watches with jealousy. “She used to look at me like that,” Eric looks down, “I can’t believe she’s dancing with that asshole.” “You know him?” Dylan asks. “No, but still look at him! He looks like a jackass.” Dylan shakes his head, laughing, “Why are you jealous? You broke up with her and plus you treated her like garbage, dude.” Eric stares at his beer, replaying every time he was mean to you in his head. “I’m going to go say happy birthday to her, dude,” Dylan pats Eric on the back. “What are you talking about?” Dylan looks at Eric, “You were with her for years and you don’t remember her birthday? Even I remember it!” Eric sits at the bar alone, he looks over and see’s your eyes widen with happiness when you see Dylan. I miss that smile ; he thinks to himself. Eric orders himself a couple more drinks while he waits for Dylan. The more he sees men trying to hit on you the more he realizes he’s made stupid mistakes with you. “I fucked up, didn’t I?” Eric asks Dylan when he comes back, his voice almost monotone, “She was probably the greatest thing to happen to me. I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time.” Dylan looks over at you, nodding in agreement. “Think she’d give me another chance?” Eric asks Dylan with hope in his eyes. Dylan shrugs his shoulder, “Are you going to try?” Eric takes a couple of shots, “I think so.”

Let yourself make AND learn from your mistakes. 

What do you first do when you learn to swim? You make mistakes, do you not? And what happens? You make other mistakes, and when you have made all the mistakes you possibly can without drowning - and some of them many times over - what do you find? That you can swim? Well - life is just the same as learning to swim! Do not be afraid of making mistakes, for there is no other way of learning how to live!