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First 12 Songs on Shuffle as the Signs

Aries: Lost Kings- Jarren Benton ft. Micah Freeman
Taurus: Rich Girl- Gwen Stefani ft. Eve
Gemini: Lady Marmalade- Christina Aguilera ft. Lil Kim, Mya, P!nk, and Missy Elliot
Cancer: Take me to Church- Hozier
Leo: It’s Time- Imagine Dragons
Virgo: Crazy Beautiful Life- Kesha
Libra: Brite Lites- Lana Del Rey
Scorpio: Who Knew- P!nk
Sagittarius: Island in Sun- Weezer
Capricorn: From Yesterday- 30 Seconds to Mars
Aquarius: Hit the Quan- iHeartMemphis
Pisces: My Name is Jonas- Weezer

note: I would have one song play and put it in a place, so if you feel like one song would fit a different sign better, you’re probably right. BUT I didn’t change anything once a song was placed. So when that better fitting song came on, the sign was probably already taken but another song!

xscribblehubblex  asked:

I heard the 'Lady Marmalade' and I'm very curious: which one of the veterans would be Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink? :D

Nanaba would be Mya
Levi would be Missy Elliot
Erwin would be P!nk
Hanji would be christina aguilera
Mike would be lil’ Kim

Outfits included


Doubles and Missy P doing their thing on WestwoodTV.

But all of these characters that I’ve played that are, I guess, judged as being unhinged, are unhinged for a good reason. For me, Missy - and all these other incredible characters - have a steely core that’s not necessarily a madness. I’m attracted to these characters. I’d far rather be running around with somebody that has a fire in their belly. If that fire, that spark, is perceived as a madness, then… well, there’s a wonderful saying, which is ‘Whatever you think of me is none of my business.’
—  Michelle Gomez on the many ‘crazy’ characters she’s played in her career from DWM.

So you clearly have an eye for spotting rising talent. If you had to pick artists for a 2015 version of “Lady Marmalade” [the 2001 song Aguilera recorded with Pink, Mya, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot], who would they be?

Miley would be great in that mix, because I think she’s a great risk taker and has a lot of fun. Maybe Nicki Minaj. Those are the two that directly come to mind. But I actually thought “Bang Bang” [featuring Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande] was a pretty good “Lady Marmalade” reference, in a way. It’s always great to see girls come together — especially in the face of the media sometimes, trying to pit us against each other. It’s never ending, no matter how young or old you are. Anytime I can encourage girls to get together and actually support each other and encourage risk-taking, I’m all for it. I love it. So yeah, I’m waiting for the next new group of people.

                                                                           -CHRISTINA AGUILERA