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oh my gosh i love your writing so much? i always look forward to seeing more of it on my dash ;u; !! would you maybe think about doing a neighbor kihyun if you have time please? i'd love to see you write it asfdpih (also i hope school isn't stressing you out too much and that you are getting enough rest and you time)

find neighbor!wonho (here) ~!

  • is picky about everything, but in a good way. like he wants to keep everything pretty and organized
  • labels his containers
  • likes his pinks, yellows, and whites. that’s what his color scheme is from his white sheets to his pink toothbrush to his yellow curtains
  • “jooheon i know that this is a gift with the best intentions, but you know my thing is stripes. im not a polka dot person. im sorry, i just am not. but ill accept these slippers anyway because i love you”
  • likes to get sewing tips from the old lady down the hall
  • nags at kids who make too much noise in front of the building and he’s always going on about respect and being polite 
  • but once he saw a cockroach in his bathtub and yelled so loud he woke up the entire floor  
  • isn’t afraid to admit that he thinks stuffed animals are cute and therefore has a giant moomin on his bed. it’s cute and yes he hugs it at night 
  • takes care of his skin so well he gets compliments from everyone because he glows like the people down at the grocery are just like omg what products do you use and kihyun will gladly share his tips. he’s a sweetheart 
  • you know kihyun because like well who doesn’t????? the kids call him uncle kihyun because he’s always scolding them and the older people refer to him as the prince of your apartment complex because he’s always dressed so fancy and does his hair well
  • but on the off-chances that you’ve seen him you haven’t ever talked with him or caught his attention
  • mostly because you’re always in a rush to get to work/school. like you’re not a morning person, but kihyun seems just dandy in the morning and you’re like how
  • and it’s on one morning that you find yourself particularly messy because you stayed up all night to finish a long paper and you forgot that you had an interview later in the afternoon but you had no time to get ready
  • so you managed to put on a decent interview outfit, but your hair? your face? your overall moral? your outlook on life?
  • bad
  • and when you get into the elevator you’re thankful that it’s just you till someone comes running down the hall and slips in last second and it’s kihyun
  • looking absolutely perfect and energized and you’re still trying to brush your hair to where it looks acceptable and maybe get something on to cover your dark circles
  • and you don’t notice but kihyun is watching you a bit and he sees you stumbling, tiredly into the train station with your bag half open and when you get into the train
  • kihyun suddenly sits beside you and you’re like uh,,,,,because there’s a bunch of free seats the stop near your house is the first stop for that line
  • and kihyun is like “here let me help you.” and you’re like ?????/
  • and he takes your brush from your hands and moves your shoulders so you’re facing him and he puts his own bag on his lap and pulls out a bunch of stuff
  • and basically gives you a makeover right than and there. and im not talking like full on makeup, im talking just the basics to help you look like you know,,,,,,,,you’re not dYing
  • and he gets the knots out of your hair, the dark circles covered, some mist sprayed on. he fixes the collar of your shirt, and even hands you a granola bar because he’s like “i can tell you didn’t eat”
  • and when he’s done you don’t feel anywhere as bad as you did when you left your house and kihyun grins because he’s like “this is the first time ive seen you smile since we got into the elevator together”
  • and you tell him that you’re thankful, that you have an interview today too and he’s like “you’ll do amazing!!!” and you’re like,,,,thank you,,,,,,,for making me look presentable,,,,,rofl
  • and when it’s your stop kihyun gives you another thumbs up and you get off and can’t help but keep smiling because,,,,,,,wow he’s,,,,,,,,so sweet?????
  • and the day just feels so much easier because of your time in the morning with kihyun and your interview goes well
  • so well that when you’re heading home you get an sns that says you passed the interview and you’re so happy you do a little dance on the platform
  • and once when you finally get home you’re surprised to see kihyun on the bench outside your building and you go over and say hello and he grins and asks about the interview
  • and before you know it you’re telling him everything that happened and when you tell him you passed he pats the top of your head and you’re like ,,,,,,o,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “i knew you could do it, you’re so hardworking - ive noticed that about you” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he????? noticed me??????
  • and kihyun is like “as a reward, let me go buy you some good snacks”
  • and you try to refuse, but kihyun is like no no you deserve it!! and as you shyly pick something out and head to the counter kihyun is taking out his money and the cashier is like “you two look cute together, has it already been past 100 days?”
  • and you’re speechless because omg what
  • and kihyun looks over at you with a smile and he’s like “nope! this is our first day, you could say.” and the cashier is like AW how cute
  • and you’re like alhdgjfsdds what,,,,,,,,,,,does he mean by that
  • and as you’re walking back home you want to ask but you just nibble on your snack until kihyun leans over to take a bite of your food and you’re like hEY 
  • and he’s like “so, what do you think about that?” and you’re like “what?” and he’s like “about this being our first day,,,,,,i think we can make it to 100 easily.”
  • and you’re like is he???? asking me out???? and kihyun before you guys get back inside is like “so? want to meet in the morning again and we’ll ride the train together?” and you hesitate but in a small voice you go “like,,,,,,a couple?”
  • and kihyun grins and gives you another thumbs up like “yes. like a couple.” 
  • and you’re red in the face as kihyun comes closer and you think he’s going to lean in and??????? kiss you 
  • but instead he goes “i like the messy you even more you know?” and you’re like wh,,what does that mean and he pets your head again messing it up just a bit and going over to open the door
  • and yes the next morning as you’re rushing again, you think yesterday must have been a dream
  • but when you open your door, kihyun is there by the elevator waiting for you

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Black Hat but they get turned good. Everyone is worried and freaking out.



A/N: So I decided not to do a reader insert for this one, my lovely Anon, as that’s how I interpreted this request, however if you would have liked to see something similar or more straight to prompt but in a self-insert format, I would be more than happy to try my hand at that for you as well! I just thought making his behavior a result of an illness would be more true to the character. :3&

Dr. Flug was downstairs when the first sign came that something was wrong. Black Hat strolled into the lab to, or at least Flug assumed, check progress on his newest creation: a death gauntlet complete with an assortment of rays and sprays to fend off attacks from pesky heroes.

Instead, however, Flug watched as his boss actually smiled. Yeah. Black Hat. Self proclaimed master of all evil in the known world.


Flug’s eyes widened. Something had to have happened. An orphanage explosion. A taint in the world water supply. Something to put the usually short tempered whatever-he-was in an actually good mood.

“Good morning Flug!” He smiled, “Up and working already? Do you ever take a break?”

Or it could have been a trap.

“J-just working on that d-death ray for the gauntlet you requested, Sir….” Flug replied nervously.

“Death ray?” Black Hat questioned, surprised, “That sounds dangerous.”

“It is sir, exactly as you requested it.”

“Well what would I need a death ray for?” Black Hat laughed, but not his usual, malicious one. One may even dare to say he sounded…jolly.

“Are you okay, Sir?” Flug asked, looking up to the taller man quizzically.

“Couldn’t be better, Flug!” was Black Hat’s quick response as he began to walk out of the Lab, “Keep up the good work.”

Okay, something was deffinetly wrong with him. Black Hat would never compliment Flug or his work so freely, even as a joke. This must have been serious. Flug began to worry and sweat beads appeared on the outside of his bag as he went to call Demencia.

All the hyper girl offered as a greeting was a high pitched hum. Flug, used to this response, just began talking in his rapid, nervous voice.

“Demencia! Have you seen Black Hat today?!”

“No.” She sighed, clearly disappointed about it. But her voice picked up slightly as she added, “Why? Have you?”

“Yes! Demencia! Look this is important! I think something’s wr-”

“It’s not fair!! Why does he always want to be around you!!” Demencia wined, going off on that tangent while Flug sighed on the other end.

“Demencia listen!! I think something’s wrong with Black Hat!!” Dr. Flug interrupted Demencia mid complaint, “He’s acting…nice.”

Demencia laughed on the other line, surprised that Flug actually had a sense of humor. But the concerned tone in his voice as he continued actually made her take something seriously.

“I’m not kidding!! Something’s wrong!”

The two grabbed 5.0.5 and made their way to the normally imposing villain’s office. Demencia shoved open the door, loudly declaring that they were there to bring the real black hat back to them. But her dissertation was cut short by the trio’s collective realization that the office had sun light pouring in and that the melancholy walls were a much happier powder blue.

“Hello, my friends!!” Black Hat smiled to them, a family of birds nesting on top of his head.

Dr. Flug and 5.0.5 stood dumbfounded, but not Demencia. She pounced onto her boss and began interrogating him immediately.

“Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?!” She yelled, shaking him by the collar of his shirt.

After a few seconds of watching this, Flug finally snapped out of it enough to run over to his boss, yelling at Demencia to stop while scanning Black Hat for any sort of disease.

He almost didn’t hear the device beeping off a positive response for a virus over all the yelling. But once Flug knew the condition, he could turn Black Hat back to normal.

“Demencia! 5.0.5! Hold him down! I need a blood sample to make a cure for him.” He said, typing furiously away on the machine’s keyboard. The other two villains did as they were told and held the giggling Black Hat down until Flug could prick him for a blood sample.

Minutes later, Flug delivered a shot that brought their grumpy superior back to them in no time. And as his true personality came back, Black Hat grew angrier and angrier. Clouds of black mist fixing all that this “good” Black Hat had done.

The walls became gray and black again, and the blinds drew themselves shut so that the fire which erupted in the nest on Black Hat’s…well…hat could burn brightly in the newfound darkness. The eggs inside may have been edible if they didn’t continue to burn to a crisp.

All traces of Black Hat’s morning were gone aside from his employees holding him to the ground and Flug still holding a needle. Black Hat’s eyes focused on the timid Dr. and soon he was chasing all three of them through the halls, just as hot-headed as always.

“Why did we have to change him back, anyway?” 5.0.5 wondered silently as they ran, “I liked him better when he was delirious….”

Blame- Bucky Barnes- Part 14

So sorry it has been so long! But I am finally finished with school work for now, so here is a new part! Thanks for your patience! Unfortunately, we are nearing the end of this series!














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It had been a month since Bucky went back under. A month since you started to try and find a solution- but nothing. You and T’Challa’s therapists tried to find something, anything that would help from certain kinds of therapies, even looking into brain surgery but nothing would suffice. It had been a month since you had slept properly.

You huffed onto the couch, head in hands after for doctor’s appointment. T’Challa had some of the finest doctor’s in the world and he insisted that you have regular appointments about your eye. They did wonders so it no longer looked as disgusting however, you were never going to get back your full sight. You probably had about 40% vision in your eye. However, due to their fantastic surgical work, you no longer felt the need for the eyepatch, which seemed to be the only positive outcome of anything in the past month.

You groaned once more before leaning forward and grabbing a book called “Changing the Way the Brain Thinks” in an attempt to find something useful. Wanda heard your frustration and joined you on the couch.

“Are you okay?” She asked. You looked up and she could see the dark circles under your eyes. You smiled solemnly before placing the useless book back on the coffee table.

“I’m fine, not any worse than usual.” You said. She nodded, placing a hand on your knee.

“We’ll find something, I promise.” You nodded at her words, opening your mouth to speak before being interrupted by Clint’s voice. He walked in from the kitchen, a bowl of food in his hands as he spoke to Wanda.

“Hey kiddo, how was your date last night?” he asked her. Your eyes widen as you turned to her, gaping.

“Date?! Wanda since when did you have a date? Who was he?” You burst. Clint laughed at your outburst, sitting down across from you. She laughed too before answering.

“He asked me the other day, one of T’Challa advisors. But you were so busy I didn’t want to take up any of your time.”

“oh my god, Wanda, I’m so sorry, from now on you have my full attention.” You said sitting back and letting her speak.

“Sooo,” Clint spoke up wiggling his eyebrows, “how did it go?”

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Have you ever wished for a magical clock that lets you stop time? You’re not alone. Busy women of the world everywhere are always looking for ways to squeeze in some TLC—and have the non-manicured hands to prove it. Shiseido knows that sometimes we have to write “take a shower” on our to-do lists, and has expanded its IBUKI collection with that in mind. We think you’ll come to rely on these time-saving beauties more than you do your DVR. JESSICA VELEZ

Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask

The When: Right before the sandman arrives.

The Where: Tucked in bed.

The Why: You stayed for another round, long past happy hour.

Do you long for a nap all day, but once five o’clock hits find yourself clinking glasses instead of snuggling with your pillow? Then your skin is paying double the price. Shiseido’s sleeping mask was formulated for night owls like you. Its blubbery gel formula is housed in a spaceship-like bottle, but the results are anything but alien. The vitamin E and C capsules in the mixture make skin brighter, clearer, and more radiant overnight—almost like all signs of fatigue have been abducted.

Shiseido IBUKI Quick Fix Mist

The When: Overscheduled work days.

The Where: On the train between stops.

The Why: You’ve been jumping around the city to meet clients all day in the city—but you don’t want to look like it.

Rush hour? You wish! On days when it feels like you’ve been rushing around all day long, you need to refresh with something hydrating and, most importantly, handy. This mist’s bottle was specially designed with a flat side to fit in your bag (it would easily fit in that pocket made for your cell phone). Beyond the bottle, what’s unique about this mist is its transformative properties. Inside it’s a gel, but press the button—and violà—it’s a liquid on your skin. Just give it a press and say “ahhhh” for a moment of Zen.

Shiseido IBUKI Multi Solution Gel

The When: While the coffee is brewing.

The Where: At the café near the office.

The Why: Because you stress-ate fried foods, and your skin is tattling on you.

Man, that fried chicken sandwich was the bomb.com, but it has this rude tendency to invite acne to your skin’s party. You don’t have time to perform a number of steps to combat bumps in front of your sink, so instead, go about your routine and bring along this travel-friendly solution gel. The gelatin-like texture goes a long way, so its salicylic acid spreads easily on skin while providing moisture in one go. You’ll be done before your non-foam latte hits the barista bar.

Shop the Shiseido Ibuki Collection: 

they beg you to fight their war, to throw yourself into the lion’s den and kneel, to shed your blood for justice, for freedom, for love, for him.

“for him.”

they set you on fire for the uprising of a nation, but fail to hear your screams as your skin turns to ashes, and your heart into charcoal. when your flames die down, they cover you in white lace, and shout your happily ever after. you’re his now, like you were always meant to be. you died for him after all. this is your happy ending. 

bride of the spring. your crown is made of roses, but your lungs are made of thorns. you can not breathe without bleeding. 

bride of the spring, savior of prythian, cursebreaker. broken, wretched, unmade. they all taste like synonyms on your tongue. you are dying. 

in the night, your red-haired demons haunt you, and you find that his kiss is not holy water. he leaves in the morning, and you are left cold and shaking, crying with no tears, screaming with no sound. this is not your happily ever after. heroes do not die of a broken soul.

wake upwake upwake up.
this is not where your story ends. you see it now. you are not a tragedy, not a grave, not a blushing bride. wake up.

and you run.

there is a world out there that can save you. so, you run. you run through the mountains, through the night, you stretch your fingers wide open and reach for the skies. for the universe. you are dying, but you are not dead. you stand on your tiptoes, and touch the stars. you are not dead. and so as long as you are not dead, you fight. you fight for justice, for freedom, for love. you fight for yourself.

you are a huntress and an artist, a lover and a friend, a sister and your own.

“for me.” 

Who the signs ship in ACOMAF
  • Aries: Feyrhys
  • Taurus: Feyrhys
  • Gemini: Feyrhys
  • Cancer: Feyrhys
  • Leo: Feyrhys
  • Virgo: Feyrhys
  • Libra: Feyrhys
  • Scorpio: Feyrhys
  • Sagittarius: Feyrhys
  • Capricorn: Feyrhys
  • Aquarius: Feyrhys
  • Pisces: Feyrhys

Random thought but I really want A Court of Wings and Ruin to have a purple colour (specifically a purple with a blue undertone) Here’s why: 

1. Purple would symbolize the combination of the lessons she learned and her experiences in both ACOTAR and ACOMAF, which she’ll have to use against the King in order to defeat him and I also personally think to survive the Spring Court again. Red represents stimulation (if fighting for your loved ones lives isn’t considered stimulating idk what is) meanwhile blue can symbolize calmness which is something that Feyre had to learn in ACOMAF, how to calm down mentally, how to understand that the terror that occurred under the mountain was over and how to move forward. In the third book I feel like this is where we’ll be able to see the balance between the two of them. Feyre still has the qualities she had as a human while under the mountain, her resourcefulness, burning determination, and loyalty but also gained new aspects  like learning how to lean on friends for support and how to accept her past and herself with all of her High Fae glory. Now in the third book she’ll have to face more “stimulation” but at least now she has a solid support group and has learned to deal with it more healthily. 

2. Purple also symbolizes royalty so y'all better bow down to the High Lady of the Night court who’s gonna kick Hyberns ass, avenge her sisters, and set shit straight with the spring court all while Rhys stares lovingly at her, always encouraging his mate from the shadows (Fun fact: purple is also the most powerful visible wavelength of the rainbow so don’t you think it’s fitting for the most powerful duo?) 

3. Purple also denotes justice and I feel like in ACOWAR we’re going to see a lot of justice being served. Specifically I’m thinking of justice for Rhys mother and sister but also against the King of Hyberns for transforming Feyres sisters, Lucien’s brothers for murdering the women he loved and trying to kill him, Tarquin for being robbed and betrayed by the Night court (not meaning that he’s gonna murder them or anything but a truthful explanation might go along way, just saying) the Mortal Queens (draw and quarter those traitors, get Rhys to mist them or let Feyre send them to the same abyss she sent Tamlin wedding ring to idc they just need to go) Mor needs her justice for what her sick excuse of a family did to her, like seriously that needs to happen! I can go on forever my point is justice is gonna be a big theme I feel.

4. It also symbolizes healing and dear God I feel like everyone needs a bit of that in one way or another. The most obvious example is Cassian and his poor wings but I also feel like a lot of relationships need to be mended. The ones that I hope to see make progress in ACOWAR are between Feyre and her sisters, Tarquin/the summer court and Rhys/ the night court (I really want them to become close and mend their potential alliance and for Rhys to actually have a healthy friendship with someone outside of his immediate friend group that still respects him as the Night Courts Highlord but also see’s the person beneath that) , Lucien and Tamlin (whether they actually fix their friendship which honestly I do want to see happen or if Lucien realizes he doesn’t deserve to be treated so shittily and walks it doesn’t really matter cause either way it’s an improvement) Lucien and Feyre (I really miss the two of them and the relationship they had) and I sort of want to see Amren with Tarquin cousin (? I can’t remember his name right now but I think they’re hilarious together and when I say with I don’t necessarily mean a relationship)  

5. But let’s be real I’d be absolutely delighted if it was purple solely because of Rhys eyes. That’s it. Forget symbolism. If Sarah was just like yeah the covers violet as a nod to Rhysand I’d be ecstatic.

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Hey Hilary, Mac Fix Plus has been on my wist list for awhile now. I've seen it on youtube make the crappiest eyeshawdows look amazing! Any dupes for that?

Hi there!  MAC Fix Plus is a great makeup product and serves many purposes, but it is somewhat of an *indulgence*.  For the purpose you have in mind, you don’t need anything that fancy!  Any setting spray will work, because the only thing you need is something to dampen the brush and eyeshadow slightly to make it pack onto your lid more intense.  I’d recommend the ELF Makeup Mist & Set Spray, which you can get at Target or Kmart for just $3!

The ELF spray and Fix Plus have very similar ingredients, and this spray will do the job just as well!  And if ever you were to decide to treat yourself to the MAC spray, I’d recommend getting the travel size!  It’s the same price per ounce as the full size, and isn’t as tough on your wallet.

Hope this works for you!


See More Like This:     l  Setting Sprays  l   ELF   l   MAC  l

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NEW Skincare and Makeup by Pixie Beauty!
•Lash Nourishing makeup remover pads $10
•Glow tonic to go, gently exfoliating, for toning, brightening and hydrating.
• Nourishing lip polish, lip exfoliator $12
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•Makeup fixing mist, with rose water and green tea for long lasting makeup $15
•Tinted brilliance balm,$14
•Beauty Blush duo and kabuki, mineral blush and highlighter, brush included $18
•Lash line ink waterproof liquid eyeliner $14
Available online and at Target!

Sorry dictionary, but the term “baking” has a new definition. What we normally associate with sticking a combination of eggs, sugar, and flour in the oven has now become a new beauty trend fresh off Instagram. While it originated as a theater technique to flatter complexions under hot spotlights, it was later adopted by the drag set to create a feminine face shape and make concealer last longer where it matters most. Now, baking is finally getting the attention it deserves, all thanks to celebrity makeup artists and selfie queens singing its praises. We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial that makes baking a piece of cake—plus a visual guide courtesy of Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty. But first, it’s important to see whether baking is right for you. The overall result gives a full-coverage, matte finish—so if you’re a dewy loyalist, you might want to steer clear of the bakery. Normally, the technique is better suited for a photo studio than the street, but our guide is perfect for an everyday baked look that’s totally wearable. Let’s get started! JESSICA VELEZ

STEP ONE: With your foundation and contouring already completed, apply a concealer with a sheer-to-medium level of coverage to your Triangle of Light (a V-shaped area created from the inner corner of your eye to your nostril, and from your nostril to the other corner of your eye). tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-Hour Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage are great options because they’re both emollient. Then, blend the concealer using a beautyblender.

STEP TWO: Apply a loose setting powder—NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder would be perfect—to the same area you applied the concealer using a fluffy brush such as the SEPHORA COLLECTION hakuho-do + Sephora PRO Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush (Otsubu), and let it sit on your skin for one to three minutes. While the shade of NARS’s powder is nearly universal, deeper skin tones could switch it up with a banana-hued powder, while fairer skin tones would benefit from a powder with pink or peach undertones. For medium skin tones, stick with a translucent powder.

STEP THREE: Using the same brush as in STEP TWO, dust away the remaining setting powder that wasn’t absorbed into the skin using a light, flicking motion. OPTIONAL: for more coverage, first dip your brush into a medium-to-full coverage complexion powder, such as Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, and then dust off the setting powder with the dipped brush. This creates an exchange and buildup of product.

STEP FOUR: Finish with a setting spray, like Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

NOTE: To remove this buildup of product at the end of the day, we recommend a two-step cleansing routine. First, start with an oil or a balm. boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil and Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm work wonders. Then, follow up with your favorite everyday cleanser.


External image

NARS / Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

External image

SEPHORA COLLECTION / Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

External image

Laura Mercier / Translucent Loose Setting Powder

External image

beautyblender / the original beautyblender®

External image

SEPHORA COLLECTION / Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder

External image

NARS / Radiant Creamy Concealer

External image


External image

tarte / Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

External image

Urban Decay / All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


POW💥Tips & Tricks for a flawless foundation, no matter which brand you use. TAG YOUR BESTIE to spread the ❤️!

Step-by-step talk through tutorial (with lots of📍TIPS & all products used for the final look) is linked in bio.


@tartecosmetics FRXXXTION stick.
#tartecosmetics Drink of H2O hydrating boost.
@makeupforeverofficial Step 1 skin equalizer smoothing primer applied with a @beautyblender 😱💥.

@elfcosmetics Flawless Finish foundation ‘Sand’ mixed with Orthomega fish oil 😱💥 (see YouTube video for details & an alternative if you don’t like fish oil).
#elfcosmetics HD Lifting concealer ‘Fair’.
#makeupforever Mist & Fix setting spray (applied before powder whaaaa?) 😱💥.

@lauramercier loose translucent powder (best one in my opinion).

@hudabeauty @shophudabeauty ‘Scarlett’ lashes.


Song🎵: Ahmet Kilic & Stoto - Swept Away


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After Solas Absorbs Mythal

Mythal: Think about what you are doing, old friend.

Solas: You can not reach me with endearments. It will not work.

Mythal: You think you will restore what was lost. What was done can not be undone. Or don’t you think I would have undone it?

Solas: What could you have done on your own? Together, we will unlock Arlathan and restore the People to their former glory –

Mythal: Arlathan is dead, Solas. And so am I. Don’t you think it’s time to let go? You were willing to. For a while. Because of her.

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I've finally got around to starting my makeup kit and realized I'm totally stumped on which foundations I should stock up on first. I don't have a large clientele but it's decent. Can you give me some good foundations from drugstore to high end? Can you also give me some suggestions on other things I should put in my kit? I didn't realize how hard it would be since I can get serious anxiety from looking at all these products! Lol thanks so much in advance.

Hi there!

When it comes to building up your freelance kit with face products, keep in mind that everyone has different skin types, skin tones, preferences. You’ll want to have foundations that will work with dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, people with acne, people who want full coverage, people who want really light, dewy coverage. 

If you can’t afford to build up a huge face product collection just yet, mix and match products to fit your client’s need! If you only have a matte foundation add a little bit of liquid highlighter into a foundation to make it more luminous, add a hydrating setting spray, use a luminous base/primer. There are ways to make one foundation work for a variety of looks and skin types. 

Also try to have a wide range of shades for a variety of skin tones. I’d recommend buying a lightest shade and a darkest shade and a few medium shades that you can mix together to create the perfect shade for each client. You can even mix foundations for a unique look/finish!

Try to have

  • A full coverage, matte/satin foundation. This will work for weddings, photoshoots, heavy glam looks. Try foundations like Loreal Infallible Pro Matte (their setting spray is great, too!), Estee Lauder Double Wear, Dermablend Cover Creme, MAC Studio Fix, Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, Giorgio Armani Luminous SIlk and/or Lasting Silk. 
  • A light weight foundation. BB creams, tinted moisturizers, light weight foundations. NARS Sheer Glow, MAC Face and Body, Makeup Forever Face and Body, Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, Loreal True Match Foundation.
  • A moisturizing foundation. Loreal Magic Lumi Foundation, Too Faced Born This Way, Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation.

Face product add ons

  • Primers/moisturizers for all skin types. Try to have a light-weight gel or oil controlling moisturizer for oily/combination skin types and more hydrating moisturizing bases for more dry skin types. The foundation won’t look good if the base is melting off or looking dry and flakey!
  • Liquid illuminators. These can be mixed with foundation, moisturizers, used alone, under powder highlight for a more intense shine. 
  • Setting sprays that are hydrating and long wearing. One for oily/combination skin and one for dry skin. For oily skin check out ones like Loreal Infallible Setting Spray, Urban Decay All Nighter. For dry skin check out Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist, rose water, MAC Fix Plus. Setting sprays will also help any foundation/powder look less cakey/dry.
  • Translucent powder. Translucent powders will work on most skin types and skin tones making them a great universal powder. I recommend ones slightly tinted to avoid a white flash back in photos. Try ones from Ben Nye or the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (best one!)

first haul that im posting on here!! v smol but im pretty happy widdit

abh cosmetics modern renaissance palette: $42.00
make up for ever mist & fix setting spray: $12.00
nars radiant creamy concealer in chantily: $29.00
bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in kale: $26.00

urban outfitters:
lime crime liquid lipstick in salem: $20.00
occ loose colour concentrates in datura: $15.00
occ loose colour concentrates in oberon: $15.00

total: $161.00