mist94 replied to your post:  I am tired of Homestuck but I don’t hate…

Man, I’m not nearly as far as anyone else, since I’m only in ACT 5 PT 1 where the trolls are first introduced. But I feel you, seeing that list of pages go on forever I just kinda die a little bit. Have you read Problem Sleuth yet?

I am already dying i can’t deal with it anymore…I am going to stop reading it for good. I waste my time reading Homestuck…

Oh yeah I read Problem Sleuth! I finished reading it two years ago it was good I guess.

“Haha what do you mean? I’m just waiting for August like everybody else.”
My town in New Leaf is called St. Row. And my character looks like that with the default Boss Man’s jacket. So yeah, just messing around as mayor before taking on the seriousness that is the president’s duties. Which translates to me occupying myself til 4 releases.

Look at me, working my butt off. Not really. This has probably been done or something, but then again, we hardly see Tekken art involving fighting… So to all my Tekken followers, if you’re still out there, this is for you.

Gosh I love dressing up Lili, I customized her something like that in Tekken 6. It’s honestly more fun than her all white frills.

Sketching again. I was trying to do some cool Assassin’s Creed art but that didn’t work out so here’s some Dante instead. I’m just dealing with too many feels in the AC fandom right now. I can’t really talk about it since it’s practically spoilers, either, ugh. Let’s just say, everything you know, everything you hope to become, it’s already gone.

I finally finished this fanart. I drew my friend’s OC Brandy and her friend’s OC Jack. Yeah Christmas has already passed but I thought I’d still keep it Christmas themed. This is also on my Deviantart, but I figured you’d see it here first.

Edit: Bah my dumb ass forgot to add her ears and tail. But I fixed it. So there you go. XD

Here’s more sketches that I promised… Yesterday. Ahem. I drew Amy and Nate since I haven’t been giving them that much attention lately. This is all, if they were in an AU: RPG style thing. Amy would play the thief, quick chip damage. And short shorts.:3 Nate is an all around mage. He doesn’t really enjoy his role, but he’d save his friends in a pinch. Now I want to redo more detailed and cleaner versions of these costumes.