Okay but like, since I drew both Hector and Mist in relatively short succession and since I’m training the up at the same time/on the same team, I can’t help but think how they’d interact with one another.

Hector’s brash and not traditionally “lord-like”; he’s a reckless fighter but incredibly loyal to his friends. Mist, on the other hand, is small and a better healer than fighter (throughout much of the story anyway) but she has no intention of backing down from a fight if it means keeping the people she cares about safe.

You cannot, cannot tell me that Mist wouldn’t look at Hector and miss his similarities with Ike. She’d gravitate toward him, both because he’s a damn wall on the battlefield and because she understands him. Likewise, Hector would take one look at the tiny good-natured cleric who takes no shit and likewise delivers some of the most scalding yet subtle come-backs of anyone he’s ever met, and he’d say: this one I’ve got to keep this one safe. Hector would hoist her up onto his shoulders just like he did with Nils in the desert. Whenever Hector needed healing after a battle, Mist would whack him over the head for being a meathead, and she’d likely use those exact words. Hector would find it hilarious because finally someone other than Matthew, Eliwood, and Lyn sees him as a person rather than a noble. Since Ike hasn’t arrived yet (lol I haven’t drawn him), Hector would pretty much decide: okay until her brother gets her and possibly even after I’m adopting this one hey Uther we’ve got a new sister and she’s fantastic.

I’m just. Hector and Mist.