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Sibling Intervention (Jasper Hale x Reader) w/Brother! Emmett

Plot: Hi I really liked your Jasper imagine so can you do another one where you’re his newborn mate, and the wolf pack are coming over to help train and him and Emmett get protective over you? Like the whole “I’m your big brother and I’m supposed to keep you away from the mutts” kinda thing lol. Thank uuuu” (requested)

Word Count: 1,275

Warnings: I think some swearing, but other than that, none.

A/N: this was really fun to make, I’m actually kinda proud if this one! Thanks to the anon that requested this! I hope you like it.

I was standing next to Jasper who was grabbing my hand and squeezing it at times to reassure me and I knew that he was trying to calm me down and it was working perfectly as I was no longer nervous or afraid.

“Well, Jasper has experience in newborns, he will teach us how to defeat them” Carlisle’s calm voice sounded through the forest, he was standing a little bit further than us facing the wolves who just came.

Silence surrounded us once again but Edward’s voice filled the empty space quickly.

“They want to know how a newborn is different than us”

Carlisle turned a little and looked at me smiling a little like if he was asking if it was okay to introduce me, I just nodded.

“Well, we happen to have one with us today” He positioned himself next to me and place a hand on my shoulder “This is (Y/N), she is Jasper’s mate, our newest member of the family, hence why her eyes are different from us but don’t worry, she is transitioning and will be just like us soon”

“They still want to know the difference, they say she looks just like us” I wasn’t even looking but I knew that Emmett was grinning on his spot; he was the one that enjoyed the most me being a newborn and having my strength.

Carlisle looked at Jasper and motioned him to continue speaking while he left to go back next to Esme; Jasper nodded and moved a little closer but still holding my hand.

“She is stronger than us; her blood is still on her tissues making her more physically powerful. Our kind is stronger on our first several months of this life, that’s why they are created” he looked at me and gave me a side smile “not in her case though” he looked again at the wolves “a newborn army doesn’t need thousands like a human army, that’s why no human army could stand against them”

The black wolf that was standing right in from of me growled, his eyes never leaving mine. Jasper noticed that so he moved to a side pushing me slightly backward but I was still close to him.

“There are two important things that you have to remember” he raised his voice a bit “First, never let them get their arms around you, they will crush you in a second” he looked around giving a warning look to our family but turned back to see the wolves “and never go for the obvious kill, they will be expecting that and you’ll lose”

He quickly turned and grabbed my hand again but left me next to Edward as he kept walking forward to the center of the forest.

“Emmett” he simply called and in a second Emmett was standing a couple of meters away from him but still facing Jasper. “Don’t hold back”

“Not in my nature” he said and grinned at Jasper before launching himself onto him but in a couple of seconds, Emmett was lying on the floor, his face facing the sky.

“Never lose focus” he cockily said while moving aside from him and coming to my side to snake his arm on my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Prepare yourself, babe, you are next”

I only smiled in anticipation, I loved wrestling, I became one of my favorite hobbies once I turned, and it just was really fun for me. Even though I knew he wasn’t completely okay with the fact that I was fighting today it was just to train, I knew he wouldn’t let me participate when the actual fight took place, so I just wanted to have fun.

Edward and Carlisle were fighting intensely, neither of them backing off; Jasper let go of me and started walking around them inspecting every movement, but at the end, Edward was the clear winner and turned to see Jasper.

“One more thing” he said and in an instant Carlisle grabbed Edward and pushed him onto the ground and I couldn’t help but laugh at this. “Never turn your back on the enemy”

Jasper made his way to the center and spoke to everyone once again.

“Okay, so now that we got the basics covered, it’s time for a real newborn to step in” He said and turned his head to look at me, giving me a cocky smile which I returned with a huge grin. I knew this was going to be extremely easy for me, but anyway it was fun. I made my way next to him, and he cupped my face with one hand and looked at me profoundly before walking away next to the rest of the family.

I turned and looked at Rosalie, bringing my hand up and pointing my fingers at her I motioned her to come with me, she slowly made her way towards me with her arms crossed against her chest.

Once she was close enough I nodded and she quickly threw two punches at me which I easily dodged them taking my opportunity to grab her arm and twisted it forcing her body to twist as well but she felt to the ground crouching in one leg and tried to make me fall with the leg that was stretched but I jumped before it could even touch me, and before my feet touched the ground I pushed my hand over her chest making her fall flat on the ground, making a small crater when she hit the ground.

“You can’t still beat me, Rose” I laughed at her while she was standing up, she just gave me a ‘fuck off’  look and made her way back to her spot.

“Emmett, your turn” Jasper called out and in a quick second I had Emmett in front of my with a shit eating grin that made me laugh.

“Please don’t you dare to hold back, big boy” I purred to him tilting my head a little. He cracked his neck just to show off but his face changed almost immediately making me furrow my eyebrows together.

“Wait a minute” he said raising a hand like stopping everything and stared into nothing as if he was thinking to himself “I’m your big brother (YN)” he suddenly stated and I couldn’t be more confused.

“Well, yeah…” I trailed off, not really sure where he was trying to say.

“I’m not supposed to encourage you into fighting, even less with the mutts” he spat and looked at me with a serious face “Goddammit, I’m your big brother!” he stated again but now shouting and I looked at the rest of the clan but they all had the same face, they were staring at Emmett with a confused grin like I was. “We are done, missy, you are going home”

In less than a second, I was thrown into his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and he was walking away from everyone.

“Wait, what the actual fuck, put me down!” I tried to wiggle out but even if I was stronger this position didn’t help me at all, and all I could do was to give up and just look back where Carlisle was standing next to Jasper shouting to Emmett.

“Emmett, bring her back, we need her!” Carlisle shouted at us.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you!” and with that, he started running with me on his back.

We are going to be siblings, you said, it will be so fun, you said” I said but the only response that I had from him was a loud laugh; I sighed, I give up.

Every Rose Has its Thorn (G Dragon drama)

Synopsis: Kwon Ji Yong. Better known as the one and only G Dragon. Party boy and superstar. As he becomes best friends with his stylist, Victoria, their best friend relationship soon turns into friends with benefits, and Ji Yong does everything he can to keep it a secret. This would mean seeing other people. But once Victoria’s first love and many other obstacles come into the picture, Ji Yong begins to feel like this relationship should be kept exclusive.

Rated: Yes

Every Rose Has it’s Thorn:

Club Night:

        Victoria was never one to be easy. But by little by little he dirtied her. She wondered if things would have happened the same way if she had known his identity that night, the night she met him. The lights were dim, the music was loud, the alcohol was flowing through everyone’s veins, and her mind was lost. And he was there.

         “I’m not even joking, my aunt got me this.” Victoria showed the diamond necklace to Sungah through web cam.

               "Whoa, how much did that cost?“ Sungah asked, sitting on Ryeowook’s bed.

               "I have no idea, but isn’t it awesome?” Victoria grinned. “You can send me my gift when I get myself over there. It takes forever to get across an entire ocean.”

               "I promise, I’ll go shopping for you tomorrow.“ Sungah poked her screen. "You’re on the plane now?”

               "Yeah. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I had to get shipped over there before getting on this plane.“ Victoria took a sip of her drink. "I’ve been in this seat for ten hours straight, and I am dead.”

               "You can’t die yet, you have a job to do when you get here.“ Sungah laughed, holding one of Ryeowook’s pillows.

               "Oh yeah, you’re right.” Victoria rubbed the side of her head, shutting her eyes. “I’m going to have to deal with five men that Korea likes to call, Big Bang.”

               "So pretty soon you’ll officially be G Dragon’s stylist. You just have to survive the rest of the way here.“

               "Yeah. Wish me luck.”

       There was a time when she was innocent, a time where she wouldn’t have even attempted to do the things she had done with him, or have the confidence she had when she was with him. But that changed when she met him. Him. Kwon Ji Yong.

               "Missy, I literally just got here, I’m incredibly jet lagged, I don’t even like clubs!“ Victoria crashed on her new bed in the two bedroom apartment she’d now be sharing with her friend (and now co-worker), Missy.

               "Come on, I don’t wanna go pick up cute guys all alone.” Missy whined, sitting next to her.

       Missy was a pretty baby face with long platinum blonde hair, who just looked so good like apple pie. But she was not act how she appeared to be, which was obvious since she was well known back in Phoenix.

              “Is that all you’ve been doing the entire four months you’ve been here?” Victoria took out her pony tail, letting her bright cherry red hair fall past her shoulders.        

               "No.“ Missy mumbled to herself. "I work too.”

               Victoria raised an eyebrow at her. “You didn’t sleep with all the CEO’s again did you?”

               "Of course not!“ Missy lied terribly. "You’re so quick to judge me.”

               Victoria was too tired to care, and just buried her face in her pillow. “Just go clubbing by yourself. I wasn’t interested in Phoenix and I’m not any more interested here.”

               "Come on.“ Missy shook Victoria’s shoulders. "Please, please, please, please, please! It’ll be fun!”

       Victoria didn’t fight her off but she did want sleep, and Missy obviously wasn’t going to let her get that.

               "Go. Away.“ Victoria’s voice was muffled by the pillow.

               "Victoria Light, if you don’t come with me right now then I’m telling your parents you had sex with your boss in order to get the job offer to come over here.”

               Victoria shot her head up at her threat. “That was you not me!”


               Victoria clenched her jaw and got up from the bed. "I hate you.”

               "You’ll get over it.“

               "Keep dreaming.”

       Missy was sporting a small, skin tight, and single strapped blue dress, while Victoria just wore a simple long sleeved but black dress, that was short at the legs and hugged her body in all the right places.

       Going out to clubs and drinking was never Victoria’s thing. She didn’t absolutely hate it per say, it was just something she didn’t feel the need to do often. It was something that she would do with Missy maybe once a year, which didn’t stop Missy from going every week or more.

        Victoria could hear the music blaring as she stood in line. It was freezing outside, but she was close to the front of the line already. She wrapped her arms around herself as she moved forward, and once she’s in, her eyes have to adjust to the sudden darkness. There are multicolored flashing lights on the dance floor, but they are not bright enough to reach beyond that. It was very crowded that night.

       As she made her way to the bar, dancing sweaty bodies pressed and rubbed up against her. She could feel their eyes on her and Missy as they passed. She always felt a little out of place at places like these, but thanks to Missy, she would just have to go with it. After a drink or two, Missy wandered off with some rich guy sitting next to them, Victoria not wanting to go too deep into thought on what they would be doing at the back of the building.

       Great, now I’m all alone. She thought about texting Sungah but she didn’t know what to say. Should she ask her to pick her up, come join her there for company (since obviously Missy was occupied at the moment), or just text her for the sake of not looking like a complete loner? She was now completely over tired, not feeling the need to sleep anymore. She decided to take her Missy frustration out by downing more and more drinks to the point where she was off her ass drunk.

       In a matter of minutes, she was sweating on the dance floor, but it felt so good. Her body moved to the rhythm of the music, which contained mostly of dubstep remixes and rap. Someone, a guy, who was just as drunk as she was, was watching her. He pushed past the few people that were in his way, making his move towards her.

       He came up behind her and gently put his hands on her hips, pulling her close so she could move smoothly against him. She just went with it, her mind to clouded by alcohol to care about who he was. She grinded against his front, her body like a soft wave against his. He turned her around so he could see what he could of her pretty face, one of the red lights up above really putting emphasis of color to her hair.

       His hands traveled to her butt, something Victoria would’ve minded a little more if she were sober, especially when his lips touched her sensitive neck. She put one arm around his shoulders while the other softly stroked his short-platinum blonde hair. His lips traveled up her neck to her jaw, making their sweet way to her ear.

               "Let’s get out of here.“ He purred into her ear. She was very more than willing to, just for tonight.

       She left with him, not caring about Missy. She’ll probably be home the next morning or maybe not. Those were problems that made them being roommates back in America not work out. They hitched a taxi, bringing them back to her apartment. During the ride there, his hand touched up her thigh, while his other hand played with her hair.

               "You look familiar.” She looked at him with lust filled eyes.

               "I think names can be saved for now.“ He whispered into her ear. She couldn’t help but feel like his voice was a little familiar, like she had definitely heard it before. "Tonight, I’m just some guy.”

               Victoria giggled as she bit her lip. “I’m okay with that.”

       They both rushed into her apartment, not wanting to waste any more time then they already had. Kissing him feverishly as soon as they shut the front door, her hands explored his body gently. Touching his arms, shoulders, chest, back, neck, not leaving a speck untouched. His hands were wandering too. From her shoulders, to her waist, then her butt.

The kiss began to get a little more heated as he breathed harder and used more and more of his talented tongue. The slick muscle was so wet and dominate.

Her fingers ran through his hair and they both knew exactly where to go next. They walked, still locking lips, into her bedroom. Once they were standing by the bed, he shoved her onto the bed, climbing right on top of her He kissed her again, so passionately, using his tongue to explore every inch of her mouth. And damn was he a good kisser! She quickly sat up to unzip her dress, which he gladly helped pull off, throwing it elsewhere, revealing pale smooth skin. As the stranger’s hands slowly glided up her body, she couldn’t help but get goosebumps, shuddering at his at his touch.

               "You’re so sensitive.“ The handsome stranger smirked, his lips brushing against hers. "I like it.”

               "Maybe it’s just you.“

               "Maybe it’s just me.” He mimicked before locking lips with her again.

       Neither could take it anymore, so they both sat up and worked together to remove his button up plaid shirt, following his jeans. It wasn’t long until they were bare naked with their hearts pounding against each other.

               "I really need this.“ He whispered into her neck, breathing heavily as he lifted her leg, putting it around him. His hand stroked her smooth thigh, and she could feel his hard length against her, making her skin heat up, making her heart beat faster.

               "I can feel your heart.” He purred, pushing his chest against her own. “Do you feel mine?”

       After one last kiss, he wasted no more time pushing himself inside her, making her feel so warm inside. Keeping his hand on her thigh, he kept her leg up against him as he gradually quickened his pace in and out. With each thrust, their breathing became quicker and heavier.

               "You’re so beautiful.“ He panted, his grip on her thigh tightening.

       He began groaning and moaning, enjoying this like it was the last time we would get this chance.

       With all her strength, she reached up slightly to give him one more kiss as they lost themselves in the steaming moment. The faster he went, hitting that right spot, the closer they both got. Their moans got louder, his groans getting more fierce.

       They had climaxed simultaneously, her nails digging into his shoulders, making him hiss into his orgasm. His tight grip on her thigh will most likely leave bruises. A reminder of his fingers, pressing into her skin because of their sudden encounter. He collapsed next to her, breathing heavily, along with her. He was sweating, and his heart was racing. As he gathered himself, savoring each and every moment he was sharing with this lovely stranger, she also caught her breath.

       He would most likely be gone in the morning, as if it never happened. She’ll never see him, this stranger, again. This had to be the number one reason of why she hated going to clubs.


       Victoria woke the next morning to the other side of the bed empty, which she sadly expected. She didn’t even get a name from him, not like he wanted to tell her anyway. She could barely remember his face, but she did remember what he made her feel that night. It was like heaven.

       Her hair was a mess, and her body was slightly sore. Her body was cover with her bed sheet, that wasn’t there the night before. Had he put it there? If that was the case, it was rather sweet. Too bad she won’t be seeing him again.

       Rubbing her tired eyes, she looked to her left to see her phone sitting on her end table. Picking it up, she looked at the time to see that her alarm had been shut off, and she was late for her first day at the company!

               "Oh god!” Victoria smacked herself on the head, sprinting out of bed and getting ready as fast as she could. She only had time to throw on the dress she wore the night before, since it was the closest in reach. Missy wasn’t there. She was going to kill her when she meets her at the YG building, no doubt.

       She straight up jumped into a taxi, begging for him to go as fast as he could. She didn’t care if she overpaid him when she got out because she had no time to care about that. She sprinted to the door and inside, trying to find the right room she needed to be in. She found Yang Hyun-Suk’s office and accidently slammed herself into the closed door because she was running so fast. She brushed it off and opened the door, walking inside as she caught her breath.

               "It’s about time you showed up.“ Yang Hyun-Suk laughed a little at his desk. "Rough morning?”

               "A little bit.“ Victoria replied, still trying to return her breathing to a normal pace.

       Victoria saw his secretary standing by his desk picking up paperwork, that person being Missy. If only she could kill her in front of their boss, right?

       As soon as Missy walked past her, she grabbed her arm to have a quick word.

               "Did you come home last night?” Victoria whispered to her.

               "Yeah.“ Missy answered. "You looked like you had some fun if you know what I mean.”

               "Did you shut off the alarm on my phone?“

               "Of course I did. You seemed so out of it, I didn’t wanna wake you.”

               "Missy!“ Victoria tried not to yell. "You know I need that to wake up in the morning! And maybe if you let me sleep last night instead of dragging me to some club this wouldn’t have happened!”

               "I don’t see why you’re complaining.“ Missy smirked. "I thought you would be all happy sunshine because you got into bed with him.”

               "Him?“ Victoria was curious as to why she put so much emphasis on the word.

               "Oh, you don’t remember, do you?” Missy raised her eyebrows in surprise at the realization. “Well this is awkward.”

               "Why is it awkward?“ Victoria was incredibly confused as to what was happening.

               "Victoria, I want you to formally meet the idols you’ll be working for.” Yang Hyun-Suk stood from his desk, approaching the door. “You can come in now.”

       Missy awkwardly stepped back a little to make room near the doorway, clutching the files to her chest. The door opened and in came five young men, one in particular having, platinum blonde hair.

       Victoria’s eyes went wide, as did his at the sight of each other. She recognized him all right, but not in the way she wanted. This couldn’t be happening. He knew exactly who she was.

               "Boys, this is Victoria Light, she’ll be your new stylist.“ Yang Hyun-Suk gestured to Victoria.

       She already knew she would be working for Big Bang, but she was not expecting this kind of aftermath from the night before.

       The handsome stranger, the man she had slept with the night before, was Kwon Ji Yong.

cherry-bites  asked:

can you do a 4/4 imagine were you get transferred to a new school and theyre like the bad boys and everyone tells you to stay away from them?

I’m really bad at 4/4s now, I’m sorry, so I’m gonna do Luke for this because punk!Luke is my weakness. And I’M SORRY I’M BAD AT SCHOOL NAMES SO I WENT WITH TEEN WOLF AND CALLED IT BEACON HILLS DON’T HATE ME (ps here’s a punk edit i decided to make)

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My good ol’ buddy ol’ pal Sydney, @shima-draws tagged me to do A Thing! Thanks Sydney! 

B-Day: July 5th 
Gender: Female 
Relationship: I mean technically single but…djfgsdlkgds anyway yeah, I’m single.
Favorite color: Lavender (but pink, and yellow are nice, and close favorites, too) 
Pet: My baby kitty at home, Missy! I miss her so much and can’t wait to see her soon! (I call her my baby kitty but she’s actually 10 years old). But yes, I love her and she’s so sweet and cuddly and I can’t wait to see her. 
Wake up time: Ha. Oh man. Depends on the day. When I’m in school, on Tuesdays, I have to wake up at 7:00am, on Wednesdays at 9:00am, and Thursdays at 8:00am. But on the days I have off, I can sleep all day. Usually on the weekends, I sleep until about noon. 
Love or lust: love love love love love 
Favorite food: My favorite restaurant is Benihana, and I always get the chicken fried rice and hibachi steak, which is my absolute favorite. My favorite fast food (actually I don’t know if it technically counts as fast food tbh) but anyway, I love Chipotle way too much. I get the burrito with brown rice, black beans, steak and chicken, hot sauce, and cheese. It’s amazing. Also, Mexican food is another favorite. (Though, we don’t really have authentic Mexican food in England, sadly.) OOH ALSO! Chinese take out from a place at home called “Egg Roll King”. Man, I love it. Anyway, I just love food in general so I could keep going, but I think I’ll stop here. 
Met a celebrity: I met Rupert Graves at Sherlocked in September, and he was absolutely lovely. I got to ask Mark Gatiss, and Yasmine Akram a question on a panel thingy (which doesn’t count as meeting them technically) and OH! I accidentally bumped into Louis Moffat. Does he count as a celebrity? Sure. 
Last song I listened to: Silent Night by Josh Groban (I’m christmas trash fsjdfsjg) 
First kiss: I was 15. It was A Bad Time. 
Tall or short: Short. I’m 5′3. 

Winner - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Winner – TW Imagine

Prompt/Request: can you make an Liam imagine where the Y/N is coach’s daughter and she beats Liam at lacrosse? thanks babes❤️

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! The weekend is coming and I am planning on writing heaps of Imagines! I hope you’re satisfied with the results :) Btw, the end kinda inspired me like Fresh Beta’s ending. xo

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 1348

Originally posted by leotehpotato

Your POV

“Come on dad! Let me join the lacrosse team! Kira is in it!” You begged your dad, Coach Finstock.

You have had quite the interest in lacrosse ever since you were a small girl. Your dad appreciated that you had good taste in sport, but he did not want you to be in the team.

“She’s in it because she’s, how do I say this nicely? GOOD!” Your dad said in his stressed tone, eyes widen.

“Oh come on, have a little faith in me.” You did your puppy eyes, pouting out your bottom lip.

He looked at you, eyebrows creased.

“Alright! Now get out of here, let me finish my donut..” You heard the ‘coach’ say as he took a bite from his jam donut.

You were so excited! You walked out of your dad’s office, not help but smile.

“Y/N!” You heard your dad shout as he opened the door.

You turned around, hoping he didn’t change his mind already.

“Dating the lacrosse players are FORBIDDEN!” He pointed out to you, then got back to work.

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anonymous asked:

She's.... well... crying. A new anon, Taunt, was messing with her. Telling her you won't come back, and saying Shy won't wake up... Shy's unconscious, but Anxiety is taking care of her. Pranks us with Missy for now.

Get those anons away from them now please.  Please!  Please tell them I will be back.  I promised them I am coming back. Please tell them.

Shy is unconscious?  What?  If I had known that I would have never left…but I had to..I had to leave.  

Just please tell Missy I am coming home. 

Go Get Your Hart

Nonnie asks: can you do one of lucas realizing he has feelings for maya and it shocking him

Yes. Yes I can Nonnie. 

I love it when you guys give me prompts like this because they give me so much room to play! Thus:

The CollgeAU that no one asked for in which: everyone at Lucas’ school genuinely believes that Lucas is/was dating Maya Hart and that he is/is still in love with her. This belief is born from nothing but the way that Lucas reacts to Maya when she isn’t there, and no matter how many times Lucas denies it, they all call bullshit.

Or also, let’s see how many Disney characters I can fit into a fictional college

Y’all ready for this?! *space jam theme starts blaring loudly*


“I will say this one more time.” Lucas says evenly, jaw clenched tight as he looks at the girl sitting across from him. She doesn’t even bother to take her eyes off her cell phone,just continues tweeting as if he isn’t even speaking. “I. Am not. Dating. Maya.”

Missy snorts spectacularly, “Yeah, oh-kaaay, Friar. You keep telling yourself that. Maybe you’ll convince the freshmen.”

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Lost Moments

“Lucas, are you ready?” I hear Riley shout from down the hall.

“I’ll be right there,” I yell back as I grab a tie lacing it around my neck and walking towards her voice. My hands are trying to tie it, but the back piece always ends up longer than the front. I let out a frustrated groan, and I hear a laugh come from the woman I love.

I look up and there is a hitch in my breath. Riley looks breathtaking. Her hair is straight with the front framing her face. Her make up is bare minimum, so it doesn’t hide her natural beauty. She has on a black dress that flares out at her waist matched with a pair of red heels.

Riley walks over to me pushing my hands out of the way, “Let me do this.” My eyes watch her face. There is a crinkle in her forehead as she concentrates, and I can’t help the small chuckle that falls from my lips.

“What?” she asks.

“Nothing. You’re just beautiful.” She laughs as she pulls the tie through the loop pulling it up and tighten it.

“There you go,” she pats my chest, “Now, are you ready?” I nod my head, and Riley grabs her coat and her purse and walk out the door. I follow suit making sure the door is locked behind me.

We walk up the steps to our high school, and a big banner that reads Welcome Back! Class of 2020 Ten Year Reunion hangs over the entrance. I take a deep breath as we reach the top and tighten my grip on Riley’s hand. When I look at her, she is already looking at me with concern written all over her face.

“Are you okay?” she asks and I slowly nod my head, “Are you sure?” I sigh, and she pulls me off to the side, “Okay, tell me what’s wrong,” I shake my head, “It really wasn’t a question. Remember we don’t hide anything from each other.”

I let out a deep breath, “I don’t know. I just, I don’t have the best memories here,” she cocks her head slightly to the side, “We were broken up for the last half of senior year,” her face slowly drops, but I lift her gaze back up, “I’m sorry for doing that to you, but I thought it was best. I didn’t want to hold you back.” She opens her mouth to say something, but I continue to speak.

“Being here, that’s all I think about; my stupid mistake.” It’s me who tries to drop my head, but she stops me. My eyes getting lost into her chocolate brown orbs.

“Listen to me, okay?” I nod, “Yeah, you made a stupid, dimwitted, moronic-“

“Okay, we get the picture,” I cut her off making her giggle softly, and warming my heart.

“But we found our way back to each other that summer. We’ve been married for six years, and have two beautiful twin girls,” she interlocks our hands, “When I look at this school, I think of the first time you told me you loved me,” she laughs, “We were walking out of my dad’s class, and you had to hurry and speak to a teacher. You leaned in to kiss and said “I love you”,” she starts chuckling more, “You didn’t even know you said it. I was about to say something, but my dad beat me to it.”

I can’t hold my laughter back anymore, “He faked a heartache, and yelled we were too young. And he chased me off.”

“He did, and I yelled I love you back. We earned some looks from our classmates in the hall, but it was worth it,” she smiles shyly at me, “That is only one amazing memory here. There are plenty more. Don’t let that one tainted memory ruin the rest.”

“But you forgive me.”

Riley eyes lock on mine, “I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t. Now, come on. We are already an hour late.” She moves towards the entrance pulling my hand behind her.

We walk into the gym, and I’m hit with nostalgia. We go to the table set up in the front to check in.

“Oh, Riley! You’re here, I was worried you were going to miss it!” Darby says as she looks through name tags and hands Riley hers. She turns her attention to me, “Hi, Lucas,” she switches her gaze between Riley and I, “It’s so nice to see Rucas together! I knew true love had exist.”

Riley gasp, “What no Yoby?”

Darby shakes her head, “No, the distance between here and Washington was too much for us.”

“I’m sorry, Darby,” Riley’s voice is filled with sympathy.

Darby shrugs her shoulders, “Eh, don’t be. It was hard when it happened, but I met someone in college. We’ve been married now for two years. I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been,” and the smile that lights up her whole face showed that.

“Well, I’m happy to hear that,” I say.

She nods her head, “Oh, Sarah has been waiting for you to come,” she looks at Riley, “She’s been waiting to reunite our prom king and queen.”

Riley looks at me, and I try my best to muster up the best smile that I can. I was hoping the “king” would decide to skip out on the reunion, but I should have known he wouldn’t.

“I’ll let her know you’re here,” Riley nods, and we maneuver through the gym.

For the first few minutes Riley and I are together, that is until Zay and Farkle pull me one way and Smackle and Maya pull her another. I watch her disappear into the crowd, and the three of us move around catching up with some old classmates. That is until Zay gets pulled away by Vanessa, and Smackle comes to take Farkle away.

I talked to Yogi, who tells me the same thing Darby did; the distance was too much. He also met someone, Karen. They’ve been together now for four years, and engaged for one. They have a two-year old son name Michael. The three of them move backed to New York a few months after Michael was born, and Yogi got a job at the high school as a math teacher.

I also talk to Billy and Missy, who ended up together; a little surprising. Billy works as a sports reporter, one of the best to be exact, and Missy is a stay at home mom to their three children; two boys, Hayden and Brian, and their daughter, Grace. They seemed to be really happy and bring out the best in each other. Missy is actually really nice; she told me she was happy that me and Riley worked everything out and wished us the best.

I continue to move through the crowd when I bumped into Dave.

“Lucas! How have you been?” he asks holding out his hand.

“Hey Dave, I’ve been good. How about you? What’ve you been up to?”

He smiles, “I’ve been really good. I’m on the police force, I’m married, and have a beautiful baby girl.”

I pat his back, “Congratulations man! Who’s the lucky girl?”

I watch as his eyes scan the gym and stop when they land on a brunette who is talking to Riley. A smile slowly starts to form on his lips, “She’s right over there,” he gestures in their direction.

“You married Sarah?” he nods still smiling.

He tells me the story of how they met. She’s an event planner, and a party she was working out was crashed so the police was called. They haven’t spoken since the high school, but that night he said there was this connection he couldn’t explain. He didn’t need to, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Dave wanted to ask her out, but he was too nervous. He was leaving, feeling completely defeated, when Sarah came walking towards him. She handed him a piece of paper with her number written on it.

“She told me I’d better call, but I didn’t. I was way too shy,” a small laugh escapes. “A few days later she went to the station and asked me out on a date, and everything kind of fell into place.”

I smile, “You’ve always been on the quiet side.”

He nods, “So, what about you and Riley? It’s nice to see the two of you back where you belong,” I smile. “When did that happen?”

“The summer after we graduated from high school. She had left to California to start summer school, and I chased after her,” I glance over to Riley and then back to Dave. “I spent the summer with her, and we worked everything out.”

“Well, that’s good to hear. Everyone knew things would work out between you two. Except Charlie, he swore up and down that he was going to win the heart of Riley Matthews. Everyone tried to tell him he was wrong, but he wouldn’t listen.”

I scoff. I open my mouth to say something, but Sarah’s voice bounces off the walls of the gym. I turn and see her standing on the stage. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get a better look at my wife,” Dave smiles, and I laugh.

He walks away, and I look over to Riley. Her eyes are already on me. I slowly start to walk towards her, when I hear Sarah’s voice again.

“Now, for the reunion of our prom king and queen. Can I have Riley Matthews and Charlie Gardner to the dance floor,” Sarah says from the stage, and the only thing I can think is that it’s no longer Matthews; it’s Friar.

I can feel jealousy start to bubble inside me. I thought I was over this, but when it comes to Gardner I don’t think I ever will be. It irks me that he was the one who took Riley to our senior prom, and that he was the one to be crowd king with her being the queen.

Riley and I lock eyes, and she gives me a soft smile. I really don’t want her to go and dance with him, but right now I don’t think that matters. I watch as she slowly moves through the crowd of our old classmates to the dance floor where Charlie is waiting for her. He holds out his hand, and she gives me a quick look and hesitantly takes it.  

The light shines over the two of them as they dance to You and Me by Lifehouse. My eyes stay glued on them, and I’m almost certain my green eyes are glowing with envy. Charlie looks over at me and gives me a smug smile, and I want nothing more than to walk over there and pull Riley away.

I see his hand start to slid down her back, and my blood starts to boil. Charlie fucking Gardner knows exactly what to do to get under my skin. I start to take a few steps forward, when an arm is placed in front of me.

“Don’t, Riley can handle it,” Maya says, but her words just go in one ear and out the other. I turn my attention back to them, and I see the friendly smile on Riley’s face disappear as she moves his hand higher, “told you,” Maya whispers. “Don’t let cheese souffle ruin the night. He just wants what he can’t have. She’s a Friar now,” a smile spreads across my lips. 

They finish the dance, and Riley instantly pulls away and turns on her heels right to me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know we were going to have to do that,” she says the smile that once had place on her face completely gone.

I grab her hand, “It’s okay. I’m-“

“Riley!” Sarah’s voice pierces through my ear cutting me off. Riley and I both turn to her, “Can I get a few pictures of you and Charlie?” Sarah looks at me, “Is that okay? It’s just a then and now type picture.”

I try my best to muster a smile, “Yeah, that’s fine.” Riley looks at me, and I know she can see right through me.

“Give me a minute, Sarah,” Riley says not once peeling her eyes away from me. I pull my gaze away from Riley and look in the direction where Sarah was standing, but all I see if her walking away. “Lucas,” Riley’s voice calls my attention, “if it really bothers you, I won’t take the picture.”

I sigh, “Of course it’s going to bother me, but really it’s fine.”

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible,” she presses her lips against mine and walks away.

Twenty minutes go by and still no sign of Riley, that is until I see her in the distance, with Charlie. I have to tell myself to calm down. I see the two of them talking to a few people that I don’t remember. My feet start to move without me realizing it, and I stop once I’m in ear shot.

“So, Riley what is it that you do,” the short red head ask.

“Oh, she’s a children books author,” Charlie answers for her. I look over, and I see confusion written on Riley’s face as to why he answered for her.

“Oh, that’s amazing,” the red head smiles.

“Yeah, Riley is amazing, and beautiful, smart, caring.”

“Aw, how long have you two been together?” the tall blonde asks.

Riley coughs a little, “Oh, we-“

“We’ve been together for a year now. We reconnected after high school,” I watch as Charlie wraps his arm around her waist. Riley instantly pulls herself away, and I’ve had enough.

“We are not together, I’m-“

“She married to me,” I pull her close to me, and the two girls look between the three of us. I can feel anger starting to boil inside me. I turn my focus on Charlie, “What the hell is your problem, Gardner?”

He smiles, and it’s taking a lot out of me not to snap. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I huff, “You’ve wanted Riley since we were in middle school, and you’ve hated the fact that she didn’t want you back.”

“Did you forget that I had her? In eighth grade and senior year,” I start to laugh, he can’t be serious.

“You were a rebound, Gardner. That lasted for what minute.” The more he talks the more aggravated I get. I look over at Riley who doesn’t look happy with Charlie, but most importantly with me. I know I should stop, but I don’t. I don’t know if it’s Charlie or the green-eyed-monster that has been with me all evening, but the fire is lit; and once it’s lit, it’s hard to put out.

“Friar, think what you want to think. Riley had feelings for me.”

“Yeah maybe, but it was years ago. Get. Over. It. You’ve been goggling her all night,” my voice rises more than I have liked.

I feel a familiar touch on my arm, and it calms me down to some sorts. I turn my attention, and Riley has her hand on my arm, “Come on, let’s just go. It’s not worth it,” she gently pulls me away.

“It’d be so easy to steal her away from him. He’s a lousy veterinarian. I’m a real man,” Charlie says to the two girls the second Riley and I start to walk away.

Something inside me snaps, and I stomp back. Without thinking I grab him by his shirt, and I feel my fist start to ball up. “Is there something you want to say to my face, Gardner?” I see fear wash over his face, but at this point I don’t care. He doesn’t know when to keep his damn mouth shut.

My hand slowly starts to rise, but I’m pulled away from him by Farkle and Zay.

“Not here man. This is not the place,” Zay says, but I’m too blinded by anger to listen.

“Yeah, Friar listen to your little friend,” Charlie says with a smirk, and I try to squirm my way out of their grasp.

“Charlie shut the hell up!” Farkle yells over the music. Farkle tries talking to me, but my anger sometimes traps me in my own mind. I hear both his and Zay’s voice try to calm me down. Billy comes and takes Charlie away. Why did I let him ruin the night? Ten minutes go by, and my anger has subsided a little as well as the audience that was formed.

“Riley left,” Maya says walking over to us. I can hear the anger in her voice, and I want to punch myself for making a scene.

“Shit,” I whisper to myself, “I messed up.” It takes me less than a second to pull myself together and walk out of the gym.

Once I’m outside the school, I pull out my phone and see that I have a voicemail from Riley.

I went to go pick up Scarlett and Stella from my parents’ place. I’ll meet you at home.

I wait for an I love you, but there isn’t one. I really messed up.

When I walk inside our home, I see Riley in the living room with too sleeping little girls. My beautiful Scarlett, she has my green eyes, but Riley’s beautiful brown hair. As for my beautiful Stella, she has my blond hair with Riley’s sparkling brown eyes. I close the door softly behind me, not waiting to wake either of the girls and ruin this picture-perfect moment.

I take a step and the floorboard squeaks, and Riley looks up. “Can you help me take them to their room?” Riley asks in a hush tone. I nod, and move to grab Stella.

I follow behind Riley down the hall to the girl’s bedroom. Riley lays Scarlett in her bed, and I lay Stella in hers. Scarlett shuffles a little, and I’m praying she doesn’t wake up. But after a minute or so she stops.

“I’ll meet you in the bedroom,” Riley whispers brushing passed me, and I give her a soft smile.

Every night, I stay in their room a little bit longer and admire them. I thank god for whatever I did to deserve these perfect little girls. There are getting so big so fast. In just a few months, they’re going to be turning four. I give Stella a soft kiss on her forehead and whisper I love you and walk over to Scarlett and do the same.

When I get to the room, Riley has already changed into one of my t-shirts. Her hair is in a messy bun, and her face is cleared of any make-up. This is when she is the most beautiful, and I can’t help but smile. She looks up at me, and my smile slowly vanishes. She isn’t too happy with me.

I take the open spot next to her on the foot of the bed and listen as she takes a deep breath.

“What was that all about?” she asks.

I sigh, “I don’t know. I lost it. I’m sorry.”

“I get it. You were jealous, but that turned to anger quickly.”

I groan, “It’s Charlie. I don’t know what it is about him. Maybe it’s the fact that he had certain moments with you that could have been mine, or the fact that he has always wanted you.”

Riley huffs, “And you don’t think I wasn’t jealous of Maya when I find out about the moment at the campfire scene,” my eyes go wide, “I was. That moment should have been mine, but it wasn’t. It took time, but I moved on from it.”

My head drops, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

I shake my head, “H-how did you move on from it?”

Riley lets out a deep breath, “Honestly, I talked to Maya about it. Not everything I said were kind words,” she lets out a small chuckle, “but I needed to get certain things off my chest.”

“I think I kind of did that tonight, although, there was way more that I wanted to do,” Riley looks at me, “I’m sorry for letting him ruin tonight. We were supposed to have a good night and catch up with some old friends, but I couldn’t get passed my jealousy, and maybe I was a little insecure too.”

Riley grabs my hands in hers, “I know that feeling all too well, but you don’t need to feel like that. You are an amazing man, and there is no one that I’d rather spend this lifetime with than you and our daughters.”

My eyes meet hers, “Are you still mad at me?”

“No, but you really need to control that anger of yours. Sometimes yes, I’m not going to lie, I find it very attractive, but other times it does the opposite.” I slowly start to lean in, and she pause but eventually closes the gap.

“I love you, Riley.”

“And I love you,” she smiles, “Now, go change.”

I move to our walk-in closet to change out the semi-formal clothes. “Can you believe Darby and Yogi aren’t together?” I say.

“Oh, I know, and what about Sarah and Dave? The way she looked at him was the cutest thing.”

I laugh, “You should have seen the way he was looking at her. Oh, and Billy and Missy. Can you believe Missy is-“

“Nice,” she finishes for me, and we both laugh, “But they seem to be doing good and that’s all that matters.”

“Yeah, but Rucas is the ultimate love story.”

“Yes, it is,” I hear the smile in her voice.

I finish undressing, and quickly grab a pair of basketball shorts and throw them on. I walk in the room turning off the closet light behind me. I see Riley lying in bed underneath the covers.

I smile, “You look beautiful,” a blush runs up her cheeks.

She slowly sits up pulling my oversize t-shirt off her small frame, “Why don’t you show me how beautiful you think I am,” she smirks.

“I’d be happy to,” I move to turn off the bedroom light and crawl into bed with my wife, and the last thing on my mind are lost moments.

Supa Dupa Fly: Missy Elliott & Afro-Futurism

Sun Ra opened the lane for many Black artists to embrace Afrofuturism as a part of the context of their creative work. Among those artists is Missy Elliott, one of the world’s most notable rappers. Her fame is often associated with mega-producer Timbaland. Together, they have used Afrofuturism as a recurring theme in their projects.

In the music video for ‘Sock It 2 Me’ featuring Da Brat, Missy ascends on a mission through space to defeat the enemies that attack her and her counterparts. All while doing so, she breaks it down in funky dance numbers. Throughout the video, she takes the form of two characters. The primary role she assumes is a superhero. Her secondary role is in a dance crew that seems to cheer Missy on as she defeats the bad forces that seek to destroy what Missy knows as home.

The music video’s narrative depicts what a future designed by Black folk could look like. The entire music video cast appears to be of African descent. The society we have come to know in America will never be a landscape that respectfully considers Blackness the same way whiteness is considered. The blueprint for success and equality in America is rooted in systematic oppression. America’s backbone is ingrained with discrimination, injustice and the distribution of privileges to maintain hegemonic structures. With that being said, many Afro-Futurists have concluded that space is the place where we can truly be free. However, the inhabitants of the planet where Missy takes stage, are impacted by negative forces that seek to destroy them. The characters that follow Missy and attack her counterparts represent the oppressive forces people of Afrikan descent are presented with today. In the end of the video, Missy Elliott flees the planet and into space. Her next destination is unknown. But, I interpret her overall message to encourage Black people to explore their own methods of escape in order to survive.