And tonight’s retouch…Shadow the Hedgehog.

So what’s different? Well, if you remember the original line art for Shadow himself was done in 2005. I think I didn’t get around to coloring him until 2010-2011…maybe. I didn’t like the background. Like most of my work, I keep a layered file so that I can change things later. Also, as an artist, I never stop learning. Most times I’ll call a piece “done” simply because I’m too lazy to do the obvious…like a paint a background relative to the subject. So I decided to paint something based on a stage from Sonic Adventure 2. Also, I added some highlights that didn’t exist before, but kept that cool analog effect in the emerald and energy, similar to what you’d see in an old 80′s cartoon, because you know, I’m an 80′s child. Anyway, I think this looks MUCH better, even if it isn’t perfect.

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my 16-bit Awesome series of art (yeah, I’m calling it a series lol). Anyway, this is Rocky Rodent, a rather obscure video game character from the 90s, back when everyone wanted to have their own Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario type character. I decided to draw him in my usual style since I was playing the game this morning. Oh, the game! It’s an old Super Nintendo game from Irem back in 1993. I’d type out the storyline but you can just Wikipedia that later. He was also a victim of color change as far as the North American box art goes. I prefer the in-game color scheme…that’s just me. Still, he looks like the result of Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Dizzy Devil and the Honeycombs monster all making deposits at the local fertility clinic while Aero the Acrobat was screaming in the background…gross.  

The completed version of my entry for Fighting Games Elite’s Tekken Tribute.

This took a pretty good while to finish. I hadn’t played Tekken in a while plus I usually can’t find the time to draw anything new. So after finding a good pose for him, I sketched him out, along with a background based on one of the stages in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2, inked him, left the background sketched to use as my reference in Painter X, then my usual effects and whatnot. The background obviously took the most time to do because I’m always nitpicky about them. Hopefully I sampled enough of the actual colors to make it look close enough. The original drawing can be found here [link] (depending on when you’re reading this you may have to scroll through a few entries).

2H Pencil, 03 Micron Pen, Papermate felt tip pen, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Corel Painter X, roughly 7 hours total.

Ok, if you’ve known me long enough, you’ll know the line art from this picture was done back in 2007, but I was never pleased with how the final picture came out. So I figured I’d overhaul it and ad it to my 16-Bit Awesome collection. Background from a recent picture

Regardless of what gamers may say, I love all the Rocket Knight games a lot, and Sparkster here will always be one of my favorite old school gaming icons.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Painter X, Wacom tablet, several hours.

Talk about digging up something old, this is a picture I drew of Carrot from the anime Sorcerer Hunters back in 2004…to this day that remains one of my most favorite anime series, next to Tenjho Tenge…either of these I could watch all day.

The original version of this picture didn’t have a background, and you could see down to his knees, but it was so bad there was no way to fix it, so I cropped it this evening.

More 2005 character art, this time of Teela, as she appeared in The New Adventures of He-Man cartoon. This picture never had a background, and her leg always bothered me. Originally she was just on a tan colored backdrop, and I always wanted to put her in some sort of scene but never had the time back then. Figured since this is one my newer ones and I’ve been updating a lot of my old artwork as I find it, why not finish it…well, as finished as it can get. I don’t have the original PSD file, or the line art so I had to painstakingly remove her from the backdrop.

This was my second ever piece of He-Man fanart that I submitted to the he-man.org fanart forums back in 2005. There’s not a layered PSD file anymore, so I had to make do with what I had. I swapped out the background for something that made more sense than the original. I really don’t know who’s cel shading style I was trying to mimic back then but I don’t like it. The only saving grace for me is that it’s Skeletor, in one of his forms from the New Adventures of He-Man, my favorite in the series.

This is from 2004-2005, except the background which you’ve all seen in several of my  newer pieces. I believe I drew this in 2004, but didn’t submit it to the he-man.org fanart forums until 2005 when I colored it. I was determined to make Bow from She-Ra not look like a fruity fireman or child predator, so I gave him a more edgier look. It’s FAR from perfect, but I managed to keep a lot of his original flare in my version.

I still have this Genesis cartridge..it still frustrates me to no end, but I always loved Aero, mainly because he’s a bat, and as a kid, I was really fascinated by bats. The music was also some of the best I’d heard since Sonic, growing up at least. This is only my second ever Aero the Acrobat drawing and I made a few changes to his original design.

Tools: Photoshop CS3, Painter X, Wacom Tablet, several hours.

You’d think as much as I love Sonic CD (it’s number 1 on my top 3 favorite Sonic games) that I’d have more Sonic CD fanart…sadly I don’t. I was hooked on Sonic when he debuted in 1991 and when Sonic CD was released, I had only seen still images of the animated intro in Gamepro and EGM (yeah, I’m THAT old) because, you know, the internet didn’t exist back then as it does today. I didn’t get to see it in motion till I was about 18 and I had finally gotten a Sega Saturn and Sonic Jam and watched the clips in the museum of the Sonic World portion of the game (yes, I still own and play my Saturn). Fitting that my 16-Bit Awesome series of drawings should include Sonic at least once.

Tools: Photoshop CS3, Wacom Tablet, several hours