missy at home


Yesterday my little princess turned one!!!we had a mini celebration with turkey burgers (for both babies of course) and some cookies :) this year flew by and she is the same sassy missy that we brought home at 8 weeks 😁 tomorrow we are having a puppy party with the rest of her litter at my breeders house!! I am so excited to see them all and how they’ve grown and their personalities. She is such a blessing, as is all of my fur babies ❤️

I want a AU of Elsanna where Elsa is a busy little writer/business woman/ job focused little missy who only comes home for the holidays to spend time with her family, growing tired at the fact they keep pestering her about finding someone to settle down with.

Then one holiday, having enough of their constant bickering over her life..Elsa sets up a sort of dating job thing online for the holiday to hire someone to pretend to be her fiancé/boyfriend for the holiday seasons.

Busy life takes ahold of Elsa and she hardly has enough time to really look through the lucky men who are lined up for the job before she’s expected to fly home, choosing the most decent out of the bunch that are in her area. Although no photo, the person leaves a brief description and they set up a public meeting place, hardly giving Elsa much thought that something could go wrong.

To her horror, the person she has officially hired is a woman..a freckled, red headed, gorgeous woman named Anna, who apparently didn’t read the ad very well and can only offer a simple “oh..sorry” and a smile in response to what she has now done to Elsa. Unable to see much of an issue as she can play Elsa’s girlfriend/fiancé just as well as any boy can

Elsa, regardless, takes her home. Hilarity ensues, awkwardness and eventual love between the two of them blossoms. Anna being the typical lovely dork she is and just wiggles her way into Elsa’s “no time for love” self. Ahhhh yes…has anyone done this?