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Anonymous said: could you imagine P being close to 1 and the today show being the show of harry’s she’s attended and harry shows her off to the crowd

He’d keep waving in her direction, smiling at her when she’s squeal and reach her hands towards him, and blowing kisses to the missus each time he had a spare second to show her some love in between songs. The fans would always coo when he’d wave towards his little girl, gushing over how her ear-protectors matched Harry’s recent pink and flower aesthetic, and squealing when she’d giggle in their direction and wave her tiny hands, fingers clasping into a fist. And out of respect to the small baby and to Harry and the missus, the fans would keep her blurred from Twitter photos and they’d try and keep her out of shot when taking pictures and videos of Harry.

And when he finishes his set and has some time to see the missus and Persephone before heading off for a short interview, he’d take her from the missus’ arms and give her a squeeze, kissing her cheeks and nudging his nose to her forehead. Kissing the missus and saying a quick hello and exchanging praises and thank-yous, he’d step back towards the stairs and taking slow and gentle steps back up to the stage, where Mitch and Adam were slightly conversing in a small huddle.

“You wan’a come say hello to some important people, Poppet?” He’d whisper against her head as he held her to his body, “all these people came to see daddy this mornin’. S’very excitin’, innit, huh? All these people love daddy. And, daddy loves ‘em all, too. But, you’re always gon’a be my favourite little lady, yeah? You and mummy are my favourite ladies,” he’d grin widely, her eyes widening.

“Can I have a cuddle with the bubba, Harry?” Adam would ask, siding up to him as he held his hands out, “you’re wanted.”

“Le’me just have a couple more minutes with her,” he’d smile, kissing her forehead, “me and you are gon’a have a nice, big snuggle in bed later, yeah? Mummy’s going out with Auntie Glenne so me and you are gon’a have some daddy and Persephone time in the hotel. We’ll have a nice bath, have some cuddles in bed, and we can watch daddy’s performances back over. How’s that sound?” He’d chuckle softly when she’d giggle, the squeals intensifying when she’d press a slobbery kiss to his cheek, “oh, thank you, Poppet. That’s lovely. I love you too.”

He’d see the two hosts in the background, waving him over with smiles, his head tilting down to see his little girl, “daddy’ll be back soon, okay? Go to Adam and Mitch fo’ me and I’ll be right back. I love you.” xx

i’m really tossing around whether my secondary blog should be a WIDOWMAKER FROM OVERWATCH or MISSY FROM DOCTOR WHO….. yes, i have a thing for tragic villains. i play like 6 hours a day of overwatch, so i feel like it should count for something idk but yet, i’ve been meaning to make a missy for 2 years and meeting michelle totally fucked me up and made me nervous cus she is a fucking genius lkjhjklgf