dragonmasterp360  asked:

Ok, so we all agree that Sans and Alphys are deader than I am inside. But, Cami, is there any other way, except for breaking the story, to bring them back to life? Like, After Betty and Kumu are defeated (Or if they are at all) All the souls Kumu ate make physical forms of that Person. Because, while Sans and Alphys was tragic, that green Kid was pretty damn bad. Anyway, This is just something that came to mind. Answer if you want. Love your work. Peace.

I don’t really want to ignore my own rules just for the sake of “plot”

If there’s a way to bring someone back logically and if the chance is presented I will.

If there simply isn’t a way to make it happen…. rip then, lol

Tho technically… “bring a character back” is very unlikely… because that means they never died in the first place, but people missunderstood it as “dead”