“I don’t need painkillers.”

Bruce sighed and filled the syringe anyway.  "Natasha, you have a broken leg,“ he said, attempting some kind of patience in the face of a grumpy super spy. "You’re wincing.  You only wince when you’re hurting, so please, just shut up and let me give you this.”

“Yeah, Tash.  You’re hurting.  Jus’ let’m give you the stuff.”

Bruce sighed again.  He wasn’t entirely sure how Clint and Natasha had both managed to break a leg on that mission, but he had to admit, Barton was much easier to deal with in the med lab when he was on opiates.  "Listen to your partner, Natasha,“ Bruce said. "He knows what he’s talking about.  I know you can handle the pain.  No one’s saying you can’t.  But this’ll take the edge off.”

She glared at him, then at her leg, then at him again, and then she gave him a curt nod. “Fine,” she said, uncrossing her arms so he could get to the IV on her wrist.

The painkiller was quick-working.  Bruce pushed it into the IV port and within ten seconds, her body went kind of boneless, draped back over the gurney like a damp cloth.  "You okay?“ he asked.

She wiggled her fingers.  And then she grinned at him.  "Yeah, I’m good,” she said, slightly slurred. “Thanks, Bruce.  Thank you for all this stuff you do for us.”

“Uh… you’re welcome.”

“No, I mean it.  Thank you.  This stuff makes me feel funny.”

Clint piped up on the other gurney.  "Kinda floaty, huh?“ he said.

Natasha grinned again, her head lolling against the pillow.  "Yeah,” she said, drawing the word out until it had at least three syllables. “It’s weird.”

Luckily a couple of nurses came into the exam room and rescued Bruce from more doped up rambling.  When all the bones were set and casts were on, he handed Clint the remote for the TV in the corner and left them to rest.

When he came back half an hour later, there was some show with kittens on the TV.  Clint was watching with his usual intensity but with a rather unusual (and huge) grin on his face.  Natasha had somehow scooted her gurney over beside Clint’s, and she was asleep with her mouth hanging open and her hand clutching Clint’s.

“Um,” Bruce said, and both agents jumped a little. “How are you two feeling?”

“Not too shabby, doc,” Clint said, his voice clearer than it had been half an hour before.

Natasha blinked a couple of times, frowning at her lap and twisting her fingers into Clint’s.  "I had a weird dream,“ she finally said. "I was tiny, like in Gulliver’s Travels, and I was building a mansion out of Legos.”

Bruce choked back a laugh, and he could see Clint biting his lips to keep from grinning. “The… um, the painkiller can cause strange dreams,” Bruce said.

She nodded very seriously at him.  "Yeah, I dreamed some weird shit,“ she said, and then her eyes fell on the TV and lit up like a Christmas tree. "Oh!  Kittens!”

Bruce looked at Clint.  Clint shook a little with suppressed laughter.  "I think we’re fine, Banner,“ Clint said. "Thanks for helping out.  And uh…”

“Yeah, I’ll keep…this,” Bruce said, waving his hand at Natasha’s stoned fascination with the kittens on television. “To myself.”

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Clintasha... huh... Child

“A nanny?” Natasha stared at the portfolio before her in horror, before flickering her eyes back to Coulson. “You can’t be serious.” 

Beside her, Clint leaned further in his chair, his legs coming to cross on top of the meeting room’s table as Coulson answered.

“This man is the head of Hydra’s North American operations, we need this intel. Any lesser agents might screw it up.”

“Aw, come on, Nat. You’d be perfect for the role,” Clint spoke for the first time during the briefing, looking far too amused for the situation as he shot her a ridiculous grin.

“Only because I spend my days babysitting you,” she retorted, prompting him to stick out his tongue at her.

“Children,” Coulson cleared his throat, not entirely unamused, “behave. As I was saying, Agent Romanoff will pose as the family’s babysitter, who stumbles across the job when she moves in with her fiance- which would be you, Barton.” The man must’ve been psychic, halting Clint’s protest before it even left his mouth. “The rest of the information is in there. Wheels up at 1600 sharp.”

Shutting the folder with a snap, Natasha waited until their handler had left before sighing, “Well.”

This was going to be a long mission.

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omg that photo set of Max and Heather, she is like talking important stuff and he is like "she is rainbows and lollipops"! I blame you making me consider that ship

No really. Rainbows and lollipops.

It’s Sasha and Herc during one of the fancy PPDC galas where they parade all the pilots out like circus animals for publicity, and Herc remembers Sasha’s not permanently in fatigues and can look like a bombshell too and Chuck and Aleksis are now really uncomfortable.

katanutella  asked:

☾ and ♤ Clintasha obviously

Aww yes Clintasha headcanons

☾ : Sleep headcanon: Clint can sleep anywhere, anytime, any position, he’s out like a light - but quick to wake, though not much of a morning person. Natasha’s a bit more uneasy, old training habits hard to break, a hand on her gun under her pillow ready to spring into action at the need. Sleeping with Clint gave her a surprising amount of security, each others presence alone is enough to ease most of the troubles they have. Clint’s a cuddler, Natasha would never admit it but she actually enjoys it, sprawling out on top of him or having his arms wrapped around her, there’s never too much distance between them. Oh, and after particularly hard days, Clint snores and things just go downhill from there.

♤ :  Cooking headcanon: Though the running joke is that can’t cook without burning the kitchen down (it was only an oven mitt!), she actually does know enough to survive on her own. Clint, however, is self trained and pretty skilled, maybe lacking the finesse but able to produce the flavours. Between them, he does most of the cooking, but Nat likes to ‘help’ (aka distract him if she’s in a playful mood). 

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*loves on Stormy* I don’t normally like to talk about myself much, but these questions are fun instead of personal, so I’m looking forward to this one!

Rule 1: Post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you tagged them.

My questions to answer:

1. The last present you bought or made yourself?

I got my brother-in-law the DVD boxset of the original six Star Trek movies for his birthday.

2. School grades for behavior?

I was always a goody-two-shoes so A+

3. Beach or city holiday?

City. I am far to fair to enjoy baking on a beach, and when I go on vacation I wanna run around and see as much as I can. Museums, art, architecture, all of it. I would not be content at a beach, I’d be bored in no time.

4. Imagine you’re a super spy- favorite way to murder someone?

Ooh, tough one.  Probably some sneaky poison that’s not detectable by most tests so it would be a mysterious death.

5. How fast do you type?

Fairly fast?  I dunno.  Probably at least 50wpm, though I make a lot of mistakes sometimes so that would count against me.  I still say typing was the most useful class I took in highschool.  It’s certainly the one I still use on a daily basis.

6. Favorite cocktail?

Oh gosh, I love cocktails. I love all the fruity, girly drinks.  I’m too cheap to buy them, normally, but Sex on the Beach probably still rates way up there.

7. A song line speaking your heart.

“I can’t get no satisfaction”?  hehehe.  Honestly, I’ve got a catchy tune stuck in my head right now and can’t for the life of me think of any other song lyrics at the moment.

8. First attraction/attention- lips or eyes?

Eyes.  Eyes fascinate me.

9. Horror movies, yes or no?
Mostly no, but it depends. I don’t like new horror movies because so many of them are about shock factor and are just disturbing and/or gross, but I love me some old black and white horror films, like Vincent Price films.  The original House on Haunted Hill?  Amazing. The remake?  Shite.

10. Any trade name you can’t go without (food, clothes etc)?

Clothes I don’t really care, though I do tend to buy Nike sneakers. I have messed up feet and I’ve just found them to be the most comfortable ones every time I try on new shoes. As for food, I have a lot. I eat a lot of Kraft products that no-name brands just don’t do it for me.  I prefer Farmer’s milk to any other (Scotsburn is doable but Baxters is bleh).  Gilette shaving cream because the other stuff I’ve tried just gives me awful razor burn.  I really do have lots so I always shop the flyers for those staples.

11. First video game?

I can’t remember the first game itself but we had an Atari game system first, so something for that.  Asteroids, maybe?  And when I say “had” I mean still have, and it still works, all of our systems still do.  Me and my sister actually dusted off the old Nintendo last night for a bit. :D


Alright, now I guess I gotta think of some questions, eh?

1. When it comes to food, do you prefer sweet or salty?
2. First major celebrity crush?
3. Favourite cartoon you watched as a kid?
4. What is your favourite holiday and why?
5. When you were little did you have one toy that you dragged with you everywhere?
6. Favourite comfort food?
7. If you could have one purely selfish wish granted, what would you wish for?
8. Do you eat meals at a table or in front of the television?
9. Favourite colour of clothing to wear?
10. If you could live the life of any fictional character, who would you want to be and why?
11. If you could instantly be amazing at any one skill what would you pick?

Tag 11 people:

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I really hope I did this thing right.

misssquare replied to your post: Golden Rings and Calling Birds

I don’ like frozen food neither, but sometime it can save you when you are in a hurry, you have a sword??!!

True, true

And yes I do! I’ve got five swords, three knives, and two daggers (and a letter opener but that doesn’t count). Sort of an odd collection, if you will.

There’s an old picture, taken maybe  year and a half ago? Not all of them are in the picture, though, but you get the idea. And yes, they’re mostly from Lord of the Rings. I’ve since gotten a scabbard for Hadhafang that I didn’t have when I took this (the sort of curvy shorter sword lying diagonal on the right)

katanutella  asked:

Hey Kami! how are you? the other day I was watching National Lampoon Senior Trip and Kevin McDonald act in it, it remains me of you, he is so funny... that's all xD

Hi, Kata! ♥ I’ve been all right! (still a little bummed out about my tablet troubles u.u) Ah! Kevin McDonald! :D

*Here, have a Kevin McDonald Gif!) He is really is perfect! lol I’m glad that he made you think of me! xD HAHA! And how have you been, dearie? C:

 misssquare said: #9 so agree, how people lived of lettuce and water? and why they think it will work miraculously?

I think people read how celebrities diet and think that it’s easy. They want a quick fix, but drinking lemon and cayenne pepper isn’t going to make you look like a model overnight. These people they’re looking to also have personal trainers and are airbrushed into oblivion to sell more magazines.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating healthy, but diets are just pointless and make you feel like you’re screwing up if you eat one thing that isn’t on plan. Food should be enjoyed, ffs.