“People!” Sebastian exclaimed, green eyes slightly wide. “Oh, good people. People are good, yes very good…” he murmured slightly, before shaking his head. “Yes, hi. How’re you? Well I hope, great would be better, please do tell me how you are” he rambled, grinning.

A group outing; 2013

Rose: Alright you three stand together!

Lissa: Come on Christian smile!

Christian: But I hate pictures…

Sydney: Ivashkov! Stop staring at my butt and look at the camera!

Adrian: But your allot easier on the eyes…

Dimitri: Roza just take the picture….

A few people started following you

Stiles looked up from the old book he had been trying to read only to see that someone was watching him.
Tilting his head he considered ignoring it or facing the other one with their rude behaviour and he decided to confront them with that. After putting a piece between the pages he had been reading, he closed the book and looked up to the other one once again.

“Are you just appreciating the view or do yuu want something from me..?”


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Announcement to my family - Email.


SUBJECT: Announcement. 


Hello to everyone,

I am sending this as a group email to all of you to save trying to explain it to you all individually. Under normal circumstances i would come see you all face to face or at least phone but to make sure that i wouldn’t miss anything, plus it is a little easier to explain when i write it.

Well the only way to really explain it is to say it outright. I have a baby, a daughter to be exact. This is going to sounds strange since some of you seen me only days ago and well i was not pregnant. She was abandoned on my doorstep with a note asking me to take care of her, i couldnt abandon her like her birth parent’s did, she needed me and in a way i think i needed her.

I have named her Maddisyn Isobel Mastrano Dragomir, She arrived a few days ago and i have almost finished the legal paperwork to make her officially my own daughter. We are settling in fine with help from Alexis and she checks out perfectly with her health. 

I have attached a photo of her with this email.

I hope i haven’t shocked you all too much with my news.