I know UHC season 8 passed a long time ago give me a break okay I just wanted an excuse to draw Kevin, Grape, and Bayani.

Drawn on an iPad

The Cube SMP is a Minecraft server where a community of people play Survival on their own but, also, interact with each other in a variety of ways. There are businesses to buy from, houses to look at, and creations that some people may not even know are possible.


I was thinking about things. And the future. And I got really upset. I don’t want this fandom, the cube smp fandom to just be a phase in my life. I want to be a fan of these people for my entire life. I want to be able to wake up every morning(or stay up all night) and be excited to see a new video by them. I don’t want them to leave youtube. I want them to stay and continue to make us happy. But you need to remember their happiness, and their future as well. And I don’t want to think of a future where I’m not apart of this fandom. I’m going to miss the laughs, the tears, and the happiness that these people bring to me. I don’t want it to ever go away. And I hope it doesn’t anytime soon. These people and this fandom, are my Ohana. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.