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Iconic Black Individual's Sun Signs

*Unfortunately, I believe astrology has become very white-centric as of late and the sign’s are often represents by white people. I wanted to make this post to not only showcase the successful/influential Black people but to give them their much deserved visibility. This post is for the recent events happening in the USA where people want to diminish the value of black lives, I’m here to tell everyone that BLACK LIVES MATTER!*

Aries: Billie Holiday, Dianna Ross, Aretha Franklin,  Maya Angelou

Taurus: Janet Jackson, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Malcolm X, Stevie Wonder

Gemini: Tupac Shaku (2Pac),Gladys Knight, Naomi Campbell, Laverne Cox

Cancer: Nelson Mandela, Solange Knowles, Kevin Hart, Missy Elliot

Leo: Barack Obama, Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, Usain Bolt 

Virgo: Beyonce, Kobe Bryant, Taraji P. Henson, Zendaya

Libra: Will Smith, Usher, Serena Williams, Ray Charles

Scorpio: Drake, Whoopi Goldberg, Ciara, Frank Ocean

Sagittarius: Tina Turner, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Jimi Hendrix

Capricorn: John Legend, Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., Denzel Washington

Aquarius: Alicia Keys, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Michael Jordan 

Pisces: Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Shaquille O’Neil “Shaq”

Bet You Can’t

Nonnie asks: This probably sounds like a strange request but can you write about that one plot of bmw where Cory and Topanga fall asleep together at school and a rumor starts that they actually slept together but recreate with lucas and maya? But not exactly the same though. This was actually one of my fave episodes cause Cory was being a jerk at first and realized it then truly apologized to Topanga. Anyway thanks for your amazing writing love you!

Nonnie asks: A line from one of your last stories really got to me. It was a line about Lucas playing with Maya’s hair and her almost purring? I think it was called Double Whammy. Just the thought of tough Maya Hart purring bc someone’s playing with her hair is adorable. Maybe a prompt expanding on that? Like different situations with Lucas playing with her hair? Or him discovering that its something that can always calm her down? I don’t know, its late and I just have all the feels. Love you.

With bonus:

Nonnie asks:  I NEED NEED NEED a protective!Lucas fic , i.e. someone hurts Maya and Lucas finds out and gets all angry and protective and I’m trash and I’m sorry but pleaseeeee :):):):) thanks you

Also inspired by:


he has a whole album on his phone called “pictures of maya sleeping” which is just basically pictures of maya sleeping

First of all, thank you to everybody for these lovely prompts! To my sweet Nonnies, I love you too and thank you for the lovely compliments on my writing! I will do my best to do you all proud! :)

To the lovely lucayacanons, I am sorry I stole this prompt from you but I hope you like this fic enough that it makes up for it. (please check lucayacanons out for a good time!)

Okey Doke, this is a big round up of a lot of stuff, but basically I’ve molded it into a fic….

In which: Lucaya sleep together a bunch of times without ever actually sleeping together, Lucas Friar punches a guy in the mouth, Maya Hart facilitates inappropriate uses of country songs, there is star-gazing, referenced dinner parties and, also, matching t-shirts.

Let’s do this thang.

(I also haven’t written in over 24hrs so be gentle with me please lol, the muscle is tight)

WARNINGS: A little bit of underage drinking, and some talk referencing sex (nothing explicit, or even that mature)


Maya Hart sleeping is adorable.

This is arguable.

The one doing most of the arguing seems to always be Lucas Friar. Mentally. In the privacy of his own mind, where no one could hear him coo over the way that Maya curls up in a ball, or the way she snuffles and sighs. Even the way she snores is bizarrely appeals to him eventually (which is unfair because snoring should never be cute) and somehow (somehow) Lucas finds himself starting to list the reasons, just to himself, in his own mind, to win a one-sided argument with whoever dares to refute him. It’s silly really and Maya could absolutely never know about it, but well…

He can’t exactly find it in him to stop.

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Dance With Me - A Riarkle Fic

So I wrote this after I saw Girl Meets Yearbook about a week ago. This is how I would have loved for Semi Formal to go, but I also really just wanted to write a Riarkle fanfic, because I barely see any in the tags. It also has a bit of Lucaya in it. ;) Enjoy! And please let me know what you think of it. :)

Riley was standing next to a table full of delicious foods and the ‘always famous for being at proms’ punch as she watched  the school’s gym full of dancing people. A faster song was on and many people gathered on the dancefloor including Missy, who was in the very middle having all the attention from most of their classmates. She was wearing a shorter pink dress, that barely reached her knees and her hair was straightened for the night. She was jumping and laughing as the others just watched her being fascinated by her dancemoves. Riley rolled her eyes playfully and searched for her friends in the room with her eyes wide open. They eventually landed on one of the corners of the gym, where quite far from anyone or anything Maya and Lucas were dancing and laughing to the fast rythm of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night. They looked comfortable and like they’re having a really good time. Riley smiled at them, because even though she might have felt a little jealousy she was the one who came to the dance with Charlie instead of Lucas and she couldn’t blame him that he was enjoying the formal. Especially that it meant that Maya also had fun and didn’t just sit in one of the chairs the whole night looking at people with a bored expression on her face while wishing she was somewhere else. Speaking of Charlie, Riley searched for him with her eyes scrolling through the room once again. He was talking to one of his friends, Billy but when he caught her staring at him he smiled and crossed the gym to get to her.
“Hey, sorry I didn’t mean to leave you alone, just Billy came without a partner and he wanted to talk a bit.”
“No problem. I’m glad he is having a good time. You’re a nice friend.”
“Thanks. Listen, I promised Smackle months ago that I’d dance with her. We were closer friends a few years ago. Is that a problem?”
“No, of course not. Go, have fun, I’ll just talk to Maya for a bit.” She said, as she started making her way through the crowd to Maya who by now was sitting at a table and talking to Lucas. Charlie seemed like a nice guy, and Riley liked him as a friend, but even though she said yes to his invitation she didn’t think of it as an actual date or something. They just went together as friends. Just like Maya and Lucas.
“Hey, so how’s the party?” Riley asked when she reached them.
“It’s actually better than what I imagined. And the songs are good. I expected them to be super old and boring since the teachers picked them.”
“Yeah, I guess they did a little research or something. You know, like Youtube videos with titles like '10 best songs of 2014’ or whatever.”

As they were talking by the table they saw Farkle coming towards them. He wore his hair a little combed to the side so they could actually see his forehead, something that has been hiding since the fifth grade. Farkle kept his new style of clothing after the image change the yearbook caused a while ago. At first his friends feared that he might get a new personality along with the full wardrobe change, but they pretty soon realized that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Farkle was his old self even with a new image, maybe even more than ever. Now that people didn’t immediately thought of him as a genius based on his looks he proved them even more how smart he actually is. Riley was relieved that he stayed the Farkle she has known in her whole life.
She remembered one of the few wise things her Uncle, Eric had told her.'Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.’ Riley kept this saying close to her heart since her big fight with Maya. She even wrote it down and put it up on her wall above her bed. The first time Cory saw it he laughed and hugged her. 'I guess Eric had an impact on you didn’t he?’

“Hey guys.” Farkle waved when he got to the table.
“Hey, what’s up?” Lucas asked with a smile on his face.
“Nothing much. Smackle is dancing with Charlie so I thought I’ll come and chat a bit.” he and Isadora came together to the formal.
“Lucas, can you please help me? We need someone to help carry the equipments of the band from the second floor, here, to the gym.” Cory asked as he reached the table with his daughter and her friends sitting and standing around it.
“No problem, sir.” He smiled and got up to go with Mr. Matthews to the storage on the second floor of John Quincy Adams where earlier that day they put the performing band, Sheppard’s stuffs.

“Hey Riles, I gotta go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” Maya said and she stormed off to the corridors.
“Guess it’s just us then.” Riley smiled at Farkle as she stood up from her seat leaving her half empty glass of punch on the table.
“Yeah. It looks like our partners are having a good time.” he said as he looked across the room to see Cahrlie and Smackle sitting with a crowd and talking about something. Then suddenly everyone started laughing around them.
“They are.” Riley smiled at him.

As they were standing there suddenly a slow song came on. The people on the dance floor started to form into couples and swing slowly to the rythm of the song. Riley recognized it. It was 'Just A Kiss’ by the band Lady Antabellum.
“Riley?” Farkle said quietly, that she could only hear because the song was slow and light.
“Can I have this dance?” he asked as he reached with his hand to hers. He was smiling in that special way Riley liked so much, something she loved to see every time ever since they were little kids.
“Absolutely.” she said with a big smile as she grabbed his hand.
Farkle lead her close to the middle of the room, than spinned her around so she was standing face to face with him. He put his hand on her waist hesitantly. Riley smiled and put her hands around his neck where she clunched them. They were just slowly swinging for a while, when Riley broke the silence.
“Farkle, can I ask you something?”
“Are you really okay with this new look? I mean it started because of the yearbook and I don’t want you to just keep it because you think people would pay more attention to you like this.” she said while looking straight into his eyes.
“I told you. I liked this new image. I wanted to try something new. I am growing up. And I am changing and there’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Yeah, I know, but,don’t you miss your turtlenecks?” a small smile came across her face as she remembered that Farkle put his favourite orange turtleneck in their time capsule, the one she borrowed when her father gave out the awards of the year last schoolyear after that fight with Billy.
“They’re not gone Riley. They just sit in my closet for a little bit. I’ll just grab them the second I feel like I want to. I didn’t throw anything away because of the new clothes.”
“That’s good. I wouldn’t want you to change who you are because of some stupid vote. People can think whatever they want about us, but the only ones who can lable any of us are ourselves.”
“I know. And I’m sorry.” he said with a sad look on his face and in his eyes.
“For what?”
“For dragging you with me. I changed into that dark look because I wanted to show people I’m not who they think I am. I shouldn’t have pulled you with me. You’re perfect just the way you are. All of us are.”
“It wasn’t you that changed me. I’ve done it by myself. You just came to check on me to see if I was okay. And I appreciate that.” Riley said with a shy smile. “But I know by now that it was only because I wanted to prove something that I never needed to.”

“Further. Further. I said further. 5 inches at least. That’s what the invite said.” Cory cried as he was walking in the middle of the gym inside the dancing couples. He was one of the chaparones and it was hard enough on it’s own, he didn’t need to have to go around and tell everyone to dance furher from their partner. Especially the ones who hugged each other really tightly, like Darby and Yogi did.
He just pulled a black haired boy away from a girl when he looked around searching for other people to educate about the rules of semi-formal. He than saw Riley dancing with Farkle. His daughter was dancing with a Minkus! They were keeping the distance, but just as Cory started to relieve he saw that Riley took a step closer and hugged Farkle, putting her head on his shoulder as he tightened his hold around her waist.
“Whoah, whoah, whoah, where to little bro?” Eric asked while grabbing his shoulder the second Cory wanted to start running towards his daughter, who was way too close to the boy, who makes a sport out of teaching his lessons instead of him.
“They are standing way too close. I have to pull them apart. It’s the rule.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Yeah, Cory, they are so sweet, don’t disturb them” Jack said who just got there and was by now standing next to his former roommate/best friend.
“But… But…”
“Just let the girl have some fun.” Eric said while rolling his eyes along with putting a wide smile on his face.
“Fine.” he said slowly. “But I’m blaming you if anything goes wrong. Both of you! Got it brother? Jack?”
“Absolutely.” they said at the exact same time, which made them laugh.

“They look like they’re having a good time.” Lucas said to Maya as they stood on the side of the dancefloor watching Farkle and Riley dance.
“Yeah.” Maya said with a small smile. “He still likes her, doesn’t he?”
“Yeah, he does, but it’s different. Kind of strange. But also nice. He accepted that she wants to be friends, not more.”
“Oh, come on Huckleberry, look at them.”
“Well, we’ll see. Until than, how about a dance?” he said as he turned to face her.
“I don’t really know how to dance to slow music Cowboy.” she said hesitantly. Did he really ask her to dance? But why?
“It’s easy, I’ll show you. Besides, we came to the dance together. You owe me a dance Hart.” he said with a playful smirk as he led the still objecting girl to the dancefloor.

“The song’s over, Riley.”  but she didn’t show any sign of wanting to let him go and take her head away from his shoulder.
“There’s another one coming, I’m sure.”
And just when she said it a beaitiful melody filled their ears after the few second of silence.
“You wanna stay for another dance?” she asked hugging him tighter than before.
“Yes, very much.”
“Great. That’s great.” she smiled into his shoulder as they stayed in their previous position with Eli Lieb’s Safe In My Hands playing in the background.

Semi-formal was gonna be great. For a lot of reasons. Riley was sure of that when she got ready for this evening in her room. The only thing she didn’t think was that her favourite moment from the whole night would be her slow dancing with the boy she has known for so long. The boy, who climbes up to her window weekly and the boy who always has something smart or wise to say. The boy, who managed to stay himself, while showing a completely new side of him.
The boy who asked her to her very first dance at a semi-formal.

P.S.: I wrote this before I saw any of the clips from semi formal that are on Tumblr. So that the clip where Farkle asks Riley to dance and she says ‘absolutely’ in the same way is a complete coincidence. :D

Riarkle - The Analysis (Part 1)

Word Count: 3979

Yeah… It’s about time for this one.

The main point of this post will be to show how we go from this:

To this:

Originally posted by farklematthews

So without wasting any more time… let’s get it!

This analysis (because of how long it ended up being) will be spread out over three parts! Hopefully I can get them all done within the next two weeks! (I know I was late with this one. Life been getting in the way)

Also I should mention before I get started that I will be talking about the episodes in production order according to this post —> (Girl Meets World Prod. Order)

Enter Girl Meets World! (Pilot Episode)

Right off the cusp, I want to mention something very important. Throughout the show we see a common recurring theme between Maya/Farkle/Riley - Loving both of them equally versus loving them in the same way. But upon looking back at this episode, one thing stuck out to me very clearly - Farkle, whether he has realized it or not has never loved these girls in the same way.

Let me explain with the following quote:

(After Farkle tells the whole class that he loves Maya and Riley)

Cory: Actually the great mystery of the universe is how you could love two women the same who couldn’t possibly be more different.

-Girl Meets World (Pilot)

I have been telling you guys for months that equal does not mean the same!

And I can’t believe I missed such an important moment on my original post, but I digress. Since episode one, the idea of loving these girls in the same way is being toyed with. Even the writers have mentioned how the Pilot explains a lot of what will happen in the show. And while Maya, Riley, and Farkle all reject Cory’s sentiments, it does bring up a very important point - Is it possible to love two people in the same way even though they are very different?

I’d argue that you can’t. And to take this a step further, I’d also argue that you can’t even treat them the same way. As we see throughout the show - Farkle cares about both girls very much. This cannot be debated. But even listening to Farkle describe both girls gives us an indication of his relationship with both girls:

Farkle: Riley is the sun. Warm and bright and lights up my whole day.
Maya is the night. Dark and mysterious. The night has always been a mystery to me. Because I go to bed at 7:30.

-Girl Meets World (Pilot)

Now while Farkle’s descriptions are somewhat accurate, they are also somewhat shallow. Riley Matthews is certainly more than warm and bright and Maya Hart is certainly more than dark and mysterious. But what I really want to draw attention to is the last part of the sentence - The night has always been a mystery to me.

It’s very interesting that given Farkle’s relationship with the girls, and the fact that he’s known them for an equal amount of time, that Maya would still  be a mystery to him.

And while Maya and Farkle’s relationship does develop, it has always been positioned differently than Riley and Farkle’s relationship as we will see in future episodes. How Farkle interacts with Riley has always been different than how Farkle interacts with Maya, and vice-versa as well. Please don’t misunderstand though - this doesn’t mean that he likes Riley significantly more than Maya, but just that they have a different relationship.

A quick aside before I continue on - in this episode we see Riley admit that because she didn’t do her homework she’s become Maya. Where else do we see this line of thinking? Girl Meets Triangle & Upstate. After Riley voices her opinion on what it “took” to be Maya, Cory immediately rebuts that idea and states that not doing your homework ≠ becoming Maya.

This is pivotal. Especially considering that Cory said the following:

Cory: You missed the moment to stand by your girl. You were so busy trying to be her, Riley, that you forgot the best thing you can do for her is be you.

-Girl Meets World (Pilot)

But for now let’s move on. We’ll come back to this later though so keep it in mind.

The next episode in line is… Girl Meets Boy!

Honestly there isn’t too much to say here. I really just want to touch upon Lucas and Riley’s relationship briefly. Re-watching this episode gave me a little more clarity on the nature of their relationship and IF one thing has stood out to me it’s this:

Their relationship hasn’t grown in the way you’d expect it too after knowing and liking someone for 2+ years. This isn’t a diss on Riley and Lucas so much as it is a sobering reality.

 In this episode we see Riley and Lucas have the infamous “library” conversation in which we find out that Lucas wants to be a veterinarian. This is also the episode where we get the following quote and theme introduced:

Maya: (Reading the book) “Not until we put down our phones, switch off our computers and look in each other’s eyes we won’t be able to touch each other’s hearts.“ Yeah, like that’s going to work on anybody.

Also Maya: But it’s not until you looked at each other, and made a human connection, that you can begin to know each other. 

-Girl Meets Boy

Now while this is a very important moment for Riley and Lucas as it allowed them to “touch each other’s hearts” and become friends who actually interacted beyond technology, the fact that in the 2+ years Lucas had known Riley, this is the only “meaningful” conversation that he could remember having with her concerns me. I’ll provide a transcript of their conversation below:

Lucas: I guess the thing I miss most about Texas are the pets I used to have.
Riley: I had a hamster.
Lucas: I had 24 horses.
Riley: You win. Tell me about them.
Lucas: One day after school, Sofia was foaling.
Riley: That means she was giving birth, right?
Lucas: Not too bad, city girl. And there was no one there, so I called Dr. Galendo and he talked me through it. Anyway, that was all.
Riley: More.
Lucas: Did you know that a baby horse stands in the first hour after it’s born?
Riley: Really? I’d liked to have been there for that.
Lucas: The coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I was a part of it. Riley.
Riley: Lucas.
Lucas: I’ve never told this to anybody before.
Riley: Yeah?
Lucas: I think someday I might like to be a veterinarian.
Riley: That’s cool, too.
Lucas: I delivered this beautiful palomino. I’d show you her picture, but, I don’t have my phone.
Riley: That’s okay. Just, keep talking. (Cuts to Farkle and Maya)

-Girl Meets Boy

This is, in all honesty, probably one of the best if not the best conversations that they’ve had on the show. And I do want to point out again that this isn’t a jab at Riley/Lucas but an honest assessment of their relationship. I don’t want to take away from their “moment” because they DID actually grow as friends and clearly this was a pivotal moment of growth for Riley. But again, I’m getting ahead of myself. This is also very important. I’ll touch upon this later. But for now, let’s carry on. 

Girl Meets the Truth!

In this episode, we deal with the concept of the truth. What it means to be honest with one another - the idea that even though telling the truth may hurt one’s feelings, it can be better for them in the long run. This is also the episode where we get the infamous Riley/Farkle kiss that was shown above. But for now, I digress. Near the end of the episode, Riley finally admits that she wasn’t being honest - but it’s also the first time she admits that she could never hurt Farkle. Seems to be a common theme throughout the pairings of the show (Cory/Topanga, Ava/Auggie, Lucas/Maya). I also am theorizing that this is the episode where the “We don’t lie to each other” idea started to bubble up. There really isn’t any sort of context for this, but it seems to fall in line with the lesson that they learned in this episode.

Before I move on though, I want to focus on this dialogue between Riley and Farkle:

Riley: Farkle. I need to talk to you. I’ve been looking all over for you.

Farkle: Farkle’s gone. He gave up the chess club, he gave up the chemistry club.

Riley: What happened?

(Skipping a couple of lines for brevity)

Farkle: You made me think I was this great actor. You filled me up with confidence that I was really special. You made me think I could go after something totally unrealistic. Thank you.

- Girl Meets the Truth

Even though Riley admitted to Farkle that she lied, just the fact that Farkle had gained confidence from Riley’s words was enough to him. Now, while I don’t want to take away from the lesson of the episode - which was the importance of telling the truth and how to treat people when you may not like something they say or do, this moment should not be overlooked. 

As we see throughout the series, Farkle is someone who goes through many phases of development (in all honesty, he has arguably the best development in the entire show, being rivalled by only Maya tbh) but he’s very insecure. Riley has ALWAYS been one of the people to encourage Farkle to do better. To give him hope that he’s much more than what he believes he can be. This episode is one of the many that showcases that. We’ll go more into that in later episodes. For now, let’s continue. 

Moving on to Girl Meets Sneak Attack

I want to start off my looking at a line that Cory said:

“It was another day in sunny paradise before a sneak attack changed everything.”

Now given the nature of the episode, we were led to believe that this only referred to Missy, but looking at where the show will be as of the end of season three, Farkle is just as likely to be a sneak attack as Missy was. Except there’s a difference. Missy was brought in as a way to divide the friend group consisting of Riley/Farkle/Maya/Lucas. However, due to Lucas wanting to spend time with his friends over Missy, the sneak attack failed. 

But what happens when the sneak attack becomes one of potential unresolved feelings that end up bubbling to the surface? 

When the person who you least expected ends up with the girl? Let’s take a look at Boy Meets World very briefly:

 I always thought it was going to be you in the basement with Topanga. Hunter, I was scared of you. When actually I should have been afraid of… - Jedidah Lawrence

Topanga’s father always saw Shawn as the threat because well… he was “the face” to an extent. He was the one who the girls fawned over. He was the “rebellious bad boy” which also made him more attractive in the eyes of women. But, none of that mattered because Topanga and Shawn didn’t see each other in that way. 

Topanga loves Cory. 

I truly believe that this show is pulling a much higher-key “bait-and-switch” than Boy Meets World did with the whole Cory/Topanga/Shawn triangle (which is nothing compared to the mess of feelings that the clique six has gotten themselves involved with). 

I have nothing against Riley and Lucas, but it should be evident that they are not “the couple” that they were initially positioned to be. This was intentional. The writers have said that they hope to teach one of their most important lessons through Riley and Lucas. And if you started watching this show from episode one, I can completely understand why you could see Riley and Lucas being that, but the episodes after Ski Lodge have painted a completely different story. 

Anyways, once again I’m getting ahead of myself so I’ll bring it back to Sneak Attack.

But as we see in Sneak Attack, when Riley comes back into the classroom and Maya is worrying about Riley, Farkle responds to her concerns by saying that: 

“I think we should have faith in our Riley.” 

Nothing super significant, but just another one of many moments where Farkle supports Riley (albeit a bit premature and Maya ended up being correct in her concerns) and believes in her. It’s one of the few constants that the show establishes and goes back to in future episodes. 

Also another constant that is established here is the “I would do anything for you”. Farkle has said on multiple occasions that he would do anything for Riley, and we see that in later episodes throughout the actions that he takes/things he says in relation to Riley.

But moving on to the next episode in line - Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice!

If there was an episode that had no chill in terms of equal vs. the same, this would be it.

Let’s start off with a few very interesting quotes:

Cory: Who’s the greatest ally of the United States? Farkle?

Farkle: I’d like to help you sir, but I got a lot of things on my mind.

(a few moments later)

Farkle: Yes, and I know that once I’ve chosen between Riley and Maya for the dinner, I’ll actually be letting the other one go.

Maya: I’ll go. I’ll go right now.

Riley: I think it will be sad when Farkle doesn’t love us both the same.

Cory: It’s just interesting that all of our thoughts turn to other allies first when Canada is right next to us. Perhaps it’s because we know they’ll always be there for us that we take them for granted.

-Girl Meets Farkle Choice

This entire episode is important for multiple reasons, and we see later, certain aspects of this episode will be called back in season three. But for now, let’s talk about this.

Allies. We need them. But in most cases, we take them for granted. As we see through the course of this show, there is arguably NO ONE in the clique six who is more taken for granted than Farkle. Farkle has always cared about his friends, but we can’t deny that it has been a common theme for him to be overlooked or ignored. This episode really sets up the foundation for a lot of that. Especially with Cory’s comments on Canada. As we’ll see in later episodes and part ll and lll of this analysis, Farkle is overlooked by almost all the important women in his life at some point in time throughout the show - for the same boy.

I also find it very telling that Riley acknowledges that there will come a time when Farkle doesn’t love the girls the same. And while he may think that he loves them in the same way, his actions speak differently. And we really see that in Farkle’s Choice. How he interacts with Riley and Maya. How Riley and Maya respond to him. It’s been clear since season one that this boy, regardless of what he says that he does not view or treat these girls the same.

But a real quick side tangent on the topic of Lucas, there’s a comment that I want to make about this whole interaction. I find Riley’s line very interesting because we see this play out with the whole Riley/Lucas/Maya triangle. And while the circumstances are different (both of the girls had feelings for the boy) the outcome isn’t one that you’d expect. Riley and Lucas start dating - but their interactions are minimal at best. Lucas and Maya STOP talking altogether, and the group seems to have a much more disjointed nature to it.

Friendship is the main theme of this show, correct? And while this isn’t a Lucaya analysis (which will be coming up later) I find it very jarring that if the right decision was made in Ski Lodge, on a show that values friendship over everything else, there should be no reason why they don’t interact - unless there was more to the story than we initially thought. But for now, I digress.

Continuing on with the episode, we begin to see, in my opinion, why Farkle will have such a hard time with his feelings/identity in future episodes.

Farkle has never been a serious romantic option for either girl.

And while the point of this analysis is to argue for Riley and Farkle, it is a point worth mentioning. Farkle truly cares about Maya and Riley. They have been close friends since they were seven. And while I wholeheartedly believe that Farkle DOES NOT love Maya the same way he loves Riley, he loves them both nonetheless. So while I am definitely not trying to say that just because Farkle loves these girls they have to love him back - I do believe that the whole triangle situation had a much greater effect on Farkle than we initially believed.

Keep that in mind for later. Let’s keep going!

We also are blessed with another equal does not mean the same moment when Farkle takes both Riley and Maya on a date. Honestly, the whole interaction with Riley/Farkle/Maya was very sweet, but there’s a line that Farkle said to Riley which I would like to highlight:

“I know I’ve told you I’ve loved you since the first grade, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you why.”

Now for those who still don’t believe that Farkle couldn’t possibly love these girls differently, why didn’t he say that to Maya? Or something similar? And while I have to admit that presenting them both with gifts from their childhood was very thoughtful, that line seems to illustrate another instance where his feelings for Riley are not the same as the feelings he has for Maya. And while he does admit later in the episode that he can think about why he loves them both, I still think that the line was an interesting choice by the writers.

There’s one more scene that we need to talk about very quickly:

Maya: What is this feeling?

Riley: Awfulness. We ruined the greatest night of Farkle’s life.

Maya: We actually let him come between us.

Riley: We did.

Maya: How could we ever fight about that?

Riley: Because he’s great.

Maya: So great.

Riley: For the rest of our lives, let’s never settle for anyone less than Farkle.

-Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice

What happens when a boy threatens to come between Riley and Maya…

Things get messy.

But the fact that Riley said that they should never settle for someone less than Farkle is very interesting.

Anyways, that about does it for that episode! We’re almost done with part! Just a few more episodes.

Next in line is Girl Meets 1961!

Honestly I don’t have too much to say about this episode. The thing I really want to point out is that this episode is one of the first where we see the effects of people change people.

What would have happened if May and Merlin had stayed and became friends? Who knows? They may have ended up inspiring each other and helping each other to become the best versions of themselves.

Cory: Change history.

Maya: Excuse me?

Cory: Your relatives didn’t realize that they would be better being friends.That was a missed opportunity. Don’t let your history be one of missed opportunities. Learn from the past.

- Girl Meets 1961

Friendship has always been the most important aspect of the show. What us does for them has always pivotal. I know this may not be a Riarkle-centric focus, but it is important to mention as we see Riarkle grow and develop later.

Moving on to the last episode of this part of the analysis - Girl Meets Flaws.

Riley and Farkle wise, this episode was great. This episode is one continues a trend of them being there for each other when they really need to. And while Riley and Farkle would always be there for their friends, they always seem to be on a different wavelength as we will see in future episodes. When Farkle is hiding out in the closet, without prompting, Riley goes to find him and we get the following scene:

This whole episode was very important. It also sets up the characters “flaws” or the issues that we will see them struggle with for a good portion of the show. I find it interesting how Farkle’s flaw of “feeling like a nothing” + simultaneously being pushed further and further into the background is somewhat hinted at this early on in the show. 

This becomes a pivotal part of Farkle’s story. Who he is vs. who he wants to be. And Riley Matthews is a big part of that discovery. 

Anyways that’s just about it for part 1/season 1 of this analysis! I really hope you guys learned something and you liked it! Please let me know what you thought! Hopefully it won’t take me as long to release part two!

P.S: I didn’t mention Girl Meets Smackle + Girl Meets Popular here because I talked about those episodes at length in my Smarkle Analysis. But I would recommend you guys watch the show back again. It’s crazy what you’ll pick up once you go back and take a closer look. 

P.P.S: I know if I don’t really talk about this now, I’ll probably get all kinds of questions about it so I’ll address it briefly here, before really discussing it in part 3. Just a brief warning, there are spoilers below so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read ahead!

Here’s the link to the Riley/Farkle scene in A Christmas Maya:


There’s so much I’m going to say about this in Part lll, but for now, here’s all I really want to say. 

I think it’s very interesting that Riley admits that the day after Culture Week had ended, she had spent all this time researching about it because she loves him. And while I am not entirely sure about the timeline between Girl Meets Great Lady of New York and A Christmas Maya, I know that it was at least more than a month. 

Look. I am aware that Riley and Farkle are in their own respective relationships. I am aware that right now that are both unavailable. But to suggest that this scene was not significant, given the fact that they also cut out the little Riley/Lucas scene that they had in the episode is honestly somewhat ridiculous. 

I have no ill will towards anyone who ships anything outside of Riarkle, but it is clear that this was a significant moment. It was one of the few times that Farkle was legitimately speechless. He was at a loss for words. It was honestly one of the most thoughtful gestures in the entire show. And while I am more than aware that this show revolves around friendship, that scene is implying that there’s more to this story, specifically Riley and Farkle than meets the eye.

What I really want to leave you guys with is this:

What we may perceive to be real, may not be what is actually real. 

But… we’ll have to wait until later before we can really dive into that. 

Anyways, that’s about it for now fam! I hope y’all enjoyed this! Please let me know what you think! Hopefully I’ll be able to put out part ll soon!

- A.I. (The Analytical Batman) 

Go Get Your Hart

Nonnie asks: can you do one of lucas realizing he has feelings for maya and it shocking him

Yes. Yes I can Nonnie. 

I love it when you guys give me prompts like this because they give me so much room to play! Thus:

The CollgeAU that no one asked for in which: everyone at Lucas’ school genuinely believes that Lucas is/was dating Maya Hart and that he is/is still in love with her. This belief is born from nothing but the way that Lucas reacts to Maya when she isn’t there, and no matter how many times Lucas denies it, they all call bullshit.

Or also, let’s see how many Disney characters I can fit into a fictional college

Y’all ready for this?! *space jam theme starts blaring loudly*


“I will say this one more time.” Lucas says evenly, jaw clenched tight as he looks at the girl sitting across from him. She doesn’t even bother to take her eyes off her cell phone,just continues tweeting as if he isn’t even speaking. “I. Am not. Dating. Maya.”

Missy snorts spectacularly, “Yeah, oh-kaaay, Friar. You keep telling yourself that. Maybe you’ll convince the freshmen.”

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