Are you an age of sail enthusiast?

Then join our twitter roleplay! We are a group of fun, easy going people with a love of the age of sail and we are currently looking for people to play the following characters:

-Sir Edward Pellew

-Major Edrington

-Major Cotard



-Kitty Cobham/The Duchess

-Lt. Buckland

-Jack Simpson


Crossover characters (from other age of sail/regency era works) or OCs are welcome as well.

If you are interested in participating, talk to me or captainviolet. We are open to any and all questions and inquiries!

Good day!


-So Mr. Bush, I trust you weren’t up all night getting the ship ready?
-Not all night, sir, no.
-Anything to report?
-No sir, nothing. I trust you weren’t up all night either, sir?
-…No Mr. Bush, I slept exceptionally well thank you. You will take her out, if you please. Plot a course for Brest.
-Aye,Aye, sir.

In which subtlety is not a strong suit on the Hotspur

sluttysuperheroes  asked:

Is it odd that I am really attracted to bush

NO. When I first saw his face on tumblr, everyone was like ‘I LOVE HIM’, and I was like, ‘HES NOT ATTRACTIVE’. Then I started watching it, and I was like ‘I HATE HIM’, then he said those words ‘I thought you might think the captain…unfit for command…as I do’, then I was like ‘I LOVE HIM’. Now everytime I see his face I’m like ‘HES SO HOT’. (And that is the story of my love for Mistah Boosh.)

So, no, it’s not odd whatsoever.