missy and bob

I swear every late 90s/early 00s ‪#‎RnB‬ album had to have either a Darkchild or Underdogs cut, a Spanish inflected song, A song written by Missy Elliott or Kandi Burruss, A Neptunes or Timbaland joint if the budget was right, a Tim & Bob or Noontime baby maker and some bouncy album fillers from Jermaine Dupri, Soulshock & Karlin or Mike City. lol

Black-led films have dominated the box office for five weeks in a row. After only three weeks after release, Straight Outta Compton became the highest-grossing musical biopic of all time. Let’s face the music: Audiences want to see black stories told on screen. All of the above and a few more legendary names deserve their own movies.

Barbara’s forty. She’s always cracking about it. She has no terror of the several silver threads which have multiplied in her dark red hair. One day at a party, a certain sharp-toungued lady spied them and cooed, ‘I think your new blonde hair’s so attractive, Barbara. 'Blonde, my eye!’ snorted Miss Stanwyck. 'That’s gray.’ She asked Bob pronto, 'Does it bother you?’ 'Hell, no,’ he came back. 'I love it’ 'Then that’s how it stays’, she said. And that’s how it is.

 Stanwyck’s press agent Helen Ferguson ( Modern Screen, January 1948)

Much has been written about how legendary actors Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck met. It is known that they were legally married for just shy of twelve years, considered one of Hollywood’s most stable relationships of the time. They first came together in 1936 at the Trocadero night club on Sunset Strip. Bob was in the presence of his agent and Barbara was in the company of her agent, Zeppo Marx and his wife, Marion. Bob was on his way up in the Hollywood publicity structure; Barbara was already well-known but she was sad after her divorce and was having a hard time, personally.

The evening wore on pleasantly enough, except that Stanwyck kept wondering what had happened to “Artique”, the name she caught when Marion informed her about the blind date. Taylor noticed her preoccupation and asked her about it. He laughed when she explained. “I’m your date,” he said “R.T. for Robert Taylor. That’s what the Marxes call me.”