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Mistaken for Strangers

Having Matt as my older brother kind of sucks. Because he’s a rock star and I am not. And it has always been that way. But there was this one time when I was in high school and he was in New York, and he called me up, because he had a horrible nightmare. And his nightmare was awesome. He was being attacked by some crazy guy on the street, and he said that I came out of nowhere with an axe and I just axed this crazy guy to death. I mean, I saved his life! It’s just that made me realize that my brother sees something in me that I, you know, sometimes don’t see in myself. 

You focus on the wrong stuff. It’s true, you are terrible at a lot of things, but there are a couple things that nobody else does as well as you do. It drives me bananas that you will — you will throw yourself away completely because of one or two things that you think about that you think are wrong about you. And that’s what breaks my heart … You gotta ignore those and lean towards the things that make you like yourself. Forget everything else. Fake it. Fake your way upwards.
—  The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger to his brother Tom, in Tom’s documentary “Mistaken for Strangers”