mistake of nature

yesterday, in me being problematic

Yesterday I led an Urban Nature Walk in the historically white and racist neighborhood of South Boston. I was proud of the fact that our group contained several non-white people, and made a joke to that effect. No one laughed, possibly because it’s an uncomfortable subject, but more likely because it simply wasn’t funny. Not everyone wants to be dragged into the discourse, especially by a white man taking the opportunity to be smug.

Then one of the members of the group introduced himself to another, and for the first time I heard him say his name. I was acquainted with him online, and knew how his name was spelled and made an error in how it is pronounced. This is a mistake I have been repeating every time I see him again, for about 4 years now. 

I apologized, and owned up to having repeatedly made the mistake over a long time; he was gracious and accepting.

Wow, look at the spooky, foreboding forest!

The trees are all twisted and dead, it’s bluish and dark everywhere, Shaggy’s tree is deep in ominous shadow–

…oh, never mind. According to the closeup, it’s just another pleasant day in the park.

  1. When did your mage’s magic first manifest?
  2. Did they try to keep it a secret from their family/close friends?
  3. Has their magic ever hurt anyone by mistake?
  4. Which spells came naturally and which were more difficult to learn?
  5. What is their favourite spell?
  6. Do they put a lot of time into studying magic?
  7. What attracted them to their specialization?
  8. How does your mage get along with other mages?
  9. Does your mage have any sympathy for Templars?
  10. Do they consider magic a blessing or a curse?