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Hello. :) Just dropping by because I saw you like Rivigirl's and Otomesweetheart's replies to me so I was just wondering.. have you been reading my RPs with the butlers as well? o.o If not, very sorry for misunderstanding. D: *hides* -Miss-tery

Hi there, Miss-tery! :D

As a matter of fact, I have read some! xD

Although I am slow and fail to keep up with all of them, I love lurking and finding RPs. I stumbled upon some of yours and I really enjoyed them.

I hope to be reading more by you. ^_^

Aw, don’t hide! This message made me smile and it made me feel very honored to be acknowledged by you, thank you!

Hey guys. Seeing that this is somewhat a new blog, I’d like to acknowledge the people who followed me lately. Just want to say that I appreciate you. ^_^ It’s nice to meet some of you via Ask & Chat.

And if hindi pa ninyo sila nafa-follow, go on and check their amazing blogs~