The signs as mistakes
  • Aries: Hoping for a miracle to happen.
  • Taurus: try to get everyone to like you.
  • Gemini: Doing drugs.
  • Cancer: Telling secrets and regretting it afterwards.
  • Leo: Being on your phone too much and waking into a tree.
  • Virgo: Trying to appear strong although you aren't.
  • Libra: Eliminating your feelings.
  • Scorpio: Trusting wrong people.
  • Sagittarius: Forgetting about time and missing an important appointment.
  • Capricorn: Taking things too seriously and forgetting to take a break.
  • Aquarius: chasing after wrong person.
  • Pisces: Not being able to make up your mind and decide what you want.

girl at a very important audition forgets her keyboard is in sound effect mode


OKAY, THIS CAME OUT KINKER THAN I EXPECTED BUT HEAR ME OUT: I had a dream that ladybug needed Chat’s phone for some reason, and since I personally ask my dad for his phone since his is better than mine, i dreamt she…accidentally..yeah. Did the same thing, but, ohonono that was NOT her dad.